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									                          2006-07 Comments List
                               By Category

No.   Category
001   Attitude-Positive
002   Attitude-Positive
003   Attitude-Positive
004   Participation
005   Attitude-Positive
006   Attitude-Positive
007   Attitude-Positive
008   Attitude-Negative
009   Attitude-Negative
010   Participation
011   Attitude-Positive
012   Attitude-Positive
013   Behavior Problem
014   Participation
015   Participation
016   Organization
017   Attitude-Negative
018   Absences
019   Absences
020   Behavior Problem
021   Behavior Problem
022   Behavior Problem
023   Tests/Quizzes
024   Writing
025   Strength
026   Weakness
027   Strength
028   Weakness
029   Organization
030   Organization
031   Organization
032   Organization
033   Organization
034   Behavior Problem
035   Projects
036   Projects

                              2006-07 Comments List
                                   By Category

No.   Category
037   Homework
038   Homework
039   Projects
040   Homework
041   Homework
042   Homework
043   Homework
044   Absences
045   Behavior Problem
046   Projects
047   Weakness
048   Tests/Quizzes
049   Tests/Quizzes
050   Failure
051   Failure
052   Absences
053   Absences
054   Failure
055   Class-Specific: Art
056   Weakness
057   Strength
058   Failure
059   Strength
060   Strength
061   Reading
062   Absences
063   Weakness
064   Attitude-Negative
065   Parent Contact
066   Weakness
067   Attitude-Negative
068   Parent Contact
069   Projects
070   Behavior Problem
071   Class-Specific: Music
072   Class-Specific: Music

                                       2006-07 Comments List
                                            By Category

No.   Category
073   Class-Specific: Music
074   Writing
075   Writing
076   Reading
077   Reading
078   Reading
079   Participation
080   Lab
081   Lab
082   Class-Specific: SUPA
083   Lab
084   Lab
085   Lab
086   Parent Contact
087   Grading Exceptions
088   12th Period
089   Attitude-Negative
090   12th Period
091   Absences
092   Group
093   Behavior Problem
094   Attitude-Positive
095   Numbers
096   Group
097   Lab
098   Attitude-Negative
099   Absences
100   Good Bye
101   Failure
102   Failure
103   Failure
104   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
105   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
106   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
107   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
108   Grading Exceptions

                                       2006-07 Comments List
                                            By Category

No.   Category
109   Lab
110   Grading Exceptions
111   Grading Exceptions
112   Projects
113   Tests/Quizzes
114   Failure
115   Behavior Problem
116   Behavior Problem
117   Attitude-Negative
118   Class-Specific: AIS
119   Organization
120   Participation
121   Group
122   Organization
123   Organization
124   Participation
125   Attitude-Positive
126   Attitude-Negative
127   Attitude-Negative
128   Attitude-Positive
129   Tests/Quizzes
130   Tests/Quizzes
131   Parent Contact
132   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
133   Projects
134   Projects
135   Grading Exceptions
136   Class-Specific: English
137   Class-Specific: Spanish
138   Homework
139   Homework
140   Absences
141   Parent Contact
142   Writing
143   Parent Contact
144   Parent Contact

                                     2006-07 Comments List
                                          By Category

No.   Category
145   Homework
146   Failure
147   Class-Specific: Spanish
148   Class-Specific: Driver's Ed.
149   Grading Exceptions
150   Class-Specific: BOCES
151   Class-Specific: Driver's Ed.
152   Failure
153   Lab
154   Good Bye
155   Failure
156   Parent Contact
157   Parent Contact
158   Writing
159   Weakness
160   Tests/Quizzes
161   Behavior Problem
162   Behavior Problem
163   Tests/Quizzes
164   Lab
165   Lab
166   Failure
167   Parent Contact
168   Weakness
169   Class-Specific: Music
170   Numbers
171   Numbers
172   Numbers
173   Numbers
174   Numbers
175   Failure
176   Failure
177   Failure
178   Graduation Requirements
179   Graduation Requirements
180   Graduation Requirements

