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More professors choosing to work past 65 at Western


                               thegazette                                                 ... putting off retirement since 1906

                                                                  Western’s Daily Student Newspaper • Est.1906                                            VOLUME 102, ISSUE 21 • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008

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More professors choosing
to work past 65 at Western
By Mike Hayes                                If these professors had retired,        the proportion of Western’s budget
Gazette Staff                             the money currently paying their           going towards professor salary has
                                          salary could be used to hire addi-         declined over the last decade.
When Ontario abolished the                tional faculty, Weedon said.                   “If the university is not hiring
mandatory retirement age in                  “The impact of [professors not          new faculty, it has more to do with
December 2006, many speculated            retiring at 65] is that there is a slow-   their budgetary priorities over the
on the potential future of employ-        down of the rate at which we’re            past several years than the more
ment across the province.                 increasing participation amongst           recent abolition of mandatory
    At the time many faculty associ-      the     professoriate,”        Weedon      retirement,” Carroll explained.
ations, including the University of       explained.                                     Weedon said the issue is more
Western Ontario Faculty Associa-                                                     complicated.
tion, supported the move. What                                                           “I would say over the next few
was unclear was whether faculty                                                      years there are a reduced number
members approaching retirement                                                       of positions opening up,” Weedon
age would take advantage of the                                                      said. “If the senior faculty aren’t
new legislation.                                                                     retiring, the money isn’t getting
    After a presentation to both the                                                 released into the budget.”
Senate and Board of Governors,                                                           The issue with abolishing
Western’s administration con-                                                        mandatory retirement relates to
firmed more professors over the                                                      another problem Western is cur-
age of 65 are continuing to work.            However, many professors dis-           rently facing: at the moment, West-
    “If you look at the cumulative        agree with this argument.                  ern’s male to female faculty ratio
number of people on campus who               “Most professors still retire at or     falls below the average of the G-10
are working beyond age 65 we’re up        before the age of 65,” UWOFA Pres-         — Canada’s top 10 research-inten-
to 48 people,” said Alan Weedon,          ident Mike Carroll said. He added          sive universities.                                                                                Casey Yetman/Gazette
vice-provost of academic planning,        the few professors who work past               While the average number of           BUELLER? … BUELLER? … BUELLER? Students interested in a
policy and faculty at Western.            the age of 65 is a temporary phe-          female tenured or probationary            career in the Canadian book industry were treated to a panel discus-
     “[For next year] I think only        nomenon.                                   faculty at G-10 schools is close to 30    sion at The Book Store yesterday. The session, entitled “Creative and
three people [over 65] have chosen           “Last year this university posted       per cent, Western is between 27 and       Challenging Careers in the Book Industry” featured six professionals
to retire, while there are 22 who will    a budgetary surplus of more than                                                     in the business.
continue on.”                             $30 million,” Carroll said, adding                          PLEASE SEE MALE P3

Students, employers
                          Experts discuss U.S. foreign policy
cashing in on Career Week
                                                                                      Richard: Soldiers will change political views
By Arden Zwelling                         enhance their awareness of the
Gazette Staff                             multitude of career opportunities           By Mike Hayes                           in 2005, after the National Guard       damentally different approaches
                                          that a Western degree can lead a            Gazette Staff                           extended his contract by 25 years.      towards foreign policy.
It is Career Week at Western and the      student to,” said Mihaela Harmos,                                                   A dual citizen, he began attending          “One of the things that the next
campus is abuzz with a flurry of          career development officer for The          The recent American presidential        Western in the fall of 2006.            president has to do is repair a lot
suit-clad employers and eager             Career Centre and a Career Week             debates have led many in Canada            Speaking of his time in the          of the bridges that the previous
Western students looking to               organizer.                                  to question the differences in for-     guard, Richard recalled many of         administration burned,” he said. “I
cement their futures.                         “There has been tremendous              eign policy between Republican          his fellow soldiers were Republi-       see Obama as having a greater
     Thursday’s Career Fair in the        interest and participation. Most of         candidate John McCain and Demo-         can by default.                         willingness to engage with the
University Community Centre, the          the events have sold out.”                  cratic candidate Barack Obama.                                                  states that the U.S. may not see
cornerstone of career week, wel-              Tuesday the UCC hosted Lon-                 Donald Abelson, a political sci-                                            eye-to-eye with.”
comes over 70 organizations               don Day — a day intended to                 ence professor at Western,               “I’ve talked to some of                    McCain on the other hand
including Microsoft, TD Bank and          expose students to employers and            explained the differences in the         my war–resistant friends               would appear to approach foreign
Sun Life Financial.                       careers available in London post-           two candidates’ respective foreign                                              diplomacy from a more unilateral
     The fair provides a unique one-      graduation.                                 policies is not as vast as some may      who have been in Iraq. A               position, Abelson said.
stop shopping opportunity to West-            Convincing students to remain           think.                                   lot of them who went in                    “McCain has talked a lot about
ern students, according to Sharon         in London can be a challenge,                   “Well I think a lot of people see                                           the creation of a ‘League of
Lee, marketing, events and recruit-       admitted Doug Millar, manager of            John McCain’s foreign policy as a
                                                                                                                               Republicans came back                  Democracies’ — which would
ment co-ordinator at Western’s            Career Services at Fanshawe Col-            continuation of [current U.S. Pres-      Democrats. Die–hard                    almost circumvent the United
Career Centre.                            lege.                                       ident George Bush’s] foreign poli-                                              Nations and create an organiza-
     “We are considered to have one           “There’s a psychology of being          cy,” Abelson said.
                                                                                                                               Democrats.”                            tion of like-minded states.
of the best career fairs in the coun-     young that if you grow up in a given            “As you know, McCain was the                      — Tim Richard,                Richard said many in the mili-
try. It is very convenient for the stu-   city, regardless of how nice it is, you     architect of ‘the surge’ in Iraq, so                      Western student and   tary would change their political
                                                                                                                                       former National Guard member
dents to access it in the middle of       usually want to go somewhere else.          he is certainly known for his desire                                            affiliation after witnessing the sup-
campus and in a busy community            We realize that we’re starting off          to beef up the military,” Abelson                                               port the current Republican
centre — we always have very high         with one foot in the hole,” Millar          said.                                       “A lot of people I felt were        administration gave them.
traffic and we’re often told that it is   said.                                           “But one thing to just keep in      Republican simply because every-            “I’ve talked to some of my war-
very well organized,” Lee stated.             Western received criticism earli-       mind is that even under an Obama        one around them was Republican.         resistant friends who have been in
      Career Week, which had 14,000       er this month from the London               presidency … recent presidents,         Their parents were Republican,          Iraq,” Richard said. “A lot of them
students participate last year,           Economic Development Corpora-               like Bill Clinton, have become          they were raised Republican,            who went in Republicans came
includes faculty-specific seminars        tion for dedicating a full day to           much more right-wing while in           therefore they were voting Repub-       back       Democrats.      Die-hard
and information sessions all over         Alberta-based employers in the              office,” Abelson said.                  lican,” he explained.                   Democrats.”
campus.                                   UCC. The Career Centre responded                Tim Richard is a Western stu-           With regards to their potential         As for the debates, Abelson felt
     “The goal is to expand the career                                                dent who used to be in the Nation-      presidency, Abelson said the two
horizons of Western students and                         PLEASE SEE ALBERTA P3        al Guard. Richard came to Canada        candidates currently have two fun-                     PLEASE SEE RICHARD P3
P2   ➤   news                                                                         theGazette • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008

