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					Dumpster Diving to Get More Money.

Dumpster diving is a term to describe going through trash cans for 'treasures'. While it
may sound bad to some of you it's actually very exciting and can make you a lot of money.

People throw away tons of items that still have value. Many times people don't even know
the items still have value. I have personally found dvds, toys, house items, furniture and
money. It really is fun and can be like a treasure hunt in the garbage. It's very easy for you
to get started in dumpster diving and you can sell the things you find to make more money.
Put your pride aside for a while and focus on all the money you could make.

How to start -
You will want a pair of boots, small flashlight and gloves to get started. Start around your
local neighborhood and quickly look into dumpsters to see if they may have anything good.
If the dumpster looks like it could contain something good you just jump in and start
digging through the trash. You may want to have a friend of family member to watch out
for you while you are in the dumpster. Always stay clean and safe.

What to do with what you find -
You can sell your new items on Craigslist, eBay or even at the local pawn shop. You will
want to clean and sanitize anything you find and make it look brand new. If you find things
of value then it won't be hard to sell them to someone and make easy money. I personally
have sold things on Craigslist and made fast cash.

Tips -
* Always have a flashlight and another person with you to watch your back. You don't
want someone sneaking up on you while you are going through their trash.
* Clean and sanitize everything you find before selling. You don't want to sell something
that is dirty.
* Check dumpsters at apartment complexes and the beginning and end of month. When
new tenants move in/out they tent to throw away many things of value.
* Check the law in your local area to make sure dumpster diving is not illegal in your area.

Dumpster diving is a simple way to get more money. It is like a treasure hunt but you are
surrounded by garbage. You can easily find valuable items and sell them without any cost
to you. Check your local laws and give it a shot.

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