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Benefit Concert To Aid NRHS Nurse                                                                                                                  fe atu re d arti c l e s

    NURSES, DOCTORS AND STAFF AT NORMAN REGIONAL HAVE BANDED TO GETHER TO HELP ONE                                                                 pg 1 : Gosling Rescued
                                                                                                                                                   pg 3 : Guardian Angel

All proceeds from the concert will go to help Yvonne Day,     The staff of the CVICU at the HealthPlex and the ICU at the
                                                                                                                                                   pg 8 : Service Awards
a nurse who works at the HealthPlex in the CVICU. Yvonne      Porter Campus will be selling advanced tickets for $10.
has been diagnosed with a very progressive form of lung       Tickets can also be purchased at the door the night of the
cancer, said Amy Baden, a co-worker and one of the ben-       event. Norman Regional employees can also donate Paid
efit concert’s organizers.                                    Time Off (PTO) to Yvonne by picking up a PTO donation card                           th i s m on th
                                                              from Human Resources.                                                                • Home Safety Month
                                                                                                                                                   • Fireworks Safety Month
Dr. Mark Camp and his band, Osage, have donated their
                                                                                                                                                   • National Scoliosis Awareness Month
time to play at the benefit concert. There is also a silent                                                                                        • June 6, National Cancer Survivors Day
auction the night of the event.                                                                                                                    • June 6-12, National Headache
                                                                                                                                                     Awareness Week
                                                                                                                                                   • June 14-22, National Men’s Health Week
        Gosling Rescued
             From Storm At HealthPlex
                                                                                                           Indoor recycling
                                                                                                         bins available at the
                                                                                                      Thanks to a grant from the NRH Foundation, the
                      BEFORE                                           AFTER                          HealthPlex now has seven new indoor paper recycling
                                                                                                      bins! You can place all your non-confidential paper
Norman Regional staff members came to                “Emergency Room nurses can save just about       trash into these bins. Environmental Services staff then
the rescue of one unlucky gosling during the         anything,” Lesli said.
                                                                                                      empties the bins and adds the paper to our outdoor bins.
recent severe storms.
                                                                                                      Depending on the amount collected, the Foundation
                                                     Once the gosling was dry and moving around,
During tornado warnings on Wed. May 19,              the nurses placed the gosling in an area where   receives a check from a company that recycles the paper
nurses and a doctor at the HealthPlex noticed        they thought the mother would be able to find    trash.
one lone gosling stranded on the pond at the         it. Staff watched as the mother goose found
hospital. A Canada goose had hatched four            her lost baby. They reported that the mother     Thanks to the Foundation and EVS for helping NRHS be
goslings on the hospital grounds just a day or       honked and the baby chirped when they were
                                                                                                      more environmentally-friendly!
two before.                                          reunited.

