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					           National Workshop                                Registration
                                                            Registration fee for the workshop is Rs. 200/-, for which
                   on                                       payment may be made in cash or as demand draft in                     National Workshop
  Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics                     favour of Director, Centre for Biotechnology, payable
                      (Oct 21-22, 2011)
            Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility
                                                            at Rohtak. Participation certificate, course material
                                                            working lunch and high tea will be provided. However,
  Centre for Bioinformatics, Maharshi Dayanand University
                 Rohtak – 124 001 (Haryana)                 accommodation may be provided in University faculty-
                                                            house on payment basis.
                                                                                                                                  Molecular Evolution
                 REGISTRATION FORM                          Number of participants: 20
                                                            Deadline: 16th October, 2011. (For the receipt of filled in           and Phylogenetics
Title : Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms                                        application form).
Name : _____________________________________                                                                                                (Oct 21-22, 2011)
                                                            Organizing Committee
Position :____________________________________              Chief Patron:
Organization: ________________________________
                                                            Dr. R.P. Hooda, Honb’le Vice Chancellor, M. D. University
Address :____________________________________               Patron:
                                                            Dr. S.N. Mishra, Dean, Faculty of Life Sciences, M. D. University
___________________________________________                 Coordinator:
City: ________________ State: __________________            Dr. S.K Gakhar, Director, Centre for Biotechnology, M. D.                         Organized by
PIN :________________________________________               University
Tel/Mob. No. :________________________________              Organizing Secretary:                                                Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility
E-mail :______________________________________              Dr. Ajit Kumar, Centre for Biotechnology, M. D. University                 Centre for Bioinformatics
Reason to join this workshop:                               Joint Organizing Secretary:
____________________________________________                Dr. Mahesh Kulharia, Centre for Biotechnology, M.D. University
                                                                                                                                    Maharshi Dayanand University
____________________________________________                Member:                                                                   Rohtak – 124 001 (Haryana)
____________________________________________                Dr. Kaptan Singh, Centre for Bioinformatics, M.D. University.
____________________________________________                Mr. Ajay Wadhwa, Centre for Bioinformatics, M.D. University.
Accommodation required: Yes / No
                                                            Address for Communication:
Signature of the candidate:______________________                              The Organizing Secretary
                                                                 (Workshop on Molecular Evolution & Phylogenetics)
                                                                           Centre for Bioinformatics
Applications may be sent by post to:
                                                                        Maharshi Dayanand Univerisity
The Director, Centre for Biotechnology                                    Rohtak -124001 (Haryana)
Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak – 124 001.                 Phone: +91-1262-393101; Mob:+91-9802299176
                                                                                                                                             Sponsored by
Phone: +91-1262-393101; Mob:+91-9896014951                           E-mail:                          Department of Biotechnology
                                                            NB: All intimations will be sent by e-mail only.                    Ministry of Science & Technology
NB: Accommodation can be arranged in university
faculty house on payment basis.
                                                            Disclaimer: In the event of circumstances beyond its control, the   Government of India, New Delhi
                                                            organizers reserve the right to alter the program, date or venue.
      Photocopy of application form can be used
ABOUT UNIVERSITY                                                ABOUT WORKSHOP
Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, named after a             The objective of this workshop is to introduce about the
great social reformer was established through an Act of         current, emerging trends and applications of Molecular
Legislative Assembly of Haryana in the year 1976 with           Evolution and Phylogenetics studies and to provide
special objective - “To establish and incorporate a             hands on training on bioinformatics tools in Molecular
teaching- cum - affiliating University at Rohtak for the        Phylogenetics research. After this workshop, you will be
encouragement of interdisciplinary higher education             familiar with the concepts pertaining to basic molecular
and research with special emphasis on studies in Life           evolution principles and techniques for understanding
Sciences and Environment and Ecological Sciences”. It is        various contemporary areas of biological research and
located 70 kms away from Delhi on NH-10 and spread in           their applications.
700 acres of land.
                                                                TOPICS INCLUDED
ABOUT ROHTAK                                                    Bioinformatics web resources & tools, online databases &
The region surrounding Rohtak occupies the central place        retrieval of biological information, Sequence and
in the Bangru speaking zone of Haryana. The antiquity of        Phylogenetic analysis etc. Homology in molecular
the region goes back to the pre-Vedic Chalolithic/Bronze        phylogenetics and evolution, Database searches using
age. The ancient remains of last phase of Indus Valley          BLAST, Multiple sequence alignments, Sequence data
Civilization can still be seen around the region. The           exploration and manipulation, Tree nomenclature, tree
PGIMS, Rohtak is among the front runners of medical             rooting, trees and distances, trees and character
sciences in the country.                                        evolution, gene trees and species trees, consensus trees,
                                                                networks, Phylogenetic reconstruction methods (distance-
CENTRE FOR BIOINFORMATICS                                       matrix methods, minimum evolution, maximum
The centre is one of the fastest developing wing of the         parsimony and maximum likelihood), Sources and types
University and plays a lead role in the region as far as Life   of errors in phylogenetic inference.
Science is concerned. It has being recently given the
status of separate department, before which it was the          LEVEL OF PARTICIPANTS
part of Centre for Biotechnology. The centre provides           Academicians / Scientists / Research Scholars and PG
Masters programme in Bioinformatics apart from other            Students working or desirous of working in the area of
paid training programs (studentship and traineeship) in         Molecular     Phylogenetics, Computational Biology,
Bioinformatics. The centre boasts about its state-of-the-       Bioinformatics and various other branches of Sciences are
art infrastructure and laboratory facilities. Bridging the      invited to attend the workshop. The application form can
Biologist- Computational Interface gap will remain ever         also be downloaded from the University website:
the focus of the centre.                              

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