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									                                         Why Atlas?
                                         Being the world’s leading builder of die carts for
                                         stamping press changeover has taught us a great
                                         deal about building equipment for heavy-duty use.
                                         We have put the same expertise into designing
                                         and building equipment for the aerospace industry
                                         and defense contractors. All of our equipment is
                                         built for long term, specialized use.

                                         Our Resources
                                         Our state of the art facilities provide over 51,000
                                         square feet of manufacturing space and over
                                         8,000 square feet of office space. This makes us
                                         large enough to build complete systems, yet small
                                         enough to remain affordable.

                                         Our manufacturing facilities are complete with
                                         fabrication, machine shop, machine assembly and
                                         test departments. Our manufacturing group has
                                         highly skilled people, many of whom have over 20
                                         years of service with the company.

                                         Our Team of Professionals
                                         Atlas has a complete in house engineering
                                         department, a highly skilled service department
                                         that is on call 24-7-365, estimating, sales and
                                         project management.

                                         We strive to continuously improve our equipment
                                         and processes through R & M and VA/VE

                                         Our Global Capability
3100 Copper Avenue, Fenton MI 48430
                                         Our manufacturing facilities are located in Fenton,
(810) 629-6663     Fax: (810) 629-8145
                                         Michigan, Sao Paulo, Brazil and China with sales
                                         representation in India, Mexico and the UK.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Industrial Solutions

Resin Transfer Mold Cells                                                         Mold/Part Turnover

Conventional press and automation
equipment will not solve many of the
                                                                            Resin Transfer Mold Cells Can:
problems associated with mass production
of resin transfer mold products.                                            •    Improve throughput and quality
The engineers at Atlas have designed, built                                 •    Reduce or remove difficult and dangerous material handling tasks
and proven an automation process that                                       •    Provide a safe method of hot oil connection to molds
eliminates the dangerous tasks and                                          •    Provide for data acquisition, archiving and support product traceability
processes associated with RTM by utilizing                                  •    Significantly reduce costs using specialized mold clamps as
the following components;                                                         compared to conventional hydraulic presses
• Track Mounted Mold Transport Carts                                        •    Improve mold separation and part extraction
• Heat Transfer Units                                                       •    Improve mold cavity cleaning
• Hydraulic Mold Clamps
• Mold Set-up and Cool Down Racks
• Mold Turnover/Separator Units
• Mold Die Disassembly/Part Extraction
    Table                                          Mold Clamp
• Mold Input/Output Queues                                                                      Elevate and Locate
• Hot Oil Line Connectors

              Applying the Technology                                                                                                        Storage and Retrieval Systems
                                                                                                                                             The Atlas Automatic Storage and Retrieval system is a
              The innovative technologies that Atlas has developed and refined for                                                           high speed, proved, fully programmable method of
              automotive pressrooms may be applied to additional applications.                                                               lifting, storing, retrieving and lowering fixtures, molds,
                                                                                                                                             dies, parts, coils and other items weighing up to 50 tons.
              Our robust and capable designs are known around the world to refine
              process, streamline required resources and improve quality and safety.                                                         The elevating platen for this system may also be used to
                                                                                                                                             retrieve, lift and positively locate materials or assembled
                                                                                                                                             components for installation.

                                                                                Transfer Carts
                                                                                                                                                                      Rotating Wheel Assembly
                                                                                The Atlas self-powered Transfer Cart was developed for fast accurate and safe
                                                                                die, mold and fixture changeover and transport. They provide controlled
                                                                                movement from one area to another with highly repeatable positioning. Transfer
                                                                                Carts may be track or non track mounted.

                                                                                This technology and robust design could be applied to equipment that would be
                                                                                capable of towing a fully assembled wide body airplane .

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