GILES HIGH SCHOOL JJ Kirkner_ Kelly Keister_ Chelsea Dunford Art by wuzhenguang


									 March 2007                  GILES HIGH SCHOOL   Volume Three

  Art Contest Winners
  1st “The Mill”
          Kelly Keister
  2 “Mystic Angel”
          Chelsea Dunford
  3rd “Lethal Threat”
          JJ Kirkner

JJ Kirkner, Kelly Keister,
    Chelsea Dunford
                                    The Blue House
                                     By MaKayla Songer                                               In This Issue…
     The little girl woke up and lay shivering in her twin bed, huddled under the single sheet. It   School News          2-9
was summer, and warm in the house. She could see through the open door and into the
hallway, the scene illuminated by the meager light from her window. It was coming. At once
she began to scream. To scream like she has since they moved here. To the Blue House. She            Features            10-16
shrieked as loud as she could for her Mom and Dad. They would turn on the light and she
could run up to their room, where she would be safe. But there was no answer. The hallway            Entertainment 17-19
remained dark.
     Why weren’t they answering? They always turned on the light for her! Her heart was
                                                                                                     Sports              20-22
fluttering savagely in her chest, her fear mounting to sheer panic. What would happen if she
was still in her room when it passed? What would it do? Would it turn and see her? Or simply
go past? She didn’t want to leave the slight safety of her sheet for the open darkness, but she
didn’t want to be here when it came either! She quavered with indecision, terrified to take
     So she screamed. Her voice rent the silence like shattering glass. There was no way that
they could not hear her. What had it done to them?! Her panic finally broke her indecision, and
she flung the sheet from her and bolted up the hallway, her bare feet pattering on the carpeted
     She reached their room, still screaming, and began shaking her Mother, begging her to
wake up. She wouldn’t. She tried to crawl into the waterbed, but the fitted sheet had been
pulled loose and she couldn’t bear to lie on the icy bed. She needed to hide. Her Mother was all
twisted up in the regular sheet, and she couldn’t get herself underneath. She couldn’t stay in
the open!
     She cast a terrified glance down the hallway and saw to her horror that it was coming.                   Staff
     She leapt from the bed, banging her knee on the padded from of the waterbed, and bolted                Editors:
around to her Father’s side. She shook him, screaming and crying as loud as she could. But he         Katy Allamong &
wouldn’t wake up either. As a last resort she climbed up onto the waterbed and began jumping,
screaming so loud she though her throat would tear.                                                     Ryan Davis
     And it was coming.                                                                                       Staff:
                                                                                                      Samantha Owens
                                                                                                        Kristen Lucas
                                                                                                      Brooke Johnson
                                                                                                      Venessa Burnette
                                                                                                       Kelsey Frazier
                                                                                                       Megan Blevins
                                                                                                       Jenna Warthen
                                                                                                      Patrick Mahaney
                                                                     MaKayla Songer is the
                                                                     winner of the Spartonian          Bryan Stafford
                                                                     short story contest.              Tanner Bivens
                      “Alive and Growing”
                   Small Enough To Know You,
                                                                                                     Front Cover Designed By
                    Big Enough To Serve You                                                               Kristen Lucas

                         First                                             Correction                Back Cover Designed By
                                                                                                         Kelsey Frazier,
                United Methodist Church                              In the “The Marching
                                                                     Band” article of the               Ryan Davis, and
                                                                     December issue, the                 Katy Allamong
                            1101 Valleyview Drive
                                                                     trombone section leader
                                P.O. Box 400
                                                                     should be named as
                          Pearisburg, Virginia 24134                                                 To Contact us, our email is
                                                                     Wyatt Hall, not Gary
                            Phone: 540-921-1021                                            

1St Place:
Can the Heart Be Healed?
By Blair McGee

A tear once cried, is a tear now dried
But the pain it still resides inside
Like a barren garden once full of life
A sad and lonely widow wife
A life once full of joy and light
Now darkness at a growing height
In too deep, emotion and fear
Anniversary in sight, approaching one year
How can they take it?                            2nd Place:
How will they survive?                           A Love Lost
If only the memory can be revived                By Justin DiRico
His memory it seems all too far
And his death, brands on us a lasting scar       This hurt is unreal
Oh, I wish to see his smiling face               This pain I feel
Or at least to feel his loving embrace           I have to rise above
Those simple things I once took for granted      Because love is love
And now to know that I can’t have them           And mine is shattered
It kills me inside, wrenching my heart           And it is battered
Was it really time for him to depart?            I write not to induce guilt
Indeed it’s true, I miss him so                  Because of the poison you spilt
I will not, cannot let the thoughts of him go    The poison that left me damaged
Just a moment with him, short and brief          But I have to manage
That’s all I ask to rid my grief                 This is so I can spill my feelings
But life it seems, moves far too fast            So I can endure the killing
And there is no way to relive the past           The killing done to my heart
Can the heart be healed from a pain like this?   And the blood tastes salty sweet and metallically tart
The death of man we all still miss               But I do not guilt you
                                                 I still love and miss you
                                                 Even though I slept in a puddle of tears
                                                 And you confirmed my worst fears
                                                 But everyday
                                                 Everyday you are away
                                                 My heart slowly begins to heal
    3rd Place:                                   And again I can feel
    Cleanse                                      What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
    By Gelsina Ceritano                          Helps you live longer
                                                 And this didn’t kill me
    The Rain is like a wash.                     But if this is the way it must be
    That sinks inside your skin.                 Then I won’t ask why
    Then bleeds the old, lost memories.          I’ll just say good bye
    That build up from within.
    The past is broken from the bones.
    Every drop leaves a burning sting.
    Lost memories exit from your flesh.
    The unwanted past is slowly evaporating.
    Feel the liquid against you living body.
    A feeling of release.
    The old has been renewed.
    The future, your mind shall feast.

                January, February, and March Teachers of the Month
                                                         By Megan Blevins
                                                     The January teacher of the month was Ms. Barbara Maxwell. Ms. Maxwell has
                                                been teaching in the math department for six years. When asked what her favorite
                                                aspect of teaching was, Ms. Maxwell said, “I enjoy the students that are interested in
                                                learning and try to better themselves by preparing for the SOL tests, graduation, and
                                                their future outside of school.” Ms. Maxwell earned her bachelor’s degree from
                                                Concord University and her master’s from Marshall University and West Virginia
                                                University. She has taken additional classes from WVCGOS and New River
                                                Community College. When asked why she decided to teach at GHS, Ms. Maxwell
                                                said, “I retired from Princeton High School in West Virginia and discovered that I
                                                did not want to stay at home. I heard of a math opening in Giles County and applied
                                                for the job and have enjoyed my tenure here at Giles. The people in the county, the
                                                staff at GHS, and the students are very friendly and make teaching here a pleasure.”
                                                Ms. Maxwell said the reason she decided to become a teacher was, “At the time I
went to college, there was not many opportunities for women to get a professional job. As I continued through college, I found that I
enjoyed helping other students with their assignments and decided that I would become a teacher. Several of my aunts and uncles
were teachers and encouraged me in this endeavor.”

                                        For February, S.A.E. chose Mr. Steve Ragsdale as the teacher of the month. Mr. Ragsdale has
                                   been teaching at GHS for 32 years. Mr. Ragsdale says that his favorite aspect of teaching is “The
                                   instruction part of teaching. Actually showing students how to do the problems.” Mr. Ragsdale
                                   earned his bachelor of sciences degree from Roanoke College and his Master of Arts from
                                   Virginia Tech. When asked how he ended up teaching here at Giles and why he became a teacher,
                                   Mr. Ragsdale says he actually wasn’t planning on becoming a teacher until he was in grad school.
                                   He decided to try teaching because he wanted to try coaching. He says that a big influence on his
                                   becoming a teacher had to do with the fact that both his mother and father were teachers and
                                   coaching because his dad was a coach as well. Mr. Ragsdale saw coaching as a big part of
                                   teaching. He decided to teach at Giles because he did his student teaching here, and there was an
                                   opening at the school for the year after he completed his student teaching. Another reason he says
                                   he chose Giles was because he grew up in Giles county and he really like GHS.

