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   CeLeB dad
   dean MCderMott:
   dISheS on daddYhood!

   & Mazes
          Farms, Markets

   LoCaL FaLL ProduCe:
   WhatʼS In SeaSon ?

   hot neW Gear!
                                                       BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   1
                                             TORONTO • MONTREAL • MARKHAM • CALGARY

                                                     Collect & Protect
                                               your Baby’s Stem Cells at Birth

       The period immediately following the birth of your baby provides you with a unique opportunity
       to collect umbilical cord blood stem cells and save them for future use. These remarkable stem
       cells have been used thousands of times to treat over 70 different diseases such as: Leukemia,
       Lymphoma, Sickle Cell Anemia and other life threatening

       blood and immune system disorders. New research offers                                    Cells for Life
                                                                                                 Cord Blood Institute
       hope for future treatment of many other conditions such                                   1.877.235.1997
       as Diabetes and Cerebral Palsy.                                      off Registration Fee T. 905.472.0060

                                                                                          Disclaimer: Limit to one coupon per registration. Not valid with any other
                                                                                          saving programs/coupon. This coupon has no cash value. The bearer of
                                                                                          this coupon must meet eligibility requirements for participation in the
            Toll Free: 1.877.235.1977     www.cellsforlife.com                            “Cells for Life” program.

                                           Newborn         .   Baby       .    Toddler                      .        Preschool



2 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV


     6 Meet Our Contributors!
     Our Team Of super mOms!
     Bringing you more talent than an olympic team.

     8 Fashion Finds
     befOre & afTer wear
     Saving a few dollars with versatility!

     11 Power Of Padcicles
     uNCeNsOred mOmmy blOg
     A Satirical look at mommy hood PLUS tips!

     14 Debt Crisis

     keepiNg yOur fiNaNCes iN CheCk
     Tips all families can use.

     18 Green Organization!
     eCO hOme helpers
     Decluttering while maintaining a green agenda!

     20 A-mazing Mazes!
     COrN mazes aNd lOCal farms
     Fun for the whole family!

     26 Fresh Fall Finds!

     frOm dad gear TO baThTime
     The mommy must-haves for Fall!

     28 Eating Organic..Or Not?
     whaT are The beNefiTs
     How do you know if the expense is worth it?

     32 Dean McDermott
     dOwNTime wiTh daddy!
     Dean shares his insight into fatherhood

                                                                   BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   3
                           ediTOr’s leTTer

Saga Continues..
baCk TO sChOOl, CrOCkpOTs aNd lOsT miTTs!

                            SUMMEr iS BY far the most loved of the fab four. But i           literally grab something on the way home and blast it off in
                           have to quietly state that i love heading into fall and winter    minutes. it is definitely worth the expense. My kids favorite
                           simply for the comfort foods and aromas of crockpots,             is a rosemary risotto (don’t tell my 6 yr. old about the diced
                           home-made soups and my all time favorite dish: spaghetti!         mushrooms hidden inside) mixed with a little white wine
                                                                                             and rosemary...divine and done in 12 minutes!
                           THiS iS ALWAYS a crazy time of year with parents franti-
    LEah ChEVaLLiEr
                           cally trying to get kids ready for winter with boots, mitts and   As for groceries, i am still trying to find a way for my fridge
            EDitor         coats. The litany of papers that the schools send home to         to get out off its foundation and take itself grocery shopping
   (Photo: right-husband   parents start to litter your dining room table and the lunch      during the week. Have not yet figured that one out....if you
     Yannick Chevallier)
                           sac dilemma every night (or morning depending on your             have any input let me know. My old fave was the pic-n-del
                           routine) takes hold.                                              with Co-op (home delivered groceries) but they have ceased
                                                                                             to exist. Too bad, was a HUGE time saver!
                            THiS LETTEr iS for all of you who are looking for a few
                           cooking short cuts in your fall, family life. Starting with my    My other big, fall dilemma is lost mitts and hoodies. You
                           all time favorite time saver; the crockpot.                       can mark initials, hieroglyphics or martian code in all the
                                                                                             woolens you want; they still disappear! i feel like i could
                           iF YOU DO not already own a crockpot, get one today.              have a revolving shipment each week to replenish what went
                           You will not believe how easy they are to manipulate with         missing last week. i hate the last minute rush out the door
                           fresh and frozen ingredients. i will hit the farmers markets      with the “M-o-o-m, where’s my gloves?” Then it is appar-
                           and buy in season herbs, vegetables and seasonings and            ently up to me to rummage and run to find the said missing
                           spend a couple hours prepping for fall dishes. Simply wash        item until we all arrive breathless in the mini van, late....
                           and slice your up your red, green or yellow peppers and store     arg..no parenting awards for us this year!
                           in freezer friendly containers. Mince your basil, parsley and
                           rosemary and place into your leftover babycubes (from your        (if any of you know of a glove retailer that offers airmiles,
                           homemade baby food days), pour in a little red or white           could you let me know? it just might pay for the Mexican
                           wine or chicken or beef stock, and presto! You have herbed        vacation this January!)
                           cubes to toss into homemade, sauces, soups, chilis and more!
                           You can also chop up beef or chicken for future stroganoffs
                           or casseroles and freeze in pre-measured portions.

                           i don’t want this letter to turn into an infomercial but i
                           also love my Cuisinart pressure cooker too. This baby can         PS- we missed mentioning the website for www.weefeed.
                           cook a roast or risotto or stew in absolutely no time so if       com in our last issue. We ran a great article on breast
                           you missed prepping the days dinner that morning, you can         pumps and rentals and forgot to inform our readers of her

4 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
BirTH OF A MOTHEr® published bi-monthly by                 EDiTOr Leah Chevallier
bo bébé fine baby products ltd. and is printed in                                                     OUr MiSSiON STATEMENT
Calgary, AB. Birth of a Mother chooses to represent        OPErATiONS DirECTOr
many angles of many controversial topics and by no         Julie Jimmieson                            birth Of a mother is an
means should any article be misconstrued as the sole
beliefs of the magazine and it’s affiliates. We are pro-   PUBLiSHEr bo bébé lifestyle®, a            eco-focused, family magazine
breastfeeding, but understand some mothers cannot          division of bo bébé fine baby products
                                                           ltd., Calgary. AB.                         geared at educating new
nurse for health or personal reasons. Therefore, when
options in the form of supplements and formula are                                                    and expectant families as
                                                           DiSTriBUTOr Gallant Distribution
required, we willingly provide such info to our read-
ers. Birth Of A Mother receives unsolicited letters,                                                  they navigate pregnancy,
materials, articles and promo items from time to time      LifePhoto Studios (studio work)            birth, parenthood and
and may choose to reproduce, store, archive or publish     Heather Ward Photography (on site)
these items in whole or in part without remuneration                                                  beyond. we aim to encourage
or compensation of any sort. This does not pertain to      SALES iNqUiriES
staff writers, contributors or freelance workers.          julie@birthofamother.com (National)        self-expression, learning
Birth of a Mother cannot take responsibility for the       jen@birthofamother.com (AB.)
                                                                                                      and positive parenting
loss of any photos, articles, or materials during the      michelle@birthofamother.com (B.C.)
submission process.                                                                                   through choices, options
                                                           We proudly offer 50% off advertising
                                                           for all non-profit organizations, please   & local resources; as well as
PO Box 96074                                               contact the Sales rep in your area for
Calgary, AB., T3H 0L3                                      more information.
                                                                                                      planet friendly products!
Email: coolstuff@birthofamother.com                                                                   www.birthofamother.com
Fax: 1-888-317-1857

                                                                                                                BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   5
                        meeT The bOam CONTribuTOrs

                                   Sarah reMMer {dIet & nutrItIon} registered Dietitian and proud owner of Nutrio
                                   Nutrition and Wellness Consulting in Calgary, Alberta. Her favourite areas to counsel in are
                                   Women’s Health and prenatal nutrition. She has a true passion for nutrition, wellness, and
                                   fitness and feels very fortunate to be able to share her passion and knowledge with her clients
                                   and the public. She believes in achieving overall health realistically through a balanced lifestyle
                                   pact. We are thrilled to have her on our panel of experts!

                                   dr. roSeanne Penner {dr. MoM} Our Dr. Penner is a Family Doctor with a special interest
                                   in Women’s and Children’s Health. After years of specializing in Obstetrical care, she now practices
                                   at Salveo Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. Dr. Penner is also an Associate Clinical Professor at UofC
                                   Medical School. Dr. Penner supports Mothers and their families with a goal of keeping them
                                   healthy and happy. She is also Dr. Mom to a busy, four year old (Oliver) and has just welcomed
                                   new addition, Lewis, to the family. Congratulations Dr. Penner!

                                   donna LeBLanC {FaShIonISta} Mother of 3, Donna owns a highly successful Women’s
                                   store called “Posh Mommy”. in her past 16 years in business, she has seen the maternity
                                   landscape change from frumpy to hot and stylish! She specializes in working with high end
                                   fashion designers from Europe, LA, and New York. A true fashionista, Donna believes every
                                   woman deserves to feel fabulous- even with a bump! Our own Editor made Donna’s shop one
                                   of her fave stops when she was pregnant with her 3rd baby.

                                   Janet dean {Green MoM} Mother of 2, Janet is the Co-founder and Editor of the popular
                                   Eco site Green Mom Finds. She first started thinking more seriously about green issues and the
                                   environment when she became pregnant with her first child. For the past eight years she’s been
                                   slowly greening her family’s life as much as possible and irritating rush Limbaugh fans every-
                                   where with her ‘liberal environut’ talk about saving the planet. What a breathe of fresh air!

                                   kathY Burke {FItneSSPro} Kathy is a certified Canfitpro Fitness instructor with a Bachelor
                                   of Kinesiology. She currently works at the Westside recreation Centre in Calgary as a Fitness
                                   Coordinator and Personal Trainer. Married with a toddler (Gavin) and neworn, Stephen, Kathy
                                   knows what Moms are looking for when it comes to fitness!

                                   StaCeY CorBett {WahM} Stacey Corbett is a mother to 5 year old twins and an avid traveler.
                                   Her travels led her to create her Calgary based Baby Equipment rental company, One Tiny Suitcase
                                   in 2006. An entrepreneur and mother, Stacey is a multi-tasking mom-on-a-mission trying to find
                                   the balance between work and family. ready to offer tips, advice and WAHM info, Stacey will
                                   inspire many more Work-At-Home-Moms! Glad you could fit us into your crazy schedule Stacey!