Misty Garner and Selena Forga from the                                                                Recycle bins are now located in the HealthPlex at:
HealthPlex’s Chest Pain Center went outside                                                            • Cafeteria
in the pouring rain to fish the gosling out of the                                                     • Mailroom
pond. After it was pulled from the pond, they             Several goslings have hatched at the         • Across from Registration
noticed the gosling was limp and lifeless, said       HealthPlex. Pictures of them were featured
                                                                                                       • Surgery Waiting
Lesli Summerhill, RN, nursing supervisor.              in the Norman section of The Oklahoman.
                                                                                                       • Administration
Using a heated blanket they were able to dry                                                           • Women’s Pavilion Entrance
off the gosling and revive it with drops of water                                                      • The Tower Entrance
from a syringe.
                                Foundation Tips
                                By Marilyn Geiger, CPA
                                Executive Director, Norman Regional Health Foundation                                         Making the Rounds
EVER WONDER JUST HOW LONG YOU MUST kEEP THAT WHEELBARROW FULL OF TAx INFORMATION, NOW THAT YOUR                               • The HealthPlex nursery has three nurses who have
                                                                                                                               received their certifications in Low Risk Neonatal
 • Tax return copy—keep it forever is the best answer.             ditures for improvements as long as you own the             Nursing recently. They are: Blakeley Hamit, Stacey
   You never know when you may need to refer to it,                asset—and then at least three years after the sale. Five    Teel and Debi Newberg. Congratulations!
   and, contrary to popular belief, IRS does NOT keep              years after the sale is even better. And even though
   them forever—only five years or so. The absolute                current law excludes most gains on personal residenc-
                                                                                                                              • Jason Phenix is the new Patient Access Manager.
   “must have” time is three years.                                es, the rules have changed in the past and they could
                                                                                                                               Jason comes to us from Midwest Regional Medical
                                                                   change in the future. To be safe-not-sorry, keep these
                                                                                                                               Center. His office is located near the Central Sched-
 • Cancelled checks, deposit statements, and receipts—             records on personal residences, as well as on rental
   keep at least three years, which is the statute of              and investment properties.                                  uling Department.
   limitations for IRS audit of your return. Even better
   is to keep them five years, to make sure you can claim       Criminals are “innocent until proven guilty,” but taxpayers   • Did you know NRHS employees can save up to 24
   all carry-backs or carry-forwards to which you may be        have the burden of proving the validity of their returns,      percent on cell phone service, get discounts on
   entitled.                                                    if asked by IRS to do so within three years of the original
                                                                                                                               heating and air conditioning and even get a price
                                                                due date or the actual filing date of the returns. If Uncle
                                                                                                                               break at Sonic? If not, you should check out details
 • Stock trade confirmations—both purchases and sales           Sam doesn’t tap you on the shoulder in that time period,
                                                                                                                               of the NRHS “Employee Savings Program” now on
   should be kept until at least five years after the sale      and if he doesn’t allege fraud, evasion, or substantial
   of any stock you own. (If you buy shares, hold them          understatement of income (at least 25%), three years after     the Intranet. Check it out under Resources/Employee
   twenty years, and then sell them, you will keep the          filing you are home FREE!!                                     Savings Program.
   purchase confirmation for a quarter of a century!)
                                                                Have a few questions about retaining tax records? If you
 • Basis in property—means the original cost plus any           would like more information about these ideas or other
   improvements you have made. Keep escrow closing              personal finance topics, I will be happy to direct you to
   documents for the purchase and the sale for at least         reliable resources. Just call me at Extension 7-1061.
   three years after the sale. Keep proof of the expen-

                                                                                                                                       Patient Health Information
                                                                                                                                       Authorization Form Now on
                                                                                                                                       Norman Regional’s Patient
                                                                                                                                       Health Information Authorization

   NICU Nurse Reunited with Patient, Names Guardian Angel                                                                              Form can now be found online at
                                                                                                                              It is under the
                                                                                                                                       ‘For Patients’ section and listed as
                                                                                                                                       Health Authorization Form or by direct
September 2, 2008 was the most exciting,       “After he was delivered, the baby’s heart   thanks to the help and comfort from
exhausting and emotional day in the life       stopped beating. They had to resuscitate    Lesa, he did. Now Horus is a healthy,       link at
of Abby and David Hudgins. Abby was            him. He eventually cried. I remember        happy and rambunctious 19-month-old.        en/health_info_auth_form.html
to give birth that day to the couple’s first   them flashing him to me and then they
born child, a boy they named Horus Lee.        whisked him off to the NICU.”               The Hudgins have made a donation to
                                                                                           the Norman Regional Health Founda-          Patients can now download this form
It was supposed to be an easy delivery         The doctors were concerned Horus’           tion’s Guardian Angel program in honor      easily from the internet and submit
for this professional dancer. But after        lungs might collapse. So he was taken to    of Lesa. The Guardian Angel program is      the completed form via fax, mail or
more than ten hours in the delivery            the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Nor-    a way patients can say thanks to a health
room, doctors decided her son was too          man Regional Hospital. Lesa Lewis, RN,      care provider by making a monetary          in person to the Health Information
large to be born vaginally and took her        was assigned to baby Horus and from         donation to the NRH Foundation. The         Management Department located at
into an operating room for a cesarean          the moment she saw him, she loved him       employee is recognized among his or her     each campus. This form authorizes
section.                                       like her own. That meant the world to       peers. The donated funds go to support
                                               Abby.                                       the award winning health care programs      access or disclosure for the patient’s
“The doctor told us the baby was getting                                                   the Health System provides the regional     protected health information. This form
tired and of course he didn’t want that        “As soon as I woke up from recovery,        community.                                  allows us to release the patient’s health
to happen. So we had the c-section,”           I went to see my little baby. He was
Abby remembered. “From that point on,          hooked up to so many wires but Lesa         “As soon as I learned about the Guard-      information for continued treatment,
everything happened so fast.”                  was right there with him. She was taking    ian Angel program I jumped at the           insurance/payment, legal, or other
                                               care of him and made sure I got to hold     chance to thank Lesa,” said Abby. “Lesa     purposes.
Horus Lee Hudgins was born at 3:55             him right away.”                            was a light spot in a very dark time for
a.m. on September 3, 2008. Shortly after                                                   us. We’re forever grateful.”
his birth Horus stopped breathing.             It took nearly a week for Horus to get
                                               strong enough to leave the hospital, but
                                          Accurate Quality Ratings at NRHS

