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					                                   Lesson Plans
Teacher: Ann Bowen          Theme: Fall                     Date: 10-5-09

SCHEDULE Monday                 Tuesday        Wednesday        Thursday        Acco

              Check picture    Check           Check            Check         Julie/Marsha
Arrival       schedule,        picture         picture          picture       will get
8:00 – 8:30   table toys       schedule,       schedules,       schedules,    HB/AB off the
              until breakfast  table toys      table toys       table toys    bus.
                               until           until            until         JH will
              Crayons/paper breakfast          breakfast        breakfast     need “cave
              Legos                                                           time”/massage,
                               Police          Dinosaurs,       Dry erase     redirect to
                               Station,        Cookie           boards/blocks table.
                               Dabbers         Shape match
              Wash hands       Wash hands      Wash hands            Encourage JH
                                                                Wash hands
Breakfast     Set table for    Set table for   Set table for         to eat/drink –
                                                                Set table for
8:30 – 9:00   breakfast        breakfast       breakfast             be happy if he
              Eat breakfast    Eat breakfast   Eat breakfast         drinks, use
                                                                Eat breakfast
              – emphasis on – emphasis         – emphasis            “Bug Juice”
                                                                – emphasis
              self help skills on self help    on self help          bottle in
                                                                on self help
              &                skills &        skills &              fridge.
                                                                skills &
              independence independence        independence          MB allergic to
              Clean up after Clean up          Clean up              milk, drink
                                                                Clean up
              self             after self      after self            juice, eat
                                                                after self
              RR               RR              RR               RR   cereal w/o
                                                                     choc. Or
Morning       Yoga – Shark, Yoga –         Yoga, Shark, Yoga-Shark, All activities
Circle        Hero, Candle Shark, Hero, Hero, Candle Hero, Candle are repeated
9:00 – 9:15   Practice       Candle        Practice     Practice     because the
Spotlight     passing ball   Practice      passing ball passing ball children need
Book:         around circle, passing ball  around,      around,      much
              Home/School around,          Home/School Home/School redirection in
Fall Leaves   chart, Sing    Home/School chart, Sing    chart, Sing  order to retain
Fall by Zoe   “Leaves are    chart, Sing “ “Leaves are  “Leaves are  the
Hall          Falling”,      Leaves are    Falling”,    Falling”,    information.
              Walking &      Falling”,     Walking &    Walking &    Attempt to get
              Running        Walking &     Running      Running      JH in the near
              Hands          Running       Hands        Hands        vicinity of
              ELA 1.2        Hands         ELA 1.2      ELA 1.2      carpet.
              SS 4.2         ELA 1.2       SS 4.2       SS 4.2
                             SS 4.2
                Children will   All activities   Progress will   Assistance      Teacher /aide
Individual      practice        will occur in    be monitored    will be         will attempt to
Work toward     matching and    the context of   daily and       provided as     engage JH in
IEP goals       naming, as      circle time as   documented      needed by the   hands on
                applicable,     each child’s     on sticky       attendant       activities.
12:00 to        colored         beginning        notes.          aides.
12:15           leaves.         and ending
                Continue to     activities.
                Sc 1.4
                M 4.1-2