                                                     Ms. Mattie Ward has been selected by the S.A.E as the March Teacher of the
                                                 Month.. Ms. Ward has been teaching in Giles County since 1985. She has been
                                                 teaching for 27 years over all. When asked what her favorite aspect of teaching is,
                                                 Ms. Ward responded, “I enjoy interacting and spending time with the students.” She
                                                 earned her Associate’s degree from Wytheville Community College, her Bachelor’s
                                                 from Radford University and some additional endorsements from the University of
                                                 Virginia. Ms. Ward ended up teaching at GHS when her family moved here in 1985.
                                                 When asked why she became a teacher, Ms. Ward stated, “A young man at the
                                                 church I grew up in was my motivation. Micky was born with severe disabilities. I
                                                 was touched by him and all that he was. When I was about 12 years old I knew that I
                                                 wanted to become a teacher. I also knew that I wanted to teach in special education.
                                                 Working with Micky at church was something I enjoyed. He was so smart! He was
                                                 non-verbal, but had many ways to communicate. It was through knowing Micky and
                                                 working with him that I started believing I could make a difference.”

             Paul A. Olson, MD     Pamela B. Olson, FNP
       219 South Buchanan Street      Pearisburg, Virginia
                         540-921-4343       540-726-3000
                                                  8th Grade Spelling Bee
                                                        By Morgan Sumpter
                                                  On Monday February 5, 2007, the 8th
                                              grade classroom winners participated in
                                              the school Spelling Bee. They spelled a
                                              variety of words chosen by the level of
                                                  After several rounds, the winner of the
                                              Spelling Bee was decided. The runner-up
 The 8th Grade Spelling Bee participants      was Sarah Carbaugh and the winner was
 are L-R: Gianni Massaro, Blake Martin,       Gianni Massaro.                               The first place winner, Gianni
 Sarah Carbaugh, Ashley Perkins, Jake                                                       Massaro, and runner-up, Sarah
 Hedrick, Virginia Greer, Ashley Cadle,                                                     Carbaugh.             Photos By Morgan Sumpter

 and Cody Ratcliff.

                                 Check It Out
                                 By Kristen Lucas
    Giles High School has made a new addition to their library. The new clerk, Mrs.
Barbara Dunn, graduated from GHS. She works part-time in the Library on Mondays,
Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. This is Mrs. Dunn’s first job working in a school. She is a
retired secretary and bookkeeper for the School Board Office, where she worked for 25
years. As a librarian, Mrs. Dunn helps Mrs. Beckner with whatever needs to be done in
the library, including checking out books for students. She also likes to check out
books for herself so she can pass the time reading. When she is not busy with books,
her passion is dedicated to the Relay for Life Cancer Society.

                                                                                                 (540) 953-1513
                                                                                                 (540) 544-7810

                                           A-1 Heating & Cooling

                                         Get It Done Right…
                                             The First Time

                                                                         101 Old Newport Road
                                                                             Newport, VA 24128                                 .

                Old Dominion University Model UN
                                  By Katy Allamong
     On February 14, twelve students accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Johnston
went to represent the country of Denmark at Old Dominion University’s Model UN.
This year, about nine hundred students from over fifty schools gathered together to
confer about topics that are widely discussed around the world, including post-conflict
peace building, economic growth and sustainable development, Iran and the
proliferation of nuclear weapons, disarmament international security, immigration
standards, and the crisis in Darfur. There were several councils that were based after
the actual UN, such as the Economic and Social Committee, Future Security Council,
Historical Security Council, Security Council, and the Non-Governmental
Organization Forum. Each of these committees discussed different angles of various       Mr. W.R. Johnston, Katy Allamong,
topics and wrote resolutions proposing ways to stop the occurring conflicts.             Luke Marrs, Justin Williams, Astleigh
          Delegates learned about their countries and how they would respond to          Hobbs, Annette Devereaux, Josh
situations that would interact with other nations. They were able to make motions to     Wiegand, Heather Thompson, Amanda
change the resolution topics, extend/shorten the speaking time, suggest a break, and     Meadows, Grace Meier, Kayla Stump,
motion for opportunities to suspend the rules to speak about what their working          Erica Maxey, and Chad Robertson.
papers were about. The delegates were encouraged to work with the other countries                            Photo by Mr. W.R. Johnston
to complete a resolution that could work for the UN. Once the papers were
completed, all of the delegates voted on which resolution they believed would work the best.
          The conference was not full of just meetings. In the evenings, there was karaoke, a dance, movie, and ample time to eat
meals. Several people seized the opportunity to take naps or chat with their new friends. By the end of the conference, many new
friends were made, knowledge was formed about the functioning of Model UN, and memories that will last a lifetime were created.


                                                                                    English MACC
                                                                                       By Ryan Davis
                                                         There’s nothing quite like the sound of a buzzer to get your competitive side going.
                                                    For the GHS English MACC team, that sound has become a familiarity. Since early
                                                    October, the team has been practicing hard every Tuesday after school until 4:30. Now,
                                                    nearing the conclusion of the MACC season, all their effort is being put to the test.
                                                         Unlike the other divisions of MACC, (Math, Science, History, and All Around) the
                                                    English team is assigned a reading list consisting of 56 items, including novels, poems,
                                                    short stories ,and plays. Each team member reads as much of the material as possible,
                                                    as questions are unpredictable and can be asked from any item on the list. The team is
                                                    also asked questions on 53 literary terms and parts of speech.
                                                         Although the team has only succeeded in winning one match and tying another of
                                                    the eight they have played, most have been nail bitingly close, coming down to as little
   The English MACC team: (L-R) Jesse               as one question. English plays last this year, which is somewhat of an advantage for the
   Phillips, Ryan Davis, Katy Allamong,             team, giving them a little extra time to study and size up the opposing players.
   and Tanner Bivens. Not pictured:                      “They always seem to ask questions on the one thing I didn‘t study,” laughs team
   Bobbie Mayhew.          Photo by Patrick Mahaney
                                                    Captain Katy Allamong, “Sure, it’s more fun to win, but I don’t mind losing a match or
two as long as we don’t get slaughtered.” Win or lose, the team has played hard to the last question all season. Every player has studied
relentlessly for months and can often be seen with MACC binder in hand. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself,
however, and the team does just that.

                                               State Farm
                   Providing Insurance and Financial Services
                    Home Office, Bloomington, Illinois 61710

                        Chris Turman

    1500 N Main Street
    Blacksburg, VA 24060
    Off.: (540) 953-2300
    Fax: (540) 953-2441

                                                                             French Club           By Patrick Mahaney
                                                               The French Club consists of students who have taken at least one year of
                                                          French and meets during the morning on club day. Mr. Peter Binkley sponsors
                                                          the club. President Megan Blevins, Vice President Grace Meier, and Secretary
                                                          Autumn Widrig were elected by fellow French Club members. The members
                                                          of the French Club are: Sponsor Mr. Peter Binkley, Chelsea Dunford, Grace
                                                          Meier, Jarrod Alls, Autumn Widrig, Megan Blevins, Shanan Worrell, Katrina
                                                          VanHemert, Patrick Mahaney, Justin Silver, and Katherine Dinwiddie. Not
                                                          Pictured are Adam Songer, Jenna Warthen, and Michael Dinwiddie.
                                                               The French Club sold pizza and cookie kits as a fundraiser. Although an
                                                          official trip for the club has not been decided on, the club was invited to go
                                                          with the Spanish classes to Epcott. It may not have been an active year for the
 The French Club members during their morning             French Club, but Megan Blevins says, “French classes and French Club are
 meeting.                    Photo by Megan Blevins       great learning experiences.”

                        Can You Walk the Line?
                                  By Kelsey Frazier
    This past six weeks, the Girls Drivers Ed class got to experience an event that
will hopefully change their way of thinking when it comes to drinking and driving.
Mr. Wilburn brought beer goggles for the class to put on and try to walk a straight
line. Surprisingly enough, it was a lot harder than it looked. Not many students could
walk the line as accurately as they thought. Many said they saw two lines, but most
didn’t really see a line at all. This experience showed a lot of girls how drinking and
driving really does impair your vision and reactions to things. It may not have
influenced all the girls to not drink and drive, but it did for a lot. It could have also
saved a life or two. So be safe, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!!                                  Jennifer Lang attempts to walk the line with
                                                                                            the level 3 daytime goggles.
                                                                                                                       Photo by Morgan Sumpter