                                       2006-07 Comments List
                                            By Category

No.   Category
181   Class-Specific: BOCES
182   Projects
183   Projects
184   Grading Exceptions
185   12th Period
186   Class-Specific: Math
187   Class-Specific: Math
188   Class-Specific: Math
189   Class-Specific: Social Studies
190   Attitude-Positive
191   Absences
192   Organization
193   Grading Exceptions
194   Class-Specific: Business
195   Absences
196   Grading Exceptions
197   Class-Specific: Art
198   Class-Specific: Art
199   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
200   Organization
201   Class-Specific: Social Studies
202   Class-Specific: Health/Phys Ed
203   Class-Specific: Music
204   Behavior Problem
205   Behavior Problem
206   Class-Specific: English
207   Class-Specific: English

                                                      2006-07 Comments List
                                                           By Category

Doing Satisfactory Work.
Doing Good Work.
Doing Very Good Work.
Level Of Preparation And Participation Is Acceptable.
Good Attitude, Good Effort, Shows Interest.
Has Shown Improvement.
Extends Effort Beyond Course Requirement.
Does Minimum Work To Pass.
Inconsistent Effort Has Affected Grade.
Contributes To Class Discussion.
Has Shown Improvement In Attitude/Behavior.
Is Cooperative.
Is Well Behaved, But Inattentive.
Needs To Be More Prepared For Class Participation.
Does Not Contribute To Class Discussion.
Comes To Class Without Necessary Materials.
Must Develop Positive Attitude Toward Education.
Frequently Late To Class.
Consistently Absent On Test Days/Project Due Dates.
Needs To Be More Cooperative.
Needs To Improve Classroom Behavior.
Is Too Talkative In Class.
Needs To Study More For Tests And Quizzes.
Expresses Ideas Well In Writing.
Displays Good Thinking Skills.
Progress Continues Despite Weak Basic Skills.
Listens And/Or Follows Directions Well.
Has Difficulty Understanding Basic Skills, Concepts And Terminology.
Does Not Follow Acceptable Form.
Does Not Take Class Notes.
Is Not Using Class / Study Hall Time Effectively.
Has Difficulty Keeping And Organizing A Notebook.
Has Yet To Obtain Notebook.
Needs To Listen/Or Follow Directions.
Excellent Project.
Has Completed Acceptable Individual Study.

                                                    2006-07 Comments List
                                                         By Category

Hmework Assignments Are Satisfactory.
Does Not Complete Required Reading.
Has Not Completed Acceptable Individual Study/Research Paper.
Needs To Plan Adequately For Assignments.
Should Turn Homework In On Time.
More Effort Needed On Homework.
Grade Related To Incomplete Homework.
Has Not Made Up Work Missed While Absent.
Does Not Complete Assigned Classroom Work.
Did Not Complete Required Classroom Project(S)
Student Is Just Passing At This Time.
Achieves Poorly On Tests.
Achieves Poorly On Quizzes.
Student Is Failing This Course.
May Fail Course.
Grade Related To Poor Attendance.
Interrupted Attendance Hinders Continuity Of Instruction.
If Work Is Not Made Up, Incomplete Will Become Failing Grade.
Drawing Skills Improving.
Consideration Should Be Given To Change Course At This Time.
Demonstrates Good Skills And Workmanship.
Does Little Or None Of The Assigned Work.
Due To Exceptional Interest And Ability,Private Lessons Should Be Considered.
Has Demonstrated Outstanding Leadership Ability.
Able To Draw Inferences From Reading.
Is In Danger Of Being Denied Access To Final Exam Due To Excessive Absenteeism.
Needs Extra Practice In Keyboarding.
Student Is Not Working To Level Of Ability.
Student Needs Parental Help Weekly In Learning The Vocabulary Of This Course.
Should Read Additional Unassigned Materials Daily To Aid In Vocabulary Developmt
Student Lacks Academic Motivation.
I Will Be Contacting You Regarding Your Child's Behavior In Class.
Needs To Improve Skills And Workmanship On Class Projects.
Does Not Practice Good Work Safety.
More Practice Needed In Preparing For Intrumental Lessons.
More Effort Needed To Meet Rehearsal Procedure Requirements.