4 MED Pizza’s
      2 toppings on each
     2 FREE dipping sauces
 only               19  99

 3-169 Wharncliffe Rd. S

 Delivery hours from 11am daily                                                                          Casey Yetman/Gazette
                                                STRUGGLING TO KEEP UP WITH DEMAND. In a press release this
                                                week, the London Health Sciences Centre admitted it is facing a short-
                   London’s                     age of acute care beds. As a result, some patients have had surgeries
                 Oldest British                 cancelled while others have received care outside of patient care
                                                rooms. Please read Friday’s Gazette for a fully story on the issue.
Welcome Western!                                      Making money …
                                                      and a difference
                                                                                            $200 million will be divided
     Live Entertainment                       Western’s Board of Governors              between other faculties, while the
                                              recently unveiled their new               remainder of funds raised will be
     Thursday - Sunday                        fundraising campaign intended to          reserved for future priorities of
                                              raise $500 million.                       Western’s next president.
OPEN Stage Wednesdays                            The “Make a Difference” cam-               Reid said some specific initia-
                                              paign will be raising funds over the      tives BOG will pursue with the
                                              next seven years, according to BOG        funds include improving scholar-
 Mondays - WING Night                         student representative Matt Reid.         ships and increasing environmen-
Tuesdays - Daiquiri Night                        “It’s exciting stuff,” Reid said.      tal sustainability on campus.
                                              “$500 million is the most we’ve ever                           —Lauren Pelley
                                              set for our goal.”
         171 Queens Ave
                                                 Of this amount, the Richard Ivey         Western hoping to eclipse
          (at Richmond)
                                              School of Business and the                   previous space research
 519-432-7888                                 Schulich School of Medicine and           Western has been chosen as the first
                                              Dentistry will each be allotted $100      international affiliate of NASA’s
                                                                                        Lunar Science Institute in California.
                                                                                            “[Western was chosen] basical-
 GET THE DEGREE YOU WANT IN 4 YEARS!!                                                   ly because we have pretty much the
                                                                                        biggest concentration of planetary
 GET THE BODY YOU WANT IN 4 MONTHS!!                                                    scientists,” explained Gordon Osin-
                                                                                        ski, professor of earth sciences and
                                                     Only at                            physics and astronomy at Western.
                         Diesel Training Studios                                            The affiliation will build West-
                                                                                        ern’s reputation internationally by
                              • Private 1 on 1 personal training                        linking us to NASA, as well as build
                                  • Student Rates available
                                                                                        the foundations of the planetary
                                                     science program, Osinski said.
                                           310 Dundas Street                                “[We want] to get people inter-
                            (across from The Delta Armouries)
                                                                                        ested in the moon again,” Osinski
                              519-434-3339                                   080930
                                                                                        said. “[NASA’s] going back to the
                                                                                        moon and hopefully Western will
                                                                                        be a big part of that.”

                                                                                                            —Hannah Rosen

                                                                                                 Making Google

                                                      Night                                     easier for gramps
                                                                                        Two London entrepreneurs were in

     D J ZOLT                                         Club                              the hot seat Monday night on the
                                                                                        season premiere of the CBC busi-

           This                                                                         ness reality show, Dragon’s Den.
                                                                                            Raul Rupsingh and Stephen
                y                                        Join us for
                                                                                        Beath — founders of SoftShell Com-
                                                                                        puters — won $200,000 after pitch-
                                                                                        ing to the panel simplified computer
           N                                                                            software designed for senior citizens.
                                                                                            Panelists Jim Treliving and
                                                          SUNDAYS                       Robert Herjavic agreed to make an
                                                                                        investment deal in return for 50 per
         Everyone is welcome and Everyone is going!                                     cent of the company.
                                                                                            Not everyone liked the idea of
     The Hottest Dance Floor, Lasers, Dancing poles, Lights
                                                                                        SoftShell. Panelist Kevin O’Leary, a
                                                                                        graduate from the Richard Ivey
                                                                                        School of Business, predicted the
                                                                                        idea would fail.
                                                                                            “[Kevin] was difficult in the
                                                                                        beginning but once the panel real-
                                                                                        ized the target audience, the panel
                                                                                        bought the product for their fami-
                                                                                        ly,” Rupsingh said.
                                                                                            SoftShell plans to use the money
                                                                                        for hiring marketers to pitch the soft-
                                                                                        ware to businesses that help senior                   3-day forecast
                                                                                        citizens. They have recently signed a     Thursday         Friday      Saturday
                                                                                        deal to install computer worksta-         Scattered         Variable     Variable
  347 Clarence St. beside Call The Office                                               tions at retirement and nursing           showers         cloudiness   cloudiness
                                                                                        homes throughout Canada and then          High 12C         High 13C     High 14C
 PATIO NO COVER Open 3pm to 2am                                                         move into the United States.
                                                                                                                                   Low 7C            Low 4C       Low 4C

                                                                                —Riley Nimens
                                                                                    theGazette • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008                                                                                                                      news ➤ P3

stands by
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     puzzle solution from
decision to                                                                                                                                                                                                                page 7

