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					                                                                The Wilderness Society Bushwalkers
                                             Wilderness Walks, January, 2005 – June, 2005 and Advance Notices
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Note: Bushfires may have made               are not a strong swimmer) as there        Creek, with its stately Round-leaved       Ph: 0408 270 461 (between 8pm and
some walks impossible to do because         are several long (100m plus) swims.       Blue Gum. Then its off to the Gross        10pm only)
of areas being closed. An alternative       No abseiling is involved but there will   Mountain Look out with its views of        Grade: Easy to medium (13 km)
walk may be arranged, contact the           be some scrambling over large rocks       the Cumberland Plain and the Grose         Limit: 12
leader early in the week of the             at times and some previous                River Gorge, before taking a side trip     Smugglers Ridge in Marramarra N.P.
activity.                                   canyoning experience is desirable.        up Grose Head South and its great          is said to be named after the practice
                                                                                      views west up the Grose Valley. The        of smuggling rum into the young
DECEMBER 2004                               Sun 12 December - Daywalk                 walk includes a side trip to the Grotto,   colony of NSW, and is a very
                                            Royal N. P.                               which gives us a cool peaceful place       pleasant walk indeed. We will be
Sat/Sun 4/5 December                        Route: Engadine to Waterfall.             to relax and contemplate.                  exploring the remains of early farming
Full Pack Walk                              Leader: Dennis Cassidy                                                               activity (with wild orange orchards)
Kanangra-Boyd N. P.                         Ph: 9567 3109 (h) evenings only           FEBRUARY 2005                              and some Aboriginal rock carvings
Route: Box Creek                            Grade: Easy/medium                                                                   before we get to Marramarra Creek.
Leader: John Williams                       Limit: 10                                 Sat 5 February - Daywalk                   Highlights of the walk include some
Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or              We’ll walk to the head of navigation      Royal N. P.                                very good lookouts of the          on Kangaroo Creek and thence to           Route: Heathcote to Engadine               Hawkesbury River and surrounding
Grade: Easy Overnight                       Ulooloo Falls. Swimming.                  Leader: Dennis Cassidy                     areas.
Limit: 10                                                                             Ph: 9567 3109 (h) evenings only
This will be a gourmet, swimming            JANUARY 2005                              Grade: Easy/medium                         Sat 26 Feb - Daywalk
weekend as the walk to the campsite                                                   Limit: 10                                  Royal N.P.
is only a few km. The campsite is one       January, 2005                             A walk via Karloo Poll and Kangaroo        Route: Otford/Burning Palms/Otford
of the best in area; flat, green,           9 day - Full Pack Walk                    Creek. Lots of swimming                    Leader: Jeff Bembrick
protected. A spectacular waterfall is       South Coast Track, Tasmania               opportunities to beat the heat.            Ph: 9938 5925 (h)
only metres away!                           Route: Melaleuca to Cockle Creek                                                     Grade: Medium - some steep
                                            Leader: John Williams                     Sun 6 February - Daywalk                   sections
Sun 5 December - Daywalk                    Ph: 9988 4478 (h) (7-8.30pm)              Morton N.P.                                Limit: 15
Royal N. P.                                 Grade: Medium.                            Route: Bundanoon-Bundanoon                 Great coastal views. Swimming.
Route: Kangaroo Creek to Uloola             Limit: 6                                  Creek-Bundanoon
Falls to Karloo Pool                        A visit to a remote part of Tasmania      Leader: Bob Morgan                         Sun 27 February - Daywalk
Leader: Brian Sisk                          featuring two four walks with a rest      Ph: 9807 2361 (h) (7-10 pm)                Sydney Harbour N.P.
