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					The Joseph A. Wolf Math and Science Scholarship
Description by Brian A. Wolf

The Joseph A. Wolf Math and Science Scholarship was created on August 10,
2008 to honor my father, Joseph A. Wolf, who graduated from Aberdeen Central
High School in 1956. Dad always believed that challenging yourself and learning
were the goals of a true education, as opposed to just achieving high grades. In
this spirit, this scholarship has been established to recognize those people who
have challenged themselves by taking difficult coursework in the subject areas of
Science and Math, two areas of particular interest to my father. Applicants will
be assessed based on a combination of their grades, the difficulty of their classes
and a short essay. The award is worth $1,000 and also includes a complimentary
subscription to Scientific American magazine.

   1) Transcript. Please submit a full transcript of your grades starting from the
      first semester of your freshmen year through the first semester of your
      senior year.

   2) Essay. Please submit a short essay (two pages or less), that begins with a
      favorite quote you believe highlights your life philosophy, and in which
      you explain your interest in the fields of Math and Science. Please also
      indicate the college or university you plan to attend as well as your
      anticipated field of study.

   3) Each applicant must agree that, if chosen for this award, they will have a
      photo taken of themselves holding the award and will send it to the
      scholarship committee with one week of the ACHS awards dinner. This
      will be included in a “Winners Album” for my father.

Applications due March 21st.

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