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In response to the conversation we had today, I will need the following to get me started on the first
phase of the project. Please send me this in a word document.

    1. Please list the pages you would like the website broken up into. These will be pages such as
       Can we make the Website:

             o   Products/Services (break-down and categorize the products or services you sell)

         Body shops

         Service Stations

         Car Dealerships

         Bumper Clips
         Light Bulbs
         Unlimited!!! You name it we’ve got!

             o   Contact Us (address, phone, fax, hours, service areas)
             o   About Us (history, date established, family owned, accomplishments)

         Unlimited is a National Distributor of superior products developed exclusively to meet the
         critical needs of today’s Automotive Industry.

         We fully believe that the path to our future will depend on the competence of our people and
         service to our customers.

         To become America’s strongest distributor of Quality Automotive Products.
         Unlimited Presentations
         10317 Reisterstown, Rd.
         Owings Mills, MD 21117

         Phone: 410-521-4761

         Note: Distribute Nationally!
         Ask a representative about International Distribution


Our Shipping Policy
 Shipping Method - Our standard method of shipping is UPS or Fed Ex Standard/Ground for delivery within the continental
United States and Canada. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, etc, and other international locations, we will select the
fastest and most economical method available, unless a specific request to use a specific method is indicated by you when
placing your order under Special Instructions.

 Shipping Cost - All shipping charge will be calculated on a case-by-case basis for net shipping cost of your order. We use
USPO routinely for off shore shipments where possible. There are some international locales to which no UPS or Fed Ex
services are offered . . . We reserve the right to refuse shipments to those locales and ship via USPO, insured, providing
that USPO regulations permitting. We cannot guarantee delivery by any foreign postal services authority. We can provide
proof of shipping when requested.

In those venues where we deem the postal delivery authority is not stable or safe, we will ship via Fed Ex or UPS only.

 Shipping Time - Our products are shipped from different warehouses, so shipping times may differ from state to state.
The average shipping time is 1 to 2 weeks, excluding weekends and holidays. Please keep in mind that special order and
custom made items may need to be specifically made for your vehicle before shipment and may take 4 to 6 weeks for
delivery outside of the US for other international locations, the actual delivery times may be longer.

         Order Form:
         Download order form here! FAX to: 410-521-4753

         Online Brochure:
         Shop on-line and Fax in your order!

         (We’ll be working on this….)

         (I’ll snail mail a copy)

              o     FAQ’s, and any other of the pages you would like. (ask people that answer the phones,
                   this is good info to have on the site… this will also help to add keywords to your site
                   making its page rank go up.)
    N/A for now….I’ll check with Dad…

2. After listing the pages, add content for each page, such as introductory paragraphs or even just
   a few sentences. I can’t stress enough to look around on the internet and see what other
   people are doing. Even if its not in your specific industry you can still get ideas from the page

3. What are the 8 highlighted products you would like.

        o    Super Lube
        o    Bulbs
        o    Bumper Clips
        o    Sample Kits

4. If you have a logo, please send me the logo digitally, if not a scan of it will be ok, I can digitally
   reproduce it so it will look good online.

    No logo at this point. I am going to work on that with Dad???
    Every use seen this site???

    I am thinking something basic like this?

                           Unlimited Products

5. Take some time looking around at different websites for examples to show me what you like or
   don’t like. This really is what helps the design of the project the most because if gives it a
   starting point.
            o   Things to look for on different websites:
                     Where the main navigation is ( horizontal, vertical or custom)
                     The use of pictures and backgrounds
                     Colors Scheme
                     Layout
                     Font Size
                     Flashy Elements

        Example Site:
Give look of future e-commerce, but “tool bar” location and product listing good
Very simple, pictures with few words
Clean look, user friendly, NOTE: I like the “Catalog Request” could we do something similar???

    6. In the word document you will prepare for me, please jot down a few reasons why you liked or
       disliked the websites you have chosen for examples. Please make sure the web address is
       present so I can reference it online.

    7. Are there any associations you belong to or are associated with?
        N/A For this site

    8. Have you received any awards we could add into the site?
       N/A for this site

    9. Finally, a list of keywords you think potential customers will likely use to search for your product
       or services.

                               Car
                               Accessory
                               Service Station
                               Body Shop
                               Unlimited
                               Auto
                               Clips
                               Fuses
                               Lubricants

If you have any questions about anything please feel free to call me. I look forward to working with you
in building Unlimited Presentations an industry dominant online presence.


Cell: 410-446-9625 or Email:

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