Phone: 0408 270 461 (between 9 pm           day and food drop in the middle.          e-mail:                                    Route: Spit to Manly
and 10 pm only)                             Fully guided and catered trip with               Leader: Clare Woods
Grade: Easy (12 km)                         Tasmanian Expeditions. A high level       Grade: Medium, 10 km, 400m ascent          Phone: 9427 3535 (between 7 pm
Limit: 12                                   of fitness and experience needed due      Limit: 10                                  and 9 pm week of walk only)
This is definitely a walk with a lot of     to possible extremes of weather and       A very scenic walk taking in several       Grade: Easy
variety! We follow Kangaroo Creek           a 1000 metre climb on day 4.              lookouts before descending                 Limit: 12
down stream past gentle waterfalls,         Bookings need to be made early to         to our lunch stop by a pool on             An easy walk with the chance for
waterholes and pools, and go through        ensure places on trip . Contact me        beautiful Bundanoon Creek. There           swims and a cool drink at the end.
sparse but beautifully wild terrain,        ASAP to express interest. Cost for        will be ample time for a swim for
with narrow sandstone cliffs. Lower         trip $1650 approx.                        those interested before we make the        Sun 27 February – Snorkelling
downstream we have stretches of                                                       steep, but not long, ascent back into      Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower,
medium eucalypt forest - a feature of       Sat 22 January - Daywalk                  Bundanoon for après-walk                   Manly
this forest are the Waratah and             Royal N. P.                               refreshments.                              Leader: Karin Kirkpatrick
Gymea Lilies, which flourish along          Route: Bundeena to Deer Pool/rtn.                                                    Ph: (02) 4751 9578 (h) (7-9 pm week
side Smooth Barked Apple. We take           Leader: Dennis Cassidy                    Sun 13 Feb - Daywalk                       of walk)
a diversion to Uloola Falls on the          Ph: 9567 3109 (h) evenings only           Royal N.P.                                 Grade: Easy
Karloo Track – the majority of the          Grade: Easy                               Route: Bundeena to Wattamolla via          Limit: 10
walk is on a narrowly defined trails,       Limit: 10                                 Coast Walk                                 Come and enjoy stunning underwater
and not tracks, following this beautiful    A walk via Coast Track and Big            Leader: Lyn Wallace                        beauty and a shady lunch spot.
creek for almost the entire walk.           Marley. We will catch a ferry to start    Phone: 9764-1319 7pm-9pm
                                            our day and finish with a cool drink      Catch the ferry from Cronulla to a day     MARCH 2005
Xmas Restaurant Night                       with a big vista.. Swimming at lunch      of views, swims, superb lunch spot
Thursday 9 December                         break at the serene Deer Pool             and refreshment at Bundeena at the         Fri/Sat/Sun 4/5/6 March
7 pm Australian Hotel, 100                                                            end of the walk.                           Cycle Tour
Cumberland St., The Rocks.                  Sat/Sun 29/30 January                                                                Route: Stockton to Nelson Bay
Gourmet pizzas/Burragorang                  Overnight Canoe Trip                      Restaurant Night                           area/Rtn.
Bock/Scharer’s Lager. Come along            Clyde River - near Batemans Bay           Thursday 17 February                       Leader: John Williams
and meet fellow walkers. Join us to         (South Coast)                             7pm Boom Bi Na Korean restaurant,          Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or
celebrate another great year of             Leader: S Casburn                         545b Kent St. Sydney (near Liverpool
shared activities. Bookings/enquiries,      Ph: 9398 5254 (h)                         St.) Come along and meet fellow            Grade: Medium
John Williams Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-          Grade: Easy/Medium                        walkers. New leaders always                Limit: 8
8.30pm) or                                  Limit: 10                                 welcome. Bookings/enquiries, John          Train to Newcastle. Ferry across          An overnight camping/canoe trip           Williams Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-              Hunter River to Stockton. Approx
                                            along the beautiful Clyde River. Must     8.30pm) or                                 50km ride to two night stay in Port
Sat 11 December - Canyon trip               be a confident swimmer and need to         Stephens YHA’s bungalows. The ride
Blue Mountains N.P.                         book early to secure a canoe or                                                      is fairly easy, as it is flat all the way.
Route: Mt Wilson - Du Faurs Canyon          kayak.                                    Sat/Sun 19/20 February                     Hostel is in a bushland setting with
and return                                                                            Full Pack Walk                             Samurai Beach close by and a
Leader: Bob Morgan                          Sun 30 January - Daywalk                  Morton N. P.                               courtesy bus on Fri & Sat nights to
Ph: 9807 2361(h) (7-10 p.m.) or 9218        Blue Mountains N.P.                       Route: Monolith Valley & return            take us to dinner. A mini holiday with
6483(w)                                     Route: Winmalee to Shaws Ridge to         (Via Braidwood)                            lots of relaxation on Saturday.