                              P.O. Box 361 Narrows, Virginia 24124
                              (540) 921-2700 or 726- 8038
                                                                        Senior High All-District Chorus
                                                                                       By Katy Allamong
                                                               On February 9-10, five singers represented Giles High School at Senior All-
                                                          District Chorus, which was held at Pulaski High School. Amelia Tyler (Alto2),
                                                          Meredith Epperley (Alto1), Hoil Song (Tenor2), and Duston Rakes (Bass2), were in
                                                          the Mixed Choir, while Katy Allamong (Alto2) was in the Women’s Chorus.
                                                               The Mixed Choir, who practiced in the auditorium, consisted of Tenors, Basses,
                                                          Sopranos, and Altos, with about 150 participants. They sang seven songs, one of
                                                          which featured several solos. Their director, Dr. Krudop, told them on the first day,
                                                          “If it is not stupid, we’re doing it wrong.” He encouraged them to put emotion into
                                                          the expressions while enjoying themselves at the same time.
                                                               In the chorus room, the Women’s Chorus, with about 90 singers, worked on
                                                          their selections: The Rose, Goin’ Up a Yonder, Ma Navu, How Can I Keep From
                                                          Singing, and Sisters. Unlike the Mixed Chorus, the Women’s Chorus did not feature
                                                          any solos, although tryouts were held. Instead, certain sections were featured as
  Meredith Epperley, Hoil Song, Katy                      soloists, depending on the voice range and the blend. One of the main focuses was
  Allamong, Amelia Tyler, and Duston                      the song Sisters, which was choreographed and had synchronized handclaps. Mr.
  Rakes before the concert on Saturday,                   Lupton, the director, thoroughly enjoyed working with the group through this
  February 10.                  Photo by Mr. Larry Marion number, along with the others. He stressed the importance of singing lightly and
                                                          with energy, while doing so with a smile.
     All-District Chorus practices were held for about 9 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday. The directors chose when they
wanted to give breaks and made sure all of the singers were not over worked. After lunch and dinner breaks, each group preformed
various stretches and warm-ups to prepare for more singing to be in top shape for the concert. At the end of the concert, the All-
Virginia delegates were selected. All-Virginia Chorus auditions were held on Friday at 4:00. This consisted of sight-reading 4 pars
from a random card. The prepared piece was Exsultate Justi, which was the original District tryout piece. Hoil Song was chosen as 2nd
alternate for the Tenor 2 section. As an alternate, he will be on call in case the other singers from District 7 cannot attend.
     The concert was held at 5:00 on Saturday inside the auditorium. Much to the singers’ delight, the auditorium was packed. The
Women’s Chorus preformed first, nailing the songs and the choreography, which brought a bright smile to Mr. Lupton’s face. Next
up was the Mixed Chorus. The harmonizing and energy was tremendous, which ended the concert with a bang. Congratulations to all
of the singers for their selections, and thanks for putting the time and effort into making it such an incredible experience.

                                                                  A Tasty Reward
                                                                    By Venessa Burnette
                                                      Sundaes for Scholars, awarded to the students who made
                                                 A/B Honor Roll or were nominated by teachers for academic
                                                 improvements, took place on Thursday January 11, 2007.
                                                 Many students were given the opportunity to leave their
                                                 seventh period class at 2:45 to enjoy their ice cream and time
                                                 with friends. Not only does it reward people with superb
                                                 grades, but it also makes Giles High students strive to
                                                 improve academically.
                                                      Numerous students look forward to Sundaes for
                                                 Scholars and taking a little break from the classroom. Senior
                                                 Laura Ruark said that she really enjoyed spending time with
  Justin Silver decorated his yummy              her friends while eating her sundae, and even wishes the time    Justin Williams added
  treat with gummy bears.                        was extended.                                                    caramel to his dessert for
                    Photos by Venessa Burnette
                                                                                                                  delicious taste.

                        Thank You Lunch Ladies
                                  By Samantha Brookner
    A lot of people may not realize just how much work goes into our school
lunches. The lunch ladies are important to a student’s daily school life. Without
them, a lot of us would not have anything to eat for lunch. The lunch ladies start
coming in to work as early as 6:30 every morning to begin preparing the food that
we eat every day. These hard working cafeteria personnel do not leave until 2:00
every afternoon.
    Sandra Strickland has been working in the GHS cafeteria for almost four
years, while Dewana Eason has been here for seven. Martha Davidson probably
has the most experience in our cafeteria, since she has been working here for
                                                               around 25 years.
                                                               Most of them agree
                                                               that trying to make      Pictured are some of our lunch ladies:
                                                               enough food for all      Loretta Smith, Beulah Williams, Sandra
                                                               three lunches is         Strickland, Dewana Eason, Birtha Stowers,
                                                               probably         the     and Martha Davidson.         Photo by Samantha Brookner

                                                               toughest aspect of the whole job. They also said that most of the
                                                               students are polite and nice to them. A lot of the students that I have
                                                               talked to do not mind eating a school lunch and neither do the lunch
                                                               ladies, although both wish that there was more of a variety of food
                                                               prepared and served. The lunch ladies have earned respect by working
                                                               very hard while still being nice to all of us students.

                                                        Snack Attack
                                                           By Jenna Warthen
     Snack: a small portion of food eaten between meals. Attack: to set into a forceful action. When the thought of a snack starts to
attack your mind, here are a few quick and healthy recipes!

             Ingredients:                                 Ingredients:                                     Ingredients:
            12 crackers                                                                                    ½ cup of sliced
            1 stick of string cheese                      1 cup of rice crispies                           strawberries
            6 tablespoons of                              cereal                                           2 tablespoons of
            spaghetti sauce                               3 tablespoons of honey                           whipped topping
                                                          ¼ cup of peanut butter                           2 tablespoons of oat or
            Directions:                                   ¼ cup of nonfat dry milk                         granola cereal
            Cut cheese into six equal                     solids
            parts.                                        non-stick cooking spray                          Directions:
            Arrange 6 crackers on                                                                          Place half the
            microwaveable plate,                     Directions:                                           strawberries in a glass.
            top with cheese.                            Crush cereal and put all                           Add layers of 1
            Microwave on high for                       but 2 tablespoons in                               tablespoon each of
            15 to 20 seconds, or                        bowl.                                              whipped topping and
            until cheese begins to                      Mix honey and peanut                               cereal.
            melt.                                       butter.                                            Cover with remaining
            Cover with remaining                        Gradually add milk,                                ingredients.
            crackers.                                   stirring well.                                     Top with glob of
            Heat sauce until desired                    Spray hands with non-                              whipped topping.
            temperature and enjoy!                      stick cooking spray.
                                                        Shape mixture into balls.
                                                        Roll in remaining cereal.
                                                        Chill in refrigerator for
                                                        about one hour.

                                                                                By Jenna Warthen
                                               A major problem that some people seem to have is acceptance, acceptance of others for
                                          what they do and who they are. We need to learn that each person is an individual and that
                                          we cannot change them, only learn to accept them for who they are. People’s flaws and
                                          mistakes cannot just be erased and rewritten, no matter how much someone else, or even the
                                          person themselves, wishes that they could be. Flaws and mistakes shape who we are and
                                          good or bad, that’s the way it is. We can all try to work to correct our flaws and learn from
                                          our mistakes, but that is something for each person to do on their own. Once we can learn to
accept people for who they are, there would be a lot less drama and conflict in everyone’s lives. The bottom line is to at least not try to
change anyone just because you do not like some things about them or some things that they do, or have done in the past. Instead,
accept them for everything that they are. As a well-known quote says, “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I’m not.”

                              Chuck Taylors: Classic Footwear
                                             By Bryan Stafford
                              Chuck Taylors is a highly popular shoe worn by all
                        sorts of people of different social statuses. The shoe was
                        first produced in 1923 and was aimed towards the audience
                        of basketball players. It was basketball player Chuck Taylor
                        that made them popular, thus the reason for the all-star
patch added to the side of the shoe. These shoes are made of canvas and rubber,
although other versions have incorporated the use of leather, suede, vinyl, denim,
and hemp. The shoes began production only available in black and white, but
demand for more colors and variety has resulted with a style of shoes that can fit
almost any personality or individual. To do so, there is a feature on that allows you to customize your own shoe.
    With just a quick trip down the hallways of Giles High School, you will see            All throughout the school there is a wide
different kinds of Converse on the feet of people of all social groups. Students like      variety of Converse.        Photos by Bryan Stafford.

Willie Allen and Dru Kerr wear the shoes because they are easy to drive in. Tanner
                                                    Bivens and Cody Rose have further individualized their shoes by decorating the
                                                    white rubber on the shoes with markers. For example, Cody has a pair with a
                                                    checkerboard pattern on the toe piece. I personally have 8 pairs of the shoes, and I
                                                    enjoy them because of their uniqueness and comfort. I have a wide range of colors
                                                    including red, blue, green, and even camouflage. Another student, Mika Morris, has
                                                    a large variety as well, including a unique orange pair.
                                                         Chucks are not just for the younger generations, however. They are also
                                                    popular with adults. Art teacher Ms. Nikki Pynn wears a pair of the original shoes. I
                                                    asked her about them and she said she has been wearing them for fifteen years and
                                                    she prefers high top. She says that she has to replace them about every two years
                                                    due to wearing them out and she prefers high top. The shoes are also used on many
                                                    television shows and movies. Chucks have even inspired other shoe companies to
                                                    try to replicate them. There are brands of shoes that look highly similar to Converse
                                                    Chucks at the local Wal-Mart stores. Jenna Warthen, has a pair of high heel, boot-
  Ms. Pynn, Patrick Mahaney, and Tanner             type shoes that closely resemble a pair of original black and white Chucks.
  Bivens wearing their Converses.                   Although these shoes look nearly identical, they are not made by Converse. The
                                                    original Converse Chuck Taylors were produced in America, but these days they are
made in China due to Nike buying out Converse. Even though things have changed with the Converse industry, the shoes will forever
be a classic icon of the past and a popular shoe of today.