Free Choice     Art,            Art, Science,    Art, Science,   Art, Science,
9:15 to 10:15   Science,        Dramatic         Dramatic        Dramatic
                Dramatic        Play,            Play,           Play,
                Play,           Construction,    Construction    Construction,
11:15 to        Construction    Child Choice                     Child Choice
12:00                           activity                         Activity
Gross Motor     Outside on      Outside on       Outside on      Outside on      aides take their
                playground or   playground       playground      playground      child outside
10:00 to        inside gross    or inside        or inside       or inside       and are
10:30           motor           gross motor      gross motor     gross motor     responsible for
                activities,     activities,      activities,     activities,     their safety. I
                weather         weather          weather         weather         bring JH out at
                pending         pending          pending         pending         10:15. He has
                                                                                 difficulty with
                                                                                 choices and
                                                                                 shows great
                                                                                 frustration at
                                                                                 recess. I am
                                                                                 JH 1 on 1 at
Reading         Calendar,       Calendar,        Calendar,       Calendar,       Encourage
Circle &        Weather Bear,   Weather          Weather         Weather         children to sit
Activity        Fall Leaves     Bear,            Bear,           Bear,           “criss cross
10:30 to        Fall, “Leaves   Fall Leaves      Fall Leaves     Fall Leaves     applesauce”
10:45           are Falling”    Fall,            Fall,           Fall,           and to sit
                song            “Leaves are      “Leaves are     “Leaves are     independently
                                Falling” song    Falling” song   Falling” song   – not allowed
                                                                                 to lean on their
                ELA 1.2         ELA 1.2          ELA 1.2         ELA 1.2         aides for
Lunch           RR              RR                  RR                RR                MB has food
10:45 to        Wash hands      Wash hands          Wash hands        Wash hands        allergy, drinks
11:15           Set table for   Set table for       Set table for     Set table for     juice and uses
                lunch           lunch               lunch             lunch             modified menu
                Eat lunch with  Eat lunch,          Eat lunch,        Eat lunch,        hanging on the
                emphasis on     with                with              with              door, AB is a
                self help skillsemphasis on         emphasis on       emphasis on       very slow
                &               self help           self help         self help         eater.
                independence    skills &            skills &          skills &
                Clean up area   independence        independence      independence
                after lunch     Clean up area       Clean up area     Clean up area
                                after lunch         after lunch       after lunch
Nap             Children will Children will         Children will     Children will     Adults will
12:30 to 2:00   remain on heir remain on            remain on         remain on         help children
                cot during nap their cots           their cots        their cot         relax by
                time. Any       during nap          during nap        during nap        closing the
                child not       time. Any           time. Any         time. Any         blinds, playing
                sleeping will   child not           child not         child not         soothing music
                stay on their   sleeping will       sleeping will     sleeping will     and rubbing
                cot with a      stay on their       stay on their     stay on their     the children’s
                quiet activity. cot with a          cot with a        cot with a        backs.
                                quiet activity.     quiet activity.   quiet activity.
Snack &         Wake               Wake             Wake              Wake              Children will
Pack Up         children up        children up      children up       children up       be gently
2:00 to 2:30    calmly from        calmly from      calmly from       calmly from       awakened in a
                nap.               nap.             nap.              nap.              soothing voice
                Put away cots      Put away         Put away          Put away cots     and helped to
                & pack             cots & pack      cots & pack       & pack            put their
                blankets in        blankets in      blankets in       blankets in       blankets away.
                baggies.           baggies.         baggies.          baggies.
                RR                 RR               RR                RR
                Wash hands         Wash hands       Wash hands        Wash hands
                Eat snack          Eat snack        Eat snack         Eat snack
Gross Motor/    Children that      Children that    Children that     Children that     All adults are
Dismissal       are riding the     are riding the   are riding the    are riding the    on the
2:30 – 2:45     bus are taken      bus are taken    bus are taken     bus are taken     playground at
                out & put on       out & out on     out & put on      out & put on      recess. Adults
                the                the              the               the               should be
                appropriate        appropriate      appropriate       appropriate       monitoring
                bus. Children      bus.             bus.              bus.              their child –
                that are being     Children that    Children that     Children that     not in
                picked up by       are being        are picked up     are picked up     discussion
                parents are        picked up by     by parents        by their          with other staff
                dismissed          parents are      are dismissed     parents are       members
                from the           dismissed        from the          dismissed         unless it
                classroom.         from the         classroom.        from the          involves a
                                  classroom.                       classroom.        child.

CENTERS            Monday           Tuesday         Wednesday Thursday Accomodations

                   Tree with        Same for     Same for          Same for      Children will
                   fall colored     entire week. entire            entire        be encouraged
Daily Living       leaves. Put                   week.             week.         to dress self
    ELA           fall clothes                                                  independently.
    Math          in area.                                                      Assistance will
    S.S.          Practice                                                      be provided as
    Science       putting                                                       needed.
                   clothes on.

