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FEB 07 - Shaw AFB Chiefs Group


									             SHAW CHIEFS’ GROUP
                P.O. BOX 52601
             SHAW AFB SC 29152-2601

                                      February 2007
                            General Membership Meeting Minutes

OPENING: Vice-President, called the monthly general membership meeting of the Shaw
Chiefs’ Group to order at 1600, 6 February 2007, at the Carolina Skies Club.
Attendance: 29 members (15 Active-Duty and 7 Retired)
OFFICERS PRESENT: Vice President, Eric Cooper, Treasurer, Malissa Thompkins, and
Secretary, Dan Lara.
OFFICERS NOT IN ATTENDANCE: President Siobhan Wallmow (Deployed), Second Vice
Dick Saddlemire.
JANUARY 07 MINUTES: A motion was made to approve the minutes and properly second.
Motion carried by unanimous vote.
JANUARY 07 TREASURE REPORT: The report was made available to the group by the
Treasurer before the meeting. A motion to approve the January 07 Treasurer’s Report was made
and properly second. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

   a. $150.00 for SNCO Induction Ceremony – motion to table until March 07 and await
      Budget Committee recommendations; the motion was properly second. Motion carried
      by unanimous vote.
   b. $200.00 for CMSAF Paul W. Airey / CMSgt Gerald R. Murray – Chief’s room at
      Carolina Skies Inn. Motion was made to approve request for funds to support
      frames/pictures; the motion was properly second. Motion carried by unanimous vote.
      Eric Cooper will pick them up when they’re ready.
   c. CMSgt Gary Rutledge requested $250.00 for Enlisted Widows Home. Motion was made
      to table until March 07 and await Budget Committee recommendations; the motion was
      properly second. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

If you are retiring and would like your information listed in the minutes, please e-mail Dan Lara
@, SCG secretary and Willie Griffin, at the Family
Support Center.
Ways and Means Committee: Chief Nancy Twitty - Chair.
   a. Nancy Twitty proposed the Chiefs Group hold another Bowl-a-thon, 16 Mar 07. A
      motion to approve this proposal was made and properly second. Motion carried by
      unanimous vote. (OPEN)
   b. Gary Rutledge proposed the Chiefs Gp host a fundraiser at Applebee’s in April 21st,
      2007. Anthony Twitty volunteered to assist. Motion was made--properly second.
      Motion carried by unanimous vote. (OPEN)
   c. Gene Ellison proposed a steak sale in May sometime and Gary Rutledge recommended
      we use the old NCO Club. (OPEN)
   d. Siobhan Wallmow suggested the idea of having a pancake sale. She asked that we table
      until she receives more information and would request the assistance of Retired Chief
      Wallmow - date to be determined. (OPEN)
Hospitality Committee: Chief Rutledge – Chair.
   a. 9AF held it’s Wing CCs Conference 1-2 February. Chief Rutledge had the names of the
      Chiefs and they were being taken care of. He reiterated if anyone knows of a Chief
      coming to Shaw, to let him know.
JJ Pollack Award Committee: Inez Wilson is the new Committee Chair. Please submit all
nominations to Inez Wilson NLT the 5th of each month.
   a. Inez announced that she had 16 nominations this month. Several from the same
      organization. She and her committee will review the process and provide options at the
      next meeting.
Sports Committee: Chief Cooper - Chair.
    No report this meeting.
Budge Committee: Chaired by Treasurer. A call went out for volunteers to sit on the this
committee. Volunteers were; Renee Tyron, Gary Rutledge and Harry Bishop. Members will
review budget recommendations provide recommendations to the group.

ALS DATES: The following is an updated schedule of ALS Graduation. The current class runs
from 05 Jan 07 - 08 Feb 07. Chiefs Mims, Gordon (ret), Brown, and Scheide have all
volunteered to be mentors.
Volunteers for Class 07-3, 28 Feb 07 – 02 Apr 07: Andy Toler, Malissa Thompkins and Eric
Cooper. (OPEN)
   Class Schedule
   Class #           Start Date            Graduation Date
   07-4              16 Apr 07             17 May 07
  07-5             08 Jun 07                 12 Jul 07
  07-6             17 Aug 07                 20 Sep 07
  07-7             28 Sep 07                 01 Nov 07
  08-1             08 Nov 07                 13 Dec 07
ALS Volleyball: TBA.
Promotion Ceremony: The next promotion ceremony projected to be held 1 Mar 07. We need
a volunteer to read the charge.
Shaw AADD: Eric Cooper had the President, Shaw AADD, A1C Cory Lutzow provide a brief
on the Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) program here at Shaw. A1C Lutzow had an
open exchange with members present and requested support from the members of the Chiefs
Group. (OPEN)
Christmas Party 2008: Christmas party scheduled for 14 Dec at the Carolina Skies Club.
Commissary Parking during exercises. Retired members were concerned about the closure of
certain portions of the parking lot during 20 FW exercise. This included the handicapped slots.
Chiefs Rutledge addressed this and stated there would still be closure of certain portions of the
parking lot, but they were looking at alternatives to support those requiring handicapped parking.
Retired Chiefs Lifetime Membership Certificates: Retired Chiefs are concerned they never
received Lifetime Membership Certificates or Records of Payment while some did. A copy of
the certificate was obtained and they will be made available to those who did not receive one.
Chiefs Group Coin: Siobhan Wallmow suggested SCG have their own coin. She passed
around her Osan Chiefs’ Group coin as an example. This coin would only be held by SCG
member and would be presented to new members in good standing. She has volunteered to take
on the designing the coin and will be presenting it to the group for approval. (OPEN)
Chiefs Group Website: POCs are Marv Berg and Jeff Mockalis
Web-site has been established. To view the site log onto:
New Shaw Chiefs’ Group Jeep - Chief Rutledge (POC). New Jeep will be available for release
to the new Chief Selects soon. (OPEN)
CLOSURE: The meeting was adjourned at 1710. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 6
Mar 07 @ 1600, at the Carolina Skies Club. Please annotate this on your calendars and be on

                                             ERIC J. COOPER, CMSgt, USAF

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