6 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
                               efo & Wear!
                        “BELt it BaBY! “
                               MoMMY         ClOThiNg COurTesy Of:
                                  pOsh mOmmy aNd splash Of fashiON
                                                                 by dONNa leblaNC

                                           Pregnancy is expensive, we know, but
                                           you do not have to break into your “Baby
                                           fund” savings jar to look great this season
                                           and beyond. the key is to look for higher
                                           quality items that are versatile enough to
                                           wear pre and post natal. focus on items
                                           that can have asymmetric lines, roomy
                                           mid-sections, and wrap style closures.
                                           Check out these convertible styles for fall
                                           and Winter!

                                      Purple Passion!
                                     Looking for a go anywhere, don’t have to think
                                     about it kind of style? Lilia P wraps are it. this
                                     one size fits all wrap can do it all. Pregnancy,
                                     post, nursing or none of the above, this piece
                                     can be worn in at least 15 different ways. hid-
                                     ing a belly or shouting out to the world, wraps
                                     are easy and versatile. Kick anything up with a
                                     dark wash jean from Paige Premium Denim and
                                     pointy toed shoes. Darling, you look marvellous!

8 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
a little black on black?
asymmetrical is not just back, it’s everywhere!
Everyone looks great in a wrap and just
because it is black doesn’t mean it has to be
boring. if you do buy black, make it great
by going asymmetrical, off the shoulder,
detailed-anything that gives
black some boost.
Paired with these
rich and Skinny                                                                                          C-Panty For Post Caesarean
jeans, the                                                                                               C-panty is a compression based under-

Degain one                                                                                               wear using a well placed silicone panel at

Button Wrap is                                                                                           the point of incision to minimize scarring,

simply perfect.                                                                                          promote healing and ease discomfort for
                                                                                                         anyone who has had a caesarean section.
                                                                                                         the silicone used is doctor approved and
                                                                                                         unlike conventional underwear, your in-
                                                                                                         cision will be as hygienic as possible with
                                                                                                         limited adhesion to your new accessory!

                                      Striped Before Belly & after!
                                      Stripes look great anytime when worn with a tall boot and
                                      great fitting jeans. treat this cashmere sweater from Ella
                                      Moss gently and wear it throughout your pregnancy and
                                      back to pre-baby weight. Everyone needs a great boot and
                                      skinny jean combo for this season. Scared of skinnies-try a
                                      straight fit jean-nice and lean but not as fitted as the skinny.
                                      remember to search out a comfortable boot heel that does
                                      not put too much stress on your back.

                                                                                                         hot Milk Before Bed?
                                                                                                         just because you are pregnant or nursing
                                                                                                         does not mean you have to wear your
                                                                                                         husband’s old shirt to bed. Look for
                                                                                                         items that make you feel great, yet offer
                                                                                                         some functionality. this delicate lace
                                                                                                         bodice is double layered with a cotton
                                                                                                         lining and has a shelf support to offer
                                                                                                         maximum comfort-another great find
                                                                                                         from hotmilk. Pregnancy and nursing
                                                                                                         are a relatively short lived, but that does
                                                                                                         not mean you should not still feel sexy!

                                                                                                                  BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV        9
                                               Boyfriend Jeans
                                               Dolman sleeves are hot-
                                               especially when paired with
                                               a loose fit boyfriend jean-this
                                               year’s must have! top off
                                               this casual yet sophisticated
                                               look with chunky jewellery.
                                               thinking pregnancy? Choose
                                               a high end denim and have
                                               your favourite boutique add
                                               a maternity waste band.
                                               Keep the original waste band
                                               to have replaced. this will be
                                               the best investment for ma-
                                               ternity and beyond. We love
                                               Seven for all Mankind-great
                                               fits for every woman.

   Going Sideways?
   We hope you like purple this year be-
   cause it will be everywhere. this funky
   multi-striped sweater from Lauren Vidal
   harkens back to the 80’s with an updated
   look. this variegated stripe sweater can
   be thrown over tanks, tees, or just about
   anything. tuck in those skinnies, yes you
   should do a skinny, and you are good to
   go. So unbelievably chic.
   FYI - Don’t forget to watch the height of
   those heels. Your center of gravity has
   changed so be sure to keep your heels
   on the practical side and avoid them on
   icy days!

10 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
                                      baby 101

Power of Padcicles
a saTiriCal lOOk aT mOmmyhOOd ( uNCeNsOred)
by www.blOOb.Ca,

Now that i am expecting number two            Step 2) remove maxi from packaging and        as an informational resource; but most im-
i am flooded with the memories of the         spritz with water. For extra help healing     portantly a relational resource – sometimes
trauma i put my poor lady parts through.      that damaged tissue, try spraying with        it’s nice to know there are people out there
Will they be able to tough through it a       Calendula as well. Don’t be shy...moisten     as crazy as you are, right? Oh and we’ve
second time? Will they ever forgive me for    ladies! You don’t want to completely          been told we can be funny…so check it
only leaving 17 months between children?      douse the pad to the point where it actu-     out and you might just piddle your pants
Maybe after this one, they will be so irate   ally starts to break down the fibres, but     every so often (no, not because you have
that they will close up shop for good.        enough so that you get a nice ice pack on     a weak pelvic floor after vaginal delivery –
                                              the vajayjay.                                 because we said something funny).
Either way i recall the simple post-partum                                                  And just in case you were wondering:
pleasures of padcicles, salt spas and stool   Step 3) Place in a container so that you      Here’s the definition of Bloob: it’s the
softeners (ok that’s for another body part,   can u-shape the pad to fit the contours of    combination of Boob and Blob – a word
but a wonderful invention – too much          your body and place in freezer.               we made up to describe the magical trans-
information?). i would like to whole-                                                       formation that happens to your body after
heartedly thank whoever invented the          Step 4) Have baby. Alert husband that it      having a baby. it’s the lurking memory of
padcicle. if you haven’t had a baby yet       is time for another icy treat and that he     the truck loads of ice cream you indulged
(the good old fashioned way that is), then    bring you a frozen concoction. As a side      in during your pregnancy. When the
let me explain how you too can benefit        note, husbands can be VErY good at            aftertaste of sweet chocolately velvety
from the padcicle. And no, this isn’t a       making padcicles as well, so feel free to     double-churned has left your tongue and
delicious frozen treat that can be enjoyed    pass steps 1-3 on to them!                    comfortably re-located to the muffin top
on a patio on a hot summer’s day. But                                                       now cascading around your mid-section
that reminds me...craving ice cream again     Read more at www.bloob.ca. A satirical        – and you feel more like a Blob in yoga
– must go buy some.                           look at mommyhood…uncensored. A               pants than the sexy lioness you once were.
                                              glimpse into the inner workings of the        And this blob in yoga pants is really es-
Step 1) Go to store and find the longest,     minds of two mothers. Two people who          sentially good for one thing – Boob. Sadly,
thickest, bulkiest maxi pads you can buy.     aren’t afraid to talk about anything (poop,   the word Boob is now just as exciting as
A good general rule of thumb is that if       hemorrhoids, stitches in your hoo-ha,         the word Fork as you find yourself saying
the package looks more like the size of       you name it). Our combined perspective        Boob in every sentence – “Can i call you
a package of depends, then these will         is sure to offer something for everyone –     right back, i have to boob the baby,” “it’s
suffice. You know, the kind your mom          Parents, Soon-to-be Parents and even the      not you, she just wants more boob,” “My
probably bought you the first time Aunt       “hmm someday i may populate this earth        father-in-law saw my boobs today.” Bloob
Flow came to visit and you have avoided       with my offspring” folks. And it’s not        is also a state of mind: “No, i don’t need
with disdain ever since...the kind that       just for the ladies – daddies, this is your   to shower this week because my time is
creeps half way up your back and causes       chance to get ring side seats into what the   consumed with sustaining life!”
you to waddle because it feels like you       opposite sex really is thinking and finally
have shoved an entire double roll of toilet   understand why it’s always “your fault”
paper in your pants (i hope the visual        (kidding. Ok maybe not entirely). We
helps here).                                  hope that other parents can use our site

                                                                                                                 BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   11
                                                                       wahm (work-at-home-mom)

                                   Beyond Balancing
                                   geTTiNg smarT wiTh resOuOrCes
           Car Seats, Cribs &      by sTaCey COrbeTT
            Stroller rentals!

                                     it’s time to start thinking about Balance      naps per day. Think of all the things you
                                     differently…                                   accomplished when they napped for 2
                                     i have learned that balancing work and
                                     family life has less to do with things being   Those first few years at home with kids
                                     equal and more to do with things being         seem like the perfect time to strike out
                                     flexible. in any given day i won’t be able     with a new business idea. But what
                                     to equally divide my time between work         happens when the naps get less frequent,
                                     and family. if i spend 4 hours with my         more kids are added to your family and
                                     kids at the Zoo that doesn’t mean i will       your business really starts to grow?
                                     get 4 hours to work on my business that
         MEDELA Breast Pumps         day.                                           Having a mobile office is one way to
                  &                                                                 manage being busy with kids and a busi-
                                                                                    ness. With emails coming directly to a
         Fetal Doppler Rentals       As Work At Home Moms (and moms in
                                     general) we need to start thinking about       cell phone, laptops that can connect to
                                     work/family balance less in terms of how       the internet in a coffee shop and GPS
                                     much time each part of our lives gets in       systems to tell you where you are going
                                     a given day, and more about the overall        and when you will arrive- it is possible
         Delivered to your door!                                                    for some WAHMs to work from just
                                     quality of life we are looking for.
                                                                                    about anywhere.
                                     How much thought did you give to
                                     balancing your responsibilities as a mother    They may need to change that name
                                     and the responsibilities of working from       from Work at HOME Moms to Work
                                     home when you started? You probably            from ANYWHErE Moms. Having a
                                     started a business because you were sure       virtual office means more freedom to
                                     you could handle more on your plate.           work when it is works for you.
       403-208-1167                  Once you are fully into the day to day
      1-877 ONE TINY                 operations of running a business and a         Schedules and routines work for some
                                                                                    moms and some businesses, but for most
                                     household you may be wondering where
    www.onetinysuitcase.ca           all the time went!                             of the WAHMs i know, their days are
                                                                                    not that predictable. You probably struck
                                     Many moms start their business when            out on your own in part because you are
                                     the kids are still small enough to have 1-2    a creative person who likes flexibility and

