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									OH CANADA!
         Canadian National Anthem
         O Canada!
         Our home and native land!
         True patriot love in all thy sons command.
         With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
         The True North strong and free!
         From far and wide,
Hockey   O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
         God keep our land glorious and free!
         O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
         O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

A province is a political boundary that divides a country into
different regions (similar to our states).

         Canada is divided into 10
                 Can you name them?
Alberta   Saskatchewan
   Canada also has 3

What are they?
Here they are on the map:
10 province flags
    Our Northern Neighbor: Canada
• 31 million inhabitants
• boasts the longest coast line in the world
• Nation’s capital is Ottawa
• The word Canada comes from an
  Iroquoian Indian word meaning big village
• Canada is the second largest country by
  land area
Canada eh?
     • The Royal Canadian
       Mounted Police
       (Mounties) are the
       federal and national
       police force of
    What we have in common….

• Language: English (also French)
• History: former European colonies
• Culture: diverse populations/nation of
• Economics: NAFTA
• Government: democracy (monarch &
Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional
monarchy. This means Canadians recognize The Queen as their
Head of State. The Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, carries out
Her Majesty’s duties in Canada. The Prime Minister is the Head of
Government. Together, they make up the Executive Branch of the

   Queen Elizabeth II     Michaëlle Jean     Prime Minister
                                             (Elected 2006)
  Role and Responsibilities
• Appoints the Governor
  General to carry out the
  Crown’s duties in Canada
• Is Canada's official head
  of state through which the
  entire authority of the
  government is set in
  motion and in whose
  name laws are enacted
     Role and Responsibilities
•   Is appointed by the Queen
    and carries out the Queen’s
    duties on a daily basis in
•   Ensures that Canada always
    has a Prime Minister
•   Is Commander in Chief of
    Military Forces
•   Promotes national unity and
    moral leadership by
    encouraging Canadians to
    be proud of their country by
    working together to build
    strong communities
    Role and Responsibilities
• Leader of the party with the most
  support in Parliament and serves
  as Head of Government
• Chooses a Cabinet that runs
  Canada’s Federal Government
• Meets with Premiers of the
  provinces to discuss the best way
  to share money and what is best
  for the people of that province
• Responsible for the decisions
  about what the government does,
  and when and how the government
  should do it
• Lives in the capital city of Ottawa,
  Ontario in the Prime Minister’s
  house (similar to our White House)
      Provincial Government
• All provinces have unicameral, elected
  legislatures headed by a Premier. Each
  province also has a Lieutenant-Governor
  representing the Queen, similar to the
  Governor General of Canada.
     Regionalism & Separatism
Regionalism: strong political and emotional
 loyalty to one’s own region

Canada’s physical geography can explain
 why some provinces have strong feelings
 of regionalism
    Regionalism & Separatism
• Notice the physical
  geography of Western
  – Rocky Mountains
    separate British
    Colombia from the rest
    of the provinces
      Regionalism & Separatism
Separatism: belief that certain parts of a
 country should be independent

The significant influence of French language
 and culture in Quebec contributes to
 strong feelings of separatism in Quebec
Regionalism & Separatism
            • Civil law in Quebec is
              based on the French
              legal system
            • French, along with
              English, is the official
            • Street signs are always
              posted in French and
            • In 1995 60% of Quebec’s
              French speaking
              population voted to
With its great natural resources, skilled
labor force, and modern capital plant
Canada enjoys solid economic prospects.
Canada has changed from being a rural,
agricultural society to being primarily
industrial and urban.
Which provinces are close to major
            US cities?
Which provinces are close to major
            US cities?
•   Ontario and Quebec are the closest to cities
    –   New York
    –   Boston
    –   Washington DC
    –   Chicago
    Because of this, these provinces are more
    closely tied to America’s economy then other
Which country does Canada import most
          of its goods from?
Office Machinery
Where does Canada export most of its goods to?

The Bank of Canada is responsible for the
design and distribution of Canadian bank

Canadian bills are called “notes.”
Instead of using notes to represent One and Two Dollars,
coins are used instead. They are referred to as a “Loonie” for
one dollar, and a “Twoonie” for two dollars.
      The Loonie was designed
      to replace the country's
      supply of one-dollar bills,
      which was costing the
      Government of Canada               Loonie
      over $16.6 million to
      replace each year. The
      thin paper dollars had only
      a one-year life span, while
      the coins were each
      expected to last as long as       Twoonie
      twenty years.
Many famous Canadians have
made important contributions
      to world culture,
 cinematography, television,
    music, and literature.
One of Canada’s most illustrious early explorers,
Cartier always set the courses of his expeditions
by the bearings of the shores of Newfoundland
and Labrador. With two ships, Cartier sailed
from St. Malo on April 20, 1534 on the first of
his three famous expeditions to North America.
After the sighting of "Bonne Viste" on the Island
of Newfoundland and a short stop, perhaps to
say mass at "saincte Katherine" (Catalina), he
proceeded north to the "Baye des Chasteaulx"
(in the Strait of Belle Isle).
John A. Macdonald was
Canada's first prime minister,
and was knighted for his efforts
in bringing about
Confederation. His role in
creating Canada, and the
realization of his dream to
build a transcontinental
railway, have fixed his place as
a nation-builder in Canadian
 Alexander Graham Bell was the son, and grandson of speech experts, and
with his mother being deaf, it's no surprise that he would devote his life to
     study and improve the methods with which we communicate to one
 another. not content with having invented the telegraph, and telephone,
Bell was also granted sixteen other patents, plus twelve more shared with
 collaborators. These patents included plans for aeroplanes, hydroplanes,
  visual transmission devices (Photophone), and the selenium cell. He also
founded the famous National Geographic Society in 1888. When he died in
Nova Scotia in 1922, all phone services across the US were interrupted for
  one minute of silence, to respect and honor a man who had changed the
                          world we live in forever.
Wayne Gretzky is the "Great One" since the age
of 3, when what was to be one of hockey's most
impressive careers. Having score a record-
beating 2,500 points, Wayne Gretzky, who has
played for the Edmonton Oilers, the L.A.
Kings, the St-Louis Blues, and the New-York
Rangers, has to his credit over 45 NHL
records. Playing for Team Canada in the 1991
Canada Cup finals, Gretzky was hit from
behind by Team USA's Gary Suter, resulting in
a serious back injury that continues to affect
him to this day. Gretzky Retired from hockey
in 1999.
Others . ..
                         Canadian Flag

                                             Maple leaf
Canadian Coat of Armor

                                Maple Tree

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