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					     Arvixe – Amazing Hosting Deals

     Everyone wants a good and fair deal, especially on products and services being offered
either personally or online. This also holds true when choosing a web hosting provider. Arvixe
has gone one step further by offering amazing hosting deals that will give any competing web
hosting company a run for their money.

     Starting with the PersonalClass plan that caters mostly to individuals and families, are great
for personal and non-commercial websites. At $4.00 a month, the PersonalClass plan features:

     •     unlimited disk space,
     •     unlimited bandwidth,
     •     six websites/domains,
     •     free domain registration,
     •     unlimited email accounts, and
     •     spam protection.
     •     Optional upgrades include dedicated IP addresses ($2.00 a month) and unlimited
domains (PersonalClass PRO for $7.00 a month).

     Meanwhile, the BusinessClass plan caters to businessmen and companies who want
reliable and quality web hosting service for small business and company websites. At $22.00 a
month, the BusinessClass plan features:

     •     unlimited disk space,
     •     unlimited bandwidth,
     •     unlimited domains,
     •     free domain registration,
     •     free dedicated IP address,
     •     unlimited email accounts, and
     •     spam protection.
     •     Add-ons include private servlet/Tomcat/JSP for $10.00 a month.
     For web designers and entrepreneurs looking to set up their own web hosting companies,
Arvixe is offering reseller web hosting services through the ResellerClass plan. At $22.00 a
month, the ResellerClass plan features the following:

     •     server management and technical support,
     •     simplified account creation,
     •     unlimited bandwidth,
     •     unlimited disk space,
     •     free domain registration,
     •     unlimited hosting accounts,
     •     private/anonymous name servers,
     •     domain reseller account, and
     •     dedicated IP address.

     For organizations requiring the benefits of virtual private servers, the VPSClass plan offers
a high performance shared hosting environment fully managed by certified support personnel at
a fraction of the price charged for utilizing dedicated servers. At $40.00 a month, the VPSClass
plan offers the following:

     •     40 GB disk space,
     •     unlimited bandwidth,
     •     1 GB of dedicated memory,
     •     processing power from 2 CPU cores,
     •     free domain registration,
     •     2 IP addresses, and
     •     VPS features such as root admin access, virtual DVD drive, etc.
     •     Upgrades include unlimited IP address ($2.00 a month).

     Finally, businesses requiring the power of dedicated servers will benefit greatly from the
DedicatedClass plan. The plan offers full server management, nightly security updates, 24/7
dedicated support, a state-of-the-art datacenter, and a choice between Linux or Windows
software. In addition, customers can choose between single processor servers for low traffic
websites, online file storage, and email/database hosting ($105.00 a month) or multi-processor
servers for high traffic websites, email/database hosting, and mission critical applications
($300.00 a month). With Arvixe’s amazing hosting deals, there is a plan for everyone.

     Drawing from experience and know-how in the web hosting industry since 2003, Arvixe
has provided hosting services for thousands of individual, small business, and corporate websites
all over the world. The company has grown into the leading web host in the industry, offering
24/7 support, 99.99% website uptime, free website transfers, automatic setup, customer
discounts, no hidden fees and charges, and a 60-day money back guarantee. Throughout its
history, the company strives to put the freedom of the Internet within reach of each customer.

     Arvixe and its Benefits

     With more than 25,000 web hosting sites competing for clients, determining which
companies are legitimate has become excruciatingly difficult for consumers. As a result, most
customers end up getting shortchanged and not getting the service that they paid for. Arvixe
offers incomparable web hosting services backed up with more than 8 years of experience in
providing reliable, affordable, and professional service.

     Every consumer wants to know what they would be getting for their money, which is
completely understandable. In the web hosting wars, benefits make a provider stand out among
the rest and emerge victorious. Arvixe offers a superior benefits package which include features
such as unlimited disk space, free domain name registration, 24/7 technical support, unlimited
bandwidth, network and data security, to name a few.