12 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
rigid schedules don’t always work for you.          one steering the ship and making the deci-
                                                    sions. That is empowering!
A client may call who needs something last
minute, your child will get sick and need you       Success is different for everyone. How you
all day, your car breaks down, the dog walks        define success will change as your family
through the house with muddy feet, etc. Hav-        and your business grows.
ing a back up plan when your day doesn’t go
as planned is important. Do you have a few          When your children are small, being pres-
meals stocked in your freezer? Can you call a       ent for their first steps and first words is
friend to help with an hour of child care?          a big part of why some women choose to
                                                    work from home. As they get older you
Don’t be shy about asking for help. Although i      have the freedom to volunteer at preschool
don’t have a house cleaner, gardener, personal      and attend playdates. Be willing to adapt
chef and nanny; these things would be nice.         and make sacrifices. You may envision
i do have an accountant, a dog walker and a         your business with multiple locations, big
couple of hours of childcare a week though          revenue streams and a huge product line.
and it really helps to take some of the pressure    These larger goals may have to be tem-
off. Finding help to manage your business and       pered while your kids are young and your
your family is a great way to take some of the      schedule is so unpredictable.
pressure off of both sides.
                                                    remember we’re not trying to balance a
Like many Work from Home Moms, i like the           scale but rather find a day to day rhythm
flexibility my business offers me. i don’t work     that keeps everything running smoothly.
in the traditional 9-5 business hours, but i like
it that way. Being a mom entrepreneur doesn’t       Here are some resources with tips to help
necessarily mean you work less hours than           you manage the work and family balance:
someone who works outside the home, but
it does mean that those hours often happen          www.bizymoms.com A forum for other
around your family’s schedule.                      mom business owners
The kids and i go to the park when the              columnist/520.html Lisa Druxman’s col-
weather is nice, we shop when others are at         umn on being a Mompreneur
work, i take them to gymnastics classes and
the dentist. Being physically present with my
kids was important to me and for the most
part i can work my business in around their             Why not make life a
schedules. But, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes         little easier?
that means working on weekends, staying up
until midnight and getting up before they do.           Search out companies within your
                                                        area that offer various services that
                                                        pertainto daily life. You will be amazed
You may find that you are being pulled in               at what a difference it makes!
two different directions. You may feel guilty

for not spending enough time with either                meal preparation services such as
our family or your business. it’s important to          Dashing Dishes and Mama Luv
remind yourself that you are giving 100% of
yourself and there isn’t any more to go around.
                                                    R   grocery delivery such as Safeway

Be proud of your accomplishments both with
your kids and your business. Having focussed        R   laundry & dry cleaning services

time for each is important but can be hard to           home, house & yard cleaning
achieve. Each day brings new challenges that            services
you have to manage but at least you are the

                                                                                                   BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   13
 Posh Pre-Natal                                                family fiNaNCes

                                                                                 are gone. Times are tough and they’re
             presented by                                                        gonna get tougher.

         Medical Concierge                                                       Canadians are carrying record levels of
                                                                                 debt. A report by the Certified General

                                  Debt Crisis
                                                                                 Accountants Association of Canada
                                                                                 revealed that household debt reached
                                                                                 an all-time high of $1.3 trillion in
   Certificate Course
                                                                                 2008. (checker: http://www.cga-canada.
   Lamaze focused                 fOr CaNadiaN families                          org/en-ca/MediaCentre/CurrentMedi-
                                  by gail Vaz-Oxlade                             areleases/Pages/ca_mdr_2009-05-26.
   Private Prenatal Instructor                                                   aspx) According to the report, “Lines
                                                                                 of credit and credit cards account for
   Weekend get-away                                                              the largest proportion of consumer
                                   After a rollicking good time shopping
   Includes Spa / Golf Packages    our brains out and charging up a storm,       debt, with 85% of indebted Canadians
   Gift Bags for Parents to be     Canadians’ debt has come home to roost        reporting that they have outstanding
                                   big-time! Consumer bankruptcies were          debt on a credit card. Some 21% of
  Offered at Banff Springs, AB;    up an average of 54 percent across the        Canadians who are in debt say that
  Scottsdale, Arizona; Maui,       country in June 2009 over the previous        they are in over their heads and can no
  Hawaii.                          year. But some provinces were worse off       longer manage their debt load.”
                                   than others.
                                                                                 One little hiccup is all it takes to tip
    For Details & Registration:                                                  a person over the edge when they’re
                                   While no one might be surprised to see
                                   residents of the less affluent provinces        walking around with a sack-full of debt.
     Medical Concierge Inc.                                                      That’s why most experts recommend
                                   struggling to cope during a downturn
         403-452-5640                                                            your debt repayment consume no more
                                   in the economy, the fact is that folks in
        1-866-423-4786                                                           than 15% of your budget. if you’re over
                                   our most affluent provinces are under the
                                   greatest pressure. So what’s causing this     that limit, a reduction in hours at work
   www.medicalconcierge.ca                                                       or a layoff, a maternity leave or health
                                   debt crisis? And if you’re in the midst of
     (online application)                                                        issues --any unexpected reduction in
                                   the storm, how do you cope?
                                                                                 cash flow or increase in expenses -- can
                                   Once upon a time borrowers had to have        de-rail your finances. Why? Well, when
                                   a good reason to use someone else’s mon-      you’re spending a disproportionate
                                   ey. Lenders scrutinized requests for loans    amount of money servicing debt that
                                   and borrowers had to sign over their first-   leaves less for the most basic needs: a
                                   borns. When credit became a commodity,        roof and food. if you run into trouble,
                                   like pig hocks and cornflakes, the focus      the only way to keep the money needed
                                   moved from “granting” credit to “selling”     for food and shelter is to default on
                                   credit and marketing efforts heated up.       the debt. And that has dire long-term
                                   Pre-approved cards arrived in the mail,       consequences.
                                   lines of credit became every man’s tool,
                                   and the no-money-down mortgage was            if you wait until the crap hits the fan to
                                   born.                                         consider the challenges you’ll be facing
                                                                                 as the economy continues it’s dipsy-
                                   Fast forward to the collapse of the U.S.      doodle, you may not have the wiggle
                                   financial markets at the end of 2008 and      room you need to cope when bad
                                   the melt-down in the credit world all         things happen.
                                   over the world. Now money is tougher
                                   to get – even for lenders – and everyone      Want to be in the driver’s seat? Stop us-
                                   is tightening up their criteria. Borrowers    ing your credit. it makes little sense to
                                   watch helplessly as interest rates on their   scrape together money for paying down
                                   existing debt are bumped up by 2, 5, or       your debt and then run out and rack
                                   even 10 percent. And lenders are putting      up new charges. Freeze the cards, throw
                                   their clients on notice: the good ol’ days    them behind the fridge or bury them.

14 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
remove the temptation.                          Side Bar: Want to reduce the credit limit
                                                on your cards as you pay them off? Tread
Next, take stock of your debt situation.        carefully. Don’t reduce your limit to the
This may take an hour or three, but             point where your balance is greater than
having a written plan means you are way         60% of your limit. (if you have a current
more likely to get to where you want to         balance on the card of $1000, you’re limit
be. Write down all the places to which you      should not be less than $1,700.) Why?
owe money and how much you owe. List            Part of the credit scoring system looks
what you owe by interest rate with the          at how much of your limit you’ve used
most expensive (the highest rate) at the        up. The more often you bump your head
top of the list. This is the order in which     against your limit, the lower your score.
you’ll pay off your debt to save on interest    That’s why paying off $50 and then im-
costs.                                          mediately lowering your limit by $50 can
                                                do more harm than good.
Calculate the minimum payment on each
debt. That’s what you HAVE to pay to            Make a Budget
keep current so you don’t bruise your cred-
it history. Write the minimum payments          if you add up your debt and get a queasy
beside each debt and add ‘em up.                feeling in your stomach because you can’t
                                                believe how much you owe, you’re not
Making your minimum payments on all             alone. Time to make a budget. if you
your debt isn’t enough to dig you out of        don’t know where your money is going,
the hole. You have to come up with more         you don’t stand a hope in hell of getting
money, throwing everything else you have        to Debt Free.
at your most expensive debt. As that’s paid
off, move to your next most expensive           Finding the money to make your debt
debt. Each time you move down the list,         history once and for all probably means
you’ll snowball, adding the payment you         trimming your spending. Go over your
were making to the debt you’ve just paid        budget with a paring knife and trim out
off to the next most expensive that you’re      all the non-essentials that are sucking
about to tackle.                                away your money. How much did you
                                                come up with? Do it again. Now how
One of the tried-and-true ways of reduc-        much do you have? Do it again. And
ing the pressure your debt may be creating      again. You want that budget to be so tight
on your budget is to consolidate: pile it all   it squeaks. You’re going to add whatever
in one place at a reasonable rate of inter-     you’ve squeezed out of your budget to the
est. Consolidations give you breathing          payment on your most expensive debt.
room. Consolidations cut your interest          So if you managed to trim another $300
costs. Well, they’re supposed to.               from your budget, you add that $300 to
                                                the payment on the first debt on your list.
increasingly Canadians are being offered
consolidation loans at ten percent or more      Every penny counts. Start carrying a
above prime. Those higher-than-we’re-           notebook around with you and whenever
used-to rates are a reflection of two things:   you save money on something write it
lenders mistrusting their borrowers’ ability    in your notebook. When you get home
(or is it “willingness”?) to keep their com-    that night, make a payment of however
mitments, and the tighter money market.         much you’ve saved that day against the
But consolidation may still work in your        debt that’s at the top of your list. The
favour if you’re swapping a ridiculously        faster you make a payment, the quicker
high interest rate on a rapacious credit        you turn off the interest clock. Now
card for whatever lower rate you can ne-        you’ve put what you saved to good use as
gotiate. After all, every penny you don’t       opposed to leaving it in your wallet where
have to spend in interest is a penny that       you can spend it on something else.
can go towards paying down your debt.