                                                       2006-07 Comments List
                                                            By Category

Grade Lowered Because Of Missing Performance.
Needs To Improve Proof Reading Skills.
Student Needs To Learn To Revise, Not Just Correct Errors, While Rewriting.
Grade Reflects Student's Progress At Current Reading Level.
Has Difficulty In Remembering Facts After Reading.
Has Difficulty Recognizing And Understanding Main Ideas While Reading.
Not Regularly Participating In Discussions That Are Required For This Course.
Written Record Of Laboratory Work Is Unsatisfactory.
Laboratory Work Is Not Up To Date At This Time.
May Not Achieve Supa Credit Unless Out Of Class Effort Is Used.
Lab Work Has Improved.
Grade Related To Poor Lab Performance.
Unexcused Late Lab Penalty Has Lowered Lab Grade.
Please Contact The Guidance Office To Set Up An Appointment With Me.
Course Not Graded This Marking Period.
Extra Curricular Activities Are Interfering With School Work.
Student Lacks Confidence In Own Ability.
Needs To Meet With Subject Teacher During Academic Assistance (Period ).
Has Been Illegally Absent From Class.
Needs To Be More Cooperative In Group Activities.
Makes Unnecessary Comments In Class.
It's A Pleasure Having This Student In My Class.
Student Should Be Maintaining At Least An Average In This Accelerated Course.
Is Cooperative In Group Activities.
Unsatisfactory Labs Made You Ineligible For Regents Exam; Local Exam Possible.
Quality Of Work Has Deteriorated This Marking Period.
Access To Final Exam Has Been Denied Due To Excessive Absenteeism.
Congratulations On Your Graduation.
Student Should Have Registered For Summer School.
Student Did Not Attend Recommended Review Classes.
Student Needed To Study More For Final Exam.
Comes To Class Without Physical Education Uniform.
Student Failed To Complete The N.Y.S. Physical Fitness Test.
Student Did Extremely Well On The Physical Fitness Test.
Student Puts Forth Little Or No Effort In P-E Class.
Incomplete Has Been Made Up. Grade Will Appear On Next Report Card.

                                                    2006-07 Comments List
                                                         By Category

Failure To Meet The Laboratory Policy Makes You Ineligible For The Final Exam.
Student Has Modified Curriculum In This Course.
Student Receives Modified Grading.
Minimal Effort On Mid-Term Project.
Student Is Spending Insufficient Amount Of Time On Regents Review Assignments.
Lack Of Academic Motivation Is Likely To Cause Failure On June Regents Exam.
Continued Discipline Problems May Result In Student Being Timed Out.
Student Is Inattentive In Class.
Refuses To Do Assigned Work.
Student Is Not Attending Mandated Remediation.
Lack Of Organization Hinders Progress.
Needs To Participate More In Class.
Refuses To Work In A Group.
Does Not Take Advantage Of Opportunity To Retake Tests.
Needs To Have A Calculator In Class.
Needs To Work More Independently.
Doing Excellent Work.
Could Do Better Through More Effort.
Doing Unsatisfactory Work.
Displays A Good Sense Of Humor.
Student Should Begin Intense Preparation For The Regents Or Final Exam.
Encourage Student To Begin Review Of Unit Vocabulary Topics For Proficiency Exam
Please Review And Sign Individual Class Computer Grade Sheets.
Student Earned President's Award For Physical Fitness. We Congratulate You.
Project Turned In Late.
Required Project Was Done Well
Student Currently Has A Medical Excuse.
Is Not Completing Tasks Necessary For Success On The English Regents Exam.
Tu Estudiante Es La Mejor Cosa Desde Pantostado.
Average Has Been Lowered Due To Incomplete Or Missing Homework Assignments.
Homework Done Regularly, But Needs Inprovement.
Absences Do Not Reflect Additional Missed Classes For Other School Activities.
Student Has Not Returned Textbook Condition Form.
Student Needs Parental Assistance In Proofreading Essays.
Would Like To Discuss Your Student's Progress On Parent Conference Day Nov. .
Looking Forward To Meeting You On Parent Conference Day, Nov. .

