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Applied Ontology


									                                        Applied Ontology

                                        An Interdisciplinary Journal of Ontological
                                        Analysis and Conceptual Modeling


Aims and Scope                                            Editors-in-Chief
Applied Ontology is a new journal whose focus is on       Nicola Guarino
information content in its broadest sense. As the         Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), Institute of
subtitle makes clear, two broad kinds of content-         Cognitive Sciences and Technologies National
based research activities are envisioned:                 Research Council
ontological analysis and conceptual modeling. The         Via Solteri 38
former includes any attempt to investigate the            I-38100 Trento, Italy
nature and structure of a domain of interest using        Tel.: +39 0461 828 486
rigorous philosophical or logical tools; the latter       Fax.: +39 0461 435 344
concerns the cognitive and linguistic structures we       E-mail:
use to model the world, as well as the various
analysis tools and methodologies we adopt for             Mark A. Musen
producing useful computational models, such as            Stanford Medical Informatics
information systems schemes or knowledge                  Stanford University
structures.                                               251 Campus Drive, MSOB X-215
                                                          Stanford, CA 94305-5479, USA.
Applied Ontology is the first journal with explicit       Tel: +1 650 725-3390
and exclusive focus on ontological analysis and           E-mail:
conceptual modeling under an interdisciplinary
view. It aims to establish a unique niche in the          Editorial Board
realm of scientific journals by carefully avoiding        Hans Akkermans, Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles, John
unnecessary duplication with discipline-oriented          Bateman, Brandon Bennett, Olivier Bodenreider,
journals. For this reason, authors will be                Joost Breuker, Roberto Casati, Christopher Chute,
encouraged to use language that will be intelligible      Anthony Cohn, Robert Colomb, Martin Dörr, John
also to those outside their specific sector of            Dominique, Carola Eschenbach, Christiane
expertise, and the review process will be tailored to     Fellbaum, Antony Galton, Aldo Gangemi, Peter
this end. For example, authors of theoretical             Gärdenfors, Yolanda Gil, Michael Gruninger, Udo
contributions will be encouraged to show the              Hahn, Doug Lenat, David Mark, Claudio Masolo,
relevance of their theory for applications, while         Chris Menzel, Richiro Mizoguchi, John Mylopoulos,
authors of more technological papers will be              Natasha Noy, Maria Teresa Pazienza, Massimo
encouraged to show the relevance of a well-               Poesio, James Pustejovsky, Alan Rector, Guus
founded theoretical perspective. Moreover, the            Schreiber, Nigel Shabolt, Yuval Shahar, Barry
journal will publish papers focusing on                   Smith, Dagobert Sörgel, John Sowa, Veda Storey,
representation languages or algorithms only where         Mike Uschold, Achille Varzi, Laure Vieu, Yair Wand
these address relevant content issues, whether at         and Chris Welty.
the level of practical application or of theoretical
understanding. Similarly, it will publish descriptions    Call for Papers
of tools or implemented systems only where a              Authors are requested to submit their article
contribution to the practice of ontological analysis      electronically via the website
and conceptual modeling is clearly established. 

                                                          Subscription Information
                                                          Applied Ontology (ISSN 1570-5838) will be
                                                          published in 1 volume of 4 issues in 2006 (Volume
                                                          2). Regular subscription price: €402 / US$483
                                                          (including postage and handling).

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     Contents Volume 1, Number 1 (2005)
     Applied Ontology: Focusing on content
     N. Guarino and M.A. Musen

     Applied ontology issues
     D.B. Lenat

     An ontology research pipeline
     M. Uschold

     Modes of concept definition and varieties of vagueness
     B. Bennett

     Domain modelling and NLP: Formal ontologies? Lexica? Or a bit of both?
     M. Poesio

     Text analysis for ontology and terminology engineering
     N. Aussenac-Gilles and D. Sörgel

     Ontology is not just about objects: Poorly individuated phenomena in geo-ontology
     A. Galton

     Relative places
     M. Donnelly

     Web Service Modeling Ontology
     D. Roman, U. Keller, H. Lausen, J. de Bruijn, R. Lara, M. Stollberg, A. Polleres, C. Feier, C.
     Bussler and D. Fensel

     Towards OntoClean 2.0: A framework for rigidity
     C. Welty and W. Andersen

     A multi-layered ontology for comparing relationship semantics in conceptual models of
     S. Purao and V.C. Storey

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