                                                                                              BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   15
                               Have you heard, less is the new more!       can take control of your life. A plan for
                               Go through your home room by room           how to fix the mess and how not to do it
                               and choose two things you can live          again EVEr will.
                               without. Have a yard sale, list things
                               on craigslist or eBay, or sell your stuff   Times are tough. Just ask the record
                               through a consignment shop. You             number of unemployed and all the folks
                               might not get a lot for whatever you’re     who are up to their eyeballs in debt. But
                               selling, but whatever you get is money      wishing it weren’t so isn’t going to do you
                               you won’t have to pay interest on. Ap-      a bit of good.
                               ply that money to the debt at the top of
                               your list.                                  Know that there is a way out. it won’t be
                                                                           easy. But it’s doable. And as long as you
                               Too Much to Manage?                         learn the lesson, maybe the pain, embar-
                                                                           rassment and frustration will have been
                               if after all your trimming, selling,        worth it.
                               planning, and budgeting, you don’t
                               have enough money to pay down your          You DO know what the lesson is don’t
                               debt and eat, you’ll have some tough        you?
                               decisions to make: Will you find way
                               to make more money so you can pay
                               off your debt? Or will you take a trip
                               to a bankruptcy trustee and join the
                               legions of Canadians who are turning
                               to the courts for help dealing with their
                               overwhelming debt?

                               The reason bankruptcy exists is because
                               there’s just no other way but to cut your
                               losses and start fresh. With unemploy-
                               ment at record highs, the economy in
                               the dumper, and people carrying the
                               highest levels of consumer debt ever,
                               bankruptcy may be the only way to
                               move forward.

                               The key to moving through bankruptcy
                               smoothly is to get yourself to someone
                               who is smart, capable, efficient, and
                               committed to helping you. Trustees are
                               a dime a dozen these days and, as with
                               everything else, all trustees aren’t good
                               at what they do. So make sure you find
                               someone reputable with whom to deal.

                               Declaring bankruptcy is no walk in
                               the park. With crappy credit histories,
                               you’ll see frost in hell before lenders
                               will let you borrow at anything but the
                               most exorbitant rates. That’s one of
                               the penalties for going bankrupt. But
                               bankruptcy is also not the end of the
                               world. if you’re so buried in debt that
                               you can’t keep up with payments and
                               keep a roof over your head, then navel
                               gazing and questioning the “ethics” isn’t
                               going to get you to a place where you

16 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
Food For Thought                                                                                        Mirror,
auThOr uNkNOwN                                                                                           mirror on
A sliced Carrot looks like the human eye. The pupil, iris and radiating lines look just like the
                                                                                                        the wall....
human eye... and YES, science now shows carrots greatly enhance blood flow to and function of
the eyes.

A Tomato has four chambers and is red. The heart has four chambers and is red. All of the
research shows tomatoes are loaded with lycopine and are indeed pure heart and blood food.

Grapes hang in a cluster that has the shape of the heart. Each grape looks like a blood cell and
all of the research today shows grapes are also profound heart and blood vitalizing food.

A Walnut looks like a little brain, a left and right hemisphere, upper cerebrums and lower
cerebellums. Even the wrinkles or folds on the nut are just like the neo-cortex. We now know
walnuts help develop more than three (3) dozen neuron-transmitters for brain function.

Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney function and yes, they look exactly like the
human kidneys.

Celery, Bok Choy, rhubarb and many more look just like bones. These foods specifically target
bone strength. Bones are 23% sodium and these foods are 23% sodium. if you don’t have                   ...who has the
enough sodium in your diet, the body pulls it from the bones, thus making them weak. These              best baby gear
foods replenish the skeletal needs of the body.

Avocadoes, Eggplant and Pears target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the fe-
                                                                                                           of all?
male - they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats one avo-
cado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight, and prevents cervical cancers.
And how profound is this? it takes exactly nine (9) months to grow an avocado from blossom to
ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of
these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).
                                                                                                    bo bébé is your dream
                                                                                                        come true.....
                                                                                                    With 4 beautiful stores

Figs are full of seeds and hang in twos when they grow. Figs increase the mobility of male sperm
and increase the numbers of Sperm as well to overcome male sterility.                                for baby & you....
Sweet Potatoes look like the pancreas and actually balance the glycemic index of diabetics.

Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries
                                                                                                     Luxurious baby gear
Oranges, Grapefruits, and other Citrus fruits look just like the mammary glands of the female
and actually assist the health of the breasts and the movement of lymph in and out of the           for discerning parents

Onions look like the body’s cells. Today’s research shows onions help clear waste materials from
all of the body cells.
                                                                                                    bo bébé
                                                                                                          e        lifestyl
They even produce tears which wash the epithelial layers of the eyes. A working companion,                                     ®
Garlic, also helps eliminate waste materials and dangerous free radicals from the body.

What have you had to eat today??


                                                                                                           BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   17
                                       gOiNg greeN!

  Green Home Organization
  COurTesy Of JaNeT deaN


For those of us to whom organization            about it or used it in a year, it has to go. if   Of course, to keep your newly organized
does not come naturally, it can be quite a      it’s something usable, then by all means, i       home or office as such, you’ll have to cut
challenge. Personally, i know when i watch      give it a second chance with someone else.        back on the clutter stream. Start by get-
those organizing shows on cable, it makes       Yard sales, Freecycle, charity thrift stores      ting rid of junk mail. Catalogchoice.org
me want to empty my whole house and             and Craigslist are great ways to get rid          is a free service that will let you pick and
start fresh. if only that were an option!       of things without relegating them to the          choose which catalogs you want and don’t
                                                landfill.                                         want—or stop ALL junk mail for $8.20
While being organized is a great feeling,                                                         per year at 41pounds.org
getting there can be a less-than-green          Once you’ve figured out what you don’t
proposition, especially with all the stuff      want anymore, think about storage for             And finally, the most important green
that’s now available to “help” us. But here’s   the items you’re keeping. Chances are             organizing tip of all—buy quality things
a little known secret about buying all that     you have plenty of storage bins already in        that will last and when you do buy, con-
great organizational gear... You will only      addition to things in your home that you          sume more consciously. if you don’t really
stay organized if you work at it.               can repurpose for storage. Shoe boxes,            NEED something or can get the job done
                                                wooden crates, berry baskets and empty            with something you already have, consider
Buying those things will not magically          jars can store anything from paperwork to         taking that route instead. Not only will
transform one into a more organized             office supplies to puzzle pieces and more.        you save space and cut down on clutter
person and frankly, one of the best ways        Another idea is to check with shoe stores         but you’ll also save money. it’s a win-win
to stay organized is to simply buy less stuff   to see if they have spare boxes or ask them       for your home and the earth, as well as
and get rid of the stuff you don’t use. You     to hold some for you. They can be labelled        your wallet!
may have heard the old expression “Use it       and even decorated with fabric or paper
up, wear it out, make do or do without.”        if you want something more aesthetically
it’s especially relevant to green organizing.   pleasing.
in short, the less you have to manage, the
less you have to manage.                        if you must buy containers for organizing,
                                                you can find smaller plastic storage boxes
The first step is going through everything      made from biodegradable corn starch
you have and deciding if you really need        from EcoGen at Organize.com and Emu
it or not. if i haven’t touched it, thought     galvanized steel boxes at ikea.com

18 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
                                                                                                  A portion of the sale of our bottles
                                                                                                goes to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Unspoken Truths Of Pregnancy
COurTesy Of www.pareNTiNg.COm

sympTOms: yOu laugh, yOu sNeeze...yOu leak.
Cause: Well, let’s see. You’re instructed to drink something like 64 ounces of liquid a day,
and you’ve got an extra 10 or so pounds of baby and uterus sitting on your bladder. it
seems pretty obvious.
How to deal: Give yourself permission to pee -- a lot. The more you hold in, the more
there is to leak. Use mini-pads (or thin maxis), and keep a spare pair of underwear with
you. Finally, try Super Kegels to improve muscle tone: Empty your bladder, then tighten
your pelvic floor muscles and hold (like you’re holding your pee). When the muscles
begin to naturally release, squeeze and tighten again, until you feel a tingling sensation.
Hold and count to 20. Do about five Super Kegels a day, but not all at once.

sympTOms: blOaTiNg aNd sOmeTimes paiNful CrampiNg
iN yOur belly, aNd The urge TO break wiNd OfTeN.
Cause: The intestines are sluggish during pregnancy, thanks to all that progesterone
circulating in your body.
How to deal: Theoretically, treating constipation should minimize your gas and bloating
too. it’s not always that simple, however. Watch your intake of the usual suspects, such as
broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, corn, onions, and carbonated beverages.
if the problem persists, talk to your health care provider.

sympTOms: yOu may feel like yOu haVe a perpeTual                                                   Promoting a
COld, aNd blOwiNg yOur NOse geTs dOwNrighT grOss.
Cause: Your increased hormones and blood production cause the mucous membranes to               Plastic-Free World.
swell, dry, and bleed.
How to deal: Use saline nose drops, drink plenty of liquids, and run a humidifier. if you       PROTECTING YOUR WATER...
have a nosebleed, don’t tilt your head back. Keep your head straight and pinch the nos-
trils closed until the bleeding stops, usually about five minutes. Put ice over the bridge of        YOUR HEALTH...
your nose and pinch again, if necessary. if the bleeding persists, call your doctor.               YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

sympTOms: yOur Nipples are The size Of diNNer plaTes.                                                      Bottles can be
meaNwhile, TiNy liTTle bumps sprOuT arOuNd The                                                             purchased at
Nipple iTself, aNd may eVeN exCreTe fluid.                                                                 fine retailers
Cause: The darkening is another example of hyperpigmentation from hormones, and
some say this is nature’s way of helping your newborn find your breast. The little bumps
                                                                                                           including bo bébé.
are glands that can help keep the stretched-out skin around your nipple lubricated.
How to deal: refrain from topless sunbathing: Exposure to the sun can make the hyper-
                                                                                                 E-mail us at info@otterbottle.ca
pigmentation permanent. And while your areolas will probably always be slightly darker
than they once were, they will shrink in size when you’re finished nursing.

