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                                                                                         Beaverton                                                                   Seventh-day Adventist Church
                    Week at a Glance
                                                                               Seventh-day Adventist Church
Today           May 28      8:48 pm   Sabbath Ends
Sunday          May 29      6:00 pm   Pathfinders                       Office
                                                                            Hours      Mon-Thu, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
                                                                           Phone:      (503) 646-9828
Monday          May 30                Church Office Closed                  Phone      10 – Office
                                      Memorial Day!                    Extensions:     11 – Pastor Rodney
                                                                                       12 – Pastor Julius
                                                                                       13 – Pastor Keith
Tuesday         May 31      9:00 am   Community Service                                16 – Community Services                                                                              Where
Wednesday        Jun 01     7:00 pm   Mid-Week/Prayer Meeting           Web Sites:                                                       Christ is Exalted, People are Cherished, Truth is Treasured
                                                                          Address:     14645 SW Davis Road, Beaverton, OR 97007                                              Worship Services
Thursday         Jun 02     7:00 pm   Worship Committee
                                                                     The deadline for Bulletin submissions is noon Wednesday.
                                                                                             Thank you!                                                      9:00 AM                   May 28, 2011                    11:30 AM
Friday           Jun 03     8:54 pm   Sabbath Begins                Pastors’ Office Hours

                                                                        Pastor Rodney -    Tuesday 9am – 2pm & By Appointment                                Pastor Keith            Welcome and Song                Pastor Julius
Sabbath          Jun 04     9:00 am   Pastor Rodney
                                                                        Pastor Julius -    By Appointment
                          10:20 am    Sabbath School                    Pastor Keith -     By Appointment                                                    Bhagyam Moses              Kid’s Corner            Bhagyam Moses
                          11:30 am    Pastor Rodney                                                                                                                                      Offering
                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Keith                                            Pastor Julius
                            1:00 pm   Fellowship Meal                                                             Staff                                                              OC-Youth/Ed Fund
                            8:54 pm   Sabbath Ends
                                                                    Pastors                                                                                  Praise Team              Praise Worship                 Praise Team
                Upcoming Sabbath Sermons                               Lead Pastor             .        ....Rodney Payne II            Cell (503) 329-2134
                                                                       Young Adult                                                                           Bret McKay               Congregational                   Bret McKay
Jun 04       Rodney Payne II      Volunteers                           Associate Pastor                       ........Julius Jones     Cell (503) 367-4427
                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Rodney             Spoken Word                 Pastor Rodney
Jun 11       Julius Jones                                              Associate Pastor   ..             ......Keith Bowman            Cell (423) 716-3364                             “Assurance”
Jun 18       Keith Bowman                                                                                                                                    Ashley Logan             Prelude/Postlude              Steve Mercer
                                                                    Office Manager                                   ...Cam Litvin     Cell (503) 320-5216

                                                                    Head Elder/Pastoral Assistant....               Leon Colburn           (503) 591-9763    Dave Payne              Praise Team Leader              Dave Payne
                Membership Transfers
         Joining May 28                         From                Head Deacon                               ...    .Kelly Critser    Cell (503) 789-9967   Stephanie Baker        Platform Coordinator         Stephanie Baker
                  No Transfers Joining this month                                                                                                            Stephanie Baker          Next week’s PC             Stephanie Baker
                                                                    Head Deaconess                           ..     ...Sallie Settle       (503) 246-3815
      Leaving May 28                              To                                                                                                         Roger Dondino                                          Leon Colburn
                                                                                                                                                                                     Pastoral Assistants
   Scott & Shelley Beaman             Sunset Christian Fellowship   Membership Clerk                    ..           .Helen Fried          (503) 647-2192    Donna Dondino                                         Gil Messenger

                                                                    Church Treasurer                ..            ...John Lawson           (503) 642-2575    Terry Nobbe                Lead Deacon                  Terry Nobbe