     Every customer appreciates a provider that makes them feel that they are getting their
money’s worth, which is why the company is committed to supporting each customer every step
of the way. With the company’s seven-point benefits offer, customers have the advantage of
working with the best web host in the industry today. The benefits package includes:

     1.    Excellent website uptime – the company boasts of a 99.99% monitored website
uptime based on figures published by and
     2.     Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – US-based representative are ready
to take and resolve customer and technical inquiries.
     3.     Automatic virtual hosting setup – fast application processing ensures that accounts
are up in running within guaranteed timeframes.
     4.     Discounts for returning customers – loyal customers are entitled to receive up to 50%
discounts by opting to transfer all domains to Arvixe. Likewise, customers who provide a link to
the company on their web pages are eligible for a 10% discount.
     5.     Zero charge website transfers – clients may request for technical assistance for
website content, database, and domain transfer, all offered for free.
     6.     Zero hidden fees – transparency is appreciated by everyone, which is why fees and
charges are stated clearly on the website.
     7.     Solid customer guarantee – every step is taken to ensure customer satisfaction.
However, should a customer find services not up their standards, they are entitled to no-
questions-asked, full refund should they cancel their account within 60 days of service.

     Arvixe was founded in 2003 with the mission of growing into a one-stop shop for anyone
with a web project regardless of location, expertise, requirements, or preferences. By providing
reliable, affordable, and quality services and support, the company has gained extensive
experience and know-how in the web hosting industry. This allowed the company to offer
outstanding and affordable services at the same time.

     Since 2003, the company has acquired numerous awards from service provider
organizations as well as web hosting review sites. In August 2011, Inc. Magazine recognized the
company to be the 209th of the fastest growing company in the US (private sector) for 2007 to
2010. Likewise, the company also received recognition as the 17th fastest growing IT company
by the same magazine. In addition, gave a 3-Star rating based on provider standards,
site functionality, and order fulfillment through the CNET Internet Services Certification
Program .
     Arvixe - Cheap Web Hosting Provider

     From a consumer’s viewpoint, price is not necessarily the top consideration in coming up
with a decision to buy or not to buy. However, the price significantly affects consumer decision
to find out more about what the product has to offer. In which case, businesses offering products
or services should be prudent about pricing decisions. This statement may be generalized for any
type of product or service offering. Web hosting is definitely not an exception.

     The price range being offered by Arvixe represents one of the best, if not the best deal in
town. Its personal class plan costs only $4 per month. From a web site featuring the top 10
lowest-priced plans in the market, two firms offered lower prices than $4 per month, and rest of
the other firms have prices higher than $4 per month. Interestingly, Arvixe was not even
included in the listing. For the gullible, the two lower price plans are better choices, budget-wise.
However, for smart clients, the $4 per month plan is still the better choice because they will not
fall for the marketing ploy of the two seemingly lower-priced plans.

     The price displayed on the aforementioned 10-lowest price plans for the two hosts (host
names kept anonymous for ethical reasons, plus we wouldn’t give them a free ride by mentioning
their business names) are $3.50 and $3.67, respectively. However, visiting these two lower-
priced hosting sites revealed that the prices were simply promotional and discounted - marketing
maneuvers to arouse client interest on the site. Needless to say, therefore, that the actual prices of
the lower-priced plans on promo are significantly higher than $4 per month, which is $6.95 and
$7.81, respectively. The fine prints shown on the respective websites indicate that the lower
prices apply only for the duration of a short period.

     A cursory look at the web sites of the lower-price plans may also lead one to believe that
the features of the plans are somehow the same. That is not the case. None of the two lower-
priced plans mentioned a documented all time monitored 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is
actually a measure of reliability and stability of the hosting platform. It is unimaginable how a
higher-priced plan can not at least match the uptime record assurance of a $4 per month
      While the $4 per month plan is being offered by a company that lays claim to at least 32
awards from prestigious sites reviewing web hosting providers, one of the two ostensibly lower-
priced competitors around since 1998 can only boast of a measly six awards. Additionally, the
firm offering the $4 per month plan has several pages of testimony from satisfied clients – real
people who dared reveal which web-based institutions they represent. The other superficially
lower-priced host which has been in the business since 1998 never mentioned about any hosting
awards and mustered only one testimonial from a client with no surname.

      The bottom line is that Arvixe is a cheap web hosting provider. Beware of hosting service
providers who hide behind fine prints and marketing tricks to lure consumers towards spending
more than what is necessary. $4 per month may not be the lowest price in the market, but it
surely is the best deal from a trustworthy and multi-awarded firm who can guarantee that your
web site will be online 99.99% of the time.

