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									The Tempest - greatest comedies of William

The Tempest is one of the greatest comedies of William Shakespeare. Forgiveness and
compromise are the central theme of the play. Prospero is the central and dominant
character of this play. He was the duke of Milan. Antonio was his younger brother. Prospero
loved his brother very much. But Antonio played a villainous / evil role, Miranda was a loving
daughter of Prospero. After the death of Miranda’s mother Prospero appointed his brother
Antonio to look after his vast assets. Prospero was very fond of magic. So most the time, he
studied the books related to magic.

Very soon Prospero was betrayed by his brother. Antonio captured all his (Prospero) assets
and power. He destroyed the liberty of Milan and accepted the command of Naples’ king
Alonso. One-day traitor Antonio captured his brother and Miranda. He pushed Prospero and
his daughter Miranda towards the daughter of the sea in the hope that they would perish.
Fortunately, Prospero and his daughter survived and landed on an uninhabited island and
started living there. Prospero, in course of a few years, had been able to acquire vast
supernatural power. He is now the master of the island and of a large number of spirits of air,
water, earth and fire. Of air, Ariel (supernatural spirit) serves him in various ways. It is
through Ariel that Prospero causes a storm on the sea at the time when King Alonso,
accompanied by Antonio, Ferdinand (son of Alonso) and other important people.

Ariel manages to bring all the people to the island of Prospero at the same time separating
Ferdinand from the rest of King Alonso’s party, so that Alonso thinks that Ferdinand had
perished in the sea. At the same time Ferdinand thinks that he is the only survive. Now
Ferdinand is taken by Ariel to Prospero. But Ferdinand becomes surprised seeing the Hellenic
beauty of Miranda. Miranda also likes him. But Prospero wants to justify their love and

So he makes difficult conditions for Ferdinand. Ferdinand is compelled to follow the
condition. He forgets his sufferings thinking Miranda’s love and sympathy. Miranda also feels
pain for the suffering his remaining tasks. Prospero is very powerful and omnipotent. He can
do whatever he likes. He is the leader of all supernatural spirits. But only Caliban, an inferior
spirit doesn’t want to obey the command of Prospero. He retains has savage nature to the
But Prospero compels him to follow his command. Prospero’s magical power is not used as
evil propose. It has an excellent mission. Forgiveness and reconciliation are the main
missions. Prospero has been suffered heavily at the hand of his enemies. But with the
passage of time, the enemies come under the mercy of Prospero. Alonso suffers the loss of
his son Ferdinand, which makes him recall and repent for his sin against Prospero. Prospero’s
first step in the direction of forgiveness is seen in his acceptance of Ferdinand as his son-in
law. Prospero has now to deal with his three enemies namely Antonio, Alonso and Sebastian.
Just when the three enemies are about start eating in the island, Ariel appears in the shape of
a harpy. The harpy rebukes them and tells about their past crime they had committed against
Prospero and his daughter Miranda.
Prospero is informed of the distress of the sinners. His chief mission is to make them realise
about their past crime. Three enemies are taken by Ariel before Prospero. Gonzalo also
comes. Now Prospero greets and thanks Gonzalo for his goodness. Once, Gonzalo provided
secretly necessary things like foods and books in their little boat.

So Prospero is now grateful to Gonzalo. Alonso realizes his fault and pardons for his fault.
Prospero embraces Alonso and welcomes him cordially. Alonso then informs Prospero that
his dukedom would be restored to him as desired by Prospero. Alonso is also highly pleased
meeting with his loving son Ferdinand. He welcomes the love between Miranda and
Ferdinand. In this way a complete reconciliation comes between Prospero and Alonso.
Antonio and Sebastian do not say much on this occasion. Perhaps, these two men feel
inwardly ashamed of their past misdeed. Belief in magic and supernatural appearance, in
ghosts and fairies actively interfering in human affairs and controlling the destinies of men
was almost universal in the age of Shakespeare. The use of supernatural elements is perhaps
the most noticeable feature of the drama. Visit Dordogne the most beautiful place in the

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