                                                            Fashion Frenzy
                                                             By Brooke Johnson

                                    Nearly everyone wants to be seen as fashionable by his or her peers. One
                              may read a magazine or watch television to get their fashion inspiration. Many
                              students around Giles High School have been seen in what is considered high
                              fashion clothing.
                                   The hot trends for 2007 are straight leg jeans, stilettos, and anything of
                              bright color. Another fashion trend that is in right now is so-called “man”
                              jewelry. Many male students around our school wear jewelry, whether it is a
                              necklace or just their class ring. Large shoulder bags, scarves, and furry boots
                              are also in this year.
                                    You can buy many of these high fashion clothing articles at several stores
                              in our area. They do not necessarily need to be expensive; it is simply how
  Above: Olivia               you mesh the clothing together. For example, you may be wearing a pair of
  Simmons shows her           jeans and a plain white t-shirt. By simply pairing this outfit with a pair of
  fashion sense by            stilettos or maybe even a handbag, it can be greatly improved in a fashion
  carrying a cute             sense.
  shoulder bag.                     By adding one simple item of color to any outfit, your outfit can be
  Right: Amber                intensified. You may even be looked at in admiration. Many wish to be
  McKinney wears a            viewed as fashionable by their peers, and it can be obtained by anyone who
  scarf and furry boots.      strives to do so.
   Photos by Brooke Johnson

                                                              Jump Rope: Not Just For Kids Anymore
                                                                                       By Katy Allamong
                                                                  Among young children, one of the most popular recess games is jump
                                                             rope. This activity can be traced as far back as 1600 A.D., when the Egyptians
                                                             used vines as their jump ropes. At this time, jumping rope was a male ritual
                                                             that women were banned from. In the 1850’s, however, young girls began to
                                                             join in the activity as well. Their paranoid mothers gave them this warning:
                                                             "Instances of blood vessels burst by young ladies who, in a silly attempt to
                                                             jump a certain number of hundred times, have persevered in jumping after
                                                             their strength was exhausted." As it so often happens, the warning was
                                                             ignored, and jump rope evolved into a girl’s game. By the 1990’s, jump rope
                                                             was recognized as a major aerobic exercise. Boxers such as Muhammad Ali,
                                                             use it as part of their training because it attributes endurance, stamina, and
                                                                  Jump roping has become so popular, in fact, that numerous jump-roping
                                                             teams have been established throughout the world. One such jump rope team
 The Double Dutch Forces relaxed after an out -              is Double Dutch Forces (Jump for Joy) found in Columbia, South Carolina.
 standing performance at a Virginia Tech                     This team was formed in 1985 and has won 217 State Title, 88 World
 basketball game.                     Photo by Katy Allamong Championships, 54 Second Place Titles, 2 Grand National Titles, and 15 AAU
                                                             Junior Olympic Titles. The Forces has 85 members from elementary students
to college students. Their goal is to promote self-discipline, motivation, self-confidence, and fun. In February 1985, Jowana Harris,
Leah Davis, and Freda Davis (sisters) and Victor Morris formed the Valley Park Double Dutch Team in order to get in shape while
having fun. Joy Holman, a “superwoman of sports” agreed to help them in the training process. The team practiced long hours up to
the World Competition. The first time they competed they received 5th place. The Force returned 11 months later and captured 1st
place. Over the last 20 years, the team accumulated many more teams and changed their name to The Forces. They are now coached
by Joy Holman (Head Coach), Michael Peterson, and parent volunteers.
     The team travels all over the world for competition, but mainly remains in the United States to perform. They perform at a
variety of events, including holiday parades and basketball games. The Forces have been
featured on several different sports programs, newscasts, magazines, and newspapers.
     Over time, jump roping has evolved into a fun activity that people of all ages can
enjoy. It benefits health, fitness, and entertainment. It is easy to see why jump rope is not
just a kid’s game anymore. So go out, find a fun colored jump rope and hop to it.

                           The History of Hip-Hop and Its Culture
                                             By Samantha Owens
     Hip-hop is a cultural movement that began in African American and Puerto Rican communities
in South Bronx in the 1970’s. It began to spread somewhat through the 1980’s, but by the 1990’s it
was all over the world. The movement is said to have begun with the work of DJ Kool Herc,
Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Afrika Bambaattaa, and Disco King Mario. The main aspects
of hip-hop culture are rapping, grafiti, break dancing, and beat-boxing.
     Hip-hop dancing covers a wide range of styles that are usually either associated with hip-hop
music itself or hip-hop culture, which is the more urban aspect of the dance. This style has grown
more and more popular throughout the years, a lot having to do with the growing popularity of hip
hop music. The term also often times refers to break dancing.
     The style of hip-hop evolved in the 1970’s and was primarily danced to funk and “old school hip-hop” music. Break dancing was
the base of hip-hop dancing, and the most well known of the hip-hop styles. In the 1980’s on the other hand, many funk styles that
originally evolved separately from hip-hop started being incorporated in the culture as well, and could be combined with break
     In the 1990’s hip-hop grew farther away from funk and got slower, heavier, and more aggressive. Although inspired by the old
school styles, the dance started focusing more on upright styles, compared to break dancing. “Popping and locking”, “harlem shake”,
“tone wop”, and “hyphy” are some examples of hip-hop moves of the new school style.
     Today, the newer hip-hop styles are being classified as unique, especially in larger street competitions. IDO [the international
dance organization], European street dance compitions, and Hoopdreamz Enterprises, are some examples of the more well-known
street compititons. Whether or not it’s in a studio, or on the street, hip-hop dancing has become not only popular, but the preferred
type of dance for students in the dance world today.

                                                          Hazing: Not Just A College Problem Anymore
                                                                                     By Ryan Davis
                                                Over the past several years, hazing has gotten a lot of media attention, especially when it
                                           occurs in colleges and the military. Hazing in high school, however, seems to have been
                                           swept under the rug. More and more, hazing rituals have been adopted by high school
                                           students across the country as popular methods of initiating new members into organizations,
                                           clubs, and sports teams.
                                      , a leading organization established to prevent hazing, defines it as: “any
                                           activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a group) that
                                           humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and/or physical harm, regardless of the person's
                                           willingness to participate.” For years, hazing was considered harmless fun that college
                                           fraternities used to initiate new members. This “fun” usually includes drinking binges,
                                           dangerous stunts, and humiliation at the prospective member’s expense. By participating in
                                           hazing rituals, new members demonstrate their desire to join the fraternity or sorority and
                                           supposedly bond with their new brothers or sisters.
                                                Hazing is not just a college problem, however, as dozens of high school hazing incidents
                                           are reported annually. The problem is that while most colleges have realized that a problem
exists and put anti-hazing rules into effect, many high schools have ignored the situation. The blame for this may lie in the parents and
school officials, who look at hazing as childish fun. Many may have actually participated in the same hazing rituals that their children
are now taking part in, and view them as simple traditions. Others simply do not want to admit that a problem exists and deny that
such activities could take place right under their noses. For the safety of their children, these individuals need to realize that a problem
exists and act accordingly.
     The types of hazing that students take part in are limitless. In college, victims of hazing can be forced to drink deadly amounts of
alcohol, perform dangerous stunts, and withstand physical and mental abuse. In high school, victims have reported being sexually
assaulted, stuffed into their lockers, forced into public nudity, kidnapped, and abused. In a Utah high school, hazees were showered
with a vomit/urine mixture. In Bellmore, New York, football players reported being sexually assaulted during football camp by older
players, as a right of passage.
     According to a national study performed by Alfred University, 48 percent of students will experience hazing in their high school
careers. Of those, 43 percent will go through humiliating hazing, 29 percent will be involved in hazing rituals that are illegal, 23
percent will experience substance abuse hazing, and 22 percent will be experience abusive hazing. When asked why they performed
hazing rituals the most popular responses were: “It was fun and exciting,” and “I got to prove myself.” Although many think that
hazing only occurs in sports, incidents have been reported in all types of organizations, including drama and even Bible Club.
     Although hazing in high school is not as well known as when it occurs in college, the problem does exist. Hazing is cruel and
needless behavior that affects students all over the nation. The acts will only end, however, when the individuals in charge admit that a
problem exists and put an end to it.