                                                                                                   PROUDLY A CANADIAN COMPANY

                                                                                                            BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV    19
      fArms & mArKETs!
  COrN mazes & lOCal farms           Along with the changing colours,        are also accommodating to families,
                                     cooler weather, and picturesque         strollers and tots!
  by J.JiMMieSon, L.ChevaLLier       scenery-Fall also brings families the
  www.farMerSMarketSCanaDa.Ca        opportunity for more outdoor fun        WHAT TO ExPECT:
                                     together. This season is the perfect    Each Corn Maze will obvioulsy have
                                     time to head out to the local farms     it’s own charm and “personality”, but
                                     and markets in your area!               in general, expect to spend at least
  maze phOTOgraphy by heaTher ward                                           60-120 minutes to enjoying the walk
  ClOThiNg by hauTe TOTs &           WHETHEr YOU ArE shopping                with your kids. Depending on the
                                     for fresh fall produce, picking your    ages of the kids, it will be shorter or
  CuTe as a bug bOuTique
                                     own pumpkin from the pumpkin            longer. Dress for the weather in your
                                     patch, getting lost in a corn maze,     area and be sure to wear rubber boots
                                     or feeding the petting zoo animals,     or waterproof footgear as it can get
                                     there is surely something for every     muddy! Don’t forget sunscreen if
                                     family member.                          you are enjoying clear blue skys!

                                     WHAT A PErFECT fall outing              WE LOVE THE Calgary Corn
                                     for the family! Most farms like this    Maze! You’ll have an “a-mazing”

20 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
     time navigating through the curves and       rope, and stone mazes, climb up on
     swerves of the Calgary Corn Maze. The        bale mountain, ride on the cow train,
     maze itself is 10-acres in size (roughly     take a spin at the race track, take aim   LoCaL Corn MazES in
     the size of ten football fields), with the   with the corn cannons, visit with
     corn growing to a height of 7 to 9 feet.                                               CanaDa!
                                                  our furry friends at the petting zoo,
     There are over 4 kilometers of trails,       watch the pig race demonstrations
     with a number of trivia questions and        (weekends only), or grab a tasty treat    BritiSh CoLuMBia:
     challenges that will send you in the         at the corncession. You can also pick
     right (or wrong) direction. Brush up                                                   MEaDoWS MazE
                                                  your own pumpkins at the pumpkin
     on your barnyard knowledge!                  patch in the fall.                        WWW.MEaDoWSMazE.CoM

     THE MAZE TYPiCALLY takes 50                  An aerial view will show that the
     - 75 minutes to complete depending                                                     thE BoSE faMiLY Corn MazE
                                                  Calgary Corn Maze is actually a
     how fast (or slow) you choose to go.         t-rex dinosaur! it is both bigger and     WWW.CornfiELDMazE.CoM
     Night time maze navigation takes a           more challenging than the previous
     little longer and adds another exciting      year (it’s of Jurassic Proportions).
     dimension to maze exploration. The                                                     aLBErta:
                                                  But don’t worry, they’ll help you find
     quickest route if you absolutely made        your way through if you get lost.         CaLGarY Corn MazE
     no wrong turns will take approximately
     30 minutes.                                  YOU CAN CALL or check websites
                                                  ahead of time to determine whether
     Once you have conquered the maze,            they offer beverages or snacks on-site,   EDMonton Corn MazE WWW.
     you can also test your skills at the bale,

g                                                                                           SaSKatChEWan:

                                                                                            a MaizE in SaSKatChEWan


s!                                                                                          PuMPKin haLLoW



                                                                                            aMazEin Corn MazE


                                                                                            BoonStra farMS



                                                                                            StonEhaVEn farMS


                                                                                            CriCKLEWooD farMS


                                                                                                        BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   21
OTHErWiSE MOST WiLL accom-                   and make soups and stews; and what better        BE SUrE TO check out this season’s pro-
modate familes with picnics and packed       selection of ingredients than some local         duce selection. What a great way to bring
gear. Just remember to take what you         squashes, pumpkins potatoes and leeks?           fresh food to your family’s table as well as
bring as many do not have large facili-      Fall flavours are enhanced by fresh local pro-   support local farmers!
ties for garbage or recycling your waste.    duce. By supporting a local farm or farmer’s
                                             market in your area, you can often find pro-     NOT SUrE WHErE the markets are in
WHiLE ViSiTiNG YOUr local corn               duce that has been picked within 24 hours        your area or what is available?
maze, check and see if they are also a       of your purchase for maximum freshness and
working produce farm. Many offer corn        nutritional value. Depending on seasons, try      THErE iS A great new website called
for sale, pumpkins, etc. Take advantage      and find a “farm-u-pick”.                        www.farmersmarketscanada.ca. The mis-
of each season and the best your local                                                        sion of this group is to promote farmers’
farms, markets and pumpkin patches           There are numerous benefits to eating lo-        markets and develop national initiatives
have to offer!                               cal that go far beyond taste and freshness.      and partnerships to further the viability,
                                             Purchasing local means farmers do not have       growth and prosperity of the Canadian
TAKE YOUr CAMErA and enjoy the               to take a cut on their profit by skipping        farmers’ market industry.
time together. Don’t forget to allow the     the processing, packaging, refrigeration,
children to help select produce and they     transportation and marketing costs normally      FMC has been created to help connect
will surely be more likely to actually eat   associated with commercial shipments to          Canadian consumers to their local farmers
it at the table!                             grocery chains. Furthermore, your dollars        and to address the needs of farmers’ mar-
                                             are returned to the Canadian economy and         kets across the country. With the appoint-
rESErVATiONS FOr LArGE-                      help to convince local politicians of the        ment of an interim executive director, the
GrOUPS is recommended and admis-             vitality and worth of the farmland in your       newly formed Farmers’ Markets Canada /
sion ranges from free for 3 years and        area-keeping the Mega Malls and Parking          Les Marchés agricoles Canada will act as
under up to $9-$10 for adults.               Lots to a minimum.                               the voice of Canadian farmers’ markets as
                                                                                              the industry grows in response to consumer
ExPECT TO A few extra dollars for the        YOU CAN ALSO tread lightly know-                 demand.
add on activites like hay and cow rides,     ing your purchase helped you to minimize
etc..                                        your eco-footprint by reducing the gasoline      GO TO THE site and click on your
                                             consumed and the emissions produced              respective province to see markets, famers
iF YOU ArE really lucky and the farm         by trucking companies that are needed to         and events in your area. The BC Famers
you are visiting ofefrsproduce, be sur to    deliver produce to local supermarkets. Not       market link from this site was exceptional
bring your reusabel shopping bags in         to mention your dollar goes further at the       with many articles, recipes, calendar of
order to load up!                            market with produce that is not over ripened     events and community efforts listed. They
                                             and handled numerous times before getting        list a whopping 105 farmers markets
iF YOU ArE like many busy families           to your table. This means it will not spoil as   around British Columbia!
and are not sure about what is in season     quickly and you will be wasting less.
in your area, read on! The fall is a won-
derful time to to throw n the crockpot

22 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
    CHECK THE LiNK for your province and remember,
    bring your biodegradable shopping bag to the market, relax,
    meet friends, enjoy the entertainment and the experience
    of shopping for foods that reflect the authenticity of YOUr

    DON’T FOrGET TO take your camera, you will be amazed
    at the fabulous photo opps! Big thanks to Heather Ward Pho-
    tography for trekking to the Calgary Corn Maze and getting
    the fantastic photos in this article!

    CUTE AS A Bug Boutique & Haute Tots Hats

WhatʼS In SeaSon In Your area? CheCk
the LoCaL FarM LIStInG For Your CItY

                                 Spanish Ionions
 acorn squash                      Pumpkin
 apples                            Sweet potatoes
 kale                              Blueberries
 turnips                           Carrots
 Melons                            Corn
 radishes                          Plums
 Blackberries                      tomatoes
 Butternut squash                  rosemary
 Cauliflower                        Sage
 Celery                            Brussel Sprouts
 Chives                            Winter Squash
 Figs                              Crab apples
 Garlic                            asian vegetables
 Ginger                            Leeks
 Grapes                            rutabaga                           stride rite shoes aren’t like other
                                                                  children’s shoes. We combine the
 Mushrooms                         Sprouts                        latest technology and premium
 Pears                             Sweet Potatoes                 materials to create shoes for the
                                                                  unique way a child’s foot grows. So
                                                                  whatever style, size or width that
                                                                  fits, you can be confident of a great
                                                                  choice with stride rite.

                                                                    available at:

                                                                  (403) 247-2660
                                                                  Market MaLL

                                                                                   BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   23
      Fit 4 All!
                                                                  Somewhere between changing diapers,
                                                                  completing the third load of laundry
                                                                  for the day, putting that load of laundry
                                                                  away, and preparing meals our bodies        Basic Crunch: (Above Photo) Laying
      Courtesy Kelly Blain with J.Jimmieson
                                                                  demand some “me” time in the form of        on your back, knees bent and feet on the
      AFLCA Trainer: Get More Fitness
                                                                  physical activity. Fitting gym time or      ground. Place your hands at your sides,
                                                                  a work out class into our already busy      and roll your head, neck and shoulders
                                                                  schedule seems nearly impossible-unless     off the ground. Placing your hands
      Photos courtesy Heather Ward Photography
                                                                  we start to think of exercise as a family   behind your head makes it a bit more
      Children’s clothing provided by Hive Children’s Apparell.
                                                                  activity. Try taking your little ones to    challenging, and having your arms line
      Children’s shoes provided by Shooligans.
                                                                  the park for some simple, yet effective     up with your ears even harder. 3 sets
                                                                  exercises together. You will be surprised   of 20 reps.
                                                                  at how willing young children are to
                                                                  participate with you, cheer you on, or      Toe Touch Abs: (Above Circle) Lay
                                                                  simply play in the playground while you     on your back, feet up towards the sky.
                                                                  keep a watchful eye on them in the midst    Head, neck and shoulders come off the
                                                                  of a fantastic set of muscle toning exer-   ground as your hand reaches across your
                                                                  cises! Check out these exercises that can   body to touch the opposite toe. For
                                                                  be done pretty much anywhere. Please        a challenge try holding 5lb weights in
                                                                  check with your Health Care provider        each hand. 3 sets of 20 reps.
                                                                  before starting any new exercise regimes.

