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Directorate of


									           Directorate of Regeneration, Economy and Skills

                       Building Control Team Leader

                               £34,549 - £37,206

                             Job reference: CVP 44


1.   Letter from the Human Resources Manager

2.   The council’s vision and objectives

3.   Job description

4.   Person specification

5.   Conditions of service

6.   Pension contribution rates

7.   Information on exempted posts

8.   Equality and diversity sub groups
Dear Applicant

Post of Building Control Team Leader

Thank you for your enquiry about the post at Knowsley Metropolitan Borough

Please find enclosed further details about the post and an application form for you to
complete and return by the 20 May 2011. You can find out more about Knowsley
Council from our website at

Interviews are likely to take place within four weeks of the closing date. If you have
not heard by then you should assume that your application has been unsuccessful. If
you would like receipt of your application to be acknowledged, please enclose a
stamped addressed envelope with your completed form.

The council places great importance on maintaining high levels of attendance at work
and all Directorates operate under well-established guidelines to monitor and control
absence. If you are successful at interview, the council will be seeking references
and your present or last employer will also be asked to give details of your sickness
and attendance record over the last three years.

If you require any assistance during the selection process due to a disability, please
contact us as soon as possible on telephone number 0151 443 3434. For example
you may need a sign language interpreter, require an accessible interview room, or
need help completing a written application (taped applications may be submitted by
prior agreement).

The council is working jointly with the trade unions to implement a fair and
equitable pay and grading structure in line with the 1997 Single Status
Agreement. This will be achieved by reviewing every post within the council
through the job evaluation exercise which is currently being conducted. All
posts are subject to the review and therefore advertised grades are provisional
and will not be confirmed until the outcome of this exercise. You should note
that you are applying for posts with the council on this basis.

You should return your application to: Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council,
Directorate of Corporate Resources, Westmorland Road, Huyton, Merseyside, L36 9GL, or
by email to:

I look forward to receiving your application and thank you for your interest in this
Yours sincerely

Jaci Dick
Jaci Dick
Human Resources Manager
                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE                  Building Control Team Leader

GRADE                      Grade PO 9-12

DIRECTORATE                Regeneration, Economy and Skills

SECTION/TEAM               Building Control

ACCOUNTABLE TO             Development Manager/Head of Planning and

RESPONSIBLE FOR            2 x Principal Building Control Officers
                           2 x Senior Building Control Officers
                           1 x Building Control Trainee
DATE REVIEWED              January 2011


1.     To carry out the functions of the Council on building control matters
       demonstrating excellent technical and customer care skills.

2.     To manage the work of the building control team, seeking to deliver an efficient
       and effective building control service.
3.     To promote the Council’s Building Control Service in a competitive market and
       secure new business opportunities.


This is not a comprehensive list of all the tasks, which may be required of the post
holder. It is illustrative of the general nature and level of responsibility of the work to
be undertaken.

1.     To assist the Development Manager in ensuring the efficient and professional
       processing of Building Control applications and other workloads to meet local
       and national performance targets and Business Plan objectives.

2.     To attend and participate fully in management team meetings.

3.     To management the work of the Building Control Team in matters relating to
       plan examination, structural appraisal decisions, building notices, LANTAC
       certificates, site works, statutory inspections and fire safety as required by the
       Building Regulations and other associated legislation.
4.    To ensure that applications determined under the Building Regulations
      process accord with the requirements of the Building Act; are processed
      efficiently and decisions are issued in accordance with the Council’s Building
      Control Performance Standards and Business Plan objectives.

5.    To inspect and report on all premises requiring Public Entertainment Licences
      and other provisions contained within the Fire Safety and Safety of Sports Act
      1987, relative to Indoor Sports Licences and Regulated Stands.

6.    To deal with matters in connection with dangerous and unsecured buildings
      and structures within the Borough under the provisions of the Building Act
      1984 and other associated legislation. To prepare statutory notices as
      required and supervise the control of sites in connection with demolition

7.    To prepare reports in connection with Building Regulation contraventions and
      negligence claims pursued against the Council. To represent the Council as
      necessary including preparing and giving evidence when necessary.

8.    To keep abreast of changing legislation and good Building Control practice.
      To take an active part in the delivery of training sessions as necessary for
      team members and others.

9.    To prepare reports to Council Committees and on matters to be decided by
      the Executive Director and if necessary present reports to Members and/or
      other officers.

10.   To represent the service at meetings with other Directorates and outside
      bodies on Building Control matters demonstrating the highest commitment to
      customer care and corporate priorities. To actively market and promote the
      Building Control service through various means engaging other staff in this
      process as necessary.

