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Compatative exams list like CAT,GATE,GRE,IELTS,TOFEL

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									26-09-2010                                                    GATE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET

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    Department Home
    Head of the Department              GATE
                                              The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an
                                        all-India examination administered and conducted in eight
       Electronic Devices and
                                        zonesacross the country by the GATE Committee comprising
       Circuits Lab
                                        faculty from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and seven
       Electronic Circuit Analysis
                                        Indian Institutes of Technology on behalf of the National
                                        Coordinating Board - GATE, Department of Education,
       Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab   Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD),
       Linear IC Applications Lab       Government of India.
       Electronics Computer Aided
       Design Lab                            Its objective is to identify meritorious and motivated
       Analog Communications Lab        candidates for admission to Post Graduate Programmes in
       Digital Communications Lab       Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Pharmacy at the
       Microprocessor and               National level.To serve as benchmark for normalisation of
       Microcontroller Lab              the Undergraduate Engineering Education in the country.
       Digital Signal Processing Lab
       Microw ave and Optical                Why shoul d we tak e GATE:
       Communications Lab
                                              M.Tech degree leads to specialization and furthering
    Department Library                        of interest in a certain area which may lead to Ph.D
    IEEE Student Branch                       M.Tech degree is best for those wishing to apply for
    Go Greener Campaign                       Faculty/Research positions in educational
    Activities                                Institutes/R&D centers.
       Advitiiya 2009                         Important Dates :
       Advitiiya 2010
    Resources                                 Availability of GATE forms: September
                                              Last Date for filling up
                                              forms: November
       Lab Manuals
                                              Exam Date: First Sunday
       Previous Question Papers               of February
       E-Books                                Results: March
       Lecture Notes
       Placement Papers
       Results                                Exami nati on Detai l s:
       Competitive Exams                      The examination is a
    Latest Updates                            single paper of 3 hours
    Contact Us                                duration and consists of
                                              65 Questions with
                                              Maximum of 100 Marks.
    Notice Boards Inauguration                You have to opt for your
              Photos                          subject and study as per
             click here                       the syllabus mentioned in
                                              the GATE brochure.
                                              The subjects of our
                                              interest are Computer
                                              Science and Engineering,
                                              Electronics &
                                              Engineering., Electrical
                                              Engineering and
                                              Instrumentation                       Engineering. Other
                                              subjects are also available
                                              such as Mathematics,

            days until
                                              Physics, etc.
                                              Results of qualified
                                              candidates in GATE will
                                              give All India Rank and
          Advitiiya 2010
                                              indicate percentile score.
                                              For example, a percentile
                                              score of 99 means you are
                                              in the top 1% category of
                                              the candidates who
                                              appeared for GATE.
                                              Candidates who get less
                                              than 70 percentile get no score card.
                                              GATE scores are valid for 2 years. You may reappear
      Y ou are Visitor Number
                                              the GATE exam if you are not satisfied with the earlier
                                              score and the new score (if better than the old one)
                                              will be used for admission purposes.

                                              After the Exam, what next:

                                              After publication of GATE results, students must apply
  Preparing for                               to individual Institutes to get their application forms.
  GATE 2011?                                  Institutes advertise M.Tech admissions in leading
  GATE 2011…/gate                                                                  1/4
26-09-2010                                                     GATE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET
  GATE 2011                                   newspapers from 1st April till end July. However some
  Classroom                                   Institutes do not advertise and therefore students have
  Coaching Faculty-                           to get the forms themselves.
  IIT & IISc alumni,                          In the application forms, you have to mention your
  Toppers                                     GATE score alongwith other details.
                                              The concerned Institute may conduct written test
                                              and/or interview for the purpose of admission.
  MBA: For Best                               General thumb rules: If your GATE score in Computer
  Placements                                  Science is 96 percentile or more then you can try for
  Start 6 Months                              IITs, if between 85 - 96 percentile, then apply for top
  before others in                            RECs, JADAVPUR, SHIBPUR, ROORKEE, etc. If less than
  JAN And join the                            85, you have to look for appropriate institutes.
  Winter Batch at
  IIPM.                               Sc holars hip:

  VPM Classes for                             During the pursuit of M.Tech, you are paid a
  GATE 2011                                   scholarship of Rs. 8000.00 per month by the
  Best Coaching for                           Government of India. This amount is enough for living
  GATE LifeScience,                           expenses including purchase of books, etc. The
  BioTech,                                    scholarship is paid for the entire 18 months M.Tech
  Chemistry,                                  period.
  Physics, Maths
                                              GATE El igi bi li ty

  WLC College                                 The candidates with following academic background
  Management                                  are eligible to appear in GATE 2009 Examination:
  Courses in
  Mktg/Fin/HR/ Prjct                          Bachelor's degree holders Engineering/
  Fin/Contract                                Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy (4 years after
  Mgmt/Talent Mgmt                            10+2) and those who are in the final or pre-final year                                of such programmes.
                                              Master degree holders in any branch of Science/
                                              Mathematics/ Statistics/ Computer Applications or
                                              equivalent and those who are in the final or pre-final
                                              year of such programmes.
                                              Candidates in the second or higher year of the Four-
                                              year Integrated Master's degree programme (Post-
                                              B.Sc.) in Engineering/Technology or in the third or
                                              higher year of Five-year Integrated Master's degree
                                              programme and Dual Degree programme in
                                              Candidates with qualifications obtained through
                                              examinations conducted by professional societies
                                              recognised by UPSC/AICTE (e.g. AMIE) as equivalent to
                                              B.E./B.Tech. Those who have completed Section A or
                                              equivalent of such professional courses are also

                                              Struc ture of GATE

                                              The GATE examination consists of a single paper of 3
                                              hours duration, which contains 60 questions carrying
                                              a maximum of 100 marks. The question paper will
                                              consist of only multiple choice objective questions.
                                              Each question will have four choices for the answer.
                                              Only one choice will be correct. Candidates have to
                                              mark the correct choice on an Optical Response Sheet
                                              (ORS) by darkening the appropriate bubble against
                                              each question. There will be negative marking for
                                              wrong answers, as given in question paper pattern.

                                            A candidate can choose any one of the papers listed

                                              Aerospace Engineering AE
                                              Engineering IN
                                              Agricultural Engineering
                                              Mathematics MA
                                              Architecture and Planning
                                              Mechanical Engineering
                                              Civil Engineering CE
                                              Mining Engineering MN
                                              Chemical Engineering CH
                                              Metallurgical Engineering
                                              Computer Science and
                                              Information Technology
                                              Physics PH
                                              Chemistry CY
                                              Production and Industrial
                                              Engineering PI
                                              Electronics and
                                              Engineering EC
                                              Pharmaceutical Sciences
                                              PY…/gate                                                                 2/4
26-09-2010                                         GATE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET
                                    Electrical Engineering EE
                                    Textile Engineering and
                                    Fibre Science TF
                                    #Geology and Geophysics
                                    Engineering Sciences XE*
                                    Life Sciences XL*

                                    #GG (Geology &
                                    Geophysics) paper will
                                    consist of two parts: Part
                                    A and Part B. Part A will be common to both Geology
                                    and Geophysics candidates. Part B will contain two
                                    sections: Section 1 (Geology) and Section 2
                                    (Geophysics). Geology candidates will attempt
                                    questions in Section 1 only. Geophysics candidates
                                    will attempt questions in Section 2 only.
                                    *Papers XE and XL are of general nature and will
                                    comprise the following sections:

                                    XE paper sections (Engineering Sciences)
                                    XL paper sections (Life Sciences)

                                    A candidate appearing in XE or XL paper will be
                                    required to answer three sections. Sections (A) and (H)
                                    are compulsory in XE and XL papers, respectively. The
                                    candidate can choose any two out of the remaining
                                    sections listed against the respective papers.

                                    The choice of the appropriate paper is the
                                    responsibility of the candidate. Some guidelines in
                                    this respect are suggested below:

                                    Candidate is expected to appear in one of the papers,
                                    listed above appropriate to the discipline of his/her
                                    qualifying degree.
                                    Candidate is, however, free to choose any paper
                                    according to his/her admission plan, keeping in mind
                                    the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which
                                    he/she wishes to seek admission.

