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Bobby Roan


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									                                     Bobby Roan

Bobby Roan has been coaching, teaching and lecturing baseball over 30 years. From
being an assistant coach on the 1986 University of Arizona College World Series
champion team, head baseball coach of two colleges, an associate scout for two major
league baseball organizations and owning a baseball/softball training business Bobby has
done it all.

As a coach Roan’s college teams were leaders in the national rankings in hitting and base
stealing. 1995 earned him the baseball coach of the year in the Arrowhead Conference.
Bobby spent 12 years in the college dugout 7 years as an assistant and 5 years as the head at
5 different institutions. The highlight being on Jerry Kindall’s staff at the University of
Arizona and winning the 1986 NCAA College World Series National Championship.

The Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks were two MLB organizations that used
Roan’s expertise in evaluating players.    Former major league area scout Mike Daughtry
called Bobby “One of the best coaches of catchers” he ever knew.

Currently Roan is a coach and scout on the USA Baseball National Team Identification
Series and owns ROAN Baseball/Softball Training, Inc.

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