24 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
                                                      Push-ups: Choose a bench, or picnic table
                                                      or an unstable surface like the one pictured.
                                                      Performing a push-up on something unstable
                                                      provides more of a challenge. Spread your feet
                                                      slightly apart and lower your body towards
                                                      the surface as far as you can, then push back
                                                      up. remember to keep your back straight and
                                                      engage your abdominal muscles. 3 sets of 10.

Hamstrings/ Tricep Dips: From a seated posi-
tion, come off the ground into a table or reverse
plank. Fingers point towards your feet, and one
foot comes off the ground. raise yourself up
using your triceps (back of your arms) and also
your gluts and hamstrings (back of your leg) and
dip back down. Do 10 reps with one leg up, and
another 10 with opposite leg.


                                                    Step Ups: Facing towards the bench,
                                                    place your entire foot on the seat and
                                                    step up, then come back down. Do all
                               9.                   your reps on one leg before switching
                                                    legs. 3 sets of 10.

                                                                                                       BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   25
                                       fresh fiNds!

            onCe aGaIn- We haVe Been on the Lookout For
            MaternItY MuSt-haVeS, BaBY BaSICS and dude
            aPProVed dad Gear! CheCk out theSeS Great
            ProduCtS! aLL aVaILaBLe In Canada!

                                                                                                           dapple Wipes and Spray

                                                                                                           Dapple is a line of baby-safe, green
                                                                                                           cleaning products for households with
                                                                                                           children. founded by two moms, Dapple
                                                                                                           approaches green cleaning from a parents’
                                                                                                           perspective - safely yet effectively tackling
                                                                                                           the unique messes that only babies and
                                                                                                           children make, from dried milk on bottles
                                                                                                           to sticky fingerprints on toys. Dapple
                                                                                                           products use natural-based, biodegradable
                                                                                                           ingredients, and are free of synthetic dyes
                                                                                                           and fragrances, with no SLES, parabens, or
                                                                                                           phthalates. Dapple toy Cleaner Spray and
                                                                                                           Wipes work great on high chairs, swings,
                                                                                                           toys, books, and even countertops. they
                                                                                                           are also non-antibacterial, allowing kids to
                                                                                                           build up healthy immune systems while
                                                                                                           enjoying clean surroundings. the wipes are
                                                                                                           also available in travel size - perfect for the
                                                                                                           diaper bag!

        tie Chair                                         Daphne Bath Seat

        the tie Chair is designed to be a simple          Designed with the aid of a pediatrician, this
        convenience. it is designed to fit most           baby bath seat provides an extra pair of
        dining chairs wide, tall, skinny, and short. it   hands when bathing baby, ensuring that
        is designed to fit a variety of different sized   baby is well supported. Easily cleaned, this
        children, from the time they can sit up on        seat secures safely to the bath with suction
        their own until about two and a half years        cups and is appropriate from birth to 17lbs.
        old. the tie Chair is a portable, washable        although this seat iS not a replacement for
        infant seat that works just about anywhere,       full parental supervision during bath time, it
        and the best part is that it folds up and fits    sure makes it easier to wash and play with
        right in your diaper bag.                         baby in the bath-especially twins.

26 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
Generator Solar Laptop Charger

the Voltaic Generator is the first solar bag powerful enough
to charge a laptop. this solar laptop charger has high-effi-
ciency cells and includes a battery pack custom designed to
efficiently store and convert the electricity generated. it will
also charge cell phones and most other hand held electron-
ics. Dads and Moms will be able to maintain their traveling
office any time with this fantastic invention!
                                                                   DadGear Satchel
                                                                   DadGear’s Satchel is a mid-sized
                                                                   diaper bag with sleek, European
                                                                   styling designed to appeal to both
                                                                   dads and moms. Parents will love
                                                                   the Satchel’s roomy interior, stylish
                                                                   shape, and heaps of organizational
                                                                   pockets and functionality. the
                                                                   Satchel is especially popular for its
                                                                   wide base that allows the bag to
                                                                   stand up on its own. that means
                                                                   while juggling kids and grabbing
                                                                   for contents inside the bag, it won’t
                                                                   tip over.

DadGear Diaper Vest Wearable Diaper
DadGear’s Diaper Vest is the hottest
innovation in parenting gear since the
diaper bag itself! instead of carrying a
traditional diaper bag, dad can stash
everything he needs for baby-care
inside cleverly concealed pockets of this
stylish fleece Vest. With no bag to carry,
dad also stays “hands free.” the Vest
holds diapers, bottles, wipes, dad’s cell
phone and mp3 player, and even a slim
changing pad. thanks to the Diaper
Vest’s sporty design and carefully
placed pockets, no one will ever know
that dad is wearing his diaper bag!

                                                                                     BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   27
        The “O” Word

        is OrgaNiC fOr yOu?
         by diaNe ChiweTel (NuTriTiON sTudeNT, uNiVersiTy Of alberTa) aNd sarah remmer, rd, regisTered
        dieTiTiaN aNd OwNer Of NuTriO CONsulTiNg

        The term “Organic” refers to foods that        (natural chemical compounds found             passed from the dairy and meat products
        have been grown without the use of syn-        in plants that are neither vitamins nor       we eat, into our bodies. This fact poses as
        thetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or    minerals, but thought to be helpful to        a major problem considering the growing
        other toxic substances. The use of chemical    health) are higher in organic produce.        problem of antibiotic resistance in patho-
        additives, hormones and antibiotics are        Therefore, some foods grown organically       genic bacteria. Organic livestock farmers
        also restricted. Traditionally, agricultural   may have more nutritional value while         feed the animals organic feed and follow
        practices have followed the organic means      many have the same as those grown on          stringent government guidelines that for-
        of production. However, more recently          non-organic farms. The best advice is to      bid the use of such chemical compounds.
        conventional methods have turned to            eat a variety of vegetables and fruit. For
        chemically assisted growing methods to         vegetables, fruit and cereal crops, organic   lOCally prOduCed fOOd
        increase food production. With the cur-        farmers use techniques such as green          A comforting thought that comes with
        rent health and environmental concerns         manures and compost to enrich the soil.       buying local organic foods, is knowing
        of today, organic foods have begun to take     Green manures are special crops that are      that your food was produced locally and
        the spotlight with many North American         planted, grown, and then plowed back          didn’t have to cross any borders to get to
        consumers. As the organic food market          into the soil. Organic farmers also use       your kitchen. You can also feel good about
        continues to grow, many health claims          both plant and animal compost to keep         investing in your community by support-
        have been made without much conclusive         the soil fertile. As a result, the soil and   ing your local organic farmers as they work
        evidence, leaving consumers confused.          the food grown in the soil may contain        hard year round to get good food on your
        Many factors such as the quality of soil,      more nutrients.                               table.
        temperature and light during the growing
        season, and the type of seeds planted
                                                       eNVirONmeNTally frieNdly                      draWBaCkS oF orGanIC FoodS
        can affect the nutritional content of a
                                                       Organic farmers use natural organic
        food (whether organic or conventionally
                                                       matter and careful farming practices to
        grown). in most situations, these factors
                                                       cultivate nutrient-rich soil. This process
        are not controlled, so accurate compari-                                                     OrGANiC FOODS can be up to 50%
                                                       in many cases uses less energy and mini-
        sons can’t be made. in order to help you                                                     more expensive than commercial foods
                                                       mizes the release of chemical byproducts
        answer the question whether you should                                                       primarily due to the lower supply. Or-
                                                       that are potentially hazardous to wildlife
        invest in organic foods, we’ve provided                                                      ganic farming produces a lower crop yield
                                                       and the ecosystem. Organic farming
        some of the benefits and drawbacks to eat-                                                   compared to the intensive conventional
                                                       methods increase water conservation and
        ing organic foods.                                                                           methods. Also, without the use of pesti-
                                                       biodiversity, providing a solution for long
                                                                                                     cides, the greater frequency of crop failures
                                                       term environmental sustainability.
        BeneFItS oF orGanIC Food                                                                     contributes to the decreased output and
                                                                                                     increased price.
        higher NuTrieNT leVels                         Many conventional methods of animal
        Some research shows that organic produce
                                                       farming use antibiotics and growth
                                                                                                     shOrTer shelf life
        may be higher in vitamin C than those                                                        LiMiTED USE OF food preservatives
                                                       hormones to increase size and output of
        grown non-organically. Vitamin A, beta-                                                      in organic faming causes faster spoilage in
                                                       meat and decrease the risk of bacterial
        carotene, and the B vitamins are gener-                                                      organic foods. Although organic foods are
                                                       contamination. These substances are
        ally the same, but some phytochemicals

28 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
typically not stored for extended periods of
time, food spoilage is still a concern.

JusT a fad
AS THE ATTENTiON has turned more
recently to the benefits of eating organic,
more and more organic products have
been making their debut. it seems as
though larger food companies have begun
to treat organic food as a brand, as an ex-
cuse to inflate prices up to 50% compared
to non-organic foods.

pOTeNTial CONTamiNaNTs
OrGANiC FArMErS may use manure
or sewage as natural fertilizers which may
contain harmful organisms. Organic foods
may also contain pesticide residues found
in the soil and water or from neighbouring
farms.                                         Opting for a reusable diapering system is

                                               easy + environmentally friendly.*
Make Your ChoICe!                              Yo u a n d y o u r b a b y w i l l l o v e i t , w e p ro m i s e !

in the midst of the organic food hype, the
decision on whether to buy organic food        *Reduce your family's garbage by one ton!
is up to you. Weighing the benefits and
drawbacks, you can make an informed
decision that is best for your family. Many
of those who buy organic foods do so
because they find the taste better than
the non-organic equivalent. Concern for                                                                       TM
the environment may also be a reason to
purchase organic foods. However, without
a lot of conclusive evidence on the health
benefits of organic foods, many find it not
worth the price. While some organic prod-                c l o t h          d i a p e r i n g
ucts may give consumers a small nutri-
tional advantage, for example, in content
of phytochemicals, what’s most important
is that Canadians choose a variety of foods
from each food group.
                                               To find a retailer near you, visit our website bummis.com
                                                                 or call us 1 888 828-6647

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           Unique Infant & Toddler Programs
             Parent Support & Education
              207A-19 ST NW • 403.283.KIDS (5437)

30 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
      Never use more than one
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   Mistura’s revolutionary 6-in-1 Beauty Solution™ o ers            Real women - Fabulous results in seconds
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                                                             Redefine how you nourish your body
                                                             •   Individual Nutrition Counselling
                                                             •   Nutritional Grocery Store Tours
                                                             •   Comprehensive Nutrition Packages
                                                             •   Personal Meal Planning

                                                             Reasons to see a dietitian
                                                             Prenatal and postnatal nutrition coaching, infant and child
                                                             nutrition issues, Gestational Diabetes, postnatal weight loss
                                                             coaching, prevention/management of chronic disease, nutrient
Book your appointment today! 403.389.3284                    deficiencies, digestive problems, vegetarianism and much more!