Grade: Medium                               Grose Mountain Lookout                    Leader: Martin Harris
Limit: 10                                   Leader: Brian Sisk                        Ph (02) 9570 1227                          Sat 12 March - Day Paddle
This canyon provides a distinct             Phone: 0408 270 461 (between 9 pm         Grade: Medium                              Royal N.P.
contrast to normal bushwalking              and 10 pm only)                           Limit: 6                                   Route: Lilli Pilli Point/South West Arm
as much of it is fairly narrow and          Grade: Easy (15 km)                       Some exploration, time permitting.         Creek
there is little direct sunlight along the   Limit: 12                                                                            Leader: Philip Travis
way. Partly because of the lack of          This Blue Mountains track features        Sun 20 February - Daywalk                  Ph: 9501 1886 (h)
sunlight the water should be a little       tall stately forest and some great        Marramarra N.P.                            Grade: Medium
cooler than in other areas and              views of the Grose River Gorge. We        Route: Smugglers Ridge to                  Limit: 10
wetsuits are recommended. Lilos are         take the ridge top trail through          Marramarra Creek to Marramarra             The water quality is pristine with lots
also recommended (essential if you          medium eucalypt forest before             Ridge                                      of sandy beaches. PFD and canoe
                                            descending into Blue Gum Swamp            Leader: Brian Sisk                         essential.
Sun 13 March - Daywalk                    Sun 3 April - Dayywalk                   Restaurant Night                          Sun 15 May - Daywalk
Royal N. P.                               Ku-Ring-Gai Chase N.P.                   Thursday 21 April                         Blue Mountains N. P.
Route: Loftus to Waterfall                Route: Great Mackerel Beach to           7pm Nepalese Kitchen restaurant,          Route: Mt Solitary
Leader: Dennis Cassidy                    West Head to                             481 Crown St., Surry Hills (near          Leader: Lyn Wallace
Ph: 9567 3109 (h) evenings only           White Horse Beach                        Devonshire St.) Come along and            Phone: 9764-1319 7pm-9pm
Grade: Medium                             Leader: Brian Sisk                       meet fellow walkers. New leaders          Grade: Medium/hard 16km 400m
Limit: 10                                 Ph: 0408 270 461 (between 8pm and        always welcome. Bookings/enquiries,       ascent
A walk via Lady Carrington Drive and      10pm only)                               phone John Williams 9988 4478 (h)         Limit: 10
Forest Island. We will catch a tram to    Grade: Easy to medium (11 km)            (7-8.30pm) or                             You'll be rewarded with spectacular
start our day and finish with at          Limit: 12                              views over Warragamba, Kanangra
Waterfall Station. Chance of lyre bird    The West Head area offers excellent                                                and the Jamieson Valley from the top
sightings and swim.                       views of Pittwater and the               Sat 23 April - Daywalk                    of Mt Solitary. Some steep sections.
                                          Hawkesbury River – the area is also      Blue Mountains N. P.
Sun 13 March – Daywalk                    of historical interest with landmarks    Route: Mt Hay Road to Fortress Hill       Sat 21 May - Daywalk
Burragorang Valley                        associated with Governor Phillips        Leader: Karin Kirkpatrick                 Royal N.P.
Route: Bonum Pic & return                 early expeditions to World War II era    Ph: (02) 4751 9578 (h) (7-9 pm week       Route: Otford – Waterfall
Route: Entry &return via Mittagong        ruins. We walk along beaches, across     of walk)                                  Leader: Coralie Wilcher
Leader: Martin Harris                     creeks, past Cabbage Tree Palms          Grade: Easy                               Phone: 0401 947 843
Ph (02) 9570 1227                         before heading to West Head. This        Limit: 10                                 Grade: Medium 17km
Grade: Medium                             has brilliant lookouts with views over   Spectacular views over Govetts            Limit: 10
Limit:8                                   Broken Bay, Barrenjoey, Pittwater        Creek are the reward for this short       A longish walk which is a good
Interesting views                         and Palm Beach. We take in other         walk. Lunch will be a gourmet,            introduction to the variety of the Royal
                                          great lookouts with views over Lion      sharing affair. If time permits we will   – coastal vistas, heathland and
Sat/Sun 19/20 March                       Island and Brisbane Waters National      visit the top end of Fortress Creek       rainforest.
