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									                                                           For office Use Only: Reference Number:             2011

                                Buckmore Park Scout Campsite
                                  Camp & Day Visit Booking Form
                                For completion by a Leader authorised to make the booking

Group Name
Section (s)
Leader in Charge                                                      Position Held
Leader’s Address
Leader’s Email
Contact Phone No’s - Landline                                         Mobile
Arrival Details – Date                                                Time -
Departure Details – Date                                              Time -
Estimated Numbers in Party - Young People                            Leaders                 Helpers
                              Activities Required - if Available
                                                        best to accommodate requests but
Any Particular Site or Area requested We will do our or requests will take precedence
                                         prior bookings

Caving £30 per session     No       Shooting £20 per Session          No      Orienteering £4 per pack No
Max Number per session - 12         Max Number per session - 12               Number of Packs required 0
  Our /My* acceptance of the tariff of £2.50 per night for Campers and £0.50p for Visitors and any
  activity fees as set out above is signified by the completion and submission of this booking form.
  There is no charge for the first two leaders when camping & no charge for Leaders supervising day visits!
*Delete as appropriate
                                               For office Use only:

Sites Allocated
Group updated with site rules / fees
Key to be collected from
Group informed of Availability of Activities
Total camp / visit fees due
Camp fees received
Camp fees banked & Treasurer informed
       Please make cheques payable to –‘Trustees of Buckmore Park Campsite Account’ and forward to the: -
Park Manager
Trevor Banks
72 Sir Evelyn Road
Rochester                                      Tel      ++44 (0)7771 933949 (Mobile)
England                                        Email bookings@buckmorepark.org.uk

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