                  Registered Dietitian services are often covered. Ask your benefits provider.

                                                                                                     BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   31
            LIGhtS, CaMera, daddY!
             by J. JimmiesON wiTh deaN mCdermOTT
             phOTOs COurTesy Of deaN mCdermOTT & family

                               Fatherhood is challenging even at    view. We asked it all, from the
                               the best of times. As mothers we     worst parenting moments to the
                               sometimes forget our other halves    best and everything in between.
                               and the enormous role they play      Thanks Dean, for sharing your
                               in the rearing and growth of our     father thoughts and your fabu-
                               families. Birth of a Mother went     lous “dadd-i-tude”!
                               on a mission this issue to find a
                               Hip Canadian Father that would       DEAN MCDErMOTT HAS not allowed
                               give us a “Dose of Dad”. Search      his life in the spotlight to contradict his beliefs
                               and we found! Toronto born           on parenting and the family values he holds
                                                                    dear. Despite an extraordinarily busy schedule
                               actor Dean McDermott, happily
                                                                    and somewhere between pre-production takes
                               accepted our request for an inter-
                                                                    of his hit show “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet

32 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
Hollywood”, Dean took time to chat with Birth       reGret                                            StaYInG In the LooP
of a Mother about his take on parenting. with       NO PArENT WANTS to focus on their                 WHAT KiND OF parent is not busy-none!
wife, Tori, sons Liam and Jack and youngest         worst moments as a parent, but Dean can-          We all have (or will have) lunches to pack, soc-
daughter, Stella.                                   didly expressed his. “it is no secret that i am   cer practices to make, and homework to check
THiS TiNSEL TOWN parent is down to                  divorced, it was my worst parenting moment        so how does a busy parent find time to stay
Earth and just like any other Dad out there.        ever. it ripped my heart out as well as his       up to date on the latest and informed on the
in fact, prior to our interview he was scooping     (son Jack). if you ask any parent , when that     important. Besides reading Birth of a Mother
up his children from school and helping his         moment comes where you have to explain to a       (of course) Dean and Tori use an internet source
wife prepare for a trip to New York. And just       child that Mom and Dad are not going to be        that brings them the latest in their area. Birth
like most Dads out there he has “cut his teeth      together anymore-that is the worst parenting      of a Mother loves “Savvy Mom” in Canada for
as a new Dad” by having a baby poop up his          moment ever!”                                     up to date info on groups, recalls, and products
arm him during a rectal temperature reading!                                                          in cities across the country. But when it comes
(For all you new parents out there, yes, this too   FaILure?                                          down to it “use your parenting instinct” says
can be your experience!)                            AS PArENTS WE all have fears, it is com-          Dean.
                                                    forting to know even Celebrity Dads do too!
ChaLLenGeS                                          Dean’s fear is of failure. “Letting my children
ALL PArENTS MEET their share of chal-               down, or letting them get hurt under my           readerS StaY tuned!
lenges as they raise their children. We asked       watch would be failing. My goal is to provide   FOr MOrE ON what life has to bring to
Dean what his biggest challenge as a Dad            my children with every wonderful opportu-       Dean and his family, program your PVr’s to
was: “Patience! The more children you have          nity they deserve.”                             watch the new season of Tori & Dean: Home
the more patience you have to have! i try to                                                        Sweet Hollywood. it is a reality based program
focus on what each child needs at that mo-          StILL LearnInG                                  with lots of love and laughs to remind you that
ment in time to guide them through their life.      WHEN ASKED WHAT the best lesson he              parents all over the globe are going through the
Weather the storms and keep it focused and          has learned from being a parent Dean paused. same challenges and joys!
CALM.” Preaching to the choir, this father          A thoughtful response came moments later
who has raised one toddler and has two more         when he explained “i do not have a defini-
to go seems to really understand what we all go     tive answer. i do not deny that parenting has
through.                                            changed my life, but i am still learning. Every
                                                    day i grow with my children, my life is con-
BaLanCe                                             stantly changing and i am constantly learning.
BALANCiNG WOrK AND family is a                      i will have this answer for you on my death
juggling act for any parent. Dean is fortunate      bed as i am living each day now, one lesson at
to be able to spend time with his wife Tori         a time.”
Spelling, 2 year old son Liam, and 1 year old
daughter Stella, during production of their TV      VaLueS
show. Conscious of the need to allot time to        EVALUATiNG THE iMPrESSiON and
all of his children, Dean makes extra efforts to    impact we want to leave on our children is an
spend time with son Jack who does not appear        insightful process that can bring any parent to
on the show out of respect of the wishes of his     a moment of silence. Dean states ,“Both T.
mother, Dean’s former wife. “Our favourite          and i want to raise our children to be gentle-
family time is spent watching movies in bed.        men and ladies, but it is also very important
Whether it be cartoons or live action, we grab      to us that they not be afraid of life. We want
Liam and Stella and hope in. We also love bike      them to find something in life that challenges
riding together and Jack (shown in the photo to     and scares them and then pursue it with the
the right, with his race gear!) and i often take    proper knowledge and education. Life is
time to shoot some hoops. Take every little         too short and wonderful. They need to be           deaN mCdermOTT & sON, JaCk
moment you can” states Dean. As parents we          confident and strong when trying new things
too are reminded that those few minutes here        in order to grow as a person.”
and there are the ones that add up to a lifetime
of memories for a child.

                                                                                                                          BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV      33
34 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
               ask dr. mOm!

When is Sex OK After Baby?
COurTesy Of dr. rOseaNNe peNNer md

     wheN is iT safe TO haVe sex                   terous “SLEEP!” Once you’ve had enough
     agaiN afTer The birTh Of a                    sleep to feel human again, friskiness is
     baby aNd whaT abOuT birTh                     likely to return. if things still aren’t work-
     CONTrOl?                                      ing, be sure to talk to your doctor to see if
                                                   there is another cause because intimacy is
     if we are just talking about when it is       an important part of your relationship.
     “safe” to have sex after giving birth, the    As for which birth control methods are
     answer is simple: when the bleeding has       safe after giving birth, this answer depends
     stopped completely. For most women, this      entirely on whether you are breastfeed-
     is about three to four weeks. However, for    ing or not. if you aren’t breastfeeding,
     most of us there are the equally important    then you can use ANY method of birth
     questions of when will it be comfortable to   control. if you are, then we try to stick
     have sex and when will we have the desire     with options that don’t include estrogen
     to have sex.                                  because estrogen can decrease your milk
                                                   supply. These methods include condoms,
     COMFOrT DEPENDS GrEATLY                       diaphragms, the mini pill (progesterone
     on what the delivery was like. if there       only) or an iUD. There is of course
     was little to no vaginal tearing, then you    vasectomy or tubal ligation if you are ready
     might be “ready” as soon as the bleeding      for something permanent. remember that
     has stopped. But if the tearing was more      you do need to use SOMETHiNG, unless
     extensive, or if there were complications     you are ready to have another bouncing
     with the healing process, then sex might be   baby right away. The rhythm method
     uncomfortable for even a few months.          doesn’t work because there is often a lack
                                                   of periods when you are breastfeeding and
     THE OTHEr rEASON sex might be                 a lack of periods doesn’t guarantee that you
     uncomfortable actually has to do with         aren’t ovulating. And if you’re ovulating,
     desire. When sexual desire isn’t there, t     then pregnancy is certainly a possibility.
      HEN THE ArOUSAL cycle doesn’t
     work properly leading to vaginal dryness
     and possible pain. There is a plethora of     Do you have a burning question for
     reasons that desire might be lacking but      our Dr. Mom? Email your questions to
     the biggest one that occurs after delivery    drmom@birthofamother.com
     is fatigue. A friend once told me that
     Matthew McConaughey could have come
     knocking on her door and she would still
     have sent him packing – she was just too
     tired. And if the option is sex or sleep,
     sometimes the answer is a loud and bois-

                                                                                                    BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV   35
                          The gOOds

real Family Eats!
by JeNNy flake

                                                                            ooo ZInG Mon Ster
                                                                            aPPL e Mou thS

