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									Project Progress Chart

Project Tasks                            Status          Owner          Comments
Project Design
Architecture                             80% Complete    All
Crime rating                                             All
Route Calculations, display                              All
Data mining algorithm                                    All
Indexes, stored procedures                               All

1. Android
  User Interface                         10% complete    Ashwini        Application icon,
  Handling Google Maps API               10 % complete   Ashwini
  Overlays for displaying route          5.00%           Ashwini        This module takes care of the drawing the route on google map
                                                                        based on the response from the server .
  Controller module                                      Ashwini/Reji

2. Server
   Server setup                          95% Complete    Sindhu         Sever setup for REST/JSON web service
   Webservice                            40% Complete    Sindhu         To get the route based on the type of request. Type can be safe
                                                                        mode, time mode or distance mode
   Data mining                           15% Complete    Sindhu         Periodic data mining
Exposing the Server                                      Sindhu         Making the Machine to be publicly accessible
Installing the database                                  Sindhu         Installing the designed databases in the server.

3. DataBase
  Crime data load in PostgreSQL          90% Complete    Reji           Read from XML file, filter/format and then load to crime detail
  Configuring Postgis and loading data   75% Complete    Reji           Loading shape files for Zipcodes, WMATA bus stations, metro
                                                                        stations, bus routes and metro routes.
  Implementing pg_routing                                Reji/Sindhu

4. Communication
 Android to Web Service                  25% Complete    Reji           Android to Web service connection using REST/JSON. Frame
                                                                        work completed
  WMATA dynamic data                     25% Complete    Reji           Implemented for train, Train prediction

5. Miscellaneous
Junit test cases
Creating stored procs, indexes

Eclipse/J2EE                                                            IDE for web application
Jersey (JAX)                                                            REST implementation
Apache Tomcat                                                           Server
PostgreSQL with PostGIS                                                 Database
Pentaho Kettle                                                          ETL tool to assist database load
Junit                                                                   Test Cases

pg_routing plugin                                                       If this plugin doesn't work properly, we will have to design our
                                                                        own routing algorithm that can take safety rating as cost function

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