                                                     2006-07 Comments List
                                                          By Category

Homework Assignments Are Well Done.
Failure On Midterm Necessitates Mandatory After-School Assistance.
Student Still Owes $. For Spanish Essay Book.
Recommend Student Continue With Supervised Driving.
Due To Course Conflict, This Student Is Exempt From This Class.
Student Is Currently Enrolled In An Occupational Education Course At Boces.
Student Needs More Driving Practice Outside Of Class.
Student Has Failed Course Needed For Graduation.
Has Made Little/No Effort To Fulfill Practicum Requirement For Course.
Have A Good Summer.
Failure Is A Result Of Student Not Taking Final Exam.
Student Has Not Returned A Text Book Form.
Please Sign The Week Grade Summary The Teacher Handed Out In Class.
Student Is Not Writing Required Essays.
Needs To Improve Keyboarding Accuracy.
Average Lowered Due To Poor Performance On Midterm.
Student's Language And/Or Behavior Is Often Inappropriate.
Student Has Difficulty Staying On Task.
Student Did Not Complete Take-Home Exam.
Lack Of Sufficient Lab Work/Reports Jeopardizes Eligibility For June Regents.
You Are In Danger Of Regents Ineligibility Due To Deficient Lab Work.
Student Is Failing Course Required For Graduation.
Student Needs To Retake Course - Please Contact Guidance Office.
Due To Weak Basic Skills, Private Tutor Should Be Considered.
Student Has Made No Attempt To Attend Vocal Lessions.
Student Is Maintaining An Or Better Average.
Student's Grade Is Between 90 & 100 .
Student's Grade Is Between 80 & 90.
Student's Grade Is Between 70 & 80.
Student's Grade Is Between 65 & 70.
Student Made No Attempt To Write Essays On The Final Exam.
Student Has Handed In No Assignments This Marking Period.
Student Did Not Show Up To Take Final Exam.
Is A Passing Grade On A Regents Exam For Local Credit.
One Year Of A Second Language Is A New York State Requirement For Graduation.
Students Must Pass This Class And The Proficiency Exam In June.

                                                        2006-07 Comments List
                                                             By Category

Student Will Need Hours To Qualify For Cosmetology Licensing Exam.
Nice Portfolio.
Final Average Reflects Required Project Weighted Equally With The Final Exam.
Actual Grade Is Lower Than .
Does Not Accept My Offer To Provide Assistance Outside Of Class Or Period .
Must Stay Period For Math AIS
Math Ais: Satisfactory
Math Ais: Unsatisfactory
20-Yr Report Grade Is In Sem Exam Column
Enthusiastic, Progressing & Conscientious
Absences Affect Progress
Student Should be Utilizing Agenda
Not a Normal Marking Period Grade; It Reflects Progress on Research Project
Congratulations on successfully passing the MOS test in WORD. Awesome Job!!!
Lost credit due to excessive absenteeism
Actual grade is lower than grade onreport card
Has not completed all required sketchbook assignments
Needs to spend more time on sketchbook assignments
Baby Think It Over' grade is in the semester exam column
Did not submit class notebook that is both required for this course & graded
The 20-year report grade is reflected in the final average
Did not complete assignments while on medical leave from P/E
Grade is lower due to missed lessons
Student is disruptive an class & interferes with other student learning
Student sleeps during class, even when asked to participate
The ELA REG Exam Score is derived from the Jan 2009 Part 1 and Jun 2009 Part 2
The ELA REG Exam score is derived from the June 2009 Part 1 and Part 2 scores


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