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McCain came across as better
    “I think in terms of the foreign
policy side, McCain was certainly
able to provide more meat to the
bones. He was certainly aware of
certain advantages and disad-
    “Obama was trying to appease
critics and reach out to the undecid-
ed voters who may not see him as a
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Teach English
strong leader in the same way they
see McCain,” Abelson explained.
    Richard believes Obama’s hawk-
ish position could be attributed to
a flaw in the American political sys-
                                        Male to female ratio a concern
    “We have a system where two
                                        Western behind G-10 Canadian average
rich people yell at each other about                                                  could be summarized by priorities.              of Western’s professoriate. Current-                                 TESOL/TESL Teacher Training
problems that they can’t begin to       CONTINUED FROM P1                                “This is a classic case of misdi-            ly, the value of a professor’s pension                                  Certification Courses
understand — the problems of the                                                      rection,” Carroll said. “They are               is very much tied to the stock mar-                                 • Intensive 60-Hour Program
everyday American,” he said.            28 per cent.                                  kind of blaming the older profes-               ket, Carroll said.                                                  • Classroom Management Techniques
    Richard hopes things may               Weedon explained approxi-                  sors for the gender imbalance.”                      “Given the turmoil in the market                               • Detailed Lesson Planning
change if Obama becomes presi-          mately 40 per cent of new faculty                Carroll also noted while most                over the past few years, it’s likely                                • ESL Skills Development
dent — perhaps even granting            hired at Western are female and               professors have a legitimate reason             some professors will hold off their                                 • Comprehensive Teaching Materials
amnesty after the war in Iraq ends.     noted the gap between Western                 to stay behind, there are things the            retirement for a bit,” he said.                                     • Interactive Teaching Practicum
    “I miss being able to see my dad    and the G-10 is narrowing.                    university can do if they really want                Despite his reservations, Weedon                               • Internationally Recognized Certificate
on the weekends. I missed my sis-          He added the current male to               to circumvent professors from                   stressed the administration appreci-                                • Teacher Placement Service
ter’s graduation … Not only did I       female faculty ratio is a reflection of       working.                                        ates the faculty who have remained                                  • Money Back Guarantee Included
have to walk away from my coun-         past hiring practices.                           Carroll said the university could            at Western past the age of 65.                                      • Thousands of Satisfied Students
try, I had to walk away from my            “The fact that we’re behind is a           offer an incentive package for pro-                  “I would say that for people who
entire identity,” Richard said.         reflection of what was happening              fessors to leave if they desired. Pro-          choose to work — they continue to                                   OXFORD SEMINARS
    However, he is adamant in his       20 or 30 years ago … we were sim-             fessors who stayed on because of the            make a valuable contribution,” he                                   1-800-269-6719/416-924-3240
stand to not apologize for his deser-   ply hiring more men than women                faculty health plan could be offered            said.                                                     
tion.                                   compared to other universities,”              similar compensation as well.
    “It’s how you act that defines      Weedon said.                                     The state of the market will also

who you are.”                              Carroll believes the entire issue          play a factor in the demographics
                                                                                                                                          FREE SUSHI ROLL
                                                                                                                                        Purchase any Sushi Roll and a drink and receive another roll FREE!

Alberta career day criticized                                                                                                           Not valid with other offers, specials, caterpillar or Rainbow rolls. One coupon per customer, taxes extra. Expires Oct. 31/08

Millar: Students deserve array of options
                                                                                                                                                                          See our menu online                                                   OPEN
CONTINUED FROM P1                       — they should give students an                ing in London, especially entrepre-                                                                                                                       LATE!
                                        opportunity to see what is available          neurially, comes with some serious                                        
by awarding London a full day as        to them everywhere,” Millar added.            advantages.                                                                         Call (519) 439-0999 for delivery
well.                                   “We can’t expect our students to                 “If people really knew about the

    “The Career Centre at Western is    sacrifice their future just for the           cost of living and starting a busi-              Richmond Row 723 Richmond St. @ Piccadilly
constantly involved in various          sake of London. It’s up to London             ness in a place such as Toronto,

                                                                                                                                             Homec ng
                                                                                                                                             Hom comin
activities and initiatives with an      employers to create opportunities             they would begin to realize what
emphasis on efforts to develop and      as well, it’s a two-way street.”              they have here in London is quite a
maintain relationships with local           Millar also enforced that work-           treasure.”                                                                                                d
                                                                                                                                                                                       C o u ntd w n
                                                                                                                                                                                       Countdown tto
                                                                                                                                                                                       Co untdo wn
employers,” Harmos said in
response to the criticism. “We make
sure that local employers are con-               Western’s rankings in the 2007 Globe and Mail
stantly involved with all the activi-                           University Report Card
ties that we offer at Western.”          Career placement services ............................................................B
     Fanshawe received similar crit-     Career counselling services ...........................................................B
icism when they hosted employers
from Saskatchewan in the summer,
                                         Chances to gain work-related skills...............................................B
                                         Reputation among employers .......................................................A                  ALL THIS WEEK                                          Mars
but Millar maintains the priority is
to expose students to as many            University’s employment preparation.............................................B+                                                                        Canada
options as possible and let them         Opportunities to meet employers ..................................................B+
make their own decisions.
    “I agree with Western’s response
                                         Overall quality of career preparation .............................................B+                                                                    2 for $1.75
                                                                                                                                                                                                               reg. sized + tax
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P4   ➤   opinions                                                                                            theGazette • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008

          thegazette        Volume 102, issue 21

            “Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a
                       crime you haven’t committed.”
                                 —ANTHONY POWELL

       Ravi Amarnath              Desiree Gamotin                        Dave Ward
         Editor-In-Chief              Deputy Editor                Managing Editor

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Putting Profs
 To Pasture
Following the abolishment of the mandatory retirement                                         LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
age in 2006, workers in Ontario are no longer required to
retire at the age of 65. While affecting many parts of the
economy, one sector where the policy change has shown
                                                                                              Accept                                             drinking and driving or sexual assault. At
                                                                                                                                                 our last festive occasion, three household
                                                                                                                                                 members were issued with “potential to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    er,” essentially claiming Harper didn’t
                                                                                                                                                                                                    care about those who died in the Maple
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Leaf listeriosis outbreak.
some of the biggest impacts is at university — specifical-
ly at Western.                                                                                student life in                                    disturb” tickets. We wonder — when all
                                                                                                                                                 our neighbours were at the party — who
                                                                                                                                                                                                        It seems the Canadian way of elect-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ing a leader has taken a turn for the
    Since 2006, 48 professors have chosen to remain at                                                                                           could’ve complained at 10 p.m.?                    worse. Instead of focusing on platforms
Western past the age of 65. In the coming years, it is
expected many others will exercise their right to remain as
                                                                                              community                                             I wrote this response hoping to
                                                                                                                                                 enlighten debate into police and govern-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    and ideals, the election has turned into a
                                                                                                                                                                                                    choosing of the lesser evil, as opposed to
faculty members well into their 60s and beyond.                                                                                                  ment policy on student drinking, not to            the greater good. We must look no fur-
    Although it is not fair to discriminate against a profes-                                 Re: “Kingston kicks out kegs for Home-             discriminate or say the police are doing a         ther than the Liberal‘s revealing of their
sor due to his or her age, having older faculty at Western                                    coming festivities”                                poor job. They really are just following           education platform. While it happened
creates two major issues for the school — ensuring pro-                                       Sept. 30, 2008                                     orders which happen to make very little            right here at Western, they apparently
fessors relate to students and hiring new faculty.                                                                                               or no sense in protecting the student              forgot to tell anyone about it.
    While a problem across academia, older professors are                                     To the editor:                                     community and culture of Ontario uni-                  While I would agree the Canadian elec-
more prone to not being in touch with the current                                             I have come to notice some objection-              versities and happen to erode student              tion hasn’t seen the same circus that Sarah
demands of an increasingly younger undergraduate stu-                                         able and discriminatory actions against            opinion and respect for authority.                 Palin and her children have brought to the
dent populace. Having been out of school for over four                                        students recently.                                                              — Zack Myers          American race, I’ve hardly been over-
decades, it is difficult for professors in their 60s to know                                     In response to the “Kingston kicks out                           Criminology & Sociology IV        whelmed by a supposed universal Cana-
the mindset of the current student body.                                                      kegs” article, I really think the police are                                                          dian “niceness” this election season.
    Although the option exists for older professors to                                        attacking the student population and                                                                                            — Brodie Widdifield
devote their time strictly to research — where their expe-
rience is an asset — Western has made a commitment to
                                                                                              justifying limitations on our liberties as
                                                                                              mature adults by outlining all alcohol             North not                                                                                    Music II