                                                                       What’s With the Split?
                                                                            By Samantha Brookner
                                           You probably don’t know how your friend feels if their parents are divorced unless you have
                                      been through the same thing. A divorce is not only hard on the couple, but it can completely
                                      change a child’s life. Some causes of divorce could be cheating, abuse, or maybe just too much
                                      yelling and cussing. It is becoming more and more common for couples to split. 44% of all
                                      marriages end in divorce. Half of all children that have divorced parents are more likely to have
                                      problems within their own marriage. To see how many people in our school had to deal with the
                                      big divorce I asked 40 people to take a survey.

   1) Are your parents divorced? Yes-20 No-20
   For the students that said yes their parents are divorced, I
   asked these questions:
   2) Was the divorce within the last 5 years? Yes-5 No-15
   3) Has it had a major effect on you? Yes-13 No-7
   4) Has there been remarriage? Yes-11 No-9
   5) Do you enjoy your new stepparent(s)? Yes-7 No-4

                                        Gay Nature?
                                        By Patrick Mahaney
     Say what you want, but recent research shows that homosexuality may be a born trait.
Studies have shown that along with 200 different animal species (including flies, rats,
monkeys, and penguins), male sheep have preferred to mate with their own sex. Why?
     After performing autopsies, researchers have discovered that a certain region of the brain,
                                                        called the hypothalamus, may be
                                                        responsible. The hypothalamus is involved
                                                        in activities such as our emotions, the full
                                                        and hungry feeling, homeostasis (an
                                                        organism’s ability to maintain stable
                                                        internal conditions), and the Sleep/Wake
                                                             The hypothalamus is also responsible
                                                        for the release of sex hormones and            This picture shows the
                                                        controlling stereotypical and types of         hypothalamus, a section of the
                                                        sexual behavior. In normal males, their        brain believed to control
                                                        hypothalamus is twice the size of the          hormones and sexual behavior.
                                                                                                                     Photo from http://mediabyran.kib.
                                                        females of the species. However, in these
                                                        sheep, the hypothalamus was the same size as normal females.
  Male sheep are called rams and usually                     While this is an impressive find, the research itself is not new. In 1991,
  have horns.             Photo from neurosurgeon Simon LeVay came to the same conclusion when he studied tissue
                                                        samples of humans. However, LeVay’s findings were criticized for the small
number of trials, poor background collection, and variety (every sample had come form a male who had died from AIDS).
     Like LeVay, Kay Larkin, the scientist from Oregon Health and Science University who started the research, is facing roadblocks
of his own. The few media sources that picked up the story skewed many of the facts, causing people to formulate the wrong idea.
Animal rights activists and related organizations spoke out against the research, believing that Larkin wanted to “cure” the sheep
instead of just studying them.

                                                                           Summers County High School
                                                                                           By R. Tanner Bivens

                                                          Have you ever wondered what other high schools are like? How they are
                                                       different and how they are similar to Giles High School? Well, I set out to answer
                                                       these questions. I took trips to Summers County High School in Hinton, West
                                                       Virginia to answer the questions.
                                                          The first trip I made was to Summers County High School, home of the
                                                       Bobcats. When I arrived at the school, I interviewed the school superintendent,
                                                       Mrs. Vicki Hinnerman. Mrs. Hinnerman told me that the school has roughly 500+
                                                       students attending. She said that SCHS does not have a tennis or soccer program,
                                                       but has a wonderful girls basketball team, which has won numerous
                                                       championships. After I interviewed Mrs. Hinnerman, I toured Summers County
                                                       High School to see the school first hand. I was welcomed with opened arms by the
                                                       faculty and student body. The first class that I went to was their Journalism class,
  Summers County High School resides in
                                                       taught by Mr. Hartwell. The first major difference I noticed was that the SCHS
  Hinton, West Virginia.      Photos from SCHC website
                                                       Journalism class is actually a recommended prerequisite to the Newspaper and
                                                       Yearbook classes. In this class the students learn the overall study of Journalism
before they enter a publication class. This is different from Giles, which allows students to go immediately to Journalism and
Yearbook without any stepping-stones.
       Jessica Turner and Haley Sorbough, students who escorted me back to the main lobby after Journalism class ended, stated that
fighting and bullying was once a problem a SCHS, but thanks to a new and stricter policy, in which a person who starts a fight will get
up to 10 days out of school suspension, the school has become a much safer environment. Another dramatic difference was that SCHS
is not on the SOL curriculum, which is the test used by the state of Virginia. Instead SCHS tenth grade students have to take a test
called West Test, the test used in the state of West Virginia that has nothing to do with whether they pass high school or not. Some
other things I noticed were the overall physical appearance of the school. Even though SCHS has more students, they only have a one-
story building, unlike GHS that has a two-story building. Also the day lengths are longer at SCHS yet they get to leave school earlier.
Unlike Giles, where school starts at 8:35AM and ends at 3:15 PM, at SCHS they must begin school at 8:05 AM and leave school at
3:05 PM. At the end of the day, I was quite pleased with Summers County High school. It was definitely a fun and informative

                                                                      A Wrestler’s Legacy Revealed!
                                                                                           By Megan Blevins
                                                                  The word “wrestler,” does it bring a certain picture to mind? How about a
                                                              beefy guy with long hair and what seems to be a permanent snarl painted on his
                                                              face? Maybe it’s more like a woman who you know could pummel you with a
                                                              snap of her fingers? Whatever the image may be, shake your head and picture
                                                              this: an adorable little girl with bouncing curls sticking to her neck from
                                                              sweating profusely. The little girl appears to be no older than eight. She waves
                                                              to her biggest fans, her family, and then takes her place on the mat looking her
                                                              opponent square in the eyes. The grin has left her face and in its place a thin line
                                                              takes shape and you hear her grunt. Right before your very eyes you witness
                                                              sweet little Betsy Blevins transform into Betsy the Beast. Watch out world here
   Betsy proudly displays her medals and trophies
                                                              she comes!
   earned throughout her five-year career.
                                     Photos by Megan Blevins      It all began in 1997 with the showing of a movie at Eastern Elementary
                                                              School during gym class. Unlike the favorite Disney classics of the time, this
movie had way more action involved. Mrs. Lea Beth Bowers showed her 2nd grade gym classes a movie all about the grueling and
intense sport of wrestling. Later during the week, there was going to be sign ups
for the Newport Wrestling Team. The video showed both boys and girls taking
it to the mat, literally. Betsy watched with excitement, thinking: “I can do that!”
That very same afternoon, Betsy got off the bus and ran excitedly to tell her
parents of the new sport she wanted to try. She was ecstatic. As she told of the
movie shown at school, her parents, Connie and Dawes, said, “Wrestling is just
for boys sweetie!” Betsy told them they were “oh so wrong.” She had seen a girl
pinning a guy on the video and she wanted to do that too. Reluctantly Dawes
and Connie agreed to let Betsy try her luck at the sport.
     For the next five years Betsy gave wrestling her all. Her final year, she went
12-1. Betsy won a gold medal at every tournament, except in 3rd grade she took
                                                                          the      silver.
                                                                          turned Betsy
                                                                                              Betsy shows her winning defensive look.
                                                                          into one of the
                                                                          toughest people I know. During Betsy’s wrestling career, she mostly
                                                                          wrestled boys and showed them that girls can be tough too. When
                                                                          facing some of her opponents, the guys would say they didn’t want
                                                                          to wrestle with a girl. Some even laughed and joked that she would
                                                                          be an easy win. Once again stubborn Betsy would give it her all and
                                                                          pin the boys. When she did so, the guys were shocked. They just
                                                                          could not believe a girl had beaten them at a sport dominated by
                                                                              Betsy wasn’t the only wrestler from the Blevins family; her older
                                                                                                 brother Josh joined the team too. Betsy’s
                                                                                                 dedication and love for the sport never
                                               Generations of Care                               wavered. Through her experiences people can
                                                                                                 see that giving up is never the answer. Betsy
                                                                                                 was so successful in her wrestling career that
                                                  Carilion Giles Memorial Hospital               in 2002 the Roanoke Times did a special
                                                     (CGMH) in Pearisburg offers                 article about her. Betsy had this to say about
                                                 families excellent patient care, close          her wrestling experience, “If you lose, don’t
                                                   to home.   From medical care and              give up, keep trying until you get the gold.”
                                                   surgery to outpatient diagnostic 
                                                      services and rehabilitation…  

                                                      CGMH promises the
                                               Right Care, Right Here, Right Now.