•	What	is	a	clinical	documentation	               •	How	does	documentation	                  will receive extensive, nationally           •	What	is	my	role	related	to	the	
  improvement program?                              impact	quality	ratings	and	peer	         accredited education for accurately            Program?
  A concurrent documentation                        comparisons?                             capturing the severity of illness              Nursing should continue providing
  review process will assist NRHS in                Documentation in the medical             and quality of care provided to                the excellent hints and clues
  accurately reflecting our patients’               record is the foundation for the         our patients. The CDS team will                which support the documentation
  severity of illness by capturing                  coding and billing of the patient        review the medical record during               review process. Upon a patient’s
  complete and accurate medical                     stay; which is the basis for the         the patient stay and will assist us in         arrival, nursing should document
  record documentation during the                   data utilized in quality ratings.        identifying opportunities to clarify           all current patient conditions on
  patient stay. The Claro Group and                 Nursing and ancillary department         documentation on a concurrent                  assessment (onset of illness,
  3M HIS Consulting, nationally                     documentation provides hints and         basis, allowing us to confirm the              all signs, and symptoms, etc.)
  recognized healthcare consulting                  clues in the record for additional       profile of patient conditions and,             and also document the patient’s
  firms specializing in hospital and                documentation from the physician         therefore, the resulting DRG that              history, prior treatments, and
  physician services, will be helping               that may indicate a higher patient       best reflects the severity of illness.         home medications. In addition,
  us implement this program.                        acuity. Coding rules will not allow                                                     it is pertinent that specimen
                                                    diagnoses and/or procedures to          •	Why	is	nursing	documentation	                 collections and procedures,
•	Why	do	we	care	about	physician	                   be coded from lab, x-ray, nursing         important to this Program?                    including wound debridement (type,
  and	hospital	quality	ratings	or	peer	             notes, PA notes, etc. unless there        Nursing department documentation              wound stage, instrumentation
  comparisons?                                      is physician documentation of the         can lead the CDS team to seek                 used and excisional/nonexcisional)
  Quality ratings and peer                          corresponding diagnosis in the            additional documentation from                 are documented. Nursing can
  comparisons are used externally by                medical record; therefore, without        the physician that may indicate a             ensure that patient responses to
  consumers, payers and employers to                physician documentation of all            higher patient acuity. Because of             interventions are also included in
  make healthcare provider choices.                 diagnoses and procedures, severity        the amount of time spent with the             the medical record.
  Appropriately reflecting the severity             of illness may be understated.            delivery of patient care, nursing
  of illness of our patients provides                                                         documentation most often provides          To learn more or if you have any
  for accurate cost, LOS and mortality            •	How	will	we	ensure	accurate	              the necessary additional hints and         questions, please contact Case
  statistics. Consumers can now gain                depiction	of	severity	of	illness	and	     clues of other conditions being            Management at 307.4330 or Dr. Lindsey
  access to hospital and physician                  quality	of	care?                          treated, monitored or evaluated.           at 366.7069.
  profiles via the Internet.                        In conjunction with this program,         Documentation of patient conditions
                                                    NRHS has hired a Clinical                 such as arrhythmias, decubitus
                                                    Documentation Specialist (“CDS”)          ulcers or any out of the norm
                                                    team to assist the hospitals              assessment or responses to
                                                    and the medical staff. The CDS            treatment often indicates a higher
                                                    team and the HIM coding staff             severity of illness level for a patient.

