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					      University of Portsmouth

           Academic Incentives

Bridging the Gap with Industry – What we have
    learnt from our successes and failures

          Joseph Cavalla – Business Manager
        Research & Knowledge Transfer Services
‘The University of Portsmouth aims for excellence in the
creation, interpretation and communication of
‘We aim to increase the quantity and diversity of near
market research and training through collaborative
research & development contracts and Knowledge
Transfer Partnerships.’

University of Portsmouth Strategic Plan
University of Portsmouth
A Successful Strategy…

• Our Applied Research & Knowledge Exchange programs are
key to enhancing our external relationships
• The knowledge and expertise we bring to our customers
leads to economic growth, job creation and enhances their
competitive advantage
• Our relationships also provide valuable market intelligence
that shapes our future direction
• Our work leads to significant economic, social and cultural
impact – all key performance indicators are carefully measured
to assess the added value the institution brings to the region
as a whole
But how did we get the Academics Engaged?
Key Factors:

• Initially we worked closely with Directorate and HR to ensure that
engagement in Knowledge Transfer is placed on an equal footing as
Teaching, Administration and Research as academic promotion
criteria. Changes to Academic Contracts and working with Heads of
Departments were fundamentally important
• Then we got the message out to the Faculties, Departments and
Individual Academics that they have something of real value to offer
to business - and to ensure the message was clear we worked with
selected Academic Champions to demonstrate the benefits KT work
brings to individuals
• Following on we have aligned our Business Development Support
Staff with Departments and Individuals that have the capacity to
deliver and share the overall strategic vision
Back the Winners
People are incentivised if they see their colleagues
benefiting from undertaking KT work:

• ‘Academic Champions’. Use the first generation of successes
to encourage the next generation of followers
• Demonstrate the value the academics bring to the table
• Coaching and Mentoring – stay with them for the journey
• Focus on Repeat Business with Satisfied Customers
• Ensure ongoing Faculty support
• Recognise those who show passion and enthusiasm
• Then highlight success (case studies – reduced teaching and
admin loads – establish specialist applied research centres),
and ultimately reward through promotion
But it’s not all plain sailing…
Some spanners in the works…

• Lack of trust – academics need to see tangible results before
they believe KT is a worthwhile exercise
• Lack of Resources – teaching and admin loads often put
academics under more pressure than is acceptable
• Admin and Bureaucracy – the first time someone sees a
Collaborative R&D application form it can be very off-putting
• It’s hard to break down the Silos – academics don’t like the leave
their comfort zones
• However we always focus on helping the individual
academic as much as possible
• In doing so have achieved some real successes…
Case Study – Xyratex
Sponsored MSc Projects

Company Profile:
• Havant based global market leading data systems manufacturer
• Help develop energy efficient solutions for future High Performance
Computing platforms
• Establish a dedicated laboratory in University using state of the art Xyratex
equipment and develop a number of investigatory projects assessing broad range of
• Significant follow on work has brought added incentives…
“Sponsoring the Masters program has given us opportunities to investigate in a very cost
effective way issues we need to understand in more depth before making strategic
decisions on where to commit R&D expenditure. The success of these small projects has
led to us establishing a broad range of ongoing collaborations with the University.”
Steve Barber – CEO - Xyratex
Thank you for listening…

Joseph Cavalla
Business Manager
University of Portsmouth
Research & Knowledge Transfer Services
Purple Door
T: 023 9284 2973

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