place an equal emphasis on research as well as teaching.                                      related activities as potentially danger-
As such, it is crucial for all faculty members to have the
capabilities to succeed in the classroom.
                                                                                              ous and harmful to the community.
                                                                                                 I have been to Kingston several times
                                                                                                                                                 playing nice                                       Top-level
    Due to the provisions of tenure, there is no way of cur-                                  and would like to know exactly what
rently removing a professor from his or her position,
regardless of performance. Additionally, older professors
                                                                                              community the police are wishing to
                                                                                              protect? They foolishly don’t see the stu-
                                                                                                                                                 Re: “Campaigns bring pride”
                                                                                                                                                 Sept. 30, 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                                    talent worth
maintain a high salary, cutting into money the school                                         dents as their own community or culture,
could allocate elsewhere.
    One way of ensuring professors over the age of 65 stay
                                                                                              which happens to include, for many, the
                                                                                              consumption of alcoholic beverages —
                                                                                                                                                 To the editor:
                                                                                                                                                 Many of us Canadians (myself included)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    the price
in touch with current students is to have them take addi-                                     not unlike other age groups.                       like to believe that we are infinitely more        Re: “$8 million payout set for Ontario
tional training to familiarize them with current technolo-                                       In London, I find Project LEARN a               appreciative and respectful than our               presidents”
gy and methods of teaching.                                                                   joke; police are driving around student            American neighbours to the south. How-             Sept. 24, 2008
    Although some professors would be reticent to par-                                        streets with very little to do, so they sin-       ever, I do not believe such a statement
take in such activity, it would assist others with their                                      gle out students on minor infractions              can be used when comparing the two                 To the editor:
instruction.                                                                                  such as drinking in public to justify their        federal elections currently taking place.          While the sums of money received by
    Alternately, peer-mentoring relationships could be                                        increased expenditures.                                This election season has seen plenty           university presidents and deans may be
established between the oldest and youngest faculty                                              Come to think of it, what public are            of ridiculous political advertisements that        high, we must remember that this is the
members. These pairings could allow the advantages                                            these students drinking in front of? All           are not exclusively American. While the            cost associated with attracting and
of being an experienced or fresh professor to be                                              the other students are just drinking on            Conservatives have a television ad with            retaining top-level talent in today’s gov-
shared.                                                                                       their front porches waiting for that time          Stephen Harper sitting in his living room          ernance environment.
    Beyond the issues directly associated with older facul-                                   to urgently call cabs and hit the bar to           proclaiming he’s the greatest thing since             Many university administrators —
ty members, as a secondary effect, the money used to                                          escape the expenses of noise complaint             sliced bread, they have also been running          presidents and deans alike — have left
maintain their positions at Western takes away from                                           violations.                                        radio and television attack ads aimed at           high-ranking (and high paying) govern-
funds that could be used to hire new professors — specif-                                        I was hoping to vent frustration and            the lack of experience of Liberal opposi-          ment and corporate positions from
ically, female professors.                                                                    open warm debate into what is really               tion leader Stéphane Dion. In fact, they           around the world to serve as the face of a
    Western currently has a male to female faculty ratio                                      being prevented besides good honest                were even running ads attacking him                faculty or university. In order for a uni-
that is the lower than the average of Canada’s 10 leading                                     fun and minor slip ups. For example,               before the election was even announced.            versity to attract top-level talent and
research-intensive universities. This ratio will be difficult                                 vandalism and the occasional fight that,               The Conservatives are not alone on             build its reputation, administrators must
to reverse so long as older, predominantly male profes-                                       arguably, occurs more at bars where                this front. It seems every time you check          be compensated at market rates. Look no
sors remain employed.                                                                         people come in conflict with opposi-               the news, Dion or NDP leader Jack Lay-             further than current Ivey dean and for-
    Due to tenure, Western cannot prevent older profes-                                       tional groups foreign to them.                     ton are making statements about the                mer CEO of Lucent Technologies Cana-
sors from remaining at the school. In order to live up to its                                    My group of friends has been host to            incompetence of Harper. A quick search             da, Carol Stephenson.
mission statement however, administration must do its                                         numerous keg parties for different occa-           of YouTube will reveal a new Liberal                                             — Andrew Coates
part to ensure professors place the needs of students first.                                  sions. We had no issues with fights,               authorized ad entitled “The Real Harp-                                                      HBA 2007

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High fashion featured at Western libraries
Weldon, Taylor not just for T-shirts and sweatpants anymore
By Carly Conway
Gazette Staff