11.   Must demonstrate a keen commitment to customer care, displaying flexibility
      in approach to work to achieve service and corporate priorities.

12.   To be responsible for regular team briefing sessions and PR & D’s to
      comminute timely and concise information to all team members and Divisional
      Management teams.

13.   To undertake the role of BC Quality Representative in connection with ISO
      and other similar quality marks. To ensure the service is audited and
      appropriately benchmarked with others to identify opportunities for continual

14.   To support the Head of Planning and Transportation in identifying new ways of
      working to ensure the service evolves and responds to market conditions and
         customer requirements. To work with the Head of Planning and
         Transportation to identify new ways of working to improve efficiency, maximise
         use of IT and ensure the team respond positively to customer demands and

16.      To undertake responsibility as a Designated Officer under the Council’s
         Emergency Call Out procedures for Dangerous Buildings.

17.      To regularly monitor Building Regulation fee income to ensure that appropriate
         fee setting occurs and income generation/income recovery measures are pro-
         actively pursued.

18.      To support the Senior Technical Assistant and Technical Assistants to ensure
         adequate checks are undertaken to establish correct Building Control
         fees/charges are made.


     To ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out taking into
      account employees capabilities

     To inform management of any health and safety issues which could place
      individuals in danger
                                                    PERSON SPECIFICATION

POST TITLE           Building Control Team Leader                  GRADE        PO 9-12
DIRECTORATE          Regeneration, Economy & Skills                SECTION/TEAM Planning and Building Control

CRITERIA                                                                                                               * M.O.A
Skills, knowledge, experience etc
1           Excellent technical knowledge of building control matters including detailed experience of dealing with    A, I
            the full range of building control work.
2           Experience of dealing with a wide range of major applications, covering plan examination and site          A, I
            inspection work, plus detailed knowledge of associated legislative procedures including dangerous
            structures, and licensing of premises.
3           Ability to lead and motivate a team/staff, within a culture of seeking continuous improvement in service   A, I
4           Excellent IT and presentation skills, including database and Microsoft office programmes.                  A, I
5           Knowledge and practical experience of Performance Management Tools to achieve business aims.               A, I
6           Excellent communication and negotiation skills.                                                            A, I
7           Well developed customer care skills including ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of      A, I
8           Flexible approach to work to meet Directorate and other targets.                                           A, I
9           Ability to promote the service and secure new business opportunities                                       A, I

10          Qualified Building Control Surveyor with membership (or eligibility to join) of appropriate professional   C, A
Health and safety
11          Ability to ensure suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out taking into account employees   A, I
Personal attributes and circumstances
12          Work outside of normal hours, Designated officer under the Council’s Emergency Call-Out Procedure for   I
            dangerous buildings.

A = APPLICATION FORM          C = CERTIFICATE                           E = EXERCISE       I = INTERVIEW
P = PRESENTATION              T = TEST                                  AC = ASSESSMENT CENTRE

January 11    Mike Davies                                             Development Group Manager

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the post, the
interview will also explore issues relating to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
     Motivation to work with children and young people
     Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries with children and young people
     Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
     Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline

        We have a positive attitude to the employment of disabled people and guarantee an interview to those who meet all the
        necessary criteria of the person specification.
                       Conditions of service
         Directorate of Regeneration, Economy and Skills

Post                     Building Control Team Leader

Grade                    PO 9-12

General                  The conditions in the National Joint Council for Local
                         Authority Services (Green Book) will apply.

Hours of work            36 hours per week

Salary                   £34,549 to £37,206

Basic annual leave       27 days pro rata for part time staff

Medical                  The successful applicant will be required to complete a
                         medical questionnaire and may also be required to undergo
                         a medical examination.

Training                 The Council is a recognised ‘Investor in People’ and
                         encourages training and development for all employees.