                                                                             1 large apple of choice                     with a paper towel then spread lightl
                                                                             Peanut Butter                               with creamy peanut butter. Cut mini
                                                                             Mini Marshmallows                           marshmallows in half and place over
                                                                                                                         peanut butter to make the teeth.ith
                                                                            Directions                                   baby spinach leaves. enjoy!
                                                                             1. Core then cut the apple into
                                                                            fourths. Cut out a small wedge on
                                                                            the skin side of the apple. Blot insid

recipe Contest!
what iS YoUr favoUrite BaBY reCiPe?
WE ArE LOOKiNG FOr FABULOUS baby food and
toddler, finger food recipes from our readers! Birth Of A
Mother & bo bébé are compiling recipes for their upcoming
Baby Food recipe Book!
                                                                                LaY er ed
                                                                   P u M P k In      W It h
                                                                   Ch  ee Se C a k e
   Send us your best recipes with full ingredient lists and             G er Le M o
                                                                   G In
directions and if your recipe is chosen, you will receive a free    Coo  k Ie C r u St                                     :
                                                                                                               Directions                              pan with
copy of the book as well as have your recipe published! All                                                                 8×13 inch
                                                                                                               1. Spray a                                 cookie
                                                                                                                                           y. Combine
winners will be announced in a future issue and they must                                         r Lemon                     oking spra
                                                                                  x Carrs Ginge                 non stick co                             then
                                                                    n1 - 7 oz bo                                                          a bowl and
 submit a photo of themselves and their mini menu motivation                                    ground in                    d butter in
                                                                                    ies (finely                  crumbs an
                                                                    Cr emes Cook                                                          pan.
(baby of course)! One lucky winner will win a Sweetpea Baby                                                                  bottom of
                                                                                   sor)                          press into                             at cream
                                                                     fo od proces                                                         ic mixer, be
Food basket filled with three trays of delicious frozen organic                                     elted 20                  d or electr
                                                                                   on s butter, m                2. in a stan                          smooth.
                                                                      2 tablespo                                                           nilla until
baby food, plus a Sweetpea freezer tote, bib, and night-light.                          eam cheese                            gar and va
                                                                                     cr                           cheese, su                            ixer, beat
                                                                      oz softened                                                          in same m
                                                                                        r 1 teaspo
                                                                                                    on vanilla                er crust. 3.
Email us your submissions at: coolstuff@birthofamother.com                           ga                            Spread ov                                  rs and
                                                                        2/3 Cup su                                                              eese, suga
                                                                                                    (or 1 1/2                   in, cream ch
                                                                                    ed   Pumpkin,                  the pumpk                               . Spread
                                                                       22 oz cann                                                             til smooth
                                                                                                                                 e spice un
                                                                                         oz size)                   pumpkin pi                             and refrig-
                                                                        ca ns of the 15                                                       yer. Cover
                                                                                                     eese                         cheese la
                                                                                       d cream ch                   over cream                               4. Drizzle
                                                                        12 oz softne                                                           until firm.
                                                                                                        r                         3 hours or
                                                                                      an  ulated suga                erate for 2-
                                                                         1/2 Cup gr                                                el sauce if
                                                                                                    gar              with caram
                                                                                        wdered su
                                                                          1/4 Cup po
                                                                                                       e spice
                                                                                         pumpkin pi
                                                                           1 teaspoon
                                                                                                    zl e if
                                                                                        uce to driz
                                                                          Caramel sa

36 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
ro aSt ed Bu tte rn ut
                      o an d
SQu aSh , red Po tat
 aSI aG o Sou P

2 lbs cubed butternut
             s extra virgin olive oil
3 tablespoon                                                                                                           Baby Carriers
 1 teaspoon salt
                        ked black pepper
 1/2 teaspoon fresh crac                                      potatoes, cut into fourths
                                     h parsley 5 lbs baby red
 1/2 teaspoon Lawryʼs garlic salt wit
 left the skin on)
 5 tablespoons butter
  2 teaspoons salt
  1 teaspoon pepper
                           lic salt with parsley
  1/2 teaspoon Lawryʼs gar
                            oons extra virgin olive
  1 1/2 Cups milk 3 tablesp
  1 bunch of celery, dice
  4 large carrots, peeled and diced
                                                    but so good)
                           thinly sliced (optional,
  1 medium fennel bulb,
  1 large onion, diced
                           , diced
   1 large red bell pepper
   4 oz dice d pancetta
    4 tablespoons flour
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3 14 oz cans chicken bro                                )
                                     u can also use Parmesan
    1 Cup shre dded asiago Cheese (yo
    1 1/2- 2 1/2 Cups milk
                                                                                      d baking
                                                             ash onto a large rimme
                                       f. Place butternut squ
     1. Prehea t oven to 350 degrees                                           . Use hands to
                                                       , pepper and garlic salt
                             e oil and season with salt
     sheet. Drizzle with oliv                                   until golden and fork tender
                                         e for 30-35 minutes or
     coat all ingredients together. Bak
                                                                 to a boil. Boil for 10-12
                                       pot of water and bring
       2. Place potatoes into a large                                                          until
                                                                       tric mixer. Mix on slow
                                           transfer to a stand or elec
      or until fork tender. remove and
                                                         salt and milk.
                               ter, salt, pepper, garlic
      smashed, then add but
                                                                                          in celery, car-
                                                             medium high heat. add
                                    large dutch oven over
       3. Place olive oil into a                                              etables as well. Cook and
                                                                cetta to veg
                                    red bell pepper. add pan
       rots, fennel, onion and                                               softened and pancetta
                                     ut 10 min  utes, until vegetables are
       stir occasionally for abo                                           add in chicken broth and
                                                                k. Slowly
                                     flour and stir, will be thic
        is browned. Sprinkle in                                          ut 5-7 minutes. reduce
                                             il hot and thickened, abo
        increas e heat slightly; cook unt                                                          this point
         and stir in mashed potatoes in
                                              batches. Stir in asiago
                                                                       cheese until melted. at
                                                                        i like my soup pretty thic
                                                                                                      k, so i   Simple, Beautiful,
                                                r desired consistency.
         add add   itional milk until it is you                                                        but-
         add less   milk, but it is completely
                                                  up to you. right before
                                                                             serving, stir in roasted
                                                                                                                Made in the USA

For more family friendly recipes: www.picky-palate.com
                                                                                                                 Available at Nordstrom
                                                                                                                        BIRTH OF MOTHER OCT/NOV
                                                                                                                 and boutiquesA worldwide         37

     Birth of a MothEr iS hirinG StaY-at-hoME MoMS aCroSS CanaDa to SELL
     MaGazinE aDVErtiSinG! if You haVE a CoMPutEr, intErnEt anD aMBItIon, thEn
     EMaiL uS toDaY! juLiE@BirthofaMothEr.CoM

                                                                                                                              Has your life recently changed?
                                                                                                                              Having a child, starting a family will have
                                                                                                                              financial consequences and may mean a change in
                                                                                                                              lifestyle — which is why it’s important to regularly
                                                                                                                              review your financial goals and your financial plan.

                                                                                                                              Debbie Howden will guide you through this
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38 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV
Seeing Through Optometry
by alberTa assOCiaTiON Of OpTOmeTrisT’s & diaNa mONea, md

Did you know that 80% of children in Al-           20/20 vision does not equal eye health! it         after the age of 5 when it is difficult to cor-
berta begin school without a comprehensive         is estimated that 1 out of every 4 children        rect. Amblyopia is the leading cause of vision
eye exam, yet vision problems have been            begin Grade One with an uncorrected or             loss in people under 40 – more than injuries
identified as one of the major factors in lim-     undiagnosed eye health or vision problems.         or any other disease, yet it is almost 100%
iting a child’s ability to learn and succeed?                                                         treatable through early detection.
For the first 12 years of a child’s life, 80% of   Nearsightedness, farsightedness and
a child’s learning is visual - good grades go      astigmatism are the most common vision             Eye See…Eye Learn ® An Early Childhood
hand in hand with good vision.                     conditions amongst young children. The             Eye Health and Vision Project
                                                   detection and treatment of lazy and crossed
Children do not need to know their alpha-          eyes in a child’s early years is critical as       in 2003 the Alberta Association of Op-
bet; they do not even have to answer any           these conditions become more difficult and         tometrists partnered with Elk island Public
questions for an eye health examination.           sometimes are impossible to correct after          Schools, the Ministry of Children’s Services,
Your optometrist can use shapes, pictures          the first 10 years of life. Poor visual skill      the Capital Health Authority, and the East
and other child-friendly ways to assess your       performance is also common among young             Central Health Authority to launch an
child’s eye health and vision.                     children, yet largely escapes detection if         exciting pilot project called “Eye See…Eye
                                                   only 20/20 vision is being screened for. A         Learn ®”. The project was designed to ensure
 The Canadian Association of Optometrists          comprehensive eye health exam is required          eye health and/or vision problems weren’t a
recommends that children have their first          to determine visual skill performance              factor in preventing children from reaching
eye exam at 6 months of age, then again            problems, including: poor co-ordination of         their full learning potential. Parents of ECS
at the ages three and five –WHEN THEY              the eyes, turned eye, eye-movement defects,        (Kindergarten) students were encouraged to
ArE rEADY TO BEGiN SCHOOL - and                    below-age level eye-hand co-ordination and         obtain comprehensive eye health and vision
then regularly (annually) while they are in        focusing difficulties.                             examinations for their children through local
school! Your optometrist would suggest a                                                              optometrists or ophthalmologists.
plan for visits.                                   Vision and eye health conditions are not
                                                   always accompanied by recognizable symp-           raising the awareness of the importance of
  Please Note: A complete physical exam at         toms – even children that are performing           eye health examinations resulted in 30%
a medical practitioner’s office DOES NOT           well in school may have vision problems            more kindergarten children having their
suffice as a complete eye-health examina-          that are affecting their ability to reach their    eyes examined. in children at this age level,
tion. Do not assume that 20/20 vision              FULL potential!                                    it is common for approximately 6% to be
means that your child has all the vision                                                              prescribed eyeglasses and about 8% to have
skills they need to read, learn and play suc-      Most children rarely complain about                binocular or accommodative vision problems.
cessfully. A 20/20 vision score only means         blurred vision – they assume that the way          This means that 14% of kindergarten-aged
that your child can see at 20 feet what they       their world looks is normal. Many times            children will have some form of a vision
should see at 20 feet – it does not relate to      vision problems are not easily recognizable        problem.
any of the vision skills needed for learning       by parents, children usually compensate by
and is not a guarantee that your child’s eyes      working harder, getting frustrated or avoid-       With school staring again please do not waste
are healthy and disease free.                      ing tasks that are uncomfortable.                  time – Call your eye doctor for a complete
                                                   Many times the misalignment/turning of an          eye-health examination for your child.
Not everyone makes the connection                  eye that causes a child to develop amblyopia
between learning and vision. Many                  “lazy eye”, is so slight that it is difficult to   80% of learning is through vision! Check
children with vision problems are mistak-          notice by an untrained eye – a complete eye        with your provincial health care provider for
enly thought to be ‘learning disabled’ or          health exam early in your child’s life is the      information on the coverage for the cost of
have behavioral challenges. in fact – it is        only true way to assure good vision.               eye examinations for children between the
estimated that 60% of student’s identified                                                            ages of 0 and 19.
as having such difficulties have undetected        Amblyopia fact: Early diagnosis and
vision problems – and the majority of              treatment can prevent loss of sight from
those 60% of children would have passed            amblyopia. Unfortunately, one-half of all
a conventional school vision screening test.       cases of amblyopia are not diagnosed until

                                                                                                                       BIRTH OF A MOTHER OCT/NOV        39
40 birTh Of a mOTher OCT/NOV

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