A new haute-couture fashion line has been unveiled on cam-
pus, and you can check it out at Weldon Library
    “In the Google age we feel students are missing out on the
potential of what our library system has to offer, a lot of times
because of the misnomer that academic research is freely avail-
able [since] so much is available on the Internet,” Jennifer Robin-
son, outreach and communications librarian at Western, says.
    In the spirit of Western’s fashion-forward students, Robin-
son spearheaded an art project to shed light on the resources
the libraries provide.
    “We wanted to do something a little bit different and a lit-
tle bit unique,” she says. “We liked the idea of fashion and we
also thought the idea of creating outfits that use library mate-
rials would allow us to put a price tag on things.”
    Like high fashion, library resources don’t come cheap.
Seven outfits were constructed out of old library materials to
represent the different faculties on campus.
    “[The outfits] reflect a little bit of the materials those fac-
ulties use and their subject areas,” Robinson, who was the
project’s overseer, says. Taking into consideration the value
of resources used, each outfit was priced accordingly.
    The Social Science outfit — a short, structured dress enti-
tled “Mellow Yellow” — is made out of old journals and would
retail for $6,589. The inter/multidisciplinary studies evening
gown, “Panoply” — featuring CDs, sheet music and journal                                                                                                                          Courtesy of Rayanne Tipert
covers — would cost a hefty $7,349.                                   DON’T EVEN DARE WEARING THESE WITH UGG BOOTS. Science-themed botanical gown and FIMS’ “True Blue” look are
    “Students often ask, ‘What is the university providing to         two of the pieces showcased in Western Libraries’ high fashion line which aims to call attention to the libraries’ valuable
me? What are they doing with my money?’ The library system            resources.
is a place where we feel money is well spent because the
depth of the collections we have, from physical to the increas-          The Science-themed outfits have since been taken down,           years, even came in during her holidays to work on the pro-
ing digital presence, is quite incredible,” Robinson says.            but Robinson is hoping the outfits will eventually be featured      ject. The entire collection took from July to mid-August to
    Without the library, students would not have the unlimit-         on the library’s website as a digital fashion show.                 complete.
ed access to the extensive variety of journals and databases to          The innovative nature of this art project is itself impres-         To further complement their efforts to entice students to
which they are currently privileged.                                  sive, but even more so is the fact the entire collection was con-   take advantage of library resources, a button project has also
    Along with the Social Science and inter/multidisciplinary         ceived of and created by library staff. No trained artists were     been launched. Each library has been handing out buttons
studies looks, the Arts and Humanities’ “Flapper Jane” 20s-           involved in the making of their fashion line.                       featuring a faculty-themed picture and call number.
inspired dress and Faculty of Information and Media Studies’             “We had a team of library staff from Weldon and Taylor              “We gave them out so that people could identify with their
“True Blue” gown are on display near the circulation desk at          who came up with the concepts, considered what materials            faculty in a really subtle way,” Robison explains, while also
Weldon. Three Science-based looks were on display at Tay-             we had [that had been deselected or discarded recently] and         noting the library’s website was featured along the bottom of
lor, including a botanical-themed showpiece with a hoop skirt         then they went to work creating the look,” Robinson explains.       each button.
made of shredded copies of old journals and decorated with            “There was a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of dedication.”               “We’re always trying to think of new ways for people to
3D flowers and birds made out of book covers.                            Ann Morris, a Western library staff member for almost 30         notice us and it’s a challenge.”

Caribou wins 2008 Polaris Canadian Music Prize
London’s Shad, Basia Bulat make short list of nominees
By Dan Rankin                             Polaris. “The Polaris Prize means a          “London’s music scene needs
Gazette Staff                             lot, not the prize itself but the        infrastructure in order to take off,”
                                          recognition is important because it      Chapman says. “In terms of music,
Dan Snaith, mastermind behind             encourages positive attention for        London, like many places in Cana-
Dundas, Ontario’s Caribou, was pre-       the Canadian music scene,” Walsh         da, is lacking on the business side
sented with the Polaris Music Prize       said.                                    of things — it needs more man-
and $20,000 at a gala awards cere-             “As the Polaris Prize gets more     agers and support staff.
mony at the Phoenix Concert The-          attention it can only be a good              “People want to be artists but
atre in Toronto on Monday night.          thing … not only for the top 10          nobody says they want to be a man-
    Snaith formerly performed his         artists nominated, but for all Cana-     ager, or a publisher, or ‘I want to
unique blend of psychedelic rock          dian talent.”                            start a venue,’” he adds.
and electronica under the                      While the Polaris Prize might be        The Polaris grand jury consisted
moniker Manitoba but changed to           a step in the right direction, there’s   of a broad spectrum of journalists
Caribou in 2004 under threat of           still plenty of work to be done.         from across Canada including
litigation. Snaith was up against              Jason Chapman, who teaches          members from the Calgary Herald,
nine other nominated artists for          music technology at Western and          Newfoundland Herald, Winnipeg
best Canadian full-length album.          music industry arts at Fanshawe, is      Sun, CBC Radio, Hannah Simone
The prize-winning album Andor-            no stranger to London music, hav-        from MuchMusic and London Free
ra is Snaith’s second full-length         ing recorded London rapper and           Press entertainment columnist
release as Caribou.                       Polaris nominee Shad’s first demo.       James Stewart Reaney.
    The short list of nominated                “How can 20,000 offset 45 mil-          The focus of the prize is to ben-
albums included works by The              lion?” Chapman asks, regarding the       efit lesser-known, up-and-coming
Weakerthans, Stars, 2008 London           $45 million in cuts recently made to     Canadian independent music.
Ontario Live Arts Festival alums          federal culture funding. Chapman         Established, more high profile acts
Holy Fuck and Plants and Animals,         points out Stephan Harper’s gov-         such as Wintersleep, City and
as well as London, Ontario natives        ernment recently created a $500 tax      Colour and The New Pornogra-
Shad and Basia Bulat.                     credit on arts activities for children   phers — whose latest albums made
    In a recent interview with The        under 16, “so the Tories are saying      the long list of nominees — all            DOUBLE MAJOR IN MOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND LOOKIN’ FLY. Dan
Gazette, Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh         it’s okay for kids to be musicians but   failed to make the final list of 10. Let   Snaith of Caribou was awarded with the Polaris Prize of $20,000 on Mon-
had nothing but kind words for            not adults.”                             those artists fight over the Junos.        day night.
P6         ➤      arts&entertainment                                                           theGazette • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008