                                             The Lyric Theater                                         Information
                                                       By Katy Allamong                                  135 College Avenue
                                                                                                           Blacksburg, VA
                                                  Being teenagers, one of our favorite weekend          Office: 540-951-4771
                                             activities includes going to the movie theater.         Showtimes and info: 951-0604
                                             Some people consider it to be the perfect place to
                                             meet friends, go on dates, or just get away from home. So what is the downfall? Having
                                             to pay for the tickets, popcorn, candy, and drinks. By the time the movie actually starts,
                                             our wallets have shrunk immensely. Most of us begin to wonder if it is really worth going
                                             to the theater.
                                                  Lucky for us, there is an affordable theater, located in Downtown Blacksburg,
                                             minutes away from the Virginia Tech campus. The Lyric Theater is a fully restored
                                             1930’s movie house. As a non-profit organization, it relies on the generosity of its
                                             members and the community. An old-fashioned ticket booth greets moviegoers upon
                                             entering the building. Picking your seat can be fun, considering the fact that the Lyric has
                                             balcony seats along with the traditional seating choices. From the balcony you have an
                                             amazing view of the screen without spraining your neck, and it is easy to lean back in the
                                             plush red seats to see the intricate designs and
                                             details inside the theatre.
     The original Lyric Theatre was built in 1909 and circulated through many owners and
locations. Finally, on April 17, 1930, the Lyric was moved to building that it still resides in
today, in the heart of downtown Blacksburg. When first built in 1930, The Lyric was
considered to be the best small town theatre in Virginia. It was one of the three theaters built
for sound pictures in the state. Later, in the 1950s, it was renovated to make way for a
cinemascope screen. In June 1989, after 60 years of operation, the Lyric was sold and leased to
Virginia Tech, who used it as a lecture hall. For the next 2 years over 2,000 students met there
weekly for classes. The Virginia Tech Union screened four movies for up to 500 students a
weekend. When Tech’s lease ended, The Lyric was closed until 1996.
     In 1995, The Lyric Council was formed to reopen the theatre. They received a 30-year
rent-free lease from the owners as thanks for the renovation. In the process of renovation, the
projection equipment was repaired, the concession stand was cleaned, and the lobby was
painted. The Lyric reopened for the first time in 8 years in 1996. Two years later it closed
                                                                    again and the full-scale
                                                                    renovations began. It was
                                                                    opened yet again in October
                  Somethin’s Fishy                                  1998 and remains open for
               Fish & Seafood Market                                business.      Over the years
             460 East Pembroke, VA 24136                            minor changes have been
                                                                    made such as new doors,
           (1 mile west of Pembroke Center)                         display cases, and exit door.
                      (540) 626-7272                                The marquee has been
                                                                    renovated and upgraded with
      SPECIALIZING IN FLORIDA PEELED &                              new       letterboxes,    lights,        Admission
                   DEVEINED SHRIMP                                  decorative support brackets,
                                                                    and paint scheme. The lobby                  Prices
       Over 14 varieties of Fish, Sno Crabs, Hush                   was repainted to spice the          • Monday-Thursday: $4
   Puppies, Stuffed Flounder & Salmon, Home-style                   entrance up (by Giles High          • Friday-Sunday:$5
                                                                    School’s Mr. Michael Etzler).
        Breaded Oysters, Devil Crab, Traditional                    As an attention grabber, the Lyric letters have been relit. The Lyric
        Maryland Crab Cakes, Frog Legs, Dips,                       offers movies, art, live music, and performances. This variety would
   Chowders & Bisques and so much more………..                         explain the sculpted drama faces mounted on top of the building.
                                                                         The Lyric is a cultural experience, as well as a wonderful place
               Gift Certificates Available!!!                       to spend an afternoon with friends. The best part of it all: Monday
                                                                    is free popcorn day.
      HOURS OF OPERATION: (New Winter Hours)
          Monday & Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
                    Wednesday: CLOSED
                                                                            Become a
               Thursday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM                              Volunteer!!!
                 Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM                           -free admission, popcorn, and
               Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM                                 community service!
                      Sunday: CLOSED

                                                Star Wars: The 30th Anniversary
                                                               By Bryan Stafford
                                               The Star Wars saga has always been a popular movie
                                           series among people of all ages. Well, did you know that
                                           the original movie that started it all turns 30 years old this
                                           May? The original movie, Episode 4, A New Hope, was
                                           released on May 25th, 1977. At the time of its release the
                                           film’s creator, George Lucas, had no idea that the film
   My ratings:          Episode 4: A       franchise would become such a success and have such a
   Episode     1:       New       Hope     large impact on society. The saga consists of 6 episodes that
   The Phantom          – 7/10             have been released over the past 30 years with the most
   Menace       –       Episode      5:    recent film being in theaters in May of 2005. Star Wars is
   4/10                 The Empire         not just movies, however, as there are many books, comics,
   Episode     2:       Strikes Back       merchandise, video games, collectables, and many other
   Attack of the        – 9/10             things that have been inspired by the films. The 30th           Darth Vader, the saga’s
   Clones – 5/10        Episode      6:    anniversary will be a timeless celebration for fans of the      icon of evil.
   Episode 3:           Return of the      films and its creators. The festivities have already begun          Photos taken from Google images.

   Revenge Of           Jedi               with participation in the Rose Parade with a special
   the Sith –           – 8/10             appearance by George Lucas himself.
   8/10                                    The Star Wars saga has many memorable characters such as Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Yoda,
                       R2-D2, and many more. It has become such a popular film series that it has been referenced in many television
shows and other movies. It was originally aimed towards a younger audience, but over the years with all of the items released and the
newer movies, it has become just as popular with adults. I personally got into the movies at age 5, and have been a fan ever since. I
remember the re-release in 1997 and when the films first became available on DVD as well as going to each of the newer prequel
films on the first week of release. My personal favorite movie of the 6 is Episode 5. I have always been a fan of the older original
movies and like them better. The newer movies were somewhat of a disappointment due to the lack of originality. The entire saga
together does fit, and it is a grand movie experience. Star Wars fans and general movie fans alike should celebrate the 30th anniversary
because it was Star Wars that paved the way for special effects in other movies. It is an important part of American movie history and
a cultural classic. I suggest if you haven’t seen any of the movies to try and see these awesome pictures. May the force be with you!

                                         Movie Review Eragon
                                                By Patrick Mahaney
                                                     Eragon the movie brings
                                                 shame to the book. Not only
                                                 is a huge amount of the
                                                 story chopped out, some of
                                                 the roles of important
                                                 characters became trivial
                                                 and     stereotyped,   while
                                                 others (a few playing a huge
                                                 role in the sequel) never
  Eragon and Brom, the main characters.
                       Photo from
                                                 appeared. Almost every
                                                 town was removed. In fact,
the movie is so different from the book story-wise that it hardly
deserves to call itself by the same name.
    The story is about a young boy named Eragon (or “Dragon” with an
“E”) living in a small town and never venturing farther than a nearby
mountain (called “The Spine”). By a twist of fate, Eragon came to
possess a sought-after dragon egg, throwing the town into danger. He
decides the town’s troubles will vanish if he runs, so he does so with
the help of Brom, the town’s storyteller. This is where the book and the
movie differ in story; in the book, Eragon goes on various adventures
and meets several interesting characters, whereas the movie has Eragon
and Brom wandering through a forest and getting in a couple of
    To its credit, the movie’s special effects are impressive and the
scenery is beautiful. The actors work well in their parts and the actual
movie (not the script) is well done. However, if you are a fan of the
book, save yourself the agony and stay far away from this film.
                                                                    Reality TV: Why Do We Watch?
                                                                                      By Ryan Davis

