Applied Calculus II Syllabus

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					                            Applied Calculus II Syllabus

Instructor   Dr. Felicia J. Joannon-Bellows         Phone    (203) 452-7484

             BNW 137 CRN 44498                      E-mail
             Before and after class, by
             appointment on Tuesdays and

Text: Calculus with Applications 9th Edition by Lial, Greenwell and Ritchey
                                    Pearson Addison Wesley, 2008

Chapter 6 Applications of the Derivative
      6.2 Applications of Extrema
Chapter 7 Integration
      7.1 Antiderivatives
      7.2 Substitution
      7.3 Area and the Definite Integral
      7.4 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
      7.5 The Area Between Curves
      7.6 Numerical Integration
Chapter 8 Further Techniques and Applications of Integration
    8.1 Integration by Parts and use of Tables of Integrals
    8.2 Volume and Average Value
    8.4 Improper Integrals
Chapter 13 The Trigonometric Functions
      13.1 Definitions of the Trigonometric Functions
      13.2 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions
      13.3 Integrals of Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 11 Probability and Calculus)
      11.1 Continuous Probability Models
      11.2 Expected Value and Variance of Continuous Random Variables
      11.3 Special Probability Density Functions
Chapter 10 Differential Equations
      10.1 Solutions of Elementary and Separable Differential Equations
      10.2 Linear First-Order Differential Equations
      10.3 Euler’s Method
      10.4 Applications of Differential Equations

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   TECHNOLOGY: The TI-83/TI-83+/84/84+ is required and should be used for graphing
   functions and learning about and investigating calculus.

   1.         Attend and participate in classroom discussions and activities.
   2.         Complete all assigned readings and problem sets on time. Assignments
              should be neat, accurate, and complete.
   3.         Attendance is required for this class. If absent from class, you are responsible
              for any work that is missed and assigned. The tests and final exams will
              incorporate components of the text readings, handouts, problem sets, and
              classroom activities.

Extra Help/tutoring is available in 129A Bannow – the math center. You may sign up for
extra help there.

       The Final Exam will count 33%.
       The remaining 67% of your grade will be determined by tests, quizzes, take
        home/assigned problems sets, and in class graded assignments.
       Unexcused absences from tests, quizzes and/or graded assignments will be
        averaged in as a 0. Makeup exams are provided for *excused absences only.

**Excused absences are absences accompanied by a note from a doctor, the health
center ( an authorized medical release form) or the academic dean.

                                          Please note:

    There will be times when we may not cover the indicated sections on the dates
     outlined above. We can only cover the material at a pace that is comfortable for
     the class. However, we will cover all the topics outlined in the syllabus so if it is
     necessary, we may have to lose some designated “review” days. I will do my
     best to preserve them!
    There will be additional opportunities to show off what you know and have
     learned. Graded assignments, quizzes and problem sets will be added to the
     course work so that your grade will be a better reflection of your knowledge and
     not simply an average of a few test grades.
    I will arrange to meet with you if you need any extra help. This may be before
     class, after class or on a different day. All I ask is that you give me enough notice
     about when you would like to meet. Email and/or calling me works best.
    I will work with the office of student support services to provide the appropriate
     accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
    This semester contains material that may be conceptually more difficult than first
     semester. Be responsible, attentive in class and diligent about keeping up with all
     of the assignments. I do not assign busy work but rather problems that are critical
     for your success in the course.
    Attendance is key to your success in this course.
Remember, Calculus is fun!!!!

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                               Course Schedule:
Week                  Topic                             Topic
                      Extrema/Review of
January 18 -20                                          7.1
January 25 – 27       7.1                               7.2
February 1 – 3        7.2                               Test #1
February 8 – 10       7.3                               7.3
February 15 – 17      7.4                               7.5
February 22 - 24      Monday’s classes meet             Possible conflict
March 1 – 3           7.6 & Review                      Test #2
March 8 – 10          8.1                               8.1
March 15 – 17         8.2                               8.2
March 22 – 24         Spring Break                      Spring Break
March 29 – 31         8.4                               8.4
April 5 – 7           Review                            Test #3
April 12 – April 14   13.1/2                            13.3
                      CALCULUS THE MUSICAL
April 19 – April 21                                     Easter
                      6 pm
April 26 – April 28   Review                            Test #4

May 3                 Review for Final

                      3 pm
                      Due to the scheduling
                      conflicts of 6 students having
                      3 final exams on one day,
                      our final will be on May 5 at 3

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