      Arvixe – Reviews and Ratings

      A review of web hosts is similar to product reviews where consumers are provided the
opportunity to rate products they are familiar with by virtue of having purchased and used the
product. Consumer raters are also requested to provide text comments if they have something to
say about the product. The only difference between product reviews and web hosting reviews is
that in the latter, a specific intangible service is being evaluated.

      This article deals with reviews and rating pertaining to Arvixe, one of the top web hosting
providers. Any reference in this article to a firm or company would point towards Arvixe. As a
reminder, it was observed that different evaluation sites made use of different criteria or
standards. Hence, expect that the discussion would be both descriptive and numerical. Three
online review sites were visited for the purpose in random order.

      Site 1 evaluation. The firm garnered an overall rating of 3.64 out of a perfect score of 4.0
from 105 client evaluators. The attributes of the web hosting providers reviewed on this site, and
the respective scores are reliability / uptime (3.55); technical support (3.60); customer and
service billing (3.76); service and network speed (3.62); and price and value for money (3.67).
Most of the client comments were positive and manifested general satisfaction with the service.
The only negative comment was about the firm’s unreliable SQL servers that cautioned about the
use of ASP.NET/SQL.

      Site 2 evaluation. Two types of reviews were provided: editor and consumer evaluation.
Ratings were indicated in terms of stars that were converted to figures for comparability. Overall
evaluation score was 3.73 out of a total 5, with the editor evaluation at 3.30, and consumer
evaluation at 4.17. The criteria used in the appraisal and the respective scores are: features
(3.58); credibility (4.00); safety (3.08); ease of use (3.25); and help and support (4.75). All three
consumer evaluators gave positive comments.

      Site 3 evaluation. The firm posted an overall score of 4.90 out of a perfect score of 5.0 from
86 client evaluators. The following features of web hosting providers are assessed were this site,
and the respective scores are: reliability (4.8); support (4.8); and pricing (3.76). Practically all the
comments provided by the evaluators demonstrated satisfaction with the web hosting service.

      The weighted mean of the overall ratings, with the evaluation from site 1 transposed to a 5-
point scale for comparability with the two sites, is 4.69. This suggests that although the company
did not come up with a perfect 5.0, it performed considerably well in all the sites considered and
among hundreds of clients. In terms of analogous criteria, the weighted mean for
reliability/credibility is 4.59.

      Meanwhile, for technical support and pricing, the respective weighted means are 4.64 and
4.28. Grounded on three criteria common among the three websites, it may be gleaned that the
company’s reliability, technical support and pricing are within the highest level of the assessment
scale. Accordingly, the reviews and ratings conducted by independent sites appraising web
hosting providers are robust evidences that Arvixe deserves to be on top of the roster of the best
website hosts.
      Arvixe – Top Best Web Hosting Provider

      Whether you are running an online business or promoting a product, a service, or an
advocacy, choice of a web host constitutes a significant decision. Media consultant Janine
Warner believes that the best providers would be those who take on web hosting as top priority.
Web hosting providers who offer 24/7 telephone customer support is the standard metric for its
quality. Arvixe web hosting, however, does not just simply offer 24-hour toll-free telephone
support for its clients, but goes further with a 24/7 live online chat and email support, as well as
password-authenticated online access to client billing. Hence, customer service and support are,
definitely, their top priority.

      On top of its customer-oriented service, it has been well-recognized in the highly
competitive field of web hosting. This is evidenced by the numerous awards it received since its
inception in 2003, including recognition as one of the fastest growing American companies and
one of the fastest growing firms specializing in information technology. It has also distinguished
itself as a CNET 3 stars provider by virtue of the functionality of the web hosting site, its
standards as a provider and its record in order execution. To date, the firm has garnered at least
31 award from various web hosting award-giving bodies such as Inc. Magazine, CNET,, hosting-, WebHostDirectory, etc.

