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Aarkstore Enterprise - Technology and Competitive Environment of Enzyme in China


Aarkstore announce a new report "Technology and Competitive Environment of Enzyme in China " through its vast collection of market research report.

More Info announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection:

 Technology and Competitive Environment of Enzyme in

CCM has finished a market report named Future of Enzyme in China to 2020 in Feb 2010. In order to
meet clients’ different demands and provide more low-price products, we separated it into many sub-
reports with different specific themes. Technology and Competitive Environment of Enzyme in China is
one of the sub-reports.

Owing to inadequate R&D investment in technology innovation and new product development, leading
to weak competition of China’s enzyme technologies, none of Chinese enzyme producers can rank
among the top largest enzyme producers around the world now, and this situation will remain so in
the near future. Chinese producers have fallen behind the foreign producers in Chinese market. Only
some advantages such as lower manufacturing cost and huge potential market may inject some
confidence and development room in domestic producers.

With intense competition, the enzyme industry in China has undergone great changes in recent years.
On one side, China’s enzyme industry has been dominated by some large scale producers and many
small scale producers have been gradually washed out from the market. On the other side, foreign
investors are playing a more and more important role in Chinese enzyme market.

Table of Contents :

I Technologies for enzyme preparations in China
I-1 Cutting edge technologies in China
I-2 Research situation of technologies in China (in the past, current progress)
I-3 Application achievements on enzyme preparation technologies
II Competitive environment
II-1 Comparison between Chinese and foreign/foreign funded enterprises in China
II-2 Comparison between enzyme industry in China and the world

Companies Mentioned

 Jiangsu Wuxi Syder Bio-Products Co., Ltd., Beijing Novozymes (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu
Genencor (Wuxi) Bio-Products Co., Ltd., Hunan New-century Biochemical (NCB) Co., Ltd., Zhaodong
Sun Shine Enzyme Co., Ltd., Hubei Liye Biological Product Co., Ltd.

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