                                    GATE Sc orec ard

                                    The GATE scorecard will consist of actual marks
                                    obtained by the candidate, the GATE Score, Percentile
                                    Score and All India Rank (AIR). Scorecard will be sent
                                    only to the qualified candidates. No information will
                                    be sent to candidateswho are not qualified.GATE
                                    scorecard is valid for ONE YEAR ONLY. Additional
                                    scorecards (up to a maximum of two) will be issued
                                    only once on request and on payment of Rs 300 per
                                    scorecard. Such requests should reach the Organizing
                                    Chairman, GATE. These scorecards will be labeled as
                                    AdditionalScorecard -1 and Additional Scorecard - 2.
                                    The GATE score, awarded in the range of 0 to 1000
                                    reflects the candidates academic ability and will be
                                    based on his/her performance in GATE 2009 and the
                                    performances of allcandidates who appeared in GATE
                                    in the last four years. Candidates with the same GATE
                                    score from different GATE papers and/or years can be
                                    considered to have the same performance level.
                                    Scorecard will be sent only to the qualified candidates.
                                    Noinformation will be sent to candidates who are not
                                    The GATE Scorecard is a valuable document.
                                    The Scorecard cannot be treated as a proof of date of
                                    birth, category and disability status.
                                    The Scorecard will indicate GATE Score and Rank of the
                                    Qualified Candidates.

                                    GATE Sc ore

                                    The GATE Score of a candidate is in the range 0 to
                                    1000. It reflects the performance of a candidate,
                                    irrespective of the GATE paper or year in which he/she
                                    has qualified.Candidates with same GATE Score from
                                    different GATE papers and/or years can be considered
                                    to have the same performance level.

                                    The marks obtained by the candidate is normalized on
                                    the basis of the average and standard deviation of
                                    marks of allcandidates who appeared in the paper
                                    mentioned on thescorecard in GATE. Subsequently,
                                    this is scaled with respect to the global average and
                                    global standard deviation so as to facilitate
                                    performance comparison across GATE papers and over
                                    a block of years since GATE 2004.

                                    Formula For GATE Score is as given…/gate                                                        3/4
26-09-2010                                                    GATE - Dept.of ECE, RRSCET


                                                     m = marks obtained by the candidate.
                                                     a = average of marks of all candidates who
                                                     appeared in the paper mentioned on this
                                                     scorecard in GATE for that year
                                                     s = standard deviation of marks of all
                                                     candidates who appeared in the paper
                                                     mentioned on this scorecard in GATE for that

                                                        = global average of marks of all candidates
                                                     who appeared across all papers and years

                                                       = global standard deviation of marks of all
                                                     candidates who appeared across all papers and
                                                     years (2005-2008)

                                              GATE Percenti le Sc ore

                                              The percentile score of a candidate indicates the
                                              percentage of candidates who appeared in the same
                                              paper and scored less marks than him/her. It is
                                              calculated as follows: If N is the total number of
                                              candidates appearing in a paper, then the percentile
                                              score P is given as,

                                              P = (number of candidates who have scored less
                                              marks thanthe candidate / N) x 100

                                              The Maximum Score can be 1000.

                                                     GATE Score Range                   Ability Level
                                                       800 to 1000                      Outstanding
                                                       675 to 800                        Excellent
                                                       550 to 675                        Very good
                                                       425 to 550                           Good
                                                       300 to 425                       Above average
                                                       100 to 300                          Average
                                                       Below 100                        Below average

                                              The evaluation of the ORS is carried out by a
                                              computerized process using scanning machines, with
                                              utmost care. Requests for revaluation of the answer
                                              script and re-totaling of marks will not be entertained.

                                              The GATE result and particulars of the qualified
                                              candidateswill be made available to interested
                                              organizations (educational institutions, R & D
                                              laboratories, industries, etc.) in India and abroad
                                              based on written request by the organization and on
                                              payment. Details can be obtained from GATE Chairmen
                                              of IITs/IISc.

                                              For Further Details on GATE refer the

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                     Muthangi(V), Patancheru(M), Medak(D), A.P-502300
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