Pin Pallets

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					                                                       Precision Pin Pallets

                       Atlas Technologies’
                      precision pin pallets have
                      revolutionized blank
                      handling for precise and
                      repeatable placement of
                      blanks for destacking with
                      robots and/or conventional

                                                       •   Corner Posts
                                                           Using the corner posts allows stacking of the pin
                                                           pallets, gaining valuable floor space, as well as
                                                           decreasing height for return shipments.

                                                       •   Fork Slots
                                                           Part removal slots allow removal of the part stack
                  Stacked for return shipment
                                                           without moving the pallet.

                                                       •   Hex Hole Top & Mid Deck
                                                           The precision punched hex holes in the deck of the
                            Hex Holes                      pallet, combined with the unique design of the pins
 Corner Posts (4)                               Pins       allow any part to be securely contained during
                                                           shipment, destacking and stacking.

                                                       •   Pins
                                                           The precision pin system allows for nearly unlimited
                                                           adjustability of the pins against the sides of the
                                                           stack, allowing for any contour part

                                                       •   Pin Storage
                                                           Built into every pallet are convenient storage
                                                           compartments for unused pins, reducing the
                                                           likelihood of lost pins.

Transport Slots     Part Removal Slots   Pin Storage

•   Developed to insure accurate stack location

•   Repeatable blank positioning for conventional
    and robotic destackers

•   Heavy-duty construction provides the capability to
    stack directly into the pallet

•   Unique full face grid pattern of pin holes insures
    capability to have total blank flexibility

•   4-way fork pocket access offers easy handling

•   Stackable capabilities designed to conserve floor
    space                                                SPECIFICATIONS
•   Lay down corner posts for compact return             •   Quick changeover of pins and posts without tools
                                                         •   Heavy duty construction with precision flatness in all
•   Eliminates the need to band stacks of blanks             directions -<0.187”
    during transport
                                                         •   Locating pins that locate a wide variety of shapes and
•   Eliminates the need for a gage station                   sizes within +/- .125” pallet to pallet

•   20 year proven history of performance                •   Part stack height of 16” + standard

                                                         •   Pin deflection at 90 degrees to pallet surface +/ -
                                                             3/16” (based on 16” stack)
                HOW TO USE THE PINS
                                                         •   Flexibility and versatility to handle multiple stacks

                                                         •   Blanks can be stacked or destacked with pins in place

                                                         •   Reduced material handling time—storage of pallets is
                                                         •   Pallets are stackable with removable corner or lay
                                                             down posts


                                                         •   Solid corner posts          ●   Gauge pin holes
                                                         •   Lay down corner posts       ●   Crane Hooks
                                                         •   Removable corner posts