efek liquid emboss pada teks tulisan- photoshop tutorial by EntaahLaah


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									Liquid Emboss Photoshop Text Effect

1. Create a new 800x400 RGB file with white background and create a title using
Blue text. You can use this color #1967e8. Center it on the page.

2. Duplicate the layer.

3. We will now be adding a few effects to the layer.

First apply an Inner Shadow with these values.

Now we will appy a Bevel.
4. Load the selection by going to Select > Load Selection and then go to Select >
Modify > Border - Use the value 16

5. Create a new layer and stroke it with 2 pixels.
6. Go to filter > Stylize > Wind - One from Left and One from Right

7. Rotate the canvas to 90 degrees CW and apply Wind again - One from Left and
One from Right

8. Add a drop shadow With the Blend Mode color set to #3674d9.

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