      In an online chat interview with the hosting firm’s Senior Technical Operations Officer,
Mike Atkins, its major selling points aside from customer-service priority orientation include a
host of features. This includes: (1) a free domain name per subscription to a hosting plan; (2) free
back-ups for all clients on a by the hour, day, week or month basis; (3) the cheapest hosting plans
from $4 per month for personal class plans to $105 per month for dedicated class plans; (4)
99.99%      uptime     guarantee   and    document     by   independent     reviewers    such    as and; (5) 60 days full money refund guarantee for
clients who will not be satisfied from any of the plans they subscribed for, based on the
stipulated plan features; (6) availability of marketing class plan for bulk email requirements; (7)
website transfer service with absolutely no charge; (8) useful and up-to-date resources for clients
such as blogs and discussion boards; (9) discounts for returning clients and absolutely no hidden
charges; and (10) automatic set-up for all clients.
       The company enjoys such honor and distinction because it works hard and continuously
strives to enhance its web hosting services to its valued clients. Clients and website visitors
would not miss how neatly the blog and the discussion board are organized. The blog shows a
category index on the left sidebar and an author index on the right sidebar. The discussion
boards, on the other hand, are organized by category: introduction, open discussion, support
question, webmaster resources and third party applications.

       Arvixe is definitely the top best web hosting provider, because of its extensive area of
hosting services including ASP.NET, business, dedicated servers, E-commerce, Linux and
reseller hosting. Additionally, clients with business needs other than web hosting may also
benefit from the hosting services for blogs, community website, content management systems
(CMS), forums, shopping cart, social networking, and video sharing. The site’s testimonial pages
highlights the experiences of real people with their names and institutions revealed. This honest
openness signals a host of happy and satisfied clientele, the best award any service firm can hope
      Web Hosting with Arvixe

      Searching for a reliable, affordable, and quality website hosting service could be a hassle
for some website owners. Website hosting is a very important part of any website whether for
personal, small business, or corporate use. Arvixe offers an unparalleled combination of
reliability, affordable, and quality through its excellent web hosting packages designed to match
every customer’s needs.

      In terms of reliability, Arvixe has a certified uptime of 99.99% – proof of its dedication to
provision of reliable service. It has the highest monitored uptime rating from over 300 web
hosting services surveyed by and It has also been
given a 99% excellent rating by In terms of quality, the company has been
classified as a 3-Star Provider by’s Internet Services Certification Program that
covers site functionality, order fulfillment, and provider standards.

      Arvixe boasts of the following advantages, which has put them on top of the game for three
straight years:

      1.      99.99% website uptime – this is made possible through a fully redundant data and
network operations center with an excellent power management system that includes
uninterruptible power supply and backup generators.
      2.      Free website transfer assistance – for clients transferring website content over from
another provider, the company maintains a team of technical support personnel ready to provide
fast and reliable assistance. This include website content, database, and domain transfers at no
extra cost.
      3.      24/7 support – customer and technical support inquiries are handled by US-based
representatives, ensuring fast resolution of inquiries and issues.
      4.      60-day money back guarantee – should a client find services unsatisfactory, accounts
can be cancelled anytime through a no-questions-asked full refund policy.
      5.      Automatic account setup – virtual hosting accounts are automatically created once
billing information is confirmed. For returning customers, accounts can be set up in as fast as
five minutes. For clients with dedicated servers, setup is guaranteed with a 24-48 hour
     6.      No hidden charges or fees – all pertinent charges and fees are provided in the website.
     7.      Returning customer discounts – clients may receive up to a 50% discount when they
decide to transfer all domains to Arvixe. In addition, client may receive an additional 10%
discount by linking the company to their web pages.

     The company offers web hosting packages which cater to all customer types and
requirements such as PersonalClass (personal websites), BusinessClass (business/organizational
websites), ResellerClass (affiliate web hosting), VPSClass (virtual private server), and
DedicatedClass (dedicated servers). All plans can cater to Windows, Mac, and Linux

     As an award-winning provider of website hosting services since 2003, it is recognized as
one of the fastest growing private sector company in the United States from 2007-2010. In
addition, it was also named as one of the fastest growing IT company for three straight years.
Arvixe has been a constant recipient of preferred provider awards from various web hosting
review sites. Up to date, the company has received a total of 32 awards and is an active member
of the Hosting Code of Ethics Program, which encourages members to observe best practices
with the aim of increasing business credibility and consumer confidence.

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