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					                     Instructional Highlights
The final verdict is in. Thanks to all of you who sent in suggestions for a new title of the
Instruction monthly newsletter. While I received many varied suggestions, I also received a few
requests to keep the original title. The result hopefully will please everyone: half of the old, and
half of the new, as we now become Instructional Highlights. And a special thanks to Julie Hanks
for the “winning” title and logo. Keeping with the new theme of the newsletter, I’m adding a
section to highlight instructional programs, a suggestion made by Charolotte Jensen. We’re
calling it “Spotlight On,” and each month Terry will send out a call for submissions. If your
program or one of your faculty has recently been honored, or if you’ve started a new program,
then send in a short description and I’ll put it under the spotlight.

This past week, I finally finished reading The Kite Runner, a magnificent story of one young
Afghani and the seminal moment in his youth that changes his life forever, a study in betrayal,
avoidance, conscience and redemption. Set in Afghanistan both prior to the Soviet invasion and
through the post-Soviet, Taliban years, the novel takes us into a culture far removed from our
own, yet makes it frighteningly familiar to us. After finishing the book, it occurred to me that a
“What You Read” section would prove an interesting addition to the newsletter. We could
create our own little “New York Times Review section,” or at least an abbreviated version of it. I
would love to hear about what you are reading and include it at the end of the newsletter, along
with a brief description. Today’s edition only lists mine, but hopefully starting in December,
we’ll have a longer list. Be sure to include a one or two line “review” that will encourage others
to read it as well.


Lessons learned from the bus strike: During the bus strike, I think we all felt powerless to
help our students who depend so heavily on public transportation. We discussed it in Cabinet,
the Faculty Senate, the Instructional Council, all over campus. The Student Senate posted ride-
sharing signs and Student Services tried to help students find driving pools. Our Dean of Student
Activities, Sesario Escoto, even offered rides to stranded students! Nonetheless, these solutions
couldn’t help everyone. Many faculty members have commented that otherwise diligent
students could not make it to class during the strike and they ended up dropping. This could be a
good argument for web-enhanced classes. If you have a web-enhancement prepared for each of
your classes, your students could download your syllabus and assignments and submit their
assignments to you. Under special circumstances such as a bus strike or an unavoidable
extended leave, students who have to miss class for any length of time, could still participate if
you provided them an online version of lessons during that time. While it’s not the answer to all
of our and our students’ attendance problems, it could provide a solution for rare occasions such
as these. If you’re interested in learning more about creating web-enhanced courses, talk to Jane
Ostrander or Francine Van Meter, both of whom can guide you through the process.

State Instructional Equipment: The allocations for this years’ state instructional equipment
have been made. The large number of requests is testament to the great need across disciplines:
$450,000 worth of requests were submitted, and only $170,000 of SIE funds were available. The
Deans have received the funding list and my office has transferred the allocations to the
respective divisions.


      Saturday, Nov. 19, is the last day for students to withdraw from classes. Please remind
       your students.
      Registration for Wintersession has begun. Encourage your students to sign up for a class.
       They have over 150 classes to choose from and can register online or via HawkTalk: 477-

                                        SPOTLIGHT ON:

The Medical Assistant Department
The Medical Assistant Department has a new Program Specialist, Consuelo Juarez. Consuelo
graduated from the MA Program June 2005. She is a wonderful addition to our team and we
hope you enjoy getting to know Consuelo.

We are beginning the self-study for the next American Association of Medical Assistants’
(AAMA) national accreditation site visit. The next “Complete Examination” is November 2006.
We have the only nationally accredited Medical Assistant Program in the Central Coast. The MA
Department also offers five other health care programs. These six programs are gateways to
other health care programs and employment opportunities. Single courses are open to all and
help allied health care workers keep their skills current. As an example, California changed the
phlebotomy law in 2003 and our Phlebotomy courses were accredited by the California
Department of Health Services fall 2004. Local phlebotomists are taking advantage of our newly
accredited courses. All of our instructors have full-time work experience in health care and most
are certified or licensed in their field. We have no waiting lists and no pre-requisites to get into
the programs. Our enrollment has grown from about 100 students per semester in 1988 to over
800 fall 2005. The increased numbers demonstrate the value of our programs to the medical

Fast Track to Work
Cabrillo College has received a grant from the Grove Foundation to provide support services to
scholarship winners from Aptos and Harbor High School majoring in an occupational program
here at Cabrillo. Fast Track to Work will be the lead for this grant, working closely with Your
Future Is Our Business and the Cooperative Work Experience Program to help these students
succeed in college and obtain a job in their chosen field upon graduation.

The English Program
Successful poetry reading by Father Ernesto Cardenal
Thank you to Tom Marshall and the BELA Division for arranging the poetry reading by Father
Ernesto Cardenal that was held on October 29 in the Horticulture Center. This successful event
brought in a packed house, with standing room only.

French Program: Congratulations to Jake Siskin
Jake Siskin has recently completed an intermediate French language textbook entitled
“Overtures”; he collaborated on it with Thomas T. Field (University of Maryland, Baltimore
County) and Julie A. Storme (Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame, Indiana). Congratulations!

Journalism Program
Voice Staffers Win Awards at NORCAL competition
Staff reporters and photographers of the Cabrillo College Voice garnered five honorable
mentions and four awards at the annual Journalism of Community Colleges NORCAL
conference and competition. The event, held Oct. 24 and hosted by San Francisco State
University, brought together 23 community colleges from northern California for a day of
professional development workshops offered by journalists in the newspaper and magazine
industry, and by journalism faculty. College journalists attending the conference also competed
in on-the-spot competitions to test their skills under deadline pressure in areas such as news
writing, photojournalism and graphic design. Among the over 290 delegates from colleges as far
north as Shasta College in Redding CA were seven current and two former staffers from The

 How We Did

 Honorable Mentions:          Sports Game Story:          Shane Moyer
                              Sports Profile Feature:     Mary Beth Hislop
                              Critical Review             Justine Lopez
                              Editorial                   Shushannah Akin
                              Profile Feature Story:      Heidi Holland

 Awards:        Third Place, Sports Action Photo:         Kerry Barbato
                Third Place, Investigative News Story:    Curtis Steudeman
                Third Place, On-the-spot News Story:      Theresa Bergren
                First Place, Profile Feature Story:       Chris Sentieri

Award Winning Work Online: Read Chris Sentieri’s and Teresa Bergren’s award-winning
stories in the online edition at

                                 WHAT ARE WE READING?

Renee Kilmer:          The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini

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