                                                 It all started in 1992, when a new show, “The Real World,” premiered on MTV. The
                                            concept of the show was like nothing on television; place half a dozen twenty-somethings in a
                                            house together and watch the drama unfold. “The Real World” was a huge success and other
                                            “reality” shows soon began appearing in the lineup. America had tasted blood and the reality
                                            TV phenomenon began.
                                                 At first, reality shows were harmless enough. They usually followed the same format as
                                            “The Real World,” placing completely different types of people together and watching as they
                                            laughed, cried, fought, and lived their overly-dramatic lives. In 2000, “Big Brother” premiered
                                            on CBS. The show added a twist to the concept by locking participants in the house and making
                                            them compete against each other for money and prizes. Viewers eventually tired of the same
                                            old format, however, and other types of reality shows began to air. “Fear Factor” was one of
                                            these shows. It forced contestants to face their fears for the chance to win cash. Soon, viewers
                                            were watching people devour bugs, jump from buildings, and put themselves in ridiculous
   American love watching other             situations.
   people put themselves in                      TV executives began to realize that viewers loved watching other people humiliate
   humiliating situations.                  themselves. Now, the networks have worked the reality concept from every possible angle. The
                                            problem is that most of these shows are practically clones of one another. Within months of a
successful reality show’s premiere, there are half a dozen other shows exactly like it. The best example of this is “American Idol.” After
the show scored high ratings other talent competition programs began airing. Now, it’s hard to flip the channel without seeing someone
being criticized by a panel of judges, one of which is always overly critical Brit. That’s not to say that there aren’t some appealing and
entertaining reality shows out there. Most of these shows grow old too quickly, however, when mimics begin appearing on other stations.
Some originals have remained popular, nevertheless, and keep viewers watching.
     Of all reality programs, dating shows have probably reached the lowest level. In the sixties and seventies, shows like “Let’s Make A
Date” allowed people to politely interview potential romances. Today, with programs like “Elimidate” and “Next,” daters can drop their
love interests with a snap of their fingers, completely disregarding the person’s feelings and humiliating them on national TV. More and
more, reality show creators continue to add ridiculous twists to their
programs. Even a once respected show, “The Apprentice” has become
another ploy for ratings. Now, instead of contestants just trying to gain a
position in the Trump Empire, they are forced to sleep in tents and brave the
elements upon losing a task.
     With every new reality show that premieres, more viewers tune in, and
America’s obsession grows. We have even begun to look at reality TV stars,
people who basically just act like themselves, as celebrities. Careers of stars
such as Paris Hilton have been launched by reality programs. The big
question is, why do we keep watching? Maybe the biggest reason is that it is
easier to laugh at the lives of other people than deal with our own problems.
After all, the biggest appeal of reality TV is that we get to watch the
dramatic and unscripted lives of real people. As we watch others face
hardships it can help us realize that our own lives aren’t so bad after all.        After the success of American Idol, numerous other
With some of the train wrecks that end up on television, it doesn’t take much       talent competitions appeared on television.
                                                                                                                           Photos from
imagination to make that realization.

                                                                                Starfield Music Review
                                                                                       By Bryan Stafford
                                                      Starfield is a Christian music group from Canada, formed by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld.
                                                  As of today, Gordie Cochran has joined as drummer and Shaun Huberts as bassist. They have
                                                  released three albums so far with their debut album being released only in Canada in 2003.
                                                  Their second CD, and first internationally released album, is simply titled Starfield. It was
                                                  released on Sparrow Records in 2004. Their latest album, Beauty in the Broken, was also under
                                                  Sparrow Records and came out in 2006. The first single off of the album, “My Generation,” has
                                                  had success on the U.S. charts. Starfield has won numerous awards in the Canadian GMA
                                                  awards including song, group, and album of the year.
                                                      I had the privilege of seeing the group live in concert with my youth group during
                                                  Resurrection 2007. Getting to see them live was a really awesome experience. Their song, “I
                                                  Want to Hold the Hand That Holds the World” was somewhat of an anthem for the Resurrection
                                                  event. Each one of their songs has a powerful message and the music is really good. If you are
Starfield’s new album, Beauty                     skeptical of Christian music, you should check out Starfield because they might make you feel
in the Broken.                                    differently. Check out the band’s website,, for more information, to
    (Photo taken from
                                                  hear their music, visit their online store, join their fan club, and more.

                                                                                 Music Review: The Fray
                                                                                         By R. Tanner Bivens
                                                          For many bands it takes almost a lifetime to reach the top. Most do not even make it to
                                                       stardom. But one band that has been on the rise and has taken the USA by storm is The
                                                          The Fray currently consists of Isaac Slade on lead vocals and piano, Joe King on guitar
                                                       and vocals, Dave Welsh on guitar, and Ben Wysocki. The band currently has no official
                                                       bassist but has recently been touring with bass guitarist Jimmy Stofer of the Dualistic.
                                                          The Fray’s album How to Save a Life has already spawned two American Top 40 hits,
                                                       “Over My Head,” and “How to Save a Life.”
                                                          The Fray’s main genres of music include Piano Rock and Alternative Rock. It is with
                                                       out a doubt, in my
                                                       opinion, that The Fray is
                                                       going to be one of
                                                       America’s next top
                                                       bands of 2007.

                                                                                    Lee’s Body Shop Inc.
                                                                                        796 N Main St
                       S. Lee Wheeler, D.D.S.                                             PO Box 334
                                    General Dentistry                                Pearisburg, VA 24134
                                   112 Center Street
                                  Narrows, VA 24124
                                       (540) 726-3904

 PLAYER                 NO                       Boys Varsity Basketball
                                                         By Morgan Sumpter
 Zach Atkins       10
 Nathan Tanner     12                 The Boys Varsity Basketball Team had a great start to their
 Cody Griffith  14/45             season. Although they lost their first game to Ft. Chiswell, they
 Evan Lidgard      20             did not let it bring them down. With thirteen won games and
 Drew Kerr         22             eight district wins, the Spartans have dominated over some
 Mario Jones       24             difficult teams.
 Josh McCann       30                 The boys finished their regular season with a 12-6 record.
 Nathan Frazier    32             They went on to the District Tournament, winning against
 Lee Stephens      34             Glenvar 59-44. They lost to Radford 64-62 in the second round
 Jared Brown       40             of the Tournament, coming in second place in the district. The
 Kent Robertson    44             boys then traveled to George Wythe High School in the first
 Jeremy Workman    52             round of the Regional Tournament. Although they played a hard
                                  game, the Spartans fell to the Maroons 84-55.
 Manager: Clay Bowles                 Senior Nathan Tanner and Junior Cody Griffith were both
 Coaches: Mitch Reed,             selected 1st Team All District and Junior Mario Jones was
 Timmy Carbaugh, Seth             selected 2nd Team All District. The Spartans have had their first
 Davis, and Brad                  winning season since 2002, and this is the third time in school
 Whitehead                        history that the varsity team has made it to regional playoffs.      Nathan Tanner attempts a shot
                                  Congratulations boys on a winning season!                            against Fort Chiswell.
                                                                                                                    Photos By Morgan Sumpter

                                                                                                           GAME               W/L
                                                                                                           Ft. Chiswell          L
                                                                                                           Narrows               W
                                                                                                           Dayspring             L
                                                                                                           Ft. Chiswell          W
                                                                                                           Dayspring             W
                                                                                                           Auburn                W
                                                                                                           East Mont             W
                                                                                                           James Monroe          L
                                                                                                           Floyd                 W
                                                                                                           Radford               W
                                                                                                           Glenvar               L
                                                                                                           Auburn                W
                                                                                                           Bland                 W
                                                                                                           East Mont             W
                                                                                                           Narrows               W
                                                                                                           Floyd                 W
     Above Left: Cody Griffith leaps in attempt to get the ball. Above Right: Josh McCann                  Radford               L
     and Mario Jones try to block a pass during the game against Fort Chiswell. Below:                     Glenvar               L
     The Boy’s Varsity basketball team gathered in a huddle at the pep rally on February                   Glenvar               W
     20th before the Regional game at George Wythe.                       Photos By Samantha Owens
                                                                                                           Radford               L
                                                                                                           George Wythe          L

                                                                                 Your graduation supply and class ring specialists!

                                                                                       Gus Gee ● Joe Assaid ● Eric Reynolds
                                                                                      Herff Jones/Valley Graduate Services
                                                                                    1852 West Main Street ● Salem, VA 24153
                                                                                                 (540) 389-9155

                            JV Girls Basketball
                                 By Venessa Burnette
     At the beginning of the season, the Girls Junior Varsity team progressed
slowly. With only eleven players on the team, they managed to win their first
scrimmage against Graham. After playing several games, the fairly new team
began to experience how their teammates functioned as a group. They started
respecting and encouraging each other, and they showed a change in their
attitudes. The team had a positive way of thinking towards all difficulties, and
because of their determination, they gained the accomplishment through hard
                                            Their coach, Bill Mance, had his
  JV Roster                  #
                                       doubts about his young team in the
  1. Whitney Meredith        10
                                       opening of the season. This year
  2. Leigh Kauffelt          14
                                       making his 9th year with being part of
  3. Rachel Smith            20
                                       the Giles athletic program, he knew that     The 2006-2007 JV basketball team discussed
  4. Katie Griffith          22
                                       this team was not as talented in the         their plans for a victory during a timeout.
  5. Shanda Higginbotham 24
                                       beginning as some of his previous                                              Photo by Venessa Burnette
  6. Emily Ellis             32
                                       teams had been. He continued to work
  7. Rachel Lang             34
                                       with them on developing a point guard, improving their skills, and becoming more aggressive.
  8. Erica Boone             40
                                       Now, with better improvements, Bill Mance could tell that the ladies’ will to win was
  9. Chelsey Gibson          44
                                       increasing. He constantly worked with his squad because he knew that when district games
  10. Whitney Cecil          54
                                       started, their opponents would have tremendous talent. Gradually, Coach Mance began to notice
  11. Karelyn Ribbe          10
                                       a dramatic difference in his team compared to earlier in the season.
                                       At the beginning of the district games the JV team had a record of 1-1; they won against Eastern
  Coaches: Mr. Bill Mance, Mr.
                                       Montgomery, but fell to Radford. Persisting on with their season, they beat Glenvar’s JV team
  J.P. Griffith
                                       30-25 and Auburn’s team 35-
25. By gaining victories more and more the young team is beginning
to experience what victory really feels like.