       Oncology Nurses
                                                                         Changes                                       Dr. Yeaman Honored
       Month Celebrated
                                                            In order to bring staffing in the Central Supply
                                                            department better in line with volumes and work load,          with Citation
                                                            Central Supply will no longer be open 24/7. Hours of
May was National Oncology Nurses Month and was              operation will be from 6 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. daily. The    Dr. Brian Yeaman, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at
celebrated on the new 3NE Oncology Unit. Each               new schedule will be effective Saturday, June 19.         Norman Regional, was recently honored with a citation
weekday in May, all staff members were given a small                                                                  from the president of the Oklahoma State Medical
treat such as candy, thank you cards, or bagels in          As many of you are already aware, Materials               Association (OSMA). The OSMA president can give
recognition of their hard work and dedication serving our   Management is taking over the responsibility of           out one citation per term to someone who is making an
patients and their families, said Eva Dilks, RN, oncology   providing the Patient Care Areas with supplies.           outstanding contribution to medicine in Oklahoma.
nurse manager. The oncology staff feels it is a privilege
to be a part of helping patients and their families from    CSSPD will continue to:                                   Dr. Yeaman was awarded the citation for his
diagnosis to treatment and symptom management. This                                                                   contributions to the State Health IT and Information
journey results in the staff becoming very close with        • Supply and issue all totes and carts                   Exchange and for his work to improve public health and
patients and their families.                                 • Decontaminate and issue all durable equipment          patient safety in the state.
                                                             • Maintain “stat room” in the CS area for supplies not
Brenda Jennings, RN, deserves special recognition for the      distributed to the floors by MM                        “I’m honored to have been recognized and very much
work done to bring recognition to the team and making                                                                 appreciate the support of Dr. King, the president of
the celebration of Oncology Nurses Month 2010 a             More details information will be forthcoming regarding    OSMA,” Yeaman said. “I look forward to continuing
success.                                                    assessing the “stat room” and the turn-over of crash      to work with him and promote the best interest of
                                                            carts.                                                    physicians, patients and hospitals as it pertains to health
                                                                                                                      information exchange.”

N e w OPT iONS                                                Weight Tracker                                               • Next Steps outlines a person’s leading health haz-
                                                              Interested in tracking your weight along with your other       ards based on their age and gender, and lists avail-
Individual or group coach sessions                            activities? An online weight log and journal is available      able resources for making lifestyle changes
This year, participants can choose an individual well         to help you track your weight loss journey.                  • Medical Follow-up Report, which summarizes the in-
coach or be part of a small group coach session. Groups                                                                      dividual’s health screening results for easy reference
can be up to eight participants and have a variety of                                                                        and prioritizes items to discuss with their medical
meeting times to choose from. The group session might         Personal Wellness Profile                                      provider
be a great idea for participants who are in the same          The health risk assessment create a profile of a person’s
department who want to support each other’s wellness          health and lifestyle that identifies their health risks     All information is personal and confidential and is not
efforts.                                                      and makes recommendations for lifestyle changes to          shared with anyone. Login and take your profile today.
                                                              improve their health and prevent disease.
Activity	Points
You can collect points throughout the calendar year           Employees will receive a report highlighting what they      U pc om i n g e v e n ts :
to use toward your activity points. Once you reach 200        are doing well first, and then identifying risk areas and
points, keep the rest of your activity points to use in the   opportunities for improvement. The 14-page personal-        Brown Bag Sessions:
next challenge. Remember once you use them for one            ized report includes:                                        • June 3, Toni Viles on Healthy Snacks
challenge, they’re gone!                                                                                                   • June 24, Jack Carter on Cardio Exercising
                                                               • Overall wellness score
Tools We Can All Use                                           • Health age (versus chronological age)                    Both Brown Bags are worth 15 points in the Well@Work
Whether you are part of the challenge or just want to          • Risk ratings for major health factors                    Challenge III.
improve your health, the Mywellatwork website has              • Graphical comparison wellness scores
some great tools to help you do just that!                     • Recommendations for health improvement
                                                               • Web links to additional information

   Congratulations to
 the employee of the...                                          Medical Intervention                                           employee
                                                                  Team Recognition                                             Promotions
                                                                                    APRIL 2010