Full pack walk                            Park, and more great beaches like        Canyon.
Murramarang N. P.                         Flint and Steel.                                                                   Sun 29 May - Daywalk
Route: Pebbly Beach to Pretty                                                      Sun 24 April - Daywalk                    Marramarra N.P.
Beach/return                              Sat 9 April - Day Cycle                  Blue Mountains N. P.                      Route: Coba Ridge to Coba Point
Leader: John Williams                     Sutherland/Royal N.P.                    Route: Springwood – Magdala Falls –       Leader: Brian Sisk
Ph: 9988 4478 (h) (7-8.30pm)              Route: Waterfall to Sutherland via       Lost World Lookout                        Ph: 0408 270 461 (between 8pm and
Grade: Easy                               Helensburgh, Otford, Audley              Leader: Coralie Wilcher                   10pm only)
Limit: 10                                 Leader: Jeff Bembrick                    Phone: 0401 947 843                       Grade: Easy to medium (14 km)
A 5 km walk to our camping spot,          Ph: 9938 5925 (h)                        Grade: Medium 17km                        Limit: 12
right on the beach. This is always a      Grade: Medium/ long ride, much dirt      Limit: 10                                 There are many panoramic lookouts
popular weekend.                          Limit: 15                                This is a seldom visited track which      to be visited on this walk where we
                                          Pleasant ride adjacent and in Royal      offers some quiet pools, waterfalls       gain magnificent views of Berowra
Sat 19 March - Daywalk                    Nat Park. Some fire trails, one steep    and a great lunch spot with views         Creek, Coba Bay, Bar Island and the
Blue Mountains N.P.                       section.                                 over the Glenbrook section of the         Hawkesbury River. The track passes
Route: Ruined Castle                                                               park.                                     through forests of Red Bloodwood,
Leader: Coralie Wilcher                   Sat - Fri 9-15 April – Canoe Trip                                                  Scribbly Gum, Stringybarks with
Phone: 0401 947 843                       4 day canoe paddle                       MAY 2005                                  under storeys of Banksia, Grevillia,
Grade: Easy 8km                           Coolloola Wilderness area, Qld.                                                    Geebung and Mountain Devil. This is
Limit: 12                                 Route: Noosa river                       Sun 1 May - Daywalk                       an interesting alternative to the Blue
A mostly flat and shady walk with a       Leader: John Williams                    Thirlmere Lakes N.P.                      mountains !
short uphill to the Ruined Castle for     Ph: 9988 4478 (7-8.30 pm)                Route: Blue Gum Creek-Little River
lunch.                                    Grade: Medium                            and return                                JUNE 2005
                                          Limit: 8                                 Leader: Bob Morgan
Sun 20 March - Daywalk                    We will be hiring canoes at Elanda       Ph: 9807 2361 (h) (7-10 pm)               Sat 4 June - Daywalk
Royal National Park                       Point for this trip. Final dates of      e-mail:                                   Ku-ring-gai Chase N.P.
Route: Loftus to Winifred Falls to        paddle to be decided. Contact leader              Route: Cowan to Brooklyn
Deer Pool                                 ASAP if interested                       Grade: Easy/medium, 15km                  Leader: Bob Morgan
Leader: Brian Sisk                                                                 Limit: 10                                 Ph: 9807 2361 (h) (7-10 pm)
Ph: 0408 270 461 (between 8pm and         Sun 10 April - Daywalk                   Thirlmere Lakes is a fairly small park    e-mail:
10pm only)                                Wollongong Cycleway                      located in the southern highlands but
Grade: Easy (9 km)                        Route: Thirroul to Woolongong            it features some impressive stands of     Grade: Easy/medium, 12km
Limit: 12                                 Leader: Dennis Cassidy                   tall eucalypt forest. There is also       Limit: 10
The Royal N.P. contains a great           Ph: 9567 3109 (h) evenings only          abundant bird life in this area.          The walk follows a stream to a scenic
variety of scenery including plateau      Grade: Easy                                                                        bay followed by a short climb, which
shrubland, valley forest and attractive   Limit: 10                                Sat 7 May - Day cycle                     features extensive views of the park.
waterfalls. We go past heath and          Beach after beach! Train to start and    Botany Bay                                We continue on To Brooklyn where
shrubland to cross the head of Muddy      finish and chance for plenty of swims.   Brighton to Kurnell/Rtn                   refreshments await at the local pub.