                   on self help
                   skills all

                                                                                 Each attendant
Carpet             Small trees,     Small trees,    Dinosaur       Dinosaur      aide will
        Puzzles   little           various         set,           set,          participate in
        Blocks
        Train     people,          sized fisher    emphasis       emphasis      this area to
        Cars      cars.            price           on big,        on in,        encourage
                   Practice in,     people.         little, top,   out, top,     communication.
                   out, top,        Sort by size.   bottom         bottom,       Emphasis on
                   bottom.                                         big, little   spatial concept
                                                 M 1.1-4,          M 1.1-4,      in, out, top,
                                    M 1.1-4, 2.4 2.1               2.1           bottom, big,
                   M 1.1-4,
                Whole          Whole          Whole         Whole        Attendant aides
                kernel corn    kernel         kernel corn   kernel       will ensure
Discovery       SS 6.2                                      corn         children do not
Table/Science                  SS 6.2                                    attempt to eat
                                              SS 6.2                     the corn or
                                                            SS 6.2       place in nostril

                Nature         Leaf           Leaf          Fall Tree    Either myself
                Collage –      Symmetry       Rubbings –    and          or the attendant
Art Table/      collect        Painting -     use leaf      Poem         aides will assist
Easel           nature items   have           cutouts,      pictures     children in
                after a        children       draw veins    – see        choosing safe
                nature walk.   paint 1 side   with glue,    poem         nature items.
                Glue onto      of leaf with   place paper   below        Discuss
                construction   paint, fold    over cut                   symmetry in
                paper.         over to        out, rub                   child’s turns.
                               make both      with                       Make leaf and
                               sides          crayons                    glue stencils.
                               symmetrical                               Print out poem,
                S 2.1, 1.5,    S 1.5, 2.1,                               children to
                6.1            6.1            S 1.5, 2.1,                allow their
                                              6.1           S 1.5,       arms to be
                                                            2.1, 6.1     painted.
                                                            ELA 1.1,
                                                            1.7, 10.3,   Encourage JH
                                                                         to attempt art
                                                                         activities. If he
                                                                         will not
                                                                         comply, try to
                                                                         keep him in the
                                                                            Attendant aides
                    Trace name Trace name Trace                 Place       will talk each
  LIBRARY           in large        with glitter horizontal, fruit          child through
                    print           glue.        vertical       loops on tracing.
Repeat writing                                   lines and      large first Children will
center activities                   ELA 4.5,     circles        letter of   trace shape
for practice with                   8.1, 10.3    ELA 10.3, name             with finger
pen & paper tasks   ELA 10.3,                    4.5                        first, then with
                    8.1, 4.5                                    ELA 4.5, a marker.
                                                                8.1, 10.3 Emphasis on
                                                                            down, stop.
Standards addressed during arrival time: ELA 2.1, 4.5, 9.1, 10.2-5 and SS 3.1, 4.1,2,4,
5.1-4, 6.1-3

Standards addressed during breakfast/ lunch/ snack time: ELA 10.1-5, SC 2.1, SS 1.4,
4.1-4, 5. 1-5, 6.1
Standards addressed during all circle times: ELA 1.5-6, ELA 1.9, ELA 2.1-2, ELA 2.5,
ELA 3.2-9, ELA 4. 1-5, ELA 5.1-4, ELA 10.1-7 and SS 1.1-3, SS 2. 1-2, SS 4.1, SS 4.4,
SS 5.1-5, SS 6.1-4, SS 7.1-2

Standards addressed during gross motor inside or outside: ELA 10.1-4, M 3.5, Sc 3.2,
Sc 3.4-5, Sc 6.3, SS 3.4-5, SS 4.4, SS 5.1-3, SS 6.1, SS 6.3

Investigating why leaves change colors – Ellen Rene
Countdown to Fall – Fran Hawk
Leaves in Fall – Martha Rustad
Fall Leaves Change Color- Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
Autumn Leaves – Ken Robbins
Autumn Leaves – Gail Saunders Smith
How Leaves Change Colors – Christine Figorito
Fall Leaves Fall! – Zoe Hall
Leaf Man – Lois Ehlert
Why Do Leaves Change Colors – Betsy Maestro
Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf – Lois Ehlert
Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! – Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Leaf Jumpers – Carole Gerber & Leslie Evans
The Acorn and the Oak Tree – Lori Froeh

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