Pension                  You are automatically entered into the Local Government
                         Pension Scheme, unless you elect not to join. Employees
                         with contracts of employment of less than three months are
                         not eligible to join the scheme. Contributions rates are
                         dependant on salary as per the contribution rates shown

Childcare vouchers       The Council is in partnership with a childcare voucher
                         provider which offers employees a salary sacrifice scheme.
                         Further details are available from Human Resources

Car status               Essential

Politically restricted   This post is considered to be politically sensitive and falls
post                     under the terms and conditions of Politically Restricted
                        Pension contribution rates
With effect from 1 April 2008, contribution rates will be on a sliding scale based upon
a scheme member’s full time annual pensionable pay. Part time employees’
percentage contribution rates will be based upon the pro rata full time pensionable

From 1 April 2009, the new contribution rates will be as follows:

Table 1
          Band             Pensionable pay range Contribution rate
           1                    £0 - £12,600            5.5%
           2                £12,600.01 - £14,700        5.8%
           3                £14,700.01 - £18,900        5.9%
           4                £18,900.01 - £31,500        6.5%
           5                £31,500.01 - £42,000        6.8%
           6                £42,000.01 - £78,700        7.2%
           7                 More than £78,700          7.5%

From 1 April 2008 for those employees who were paying 5%, the changes to
contribution rates are as follows;

Table 2
 Year commencing                         Contribution rate
 1 April 2008                            5.25%
 1 April 2009                            5.5%
 1 April 2010                            6.5%
Exempted posts – Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council aims to promote equality of opportunity for
all with the right mix of talent, skills and potential. We welcome applications from
diverse candidates.

Certain posts are subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check due to the nature of
the work being undertaken. All candidates who are successful at interview for one of
these posts will be asked to complete an application form for a ‘disclosure’ check by
the Criminal Records Bureau before the appointment is confirmed.

Whilst the council supports the rehabilitation of ex-offenders, it is obliged in the
recruitment of all employees to use an Exemption Order of the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974 in order to ensure safe recruitment to posts where working with
children, vulnerable adults or other positions of trust are involved. If you apply for a
post that is subject to a disclosure, you will be advised in the recruitment job pack.

Having a conviction or a record of some type of unacceptable behaviour would not
necessarily bar you from being appointed to the post as any decision to employ will
be considered on the individual circumstances of each case.

If you are in doubt about what you should declare, you can ask advice from a
member of the Human Resources Division 0151 443 3434.

Further information about the Criminal Records Bureau, including how information is
assessed in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 can be found on their

Where the post involves working with children, in addition to a candidate’s ability to
perform the duties of the post, the interview will also explore issues relating to
safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including:
      Motivation to work with children and young people
      Ability to form and maintain appropriate relationships and personal boundaries
       with children and young people
      Emotional resilience in working with challenging behaviours
      Attitudes to use of authority and maintaining discipline
                         Equality and Diversity sub groups

Knowsley Council has four established sub groups to support the equality and diversity
agenda, details below.

The groups are supported by the Corporate Equality and Diversity Manager, Paul Peng
who can be contacted on 443 3073.

Knowsley Black and Minority Workers’ Group (KBMWG)
The group's vision is to 'promote respect and value diverse cultures within Knowsley',
and they are committed to challenging all forms of discrimination, racial harassment and
bullying to promote race equality in employment and in the delivery of services. Through
development days, members of the KBMWG have established and discussed terms of
reference and decided on ways to be involved with the council corporately.

Knowsley Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Forum
The group aims to promote the council positively as an employer which is supportive of
the LGBT workforce, as well as promoting LGBT within the larger community.

It acts as a consultation forum on new and exiting policies and strategies and
participates within equality impact assessment processes with the view to improving
and influencing change. Through the group there is a robust and systematic process for
exchanging ideas, problem solving and information sharing, this then raises awareness
and reduces discrimination within the workplace.

Disability workers' group
This group meet to discuss issues surrounding disability within Knowsley. The council
recognises that people are disabled by society and not their impairment.

The group advises on all policy and procedure, whether related to employment or
service delivery for the council and the Primary Care Trust. They also provide a
networking opportunity across the groups to discuss common issues and link with
similar employee forums in other local authorities.

Women's operational workers’ group
The group's primary focus is the consideration of gender equality issues relative to
every aspect of employment and service delivery. As with the other groups, there will
be representation at the Directorate Implementation Group which then feeds into the
Corporate Equality and Diversity Strategy Group meetings. The advice and guidance
which this forum is anticipated to contribute will be a valuable asset to the Equality and
Diversity agenda of Knowsley Council, particularly as women make up 63.9% of the
total workforce.

Equality and diversity information is available to view on
Multi Faith and Belief Group (MFAB)

MFAB supports the Government’s equality and diversity agenda.

We value and promote respect for people of different faiths and beliefs within the
council, our partners, including Merseyside Police, local churches and wider

We influence policy and operational activities from the perspective of faith and belief.
Our intention is to:
   strengthen good interfaith relations at all levels;
   increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities;
   celebrate and build on the contribution that faith groups make to
       neighbourhoods and to the wider community; and
   encourage acceptance and understanding between people of religious and
       non religious belief

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