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									Bernie Francis
11811 Avenue of the PGA, 7-3G
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
(561) 758-5847


Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Weight :     213
Height:      6’3”


To obtain short term employment assisting new owners in the fitting out/preparation and initial operation of
their new yachts. I would also act as a captain/ third crew member while the owner(s) become comfortable
and gain confidence in their abilities and skills in the operation of their new yacht.


Licensed, seasoned and service-driven Captain and Yacht Maintenance Supervisor with over 33 years
experience in sail and power yachts and proven expertise in all phases of yacht operations.

    •    United States Coast Guard Master License 100 GRT, STCW 95, with Sail Endorsement.
    •    Successful completion of Crisis Management & Human Behavior and Crowd Management
         courses as per STCW 95 regulations.
    •    Auxiliary Mechanic, United States Navy Submarine Service (Senior Chief Machinist Mate) retired
         after 20 years of service.
    •    Yacht and system maintenance/repair and general troubleshooting to maintain quality standards
         and pristine boat conditions (including mechanical, electrical, electronic, communication,
         plumbing, engine room equipment, ship’s systems, hydraulics, and varnishing) .
    •    Coordination/supervision of major refits, refurbishing projects and engine overhauls: expedite
         project from initial evaluation and contracting through timely completion and accurate
    •    State-of-the-art navigation and itinerary planning/coordination.
    •    All provisioning and inventory management for long and short passages.
    •    Quality control, safety management and effective emergency response.
    •    Team building, leadership and motivation.
    •    Maintaining effective business relationships with marinas, dock masters, sub-contractors, vendors,
         captains, associated boat yard personnel in various countries.

    WATERS NAVIGATED: Three Trans-Atlantic passages, Mediterranean Sea, East Coast United States
    (Florida to Maine), Intracoastal Waterway, Eastern & Western Caribbean, Pacific Northwest, Eastern
    Pacific coast ( British Columbia to Panama), Panama Canal, and Columbia, South America.
Bernie Francis
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Jan. 2008 – Sept. 2008
Mar. 2009 – June 2010    Segue II (N47-#49), Maggie May (N55-#29), Angela J (N55-#34),
                         William Tell (N47-#06), Journey (N55-#12), C'mon Girl (N47-57),
                         Marytime (N60-47), Let's Dance (N47-26), Last Mango (N55-08),
                         Tropic Explorer (N40-31), & Eliana (N76-17).
                             • Assisted the owners of the above Nordhavn yachts either in
                                  the final commissioning and the fitting out, including yard
                                  periods for installation of various electronic and mechanical
                                  equipment as well as overseeing warranty work, and/or
                             • Acted as captain/instructor or delivery captain delivering the
                                  yachts with owners aboard to various locations in North
                                  America, the Caribbean, or Central America. While underway
                                  instructed the owners in the use of the various complex
                                  electronic systems, everyday operations and seamanship.
                             Reason leaving: My motto is to “work my way out of a job” in the
                             capacity as captain/instructor and the owners became comfortable
                             and confident with the operation of their yachts and no longer
                             required my assistance, and/or the delivery was completed.

Oct. 2008 – Feb. 2009    Sunset Kelly (#65-#02) a Marlow 65E (Explorer)
                         Captain/Recommissioning Captain
                              • Fit out and monitored/supervised the $130,000.00 (not
                                  including electronics) refit of Sunset Kelly during a 3 month
                                  yard period. Worked closely with the yard and owner in
                                  making modifications/improvements to all systems on a 7
                                  year old yacht to bring it up to date and to as-new condition.
                              • Performed a shakedown cruise on the west coast of Florida to
                                  verify operation of all equipment and modifications,
                                  performed various maintenance/repair actions and trained the
                                  owner and his wife in the general operation, navigation of
                                  Sunset Kelly and the use of various onboard systems and
                             Reason leaving: The owner required a full time long term captain
                             and I was already committed to a new Nordhavn 55 build slated to
                             come online in spring 2009. The post shakedown yard period was
                             the perfect time to turn over to a new captain. (This commitment
                             was known to Mr. Mendelsohn upon my hire in Sept. 2008.)

July 2007 – Jan. 2008    Moana Kuewa (N55-#11) Nordhavn motor yacht
                         Chief Engineer/Mate
                             • Performed independent assessment of all boat systems,
                                 upgraded all safety equipment and ensured the vessel was
                                 ready for trans-Atlantic passage and Europe. (May 2007)
                             • Managed major warranty and new work including repairs on
                                 the John Deere engine, replacement of the ship’s davit and
                                 various boat modifications to cruise in Europe.
                             • Developed, coordinated and implemented a detailed and
                                 customized maintenance and documentation plan.
                             Reason leaving Moana Kuewa; To gain sea time faster for
                             upgrading of captain’s license. (This was accomplished by Sept.

Bernie Francis
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May 2007 – July 2007             Med Bound 2007 Rally; Florida to Gibraltar
                                 Chief Engineer (fleet of 9 Nordhavn Yachts ranging from 40 to 62 ft)
                                     • Conducted comprehensive pre-underway inspections
                                          (electrical, mechanical, and stowage) on all yachts
                                          participating in the rally.
                                     • Performed various repairs when needed including trouble
                                          shooting a Niad stabilizer problem, eventually leading to the
                                          replacement of the potentiometer.
                                     Reason Leaving Med Bound 2007; Completion of passage from
                                     Ft. Lauderdale to Gibraltar.

May 2000 –April 2007             Chimera Blue Corporation, Palos Park, IL
                                         Captain (60’ Hinckley custom built sailing yacht “Chimera”)
                                    • Plan, organize and direct all ship operations: primary
                                         responsibilities include navigation, operation, maintenance
                                         and safety of vessel, crew and guests in various countries
                                         throughout the world.
                                    • Established documentation for maintenance activities and
                                         schedules. Initiated parts inventory system to optimize
                                         resource utilization and established equipment manuals and
                                         operational procedures.
                                    Reason Leaving Chimera: Change of owner’s plans which will
                                    no longer required a full time Captain.


Rick and Debbie Heiniger, owners M/Y Eliana

Kim and Claudia Petersen, owners M/Y Tropic Explorer
(954) 415-8800

Bill and Carol Sanford, owners M/Y Let's Dance
(843) 540-3811

David Lee, owner M/Y Last Mango
+44-7921-684-771 (Panama)

Victor Murray, owner M/Y Marytime
(516) 860-9900

Guy and Lou Goodwin, owners M/Y C'mon Girl
(239) 919-4403 (U.S. number)

Peter and Joanne Powers, owners M/Y Journey
(404) 272-3711

James and Vicky Brewer, owners M/Y William Tell
(423) 718-0323

John and Angela Panusa, owners M/Y Angela J
(604) 277-1509

Fred and Laurie Mendelsohn, co-owners M/V Sunset Kelly
(813) 368-6911

Andy and Susan Francis, owners M/V Maggie May
(317) 416-7444

Dave and Kaye Poulson , owners Segue II
(403) 650-5473
Christine Bauman, owner M/V Moana Kuewa
(808) 927-4588

Milt Baker, Organizer of Med Bound 2007
(954) 610-5193

Richard Dickson, owner S/V Chimera
(708) 361-4037

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