                                  MAY 2010                   The Medical Intervention Team’s (MIT) goal is to help,
                                                             assist, recognize and respond to changes in a patient’s
                                                             condition. The team may be activated by a physician or
                                                             any hospital employee simply by dialing “88” and inform-
Congratulations to Neil Drucker, RN, Case Manager,
on being named May’s Employee of the Month! Neil has
                                                             ing the Emergency Operators that you need the MIT ac-
worked at Norman Regional for six years. Before joining      tivated. The “MIT” would like to recognize the following
the Health System Neil was a paramedic, nurse and            individuals dedicated to improving patient outcomes and    EMPLOYEE             TO
home health administrator.                                   providing great care to their patients.                    Steven Braudway      RN II Premium
                                                                                                                        Jennifer Buck        Nurse Extern II
“Being a Case Manager at NRHS has allowed me the                                                                        Audra Carboni        Registered Nurse
opportunity to care for patients in ways I have never                                                                   Sean Carroll         Radiologic Technologist
been able to in my 30 plus years as a nurse,” Neil said.
                                                              • GYN Surgery: Karen Z.
                                                                                                                        Laura Clark          Speech/Language Pathologist
“NRHS is the most community charitable and giving             • WCP 3rd Floor: Sarah K., Sara K.                        Patty Cummins        RN Periop II
health system I have ever experienced, and I get to work                                                                Rhonda Flowers       Registered Nurse II
with some incredible people here.”                           Moore Medical Center                                       Gina Givens          RN Periop II
                                                              • Physical Therapy: Lacy J.                               Jessica Harris       Nurse Extern II
Neil was born in New Jersey and graduated from Fair                                                                     Jordana Heldreth     Charge Nurse
Lawn Senior High School in New Jersey. He then gradu-                                                                   Justin Holbrook      RN II Premium
ated from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami, Okla.
                                                             Norman Regional Hospital
                                                                                                                        Susan keck           Environmental Services Coord
Neil served in the US Navy as a helicopter crewman with       • 5N: Rami T.                                             Hollie key Central   Sterile Technician II
two tours of Vietnam. His squadron also recovered Apol-       • 4N: Courtney H.                                         Cynthia Maxwell      Lead Housekeeper
los 8,10,11,12 and 13.                                        • 4NW: Brittney W., Amanda M., Deb H., Robert S.          Nikki McCarthy       RN II Premium
                                                              • PCU: Carol C., Gail C., Precious J., Nathalie M.        Nancy Mendez         Transporter
Neil was an avid backpacker when he was stationed in                                                                    Megan Powers         Registered Nurse II
                                                              • 3N: Carrie D.
California and hiked the John Muir trail and backpacked                                                                 Sally Robertson      RN II Premium
in Yosemite, king’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.
                                                              • 4W: Sandra K., Elizabeth G.
                                                                                                                        Jimmy Sanderson      Registered Nurse II
His favorite pastime is RV traveling with his wife, who is    • CT Scan: Suzanne; Carmen L.                             Betsy Simmons        Registered Nurse
also a registered nurse at Norman Regional!                                                                             Tracey Wooster       Registered Nurse