                                                     ON DISC

                                                                                                 album Twilight of the Thunder God.                                              amazing amalgamation of current
                                                                                                 It’s concocted right before guest                                               news clips, heavy brass and relent-
                                                                                                 guitarist Roope Latvala of Children                                             less percussion.
                                                                                                 of Bodom shreds through a solo                                                      Following this political blizzard
                  Stay Connected
                     Join the                                                                    that would make the members of                                                  is “Welcome Back,” a DJ Squeeky
                                                                                                 Dragonforce jealous.                                                            synth track that allows Jeezy the
                                                                                                     For a band that is able to keep                                             opportunity to tell his critics he is
                                                                                                 up its intensity for the whole                                                  back on top whether they like it or
                               PAGE                                                              album, it can’t retain the listener’s                                           not.
          Your source for tickets, health
          plan & bus pass information.                                                           attention in other songs like in the                                                And Jeezy is back — confident
             Extra-curricular courses                                                            opening. As entertaining as it is to                                            and lyrical like never before.
          519-661-3722                                                                           hear five men rock out as hard as                                                   The second single “Vacation”
                                                             possible in songs about Vikings, the                                            may be too late to play with the
             InfoSource is located on the                                                        album becomes repetitive. Some                                                  windows down, but it will inspire
                main level of the UCC
                   on the campus                                                                 songs build to climactic solos, but                                             several trips to Expedia and Trave-
                      of UWO
                                                     Amon Amarth                                 they’re too rarely found on the           Young Jeezy                           locity.
                                                     Twilight of the Thunder God                 album.                                    The Recession                             “Word Play” is probably the best
                                                     Metal Blade Records                             Hegg’s lyrics alternately tell sto-   Def Jam Recordings                    example of Jeezy’s lyrical growth
          re nvi
     Yo u’ I ted to a                                                                            ries of Viking mercenaries that lack                                            and “My President” is the most
     H O M EC O M I G                                The cartoon Metalocalypse depicts           any loyalty but to whoever’s paying       First there was “Motivation” then     poignant and provocative track on
     W ine&                                          the lives of fictional Scandinavian         them. Other stories include Viking        came “The Inspiration” and now        the whole album — a song solidify-
     C he s Night                                    metal band Dethklok, sometimes              soldiers who are loyal enough to          Young Jeezy is back with his third    ing Jeezy as one of Def Jam’s flag-
                                                     drawing humour from the band’s              fight in battles where they’re out-       official release, aptly titled “The   ship artists, as well as one of Barack
                  m eh
     clothing b tiq u e
                                                     uncompromising dedication to                numbered 10 to one. If you’ve got         Recession.” The former Boyz n da      Obama’s most outspoken support-
                                                     making things as brutal and intense         the lyrics with you then it makes for     Hood frontman faces America’s         ers.
       i,   3r
     Fr Oct. d                                       as possible. It doesn’t matter how          an interesting study in the socio-        current economic woes with an             The album may be called “The
                                                     many mythical monsters, battle-             political landscape of the Norse          alphabetical onslaught even the       Recession,” but that’s only a state-
                  ONE DAY
             buy 2 get 1 NLY
                                                     axes or lightning bolts it takes to get     world. If you don’t, it just sounds       most suspect listeners couldn’t       ment about America — not about
                                                     the stage looking just right. Swe-          like a lot of indecipherable demon        ignore.                               the word play of one of the coun-
              PLUS new
                         FREE                        den’s death metal group Amon                grunts.                                      To get things started, Jeezy       try’s most beloved and ever-
                     from 3-10p als!                 Amarth is the real life answer to               A high point later on in the          enlists the help of DJ Toomp on       ascending rappers.
                                                     Dethklok.                                   album is the track “Live for the          “The Recession (Intro)” — an                          — Jonathan Godfrey
                                                         “Mighty Thor grips the snake /          Kill,” which has something in
                                                     firmly by its tongue / lifts his ham-       common with the title track; it is
                                                     mer high to strike / soon his work is       another collaboration, again with                                               ble her lyrics which, though sooth-
                                                     done” — the guttural growls from            a Finnish group — this time Apoc-                                               ing, subtracts from their effect; it’s
                                                     Johan Hegg on the opening and               alyptica. The haunting cellos                                                   difficult to get enthralled by a song

                        clothing for men and
                                             women   title track of Amon Amarth’s latest         Apocalyptica add to this track give                                             when you can’t quite understand
                                                                                                 it the sort of depth not found very                                             what she’s trying to say.
                                                                                                 often on Twilight of the Thunder                                                     The album tells the story of a
                                                                                                 God.                                                                            tortured soul trapped in the past
                                                                                                     The album as a whole could                                                  and unable to proceed with life. She
                                                                                                 have benefited from the addition of                                             dwells on loss in most tracks, but
                                                                                                 more strings or atmospheric                                                     introduces new themes in “Fox in

                            Newly Renovated!                                                     sounds. Surely the lives of Vikings                                             Its Hole” and “Mexico City.” While
                                                                                                 were not all slash and burn — there                                             rich in imagery at times, her songs
            VERSASPA             is a world renowned bronzing formula                            had to be some doubt and sadness                                                tend to be sort of dull.
                   (light, natural, and max levels.) A spray tan with                            in there.                                                                            When it comes to talent, there’s
                    anti-aging treatments to magnify UV exposure.                                    When Amon Amarth is teaming                                                 no doubt Holland’s got it. The
                                                                                                 up with other Scandinavian metal          Jolie Holland                         album has a few interesting instru-
                                                                                                 acts, the band accomplishes some          The Living and The Dead               mental sections featuring synthe-
                             Bring this Ad in and get a single TAN                               real acts of genius. Otherwise the        Epitaph                               sizers and a shruti box. Holland
                               or a spray Tan at     HALF PRICE                                  band seems reluctant to breakaway
                                                                                                 from its 80s thrash.                      The Living and The Dead, Jolie Hol-
                                                                                                                                                                                 admirably takes advantages of stu-
                                                                                                                                                                                 dio technologies; the sound is clear
                          located at Oxford & Wharncliffe 519-432-7771                                                  — Dan Rankin       land’s fourth studio album, has a     and vibrant in some songs, yet in
                                                                                                                                           folky tone with a comforting feel     the Bob Dylan cover “Love Henry,”
                                                                                                                                           reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. Yet   it is appropriately old and distant.
                                                                                                                                           she inserts country, as in the song        This folk album won’t define a
                                                                                                                                           “Sweet Loving Man,” adding an         generation, but The Living and The
                                                                                                                                           original twist to her sound.          Dead is definitely worth a listen.
                                                                                                                                              Holland tends to sleepily mum-                          — Jesse Bondar

                                                                                                                                                             OMIGOD, SPIDERS!!!
                                                                                                                                            Actually there are no spiders, but if you would like to write
                                                                                                                                            for Arts & Entertainment but you missed the volunteer
                                                                                                                                            meetings, have no fear. Come on up to The Gazette office
                                                                                                                                            at UCC Rm. 263 anytime and get started.
                                                                                                                                                But really, there are no spiders. Sorry to worry you.

                                                                                                                                               Student Discount
                                                                                                                                             “WHO’S TAKING YOU
                                                                                                                                              TO THE AIRPORT?”
                                                                                                                                             519-673-6804 OR
                                                                                                                                             Book On-line                                                  Airbus

                                                                                                                                                              TORONTO AND
                                                                                  theGazette • THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2008                                                                                                  sports ➤ P7