                           Hooping It Up!
                              By Kelsey Frazier
                     This year’s Girls Varsity BasketballTeam had a                    2465 N. Franklin Street
rough start considering Starting Center Kayla Patteson tore her ACL                   Christiansburg, VA 24073
and MCL during the first game of the season. Striving for perfection,                  Telephone 540-381-1730
the girls kick it up a notch to take victory against Glenvar, winning                      Fax 540-381-1792
by three points. Linda Powell and Lynette Spicer led the Spartans
through most of the games, being seniors of the basketball team both       
                                      got honorable mention for the
                                      three-river district. First time coach Jacky Koch was a firm believer in hard working equals
                                      perfection. Everyday practices and running prepared us for the worst. Despite ending the season
                                      with a loss against Glenvar, all girls were happy with themselves and the amount of
                                      improvement they have had. Coach Koch is excited about next season and now knows what to
                                      look for. Great Job Ladies!

                                                  Varsity Roster
                                            Kayla Patteson          #32
                                            Linda Powell            #42
                                            Lynette Spicer          #12
                                            Keree Wilson            #24
                                            Stephanie Robertson     #34
                                            Lindsey Meredith        #3
                                            Kelsey Frazier          #40
                                            Kelly Patteson          #5
                                            Hannah Kellison         #23
                                                                                          Kelly Patteson tries to dribble around a Bland
                                                                                          opponent during an intense game.
  Kayla Patteson attempts to                                                                                           Photos by Morgan Sumpter
  jump for the rebound against a
  Christiansburg player.
            Roster                                   JV Boys Bringing It Back                                    Game            W/L
 Player                       #                               By Samantha Brookner                               Ft. Chiswell       W
 Jarrod Alls                 20                                                                                  Narrows            W
                                          The JV Boys Basketball Team had a very good season. They won
 Cody Journell               12                                                                                  Dayspring          W
                                     all of their games, except for the game against Radford when they had
 Lukas Jackson               22                                                                                  Ft. Chiswell       W
                                     an off night, but they came back the next time that they played Radford
 Chris Myers                 24                                                                                  Dayspring          W
                                     and defeated them. These boys have definitely earned some good
 William White               34                                                                                  Auburn             W
                                     recognition and respect. They had a better record this year than the last
 Wes Conley                  45                                                                                  East Mont          W
                                     year. They also got along well on and off the basketball court. I talked
 Josh Stump                  42                                                                                  James Monroe       W
                                     to some players and one stated that he was proud of their team this
 Justin Moose Gautier        32                                                                                  Floyd              W
                                     season and hopes to do as well next season. Congratulations boys and
 Travis Robertson            40                                                                                  Radford            L
                                     keep up the good work for next year.
 Greg Ray                    44                                                                                  Glenvar            W
 Andy Randel                 14                                                                                  Auburn             W
 Codey Williams              50                                                                                  Bland              W
 Frankie Robertson           10                                                                                  East Mont          W
 Caleb Tilley                30                                                                                  Narrows            W
 Coaches are: Timmy                                                                                              Floyd              W
 Carbaugh, J.P. Griffith, and                                                                                    Radford            W
 Seth Davis                                                                                                      Glenvar            W

 The JV boys gather for a                                                                                        William White jumps
 timeout during a very                                                                                           for the ball as Chris
 intense game against                                                                                            Myers and Jarrod Alls
 Narrows. Photos By Kelsey Frazier                                                                               block for him.

                                                                               SuperBowl XLI
                                                                                  By Brooke Johnson
                                                Super Bowl XLI was played at Dolphin Stadium in Florida on February 4, 2007
                                           between the Indianapolis Colts (16-4) and the Chicago Bears (15-4). Colts began the game
                                           with the kickoff at 6:25pm, and Devin Hester from the Bears had a 92-yard kickoff return
                                           touchdown. The extra point attempt was successful, and the score was 7-0. This occurred
                                           with 14 seconds into the game. This may have worried many of the diehard Colt fans that
                                           had traveled so many miles to see their favorite team play for SuperBowl victory, but
                                           luckily, they still had time to recover.
                                                With 6:50 left on the clock for the first quarter, Peyton Manning, quarterback of the
                                           Colts, made a completed 53-yard pass to Reggie Wayne for their first touchdown of the
                                           game. The two point rush following was unsuccessful, and the score was brought to 7-6.
Still in the first quarter, the Bears rushed 57 yards in four plays and Muhsin Muhammad caught a 4-yard touchdown pass to bring
the score to 14-6 at the end of the first quarter.
     In the start of the second quarter, the Bears’ defense began taking a toll on the Colts. They forced the Colts to a fourth down,
and the Colts kicked a successful 29-yard field goal. With the Bears fumbling the ball, the Colts gained control of the game again
and scored with a 1-yard run by Dominic Rhodes. The kick after was good and the score at the end of the first half was 14-16. The
Colts were in the lead.
     The half-time show was a grand success, and Prince rocked the stadium. He sang many of his greatest hits. With bright and
bursting fireworks, the show was unbelievable, and it truly pumped up the football fans for the second half of the game.
     The game was close and many of the fans started to become intensely worried about the outcome. Both teams came back onto
the field hoping for the best. The Bears’ defense held off the Colts, and the offense was forced to kick a field goal. It was successful
and the score was brought to 14-19.
     The rain had been falling from the sky in heavy amounts the entire game. No sooner did the Bears get the ball back, than they
fumbled and the Colts recovered. Although the Bears had this setback, they pushed the Colts’ offense into kicking yet another field
goal. Adam Vinatieri kicked another good field goal and the score was now 14-22.
     Both coaches must have revved up their teams, for both were playing better than in the first half. The Colts’ defense was
playing tougher than usual and forced the Bears to a fourth down. Robbie Gould kicked the field goal, and the score was once again
close at 17-22.
     The Bears had control of the ball at the beginning of the fourth quarter. With a stunning interception return, Kelvin Hayden
from the Colts made a 56-yard Touchdown with 11:44 left on the game clock. The Bears would try their hardest to make a truth of
their hopes for SuperBowl victory, but in the end, the score was 17-29. The Colts had secured their dreams and were crowned
SuperBowl XLI Champions!

                                            Matches Made in
 MOST AFFECTIONATE                           High School!                             MOST PLAYFUL
                                                By Kelsey Frazier

                                        Everyone wishes they could find
                                        their one true love. Some are very
                                        lucky to have found theirs in high
                                        school. Each couple has their unique
                                        way of showing their love for each
                                        other. Holding hands is one of the
                                        appropriate ways couples show their
                                        love for one another at school. I
                                        picked five couples that I believe
                                        have the most unique way of
                                        showing their love.

↑Ryan Eaton and Chelsea Dunford
are this years most affectionate                                                ↑Keree Wilson and Kurt Marcuseen
couple. You often see this couple                                               are voted most playful couple of the
holding hands and treating each other   MOST COMPLICATED                        year. They are often seen flirtatiously
like royalty. They have been together                                           joking and playing around. They
for 10 months.                                                                  have been together for 6 months

→Garrison Ellis and Kayla Patteson
are this year’s most complicated
couple. Even through their rough
stages they always seem to work it
out and have much love for each
other. They have been together for 1                                            ↓Gabby Merrix and Nate Ribbe are
year off and on.                                                                this year’s most compassionate
                                                                                couple. Being together for 9 months
                                                                                this couple has truly out did
                                                                                themselves, showing their love for
                                                                                one another is what they do best.

MOST LIKEY TO GET MARRIED                                                      MOST COMPASSIONATE

                                            ←Brooke Johnson and
                                            Alex Wilson are voted
                                            most likely to get married.
                                            This couple is often seen
                                            mingling in each other’s
                                            company. Both love each
                                            other dearly and hope to
                                            someday get married.
                                            They have been together
                                            about two years.

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