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					                                CUB SCOUT PACK 474
                                April 2008 Newsletter

          Welcome to Pack 474!                                             Scout Den Chief who ran the den
Our Pack is now 44 boys and 7                                              meeting.
Dens strong!                                   Future Events:              1936 Den mothers could register
          If you have any questions                                        with BSA, but registration was
                                              th       rd
about the content in this news-       June 30 -July 3 : Cub Scout          optional.
letter, please contact your Den       Day Camp at Rush Ranch.              1948 Registration for den mothers
Leader or Jon Cakus. Also, if you     Contact Helen Cakus for more         became mandatory. The position
missed a previous edition, please     information.                         of den mother was well established
check the Pack website.                                                    and an essential part of the Cub
                                              Cancelled Event:             Scout leadership.
           Upcoming Events:           Snow tubing at Soda Springs has      1967 The title of den mother was
                                      been cancelled and will not be re-   officially changed to den leader to
April 22 : Pack meeting at Green      scheduled. Monies will be            include both male and female
Valley Middle School at 7:00 pm.      refunded as soon as possible.        leaders of dens.
This will be Den 7’s last Pack        Contact Colette Green with           1980 Women were active in the
meeting and will be having their      questions.                           planning and operation of the 50th
Arrow of Light Ceremony.                                                   anniversary program of Cub
                                              Spring Fund-Raisers:         Scouting. Over 50 percent of the
April 26 : Evening hike at            The Pack will be selling See’s       national Cub Scout Committees
Rockville Park from 6:30 to 8:00      Candy Bars as part of our Spring     project committees for the Golden
pm. Meet at Rockville Park            fund-raiser. The Pack needs you      Jubilee celebration were made up
parking lot at 6:15pm. Contact        to “Do Your Best!” so we can keep    of women and Cub Scouters from
Colette Green for more information    activities up and dues down.         various parts of the nation.
                                                                           1984 The first woman to serve on
May 3 : Capitol Corridor Train        Also, the Pack will be doing a Hot   the Boy Scouts of America
Ride to Sacramento from 8:00 am       Dog Sale at the Travis Boulevard     National Court of Honor was Ann
                                                          th    st
to 3:00pm. Contact Colette Green      Raley’s on May 17 or 31 . Last       W. Nally.
for more information.                 year the Pack made over $550 and     TODAY The position of Chief
                                      we would like to break that this     Scout Executive and BSA
      th        th
May 9 -11 : Spring Camporee for       year.                                President are still the domain of
Webelos (and Boy Scouts) at Lake                                           men, but its only a matter of time!
Berryessa. Contact Helen Cakus                April birthdays:             Many women are holding top level
for more information.                 Happy Birthday to the following      professional positions within the
                                      Cub Scout and Leaders:               BSA. On the volunteer side, there
May 18 : Pack Hike at Mt. Diablo.                                          are more registered women in all
Meet Oakbrook Elementary at           13 Connor Hanratty, 9 years old      levels of Cub Scouting than men.
8:00 am. Contact Jon Cakus for                6 Jon Cakus                  In some Packs, the lack of male
more information.                          28 Candy Hanratty               participation has become
                                                                           problematic. Many units now focus
May 27 : Pack meeting at Green           The Role of Women in Cub          on ways to attract more men
Valley Middle School at 7:00 pm.                  Scouting:                during their annual membership
It’s our last Pack meeting for the    1930 Women served "unofficially"     drives.
Scout Year and it’s graduation time   on mother's committees and dinner
for all our Scouts!                   committees and assisted the Boy
                                                                          - Popcorn Kernel/Community
       Cubmaster’s Corner:                    Pack Leadership:            Service Coordinator:
This year it is very important for     - Committee Chair:                 Candy Hanratty, 864-8384
the Pack to start looking at           Helen Cakus, 428-3437
replacing future leadership. In less                                      - Treasurer:
than 1 year, several of the            - Cubmaster:                       Robert Sanders, 207-0601
positions needed to run this Pack      Jon Cakus, 428-3437
will be moving on. These positions                                        - Advancements:
are:                                   -Asst Cubmaster:                   Paula Sanders, 207-0601
                                       James Casselton, 864-1352
         Committee Chair                                                  -Outings Chair:
           Cubmaster                   - Den 7 Webelos II Leader:         Colette Green, 864-8239
          Training Chair               Rick Martin, 863-0309
           Webmaster                                                      - Den Chiefs:
          Outings Chair                - Den 7 Webelos II Asst. Leader:   Brady Baldwin
         Newsletter Editor             Helen Lissick, 864-2186            Kyle Baldwin
            Secretary                                                     Chris Jaber
                                       - Den 4 Webelos I Leader:          Ryan Patchen
We are asking parents to please        Jim Patchen, 864-6656
talk to Helen Cakus about what
these positions are and what they      - Den 4 Webelos I Asst. Leader:
entail. The Pack can not exist         Jayel Whitted, 864-6286
without people to fill these vital
positions. The Pack needs your         - Den 5 Webelos I Leader:
help.                                  Herman Lariviere, 864-1240

      The Cub Scout Motto              - Den 5 Webelos I Asst. Leader:
         Do Your Best.                 Greg Bowers, 864-5091

      The Tiger Cub Motto              - Den 10 Bears Leader:
     Search, Discover, Share           Cerice White, 864-1165

     The Cub Scout Promise             - Den 10 Bears Asst. Leader:
                                       Alexander White, 864-1165
I ________ promise to do my best
   To do my duty to God and my
              country,                 - Den 10 Bears Asst. Leader:
     To help other people, and         Veronica Dunham, 864-2114
   To obey the Law of the Pack.
                                       - Den 8 Bears Leader:
                                       Jeff Collins, 864-8978
     The Law of the Pack
  The Cub Scout follows Akela.         - Den 8 Bears Asst. Leader:
The Cub Scout helps the Pack go.       Debbie Ervin, 864-2581
 The Pack helps the Cub Scout
            grow.                      - Den 13 Wolves Leader:
 The Cub Scout gives goodwill.         James Casselton, 864-1352

Scout Vespers (sung to the tune        - Den 13 Wolves Asst. Leader:
    of “Oh Christmas Tree”)            Greg Bowers, 864-5091
    Softly falls the light of day,
  As our campfire fades away.          - Den 12 Tiger Cubs Leader:
 Silently each Scout should ask,       Chris Masotti, 864-8804
  “Have I done my daily task?
  Have I kept my honor bright?         -Den 12 Tiger Asst. Leader:
  Can I guiltless sleep tonight?       Colette Green, 864-8239
 Have I done and have I dared,
  Everything to be Prepared?”          - Webmaster:
                                       Christine Patchen, 864-6656

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