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                       Consumption of Aniline in China

Demands of aniline keep increasing in recent three years. More aniline companies chose to set their
office and plants in China, especially the eastern part of China.
Consumption of Aniline in China, released by CCM in Jan 2011, points out that it becomes a trend for
the Chinese aniline producers to set their bases in eastern China, for it has the advantages of rich
resources of downstream product manufacturers.
According to this report, four MDI producers and most rubber ingredients, dyestuff and pigment are
concentrated in East China, taking up about 80% of the aniline consumption market in China. It is
possible to make full use of the advantages of regions for the rapid transportation and cost reduction.
Based on the development of MDI, the major consumption market for aniline, CCM’s report forecasted
a trend of aniline industrial agglomeration in East China.

Table of Contents :

I Consumption pattern of aniline in China
I-1 Market analysis by geographical distribution
I-2 Market analysis by downstream industry distribution
I-3 Brief introduction to major end use sections of aniline in China
I-3-1 MDI
I-3-2 Rubber ingredients
I-3-3 Dyestuff and pigment
I-3-4 Pharmaceutical and pesticide
I-3-5 Cyclohexylamine
I-3-6 Diphenylamine
I-3-7 Others

Companies Mentioned

 Shandong Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd., Bayer MaterialScience (China), Shanghai Lianheng
Isocyanate Co., Ltd., Nippon Polyurethane Industry (Ruian) Co., Ltd., SINOPEC Nanjing Chemical
Industrial Corporation

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