                                                                    Communications                 ..               Denise Gibbs           (503) 690-2155    Bhagyam Moses           Floral Arrangement          Bhagyam Moses
                                                                                                                                                             12. Bike Ride - family friendly for all ages and rider levels.
                     Sabbath School                                                                 Announcements                                                Saturday afternoon, 6/18. Meet at Greenway Park located in
                                                                                                                                                                 S.W. Denny Road at 2:30 p.m. Bike ride starts at 3:00 p.m.
              Classes begin at 10:20 am and end at 11:20 am                                                                                                      Sponsored by the social committee and coordinated by Terry
                                                                                1.   We welcome you to the Beaverton Seventh-day Adventist
        Sabbath School Classes are offered for all age groups.                                                                                                   Nobbe and David Cornelius. Questions - email
                                                                                     Church on this Memorial Day weekend! We give thanks for
                                                                                     those who have sacrificed life and limb for freedom. Most of all
Adult Classes (Coordinator: Franklin Moses)                                          we worship a Savior who gave His life as a ransom for our               13. The Community Services needs the following items,
Leaders/Groups                                                     Location:         salvation.                                                                  toothbrushes, soap, dental floss, deodorant, shampoo and toilet
                                                                                                                                                                 paper. Thank you!
  Moses, “S.S. Quarterly”                                         Sanctuary     2.   Today’s floral arrangement celebrates Kiana Villegas’ 16th
  Clendenon, “S.S. Quarterly”                                   Elder Room           birthday and is provided by her parents, Milt & Leslie Villegas.        14. Portland Adventist Academy is excited to announce that 70
                                                                                     Happy Birthday Kiana!                                                       Japanese students will be visiting Portland and they want to
  Mohr/Houghton, “S.S. Quarterly”                            Tualatin Room                                                                                       have an American family experience. They'll need housing
                                                                                3.   Graduation Announcements Next Sabbath we intend to place                    between Friday, July 15 to Sunday, July 17. If you are
  Logan/Kelly, “S.S. Quarterly”                                   Room 109                                                                              th
                                                                                     an insert in the bulletin highlighting all of our graduates from 8          interested in housing two or more students please contact
  Young Adults, “Sabbath Share”                            Columbia Room             grade, high-school, and any level of college. Please help us                Maria Bibb, PAA's Inter. Student Director. 503.255.8372 x260
  Parents Class “S.S. Quarterly”                                      Library        make sure we don’t miss anyone by submitting names, school
                                                                                     and level of graduation to the office at        15. Oregon Conference is calling all willing and able workers to
  Eng/R Payne II Shekinah Class “Prayer”                    Fellowship Hall
                                                                                     or calling 503.646.9828.                                                    volunteer during Camp Meeting this year, July 10-17. Daily we
                                                                                                                                                                 need personnel for three-8 hour shifts. We are looking for
Children Classes                                                                4.   Next Sabbath Fellowship Meal following second service.                      volunteers in Safety, Hospitality and licensed nurses and
  Beginner 1         Ages 0-2                                     Room 136           Please join us for this fun and engaging time. Its more about               EMTs. If you would like to work a shift daily or only have time
  Beginner 2         Ages 2-4                                     Room 139           friendship than the food but, please bring lots food!                       for a single shift, your services would be appreciated. If you are
  Kindergarten Ages 4-6                                           Room 146      5.   The church office will be closed Monday for Memorial day, and               interested in volunteering, please contact: Kara Wetterlin
                                                                                     may be open limited hours May 31 as Cam will be out of the         or by phone (503) 850-3347, or
  Primary            Ages 6-9                                     Room 144                                                                                       Jayne Johnson via e-mail: or by
                                                                                     office. Normal office hours will resume June 1.
  Junior             Grades 4-6                                   Room 142                                                                                       phone (503) 850-3344
                                                                                6.   New worship times began last Sabbath! First Service - 9am
  Teens              Grades 7-8                                   Room 105                                                                                   16. The Oregon Conference is seeking a full-time Administrative
                                                                                     to 10:15am. Sabbath School - 10:20am to 11:20am. Second
  Youth              Grades 9-12                           Willamette Room           service - 11:30am to 12:45pm.                                               Assistant for the Human Resources Department. The job
                                                                                                                                                                 description is available at
         nd                                                                     7.   Prayer Meeting this Wednesday at 7:00pm – Pastor Julius is                  employment-home. If you are interested in applying, please
        2     Church Service begins promptly at 11:30 am.
                                                                                     leading out a meaningful and prayer-full mid-week service.                  submit a resumé, cover letter, and application to Gena Gibson
A Church Service “Training Chapel” is available for parents who wish to              Please come and find support and encouragement. Topic this                  at or fax to (503) 850-3405.
experience the church service outside of the sanctuary while taking care of          week is “Hollywood’s Strangest Twist”.                                      Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
their small children. It is located in the back corner of the Sanctuary.
                                                                                8.   VBS will be June 20-23. You may register your children at our           17. Big Lake Summer Camp 2011 brochures available on the
                                                                                     church web site, see VBS News for online Registration Form.                 Foyer table.
                      Church Finances                                                We would love to have your help with VBS, however we cannot
                                                                                                                                                             18. There are additional Oregon Conference announcements at
                                                                                     have drop in youth or adults work with the kids due to conference
Church Budget                      May             April            YTD(Apr)                                                                           
                                                                                     rules! You can pre-qualify by filling out an OC Volunteer
   Budgeted                   $19,995          $ 19,995               $79,980        Information Form. To obtain the form, contact the church office
   Received                   $12,415           $21,169               $74,388        or Jody Neufeld for more information.                                     Prayer: Praises & Requests *
   Needed                       $7,580                                 $7,439   9.   Red Cross Blood Drive here in our Church Fellowship Hall,                   •    Pray for Samuel Holland as he seeks to finish his education and
                                                                                     June 15, 1:30 - 6:30 pm. Sign-up sheets available June 4 & 11;                   start a new business venture.
        Tithe money does not fund the $19,995 needed each month to operate           or call Penny, 503-647-5868.
                                                                                                                                                                 •    Called to Grow, Growing to Serve: Pray that God would
        the local church and its ministries.                                    10. Flute Choir. A group of church members are starting a flute                       continually guide and compel us to greater engagement in the
                                                                                    choir small group. If you are interested call Liz at 503.431.1536.                mission of Jesus Christ.
 Called to Grow, Growing to Serve                                               11. Free Bike Clinic - if you want to have your bike checked or need             NOTE: When you desire to submit a prayer request
               Total Received: $440,622.21 from 176 donors                          help in fixing an issue before the church bike ride, come to the             just call the office at 503.646.9828 or email it to
                                                                                    church parking lot on June 5 between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00          
                                                                                    p.m.                                                                         * Prayer requests will be printed for three weeks. Please contact the church
                                                                                                                                                                 office to extend the request. Thank you.

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