                                                          Service Awards

35 Years:                                                 20 Years:                                              kathey Drummond       Executive Offices
Eudene Bruce           Human Resources                    Patsy Black         Nurse Interns                      Micheal Foli          Surgical Services
Doris Gonzalez         Executive Offices                  Sharon Brown        Health Information Technology      Ginny Geddes          HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery
Patricia Henderson     Human Resources                    kimberly Cooper     Intensive Care Unit                Charles Gill          EMSSTAT
                                                          Margaret Denny      HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit   Sharon Hall           3-West
30 Years:                                                 Patricia Ennen      Laboratory                         Tamara Hammond        HealthPlex - Ortho Spine
Carrie Davis           Metabolic Surgery Unit             Felicia Harrell     Food & Nutrition Services          Donna Haynes          Intensive Care Unit
Susan Graves           Nursing Resources                  Glenda Huffman      Imaging Services                   Pamela Hedges         Switchboard
Young Jung             Surgical Services                  Nancy Jones         Surgical Services                  Marti Holbrook        Emergency Department
Sachiko keene          HealthPlex - Nursery               Gary kates          Engineering Services               Diana Hughes          Emergency Department
C. kay Martin          Imaging Services                   Sherri Lewis        Emergency Department               J. Randy Hughes       Home Medical Equipment
Dana Masters           Case Management                    Collett McCabe      HealthPlex - Ortho Spine           Janet Johnson         Health Information Technology
John Meharg            Health Information Technology      Pamela Morgan       Progressive Care Unit              Cynthia kern          Central Supply
Debra Oliphant         Risk Management                    Mari Newcomer       HealthPlex - W&C                   Duke kern             Health Club
Elizabeth Parnell      Imaging Services                   Susan Nicholson     Human Resources                    Allen Lack            Environmental Services
karen Senters          Ambulatory Care Unit               O. Yemi Ogungbuyi   3-West                             Maria Masingill       4-West
M. Eileen Shinert      Intensive Care Unit                Bridget Pekah       Learning Resources                 Robert McCormick      Home Medical Equipment
Judy Stuart            Moore - Nursing Resources          Cheryl Perkins      Education                          Rethia Mullinix       4-North
Lauri Treadway         Nursing Resources                  Madeleine Raffler   Physical Rehabilitation            Suzzane Musgrove      Home Medical Equipment
Patricia Vis           HealthPlex - Nursery               Connie Riggs        Medical Staff Services             Marilyn Naylor        Food & Nutrition Services
                                                          Sylvie Sheshtawy    Behavioral Medicine Services       Tracy Parker          Nursing Resources
25 Years:                                                 Richard Simpson     Security                           Lori Patterson        HealthPlex - PACU
Carol Cheatwood        Patient Financial Services         kelly Williams      HealthPlex - Anesthesia            Barbara Poe           Moore - Pharmacy
Sandra Damron          HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit                                                          Andrea Ratkovic       Imaging Services
Deborah Niemeier       HealthPlex - Women’s Surgery       15 Years:                                              Cindy Riemer          5-North
Beth Summers           Health Information Technology      Betty Bredy         Executive Offices                  Penney Rinderknecht   HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit
David Tolson           Engineering Services               Lisa Caylor         Intensive Care Unit                Erin Shannon          Imaging Services
Beverly Woods          Behavioral Medicine Services       kristine Damrill    Physical Performance Center        Darin Smith           Pharmacy

