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									                                   Monitoring Software
What Monitoring Software can do:
Monitoring software will track most computer activities including:
  • Chat - keep a tab on your children's interactions in chat rooms and protect them from predators
      that reside in chat rooms
  • Inbound and outbound emails - ensure that your family and employees are not receiving emails
      with harmful downloads
  • Web surfing - monitor the webpages that your employees and children have visited.
  • Downloads - you can track any downloads that have been made with your computer, including
      Peer-to-Peer and file transfers.
  • Keystroke - keystroke recording features log and track all of the keystrokes so you can monitor
      all of the information imputed through the keyboard.
  • Monitor your computer openly, allowing the user to know they are being monitored, or
      undetected, in stealth mode.

What to Look For in Monitoring Software
With technology changing at a rapid pace, it is difficult to know which monitoring software is best and
what should be sought when purchasing software.
   • Feature Set
       The monitoring software should offer all of the features needed to monitor your computer's
       activity and monitor chat, email, instant messaging downloads, webpages and keystrokes. The
       software should provide a stealth mode and various scheduling and reporting features.
   • Ease of Use
       The product should be easy to install, easy to setup and easy to use.
   • Easy of Installation/Setup
       The program should be easy to install and setup without errors or a number of unnecessary steps
       so anyone could successfully install and run the program regardless of their computer literacy.
   • Monitoring Effectiveness
       The monitoring software should allow you to identify all activity that is occurring on your
       computer, by whom, and when.
   • Help Documentation
       The software should offer ample help in the form of telephone and email support, knowledge
       bases or FAQs.

Various Products that are available:
   • Spector Pro ($99) Top rated for ease of use and effectiveness. PC & Mac
   • Spy Agent ($79) Highly rated for ease of use and effectiveness. PC only
   • I Am Big Brother ($29) Not as many features, but fairly easy to use and fairly effective. PC
   • eBlaster ($99) Better for remote monitoring. Doesn’t have key features of Spector Pro. PC &
   • Golden Eye ($29)
   • Guardian Monitor ($39)

Some of these programs also block inappropriate web sites eliminating the need for a web-filter such as
Safe Eyes or Net Nanny.

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