Creek and through Eucalypt forest to                                               Leader: S Casburn                         Both the start and the finish of the
Winifred Falls – if it is hot, there is   Sat 16 April - Day Walk and Dinner       Ph: 9398 5254 (h)                         walk are on the train line.
swimming at the base of the falls. We     Blue Mountains N.P.                      Grade: Easy
will follow the creek downstream to       Route: Wentworth Falls and Valley of     Limit: 10                                 Sat 11June - Daywalk
South West Arm bay. Other highlights      the Waters                               A flat ride to the quiet village of       Blue Mountains N.P.
include Anice Falls and Deer Pool         Leader: Philip Travis                    Kurnell. We can do a monument             Route: Grand Canyon – Bridle Track
with its views over Little Marley.        Ph: 9501 1886 (h)                        crawl before lunch.                       Leader: Coralie Wilcher
                                          Grade: Medium                                                                      Phone: 0401 947 843
APRIL 2005                                Limit: 10                                Sun 8 May - Daywalk                       Grade: Medium 15km
                                          A classic walk with spectacular cliff    Bungonia Gorge
                                          views and endless waterfalls. Book a                                               Limit: 10
Sat/Sun 2/3 April - Cycling                                                        Route: White and red tracks
                                          room in Katoomba YHA                                                               Beautiful fern-filled canyons,
Dungog                                                                             Leader: John Williams
                                          ( and stay for                                                      waterfalls, bellbirds, great views of
Leader: Lyn Wallace                                                                Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or
                                          dinner on Saturday night.                                                          the majestic sandstone cliffs – this
Phone: 9764-1319 7pm-9pm                                                 
                                                                                                                             walk has them all (plus the walk up
A weekend of day cycling around a                                                  Grade: Medium/hard
                                          Sun 17 April - Daywalk                                                             the hill at the end of the day).
beautiful valley. Farmhouse                                                        Limit: 10
accommodation for about $40/each.         Blue Mountains N.P.                      A stunning area. We’ll visit the Gorge
                                          Route: 6 foot track, Stage 1                                                       Sat 18 June - Daywalk
Contact leader early February for                                                  and Shoalhaven River. Very steep
                                          Leader: Clare Woods                                                                Blue Mountains N.P.
accommodation bookings.                                                            walk out at the end.
                                          Phone: 9427 3535 (between 7 pm                                                     Route: Neates Glen and Grand
                                          and 9 pm week of walk only)                                                        Canyon
                                          Grade: Medium                                                                      Leader: Clare Woods
                                          Limit: 10                                                                          Phone: 9427 3535 (between 7 pm
                                          Start at Nellies Glen, then the first                                              and 9 pm week of walk only)
                                          stage of the six foot track and return                                             Grade: Easy
                                          via the Devil’s hole.                                                              Limit: 10
                                                                                                                             A relatively easy walk with some
                                                                                                                             uphill and lunch at a waterfall.
Sun 19 June - Daywalk                                                           WALKS GUIDELINES
Yengo N.P.                                 TWS Bushwalkers
Route: Howes Valley Creek to               Membership Form                      NEW WALKS/ACTIVITIES
MacDonald River                                                                 LEADERS ARE ALWAYS
Leader: Brian Sisk                         Name:……………………………                     WANTED
Ph: 0408 270 461 (between 8pm and
10pm only)                                 ……………………………………                       If you would like to lead a
Grade: Easy (14 km)                                                             walk or activity, or need
Limit: 12                                  Address:………………………….                  further information,
Imagine a walk entirely along sandy,                                            please contact John
flat, wide and shady creek and river       ………………………………….…                      Williams on (02) 9988
beds with only a couple of rocky                                                4478.
boulders along the way! The beds of        …………………………………..…
the Macdonald River and its                                                     BOOKINGS: For insurance
tributaries offer such a walk – strange    Post code:……………………….                 reasons, walks/activities are
linear deserts within the maze of          Phone:                               only open to members of TWS
ridges that make up Yengo National                                              Bushwalkers. Party sizes are
Park. This is a great walk for those       ………………………….….(work)                  kept small to reduce the
wanting something very different.                                               impact on the environment.