Key victory keeps
OUA hope alive for
men’s tennis team
By Tara Athar                             momentum going and lead the
Gazette Staff                             team to victory.
                                              “We have to beat York later this
After losing the first game of the        week, then Waterloo and then it’s
season to its toughest competitors,       finals,” she said.
the Western women’s tennis team               The women’s team is looking for
rebounded to beat the University of       a podium finish at the Ontario Uni-
Ontario Institute of Technology on        versity Athletics championship
Saturday afternoon at the Western         coming late in October.
Tennis Courts.                                “We hope to win finals,” Bayn-
    The Mustangs volleyed hard and        ham said. “We don’t think that’s
tired out the Ridgebacks, winning         wishful thinking, we’re really posi-
every match in both doubles and           tive about it.”
singles.                                      The men’s tennis team followed
    “It’s an entirely different strate-   the lead of its female counterpart,
gy if you’re playing doubles versus       winning Saturday night’s game and
singles,” team captain Chantal For-       ending its three-game losing streak
ristal said. “If you’re really good at    in the process.
net and volleying, doubles has that           The UOIT men’s head coach
advantage whereas if you’re really        Kane Easter was initially optimistic.                                                                                                                                          Shaun Ding/Gazette
good at scrambling, you’re great at           “I hope we give Western a good        UUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHH. Peter Ta of the Western men’s tennis team helped his squad take home its first win
singles.”                                 run,” he said. “If we get a team win      of the season against UOIT. The men take on the Waterloo Warriors this Friday.
    The women’s doubles teams             that would be great; it would be the
played well, working like a cohe-         first one on the men’s side.”
sive unit. When it comes to syn-              The pressure was on as both
chronizing with your doubles              schools were competing for a first
                                                                                     Welcome to
partner, Forristal admits compat-         ‘team win’ of the season, but the
ibility is key.                           Purple and White emerged victori-
    “We have some teams that work
really well but others aren’t as
                                          ous, crushing the Ridgebacks’
                                          hopes of a team victory.
                                                                                     The Gazette
socially compatible. You have to              “Western is always a good team;
communicate on the floor and
know when your partner is moving
                                          we always expect tough matches
                                          and you’ll get solid guys at every
                                                                                                30 words for $8 or 4 issues for $30
and where your partner’s going,”
Forristal said. “You have to get to
know each other really well and
                                          position,” Easter said. “So we try to
                                          mentally stay on our matches.”
                                              With half the team falling into
practice a lot.”                          the novice category, the Mustangs
    “We have a positive team.             were an even-match for the inex-                            Housing
They’re good friends so we’re glad
they’re bonding off the court as
                                          perienced Ridgebacks, whose
                                          tennis program is just three years        1 & 2 PERSON self-contained apartments in convert-
                                                                                    ed houses on Western Road. Units are above
                                                                                                                                                          A Market Research Company
well,” assistant coach Amy Bayn-          old.
                                                                                                                                                        is looking for people to participate in
                                                                                    ground, quiet, non-smoking, no pets. $500-800
                                                                                    /month inclusive. Free laundry, free parking, on-site
ham added.                                    The Mustang men’s team hopes          management. (519) 673-1843
    It’s been smooth sailing so far for
the women’s team, who are now
                                          to keep the momentum alive as
                                          they battle Waterloo on Friday                       Miscellaneous
                                                                                                                                                               market research studies.
boasting four wins and only one
loss. With the season lasting just
                                          night at the Western Tennis Courts.
                                          On Saturday, the men head to
                                                                                    LOWEST DISPENSING FEE in town. The Universi-
                                                                                    ty Students’ Council encourages students to save
                                                                                                                                                                       You are paid for your
over a month, each of the seven           Toronto to face defending champi-         money by filling their prescriptions at the Western
                                                                                    On-Campus Pharmacy. Free same day delivery in                                       time and opinion.
games the women’s team plays is           ons, the York Lions. Currently            London.

equally critical.                         ranked sixth out of seven teams,          WIN A NO-FRILLS Trip to Africa with WaterCan!

    “We haven’t really faced any          they will need to win both games
                                                                                    Enter the “End Poverty at the Source!” video
                                                                                    contest today. Visit
                                                                                                                                                         Call 1-800-827-0676, ext: 3040
challenges; they’ve been injury free      in order to earn a berth at the OUA       for details. Deadline: October 19, 2008.                        080930

and it’s really nice,” Baynham said.      championships, hosted by West-
    Forristal looks to keep the           ern in late October.
                                                                                           Upcoming Events
                                                                                    MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING: Huron College food
                                                                                    court (Huron Room) weekly, Saturday 9am-1pm,
                                                                                    Wednesday 7pm-9pm. Hap-ki-do, Jui-jitsu, military
                                                                                    close quarter combat and police tactical training. For
                                                                                    more information go to

                                                                                                       For Sale
                                                                                    SELLING 2 PREMIUM tickets to the Bills versus Dol-
                                                                                    phins game in Toronto (Dec 7). Both tickets on sale
                                                                                    below face value at: $300 each. Please call 519-601                                       HOW TO PLAY
                                                                                    2891 if interested.                                          Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1
                                                                                                                                                 through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and
                                                                                                      Services                                   experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.

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                                                                                    ber 16th 5-8PM. Weekly afternoon sessions, Fridays
                                                                                    1-4PM. $60. To register call: London Training Centre
                                                                                    519-685-4331          ext.         23.         Visit:

                                                                                    ARE YOU PREGNANT? Have you considered an
                                                                                    open adoption? We are a loving, caring family ap-
                                                                                    proved to adopt in Ontario. Please visit our website
                                                                                    to learn more about us and the wonderful home we
                                                                                    could offer your baby.

                                                                                    GYMNASTIC COACHES REQUIRED. North London
                                                                                    location. $9 - $12.50 per hour. Call Vicki or Ildi at 519-
                                                                                    PART-TIME WORK: London based casino party
                                                                                    company looking to hire and train outgoing and reli-
                                                                                    able individuals for part time dealing work. Contact
                                                                                    Wesley at 519-280-5495 or party@vivalasvegasca-

                                                                                    CAREGIVER FOR 2 children ages 9 and 12. Sher-
                                                                                    wood Forest area near university. References re-
                                                                                    quired, Wages negotiable (based upon experience
                                                                                    and credentials). Please call Rod or Eileen at 519-
                                                                                    WANTED ATHLETIC WOMEN and men 18-28yrs for                                                   For Solution, tips and
                                                                                    national team development program. Contact Dina                                computer program at:

                                                                   Sports                                                                     ON DECK: Homecoming Issue... Friday