15 Years (Continued):
                                                                     Service Awards
                                                        Susan kimberling         HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit   Judy Avery           Lab Outreach
Candace Stafford        Switchboard                     Risha Lindsey            Progressive Care Unit              Laura Baker          Family Medicine - Blanchard
Sherri Stinson          Radiation Therapy               Stacy Matlock            Health Information Technology      Lori Baptist         Health Club
Randy Switzer           Distribution Transportation     Carisa McCarty           Ambulatory Care Unit               Jennifer Bartlett    HealthPlex - Laboratory Services
kathy Underwood         Intensive Care Unit             G. Lorrain Mckay         Case Management                    Marsha Bartley       HealthPlex - Pulmonary
Sharon Vaz              Emergency Department            Dustin McNabb            Outpatient Services                Billie Barton        HealthPlex - NICU
kay Viravong            Environmental Services          Carol Miller             Health Information Management      Christina Behrmann   Emergency Department
David West              Home Medical Equipment          Tracy Mills              HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery        Brian Blakley        Imaging Services
kenneth Whiteaker       Behavioral Medicine Services    Janet Moore              Ambulatory Care Unit               Susan Bolz           HealthPlex - Surgical Services
Felicia Whitworth       HealthPlex - Ortho Spine        Stefan Nowlin            HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit   Aaron Boyd           Intensivist
Sue Wilbanks            NRHS Rehabilitation Center      Jeanne Oliver            3-West                             Lisa Bradley         Imaging Services
Deborah Wilkinson       Patient Financial Services      Shelly Perrin            HealthPlex - Ortho Spine           Sandra Brady         Ambulatory Care Unit
Lisa Willis             Nursing Float Flex              Linda Peschka            Nursing Float Flex                 Evelyn Brandon       Lab Outreach
Debra Wilson            4-North                         kylene Prescott          Health Information Management      Toby Branum          Nursing Resources
Amy Woolley             3-West                          Charla Pryor             Mammography                        Bryan Brewer         Physical Rehabilitation
Gary Young              Education                       Timothy Putnam           Health Information Technology      Nancy Brown          Executive Offices
                                                        Mary Raberding           Case Management                    Michael Bumgarner    Pastoral Care
10 Years:                                               Carol Reed               Health Promotion Services          Mark Burns           Security
Veralyne Anderson       Health Information Management   Ronda Reynolds           Ambulatory Care Unit               F. Penny Butler      Imaging Services
Jennifer Barrett        EMSSTAT                         Tamara Richardson        Central Supply                     Jason Butler         HealthPlex - Cath Lab
Mark Blackburn          Apple Medical                   kevin Ring               EMSSTAT                            Joseph Cain          EMSSTAT
                                                        kimberly Robinson        HealthPlex - PACU                  Brian Carter         Surgical Services
Pam Boeck               HealthPlex - Diabetes Center    Megan Rogers             HealthPlex - Nursery               kaleen Clark         HealthPlex - Nursery
Carolyn Brown           Progressive Care Unit           karleen Shaw             5-North                            Brenda Coburn        HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit
Cynthia Cullins         Emergency Department            Catherine Snapp          HealthPlex - Physical Rehab        Amber Cole           Foundation
Chi Dunkeson            Intensive Care Unit             Sarah Spores             HealthPlex - Same Day Surgery      Leann Copple         Nursing Float Flex
Jeri Dunlap             Health Information Management   Paula Swing              Laboratory                         Paul Countess        Pulmonary Services
kent Endersby           Emergency Department            Cynthia Taylor           Family Medicine - Norman           Amy Covey            HealthPlex - Labor/ Delivery
Julie Evans-Pitts       4-West                          Sandra Terry             HealthPlex - PCCU                  Melissa Daly         HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery
Mark Fergeson           Emergency Department            Grace Thomas             Patient Financial Services         Beulah Delarosa      NRHS Rehabilitation Center
Christina Franklin      Progressive Care Unit           Jamie Turnpaugh          NRHS Rehabilitation Center         Rhonda Doshier       Environmental Services
Beth Fountain           Laboratory                      Susan Vavouyios          NRHS Rehabilitation Center         Paul Doty            Emergency Department
kathy Foster            Food & Nutrition Services       Janelle Wenzel           Pharmacy                           Angelic Dove         NRHS Rehabilitation Center
Stephanie Gehrke        Moore - Emergency Department    David Whitaker           Executive Offices                  Neil Drucker         Case Management
Carolyn Ghelarducci     Nursing Float Flex              Jackie White             Health Information Management      kathleen Duggan      Moore - Physical Rehabilitation
Tonya Glasgow           Family Practice - Moore         Vana Williams            Pulmonary Services                 A. Mercedes Ellis    Moore - Wound Care
Carl Guild              Intensive Care Unit             Chat Williams            Health Club                        Maripat Elroy        Switchboard
Daphne Hester           Physical Performance Center     M. Elaine Witt           Physical Rehabilitation            kelly Esteves        HealthPlex - Laboratory Services
James Hicks             Engineering Services                                                                        David Findley        HealthPlex - Surgical Services
D. Shannon Hunt         Patient Safety/JCAHO            5 Years:                                                    Julie Fletcher       Ambulatory Care Unit
kyle Hurley             EMSSTAT                         Nicole Allie             HealthPlex - W&C                   Cherry Frailey       Laboratory
Mary Ellen Hynds        Emergency Department            Elba Archila De Yaeggy   Patient Financial Services         Leslie Fuksa         Clinic Operations