                                           ……………………………(home)                    Please ring leaders only at the
Restaurant Night                                                                times listed.
Thursday 23June                            Fax:…………………………….…
7 pm Thai / Glebe Point Rd., Glebe.                                             COSTS/INSURANCE: You
Final venue to be arranged (changed        E-mail:……………………………                   must be a member of TWS
from original programme) Please                                                 Bushwalkers to participate in
phone for bookings/enquiries, John         ……………………………………                       all walks/activities. Annual
Williams Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-              Are you a walks leader?              membership fee is $20, which
8.30pm) or                                             YES/NO                   covers the cost of insurance         Do you intend to or would like to    for all activities. Please ensure
                                           lead walks or activities?            that you have paid your
Sat 25 June - Day cycle                                YES/NO                   membership fee before the
Hawkesbury Cycle path                       (or copy form)                     day of the activity. Payment
Route: Faulconbridge to Windsor                                                 may be made by phone or
Leader: John Williams                     *Join TWS Bushwalkers now for         mail. To pay by phone contact
Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or            only $20/year. A brief background     Annie Coleman or Kevin        is in the Walks Guidelines.           Rowson at the TWS Shop on
Grade: Easy                                                                     9233 4674, provide the details
Limit: 8                                                                        required in the TWS
A great/safe path, easy train access      The financial year starts
                                                                                Bushwalkers Membership
both ends. Great views and nearly         July, 2005, Renewals sent             Form (see elsewhere on the
downhill or flat all the way. Lunch in    now will provide insurance            programme) and pay by credit
Windsor.                                  cover until June, 2006                card. A receipt number will be
                                          (financial year). You can             issued by phone and receipt
ADVANCE NOTICES                                                                 and membership card will be
                                          renew by phone!
                                                                                mailed to you. To pay by mail
Sat 20 August - Moonwalk                                                        send the completed TWS
Blue Mountains N. P.                                                            Bushwalkers membership
Route: Narrow Neck                        Register for the email updates and    Form and $20 cheque,
Leader: John Williams                     early delivery of the program. See    payable to TWS Bushwalkers,
Ph: 9988 4478 (h)                         the top of page 1.                    to PO Box K249 Haymarket
Grade: Easy/medium                                                              NSW 1240. A receipt and
Limit: 12                                                                       membership card will be
We’ll have supper after approx 90                                               mailed to you. Please take
mins walk. An out and back trip.                                                your card with you on activities
Last time this was run Lake                                                     to verify membership. Please
Burragorang looked lie a pool of                                                note: You must be a member
quicksilver. Bring something to share                                           of TWS or a Wilderness
for Supper.                                                                     Defender to be eligible to join
                                                                                TWS Bushwalkers.
Restaurant Night
Thursday 18 August                                                              WALK GRADES: All walks
7pm Fatima’s Lebanese Restaurant                                                have been graded based on
294 Cleveland St., Surry Hills (near                                            experienced walker’s
cnr. Elizabeth St.). All welcome.                                               assessments:
Bookings/enquiries, John Williams                                               Easy: for people with no
Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or                                                  prior walking experience,                                              generally flat terrain
                                                                                Medium: reasonable level
Restaurant Night                                                                of fitness required. Possibly
Thursday 20 October                                                             some trackless areas.
7 pm Dakhni Indian Restaurant, 65                                               Medium hard: as for
Glebe Pt. Rd., Glebe. All welcome.                                              medium with rougher terrain
Bookings/enquiries, John Williams                                               such as heavy scrub or rock
Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-8.30pm) or                                                  scrambling.                                              Hard: fit and experienced
                                                                                walkers. Longer distances,
Xmas Restaurant Night                                                           steep ascents and descents
Thursday 8 December
7 pm Australian Hotel, 100
Cumberland St., The Rocks.
Gourmet pizzas/Burragorang
Bock/Scharer’s Lager. Come along
and meet fellow walkers. Join us to                                            More walks/activities will be added
celebrate another great year of                                                for June in next programme
shared activities. Bookings/enquiries,
John Williams Ph: 9988 4478(h) (7-
8.30pm) or

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