Women’s hockey ends pre-season on a high
Buck scores twice as Mustangs down Hamilton Juniors 4-1
                                                                                     By Jeremy Gritten                       team until Western got on the board      me a chance to look at different line
                                                                                     Gazette Writer                          at the beginning of the second peri-     combinations,” he said
                                                                                                                             od. Ellie Seedhouse gobbled up a            Western will look for positives
                                                                                     The Western Mustangs women’s            stray breakout pass in the Hamilton      from Monday’s game to continue
                                                                                     hockey team ended the pre-season        zone and rippled the mesh with a         throughout the year.
                                                                                     with a bang on Sunday as they           wrist shot just under the bar.              “Our team play and passing was
                                                                                     orchestrated a 4-1 win over a gritty        Just a couple minutes later Brit-    good today,” Cook said. “We put
                                                                                     Hamilton Jr. Hawks squad.               tany Buck scored her first of two        four goals on the board, which is
                                                                                        Special teams proved to be the       goals by tipping a Veronica John-        always kind of nice to have.”
                                                                                     deciding factor as the ’Stangs pot-     ston blast from the point on a 5-on-        Cook was very optimistic about
                                                                                     ted two power play goals with           3 to give Western a lead they never      the team improving.
                                                                                     another coming shortly after a          relinquished.                               “The thing is, this team has a
                                                                                     Hamilton penalty expired. On the                                                 great attitude about learning,” he
                                                                                     penalty kill, they were perfect,                                                 said. “They want to learn to get
                                                                                     stymieing the Hawks power play on                                                better.”
                                                                                     four separate occasions.                                                            Looking forward, the team
                                                                                        “Friday night we had a special          “This team has a                      would like to improve on their sev-
                                                                                     teams practice,” said Mustangs                                                   enth place finish last year and
                                                                                     head coach Paul Cook, whose
                                                                                                                                great attitude about                  return to the post season.
                                                                                     attention to detail clearly paid off.      learning. They want                      “We want to make the playoffs,
                                                                                     According to Cook, Western did                                                   so we’ll do our best at that,” John-
                                                                                     “the little things that we want to         to learn to get better.”              ston said.
                                                                                     make sure that we execute every                                                     Cook thinks the team is good
                                                                                     night.”                                                   —Paul Cook,            enough to aspire for more than just
                                                                                                                                                Western head coach
                                                                                        Western started the game on its                                               a playoff spot.
                                                                                     heels a bit, as Hamilton’s Jennifer                                                 “I want to be in the top four. I
                                                                                     Crawford finished off a passing play                                             don’t think there’s anything wrong
                                                                                     10 minutes into the game for the                                                 with shooting for that as a goal,”
                                                                                     early lead.      Unfortunately for         “I think we won a lot of the bat-     he said.
                                                                                     Hamilton, that was as much as they      tles in the corners and a lot of the        The Mustangs hope to carry
                                                                                     would get as the Mustang goal-          one-on-ones,” Johnston said. “We         the momentum from Monday’s
                                                                                     tending tandem of Jessica Ulrich        got a lot of good chances.”              win into the home opener this
                                                             Laura Barclay/Gazette   and Danielle Le Ber shut the door          Hawks head coach Hub Harris           Saturday against the Queen’s
THE SNOW’S FLYING EARLY THIS YEAR. The Mustang women’s hockey                        the rest of the way.                    wasn’t deterred by the outcome.          Gaels, who finished fourth in
team ended the pre-season on a high note with a 4-1 victory over the                    Ulrich started the game and had         “It gave us a chance to skate         Ontario University Athletics com-
Hamilton Jr. Hawks.                                                                  to hold off the pressing Hamilton       against a little faster club and gives   petition last year.

Marshall: offence not prepared for Queen’s
By Daniel Da Silva                                   said.                                                don’t care if we give up a lot of points. We      do the same,” Western linebacker Jon Surla
Gazette Staff                                            “Mike did a great job throwing the ball          weren’t going to win the game punting the ball    said.
                                                     today when we gave him time. We did that in          away. We needed touchdowns,” Marshall said.          Western now looks forward to its own
Heading into last weekend, Queen’s and               the third quarter and moved the ball well. But          Despite the lopsided score, Western can        Homecoming game against the Windsor
Western were both undefeated, nationally             there were too many key moments in which             take solace in the fact that its defence shut     Lancers.
ranked and looking to sit alone atop the             we didn’t protect Mike and it led to                 down the Queen’s offence, limiting the Gaels         “We have to have a short memory, forget
Ontario University Athletics standings.              turnovers.”                                          to 18 first downs and 290 yards. However,         about this game and get ready for Windsor,”
    At the end of Saturday’s tilt, Western left a        In the second quarter, Western began to          Queen’s capitalized on Western turnovers,         Faulds said.
rainy Richardson Stadium on the losing end           move the ball better, resulting in its first point   resulting in 36 points.                              “We can’t overlook them. They just beat a
of a 43-16 beating.                                  of the game, when Wheeler missed a 37-yard              “We played well but the difference was         good Ottawa team. We are definitely going to
    “Certain parts of our team played fantas-        field goal attempt.                                  they forced a lot of turnovers and we couldn’t    be ready for them.”
tic. Defensively and on special teams, we                Later in the quarter, Western started to
played fantastic. We sputtered on offence, but       threaten again, taking the ball inside the
you have to give their defence credit,”              Queen’s 10-yard line. Faulds tried to force a
Queen’s head coach Pat Sheahan said.                 pass to his receiver and was picked off by
    Despite gaining 457 yards, the Mustang           Queen’s safety Alex Daprato who took it back
offence was dominated by the Queen’s                 94 yards, leading to a Mike Giffin touchdown
defence, turning the ball over a staggering 12       run.
times.                                                   “Daprato’s interception was the turning
    “I don’t think I prepared the guys well          point in my mind,” Sheahan said. “It’s going
enough offensively,” Western head coach              to be 9-8 if they score. He turned it around
Greg Marshall said. “We made some adjust-            and all of a sudden it is 16-1. That was the
ments in the second half, which was a little         huge play in this game.”
bit better, but our quarterback took way too             In the second half, Western awakened on
many hits and we couldn’t recover.”                  offence. They started to move the ball and late
    The game started poorly for the Mustangs.        in the third quarter, managed to get their first
On consecutive punt attempts, the snap went          touchdown. After a 64-yard toss from Faulds
well over kicker Darryl Wheeler’s head result-       to receiver Zach Bull, Leckie ran it in from two
ing in a Queen’s safety and touchdown                yards out. They followed that up with anoth-
respectively.                                        er Leckie touchdown early in the fourth.
    “We have to take care of the ball better              “We regrouped at halftime and started to
than we did,” Marshall said. “We can’t have          get back in it. It felt like the Ottawa game
our long snapper fire the ball well over the         when we started to get momentum and came
punter’s head.”                                      back to win it,” Faulds said. “But we just
    For most of the game, Western quarter-           couldn’t pull it out. We couldn’t execute when
back Michael Faulds was under pressure,              it counted.”
causing him to throw four interceptions,                 With time running out, and Western need-
fumble the ball twice and get sacked four            ing touchdowns, Marshall called for several
times. Despite that, he managed to complete          third down conversion attempts.
30 of 58 pass attempts for 386 yards.                    Queen’s stopped them repeatedly, leading
    “In the first half, we weren’t protecting well   to two field goals and a touchdown run by
at all. We knew they would be tough to run           Giffin.
against,” Western running back John Leckie               “The score doesn’t reflect a lot of things. I                                                                         Courtesy of

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