5 Years (Continued):
                                                                      Service Awards
                                                          Christopher Miller     5-North                            Daniel Streebin      Apple Medical
Candice Gardner        Medical Staff Services             karen Montgomery       HealthPlex - NICU                  William Swearingen   Family Medicine - Newcastle
Jana Genzel            HealthPlex - NICU                  Julie Murphy           4-Northwest (Tele/Trauma)          Michael Swerer       Imaging Services
katherine Geyer        Mammography                        L. Jody Muskrat        HealthPlex - Surgical Services     Randal Swink         5-North
Lisa Gibson            Surgical Services                  Michael Nabors         Security                           Skye Tatum           Surgical Services
Shelley Gowens         Health Club                        Craig Nelson           Central Supply                     karie Thomas         Behavioral Medicine Services
Jon Gower              HealthPlex - Pulmonary             Brenda Nelson          Executive Offices                  Michael Thompson     Engineering Services
Lisa Gray              Environmental Services             Nicole Noey            HealthPlex - Imaging Services      Janna Titler         Patient Financial Services
Guila Hall             HealthPlex - Laboratory Services   Deborah Opdyke         Food & Nutrition Services          Shawn Tripp          HealthPlex - NICU
Lira Han               Central Supply                     Amanda Orr             HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit   T. Sean Troub        Moore - Nursing Resources
Holly Hayes            Emergency Department               Rachel Perryman        Materials Management               Michelle Tull        4-West
keandra Hearne         HealthPlex - Pulmonary             Anne Petersen          HealthPlex - NICU                  Teresa Vigil         Patient Financial Services
Heather Heffron        HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery        Annette Phillips       HealthPlex - Surgical Services     Susan Walker         Laboratory
Donahue Heminokeky     HealthPlex - Pulmonary             Ryan Pitt              Emergency Department               Jennifer Webb        Pulmonary Services
Amber Hicks            HealthPlex - Ortho Spine           Matthew Podany         HealthPlex - Imaging Services      Annette Westerman    Outpatient Services
Stephen Holshouser     Imaging Services                   Rebecca Poe            Emergency Department               Danette Wheeler      Emergency Department
Scott Hubbard          HealthPlex - Imaging Services      Sara Polston           Health Club                        ki Whitt             Pharmacy
John Ilaoa             Food & Nutrition Services          Carol Powell           Waterview Medical Center           karen Winters        Pharmacy
Nathan Ingmire         Pulmonary Services                 C. Dustin Radloff      Pharmacy                           Tracy Winters        Health Club
Janice James           HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery        Jemalu Reed            HealthPlex - Ortho Spine           Bertie Wood          Registration
Nenad Jekic            EMSSTAT                            Rick Richardson        Imaging Services                   Andrea Wray          Imaging Services
Jeannie Johnson        Emergency Department               Julie Robberson        Executive Offices                  Jacqueline Wright    4-West
Lisa Jones             Lab Outreach                       kimberly Robinson      Physical Performance Center        k.Denise Zachary     HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery
Emily Jones            HealthPlex - Labor/Delivery        Jorge Rodriguez        Nursing Resources
Tammie Joyner          HealthPlex - Women’s Surgery       Shanna Sanderson       HealthPlex - NICU
Cherry Jumarang        4-West                             Nancy Scalissi         Environmental Services
Jonah keith            Home Medical Equipment             Annemarie Scanlon      HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit
Samantha klepper       Moore - Physical Rehabilitation    kimberly Schat         Nursing Resources
Cindy kordis           HealthPlex - Imaging Services      Rachel Schnorrenberg   HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit
Laura Latham           4-Northwest (Tele/Trauma)          Amber Scroggins        HealthPlex - Ortho Spine
Susannah Lowell        HealthPlex - Imaging Services      Sunny Self             Imaging Services
Mark Madden            Emergency Department               kristy Shadid          HealthPlex - NICU
Stephanie Malone       Health Club                        F. Ted Shurow III      Environmental Services
Candida Manion         TSET Grant                         Amber Siegel           Pharmacy
Megan Mason            Moore - Emergency Department       H. Dennis Singleton    Pulmonary Services
Victoria Maurer        Laboratory                         Lisa Skinner           HealthPlex - Pulmonary
Samuel McAdams         Performance Improvement            Diane Skinner          Mammography
Jamie McCarroll        HealthPlex - Nursery               Cynthia Smith          Pulmonary Services
Jeremy McCurdy         Distribution Transportation        Nathan Smith           Pulmonary Services
Julie McCurdy          HealthPlex - PACU                  keisha Spencer         HPx - Environmental Services
Luana McJunkins        Family Medicine - Norman           Jerry Stevens          Laboratory
Tamara Meier           HealthPlex - Cardiovascular Unit   Janie Stow             HPx - Food & Nutrition Services


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