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									                                          Avert Fate
                                   Fight The Killer Robots Of Doom


A great FPS - Fight The Killer Robots Of Doom

A technical demo to showcase the possibilities of the Unity3D engine. Still you can play it for hours and
hours if you wish ;)

Fight off killer droids and airborn drones with heavy weaponry, while exploring a next-gen environment.
Can you beat the gigantic boss robot in a final, earth-shaking battle?
Particles, physics, ragdolls, image effects and custom shaders are used to awesome production values.
This stunning demo really shows what a two-man team can do with Unity in a couple of months.

W,A,S,D = Move
Space = Jump
Mouse = Aim / look around
Left mouse = Fire
Right mouse = Throw grenade
E = Switch / Pick up weapon
1,2,3 (or mouse wheel) = Switch fire mode
Shift = Activate shield
I = Invert mouse pitch
Esc = Pause / Exit

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