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Join us for the 68th Annual Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference and Affiliate
Leadership Training Workshop hosted by the Oregon Mid-Valley Purchasing & Supply
Management Association, an affiliate of the Institute for Supply Management. This
conference is focused on “Adding Value” to the knowledge and skills of the conference
attendees, thus allowing them to lower their employer’s operating costs and enhance
This fantastic educational learning opportunity will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in
Portland, Oregon on Monday, October 24th, through Wednesday, October 26th, 2011. As a
bonus for the ISM Affiliate Leaders, we are providing an Affiliate Leadership Training
Workshop prior to the Conference for “free” when you register for our Conference.
The PNPC Educational Committee has focused on identifying current educational needs for
everyone, either in or working with our profession, to identify the important topics for today
and then searched and found qualified and knowledgeable professionals to share their
respective knowledge with you. There are topics on best practices and trends, economic
outlook, ethics, forecasting, future trends, legal, measuring supplier performance,
negotiation, professional certification, quality, risk management, sustainability, and other
personal skill improvement. Speakers were selected with outstanding credentials from a
variety of background experiences including representation from universities, consultants,
and practitioners, as well as, from the healthcare, legal, public sector, and the private sector.
Also, be aware that Continuing Education Hours (CEH) will be earned by attendees.

Looking forward to seeing you at this excellent learning opportunity on October 24th – 26th!!!
Conference & Affiliate Leadership Training at a Glance:
Sunday, October 23, 2011
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm        Registration and Information Desk open

Monday, October 24, 2011
7:00 am – 5:00 pm        Registration and Information Desk open
8:00 am – 8:30 am        Affiliate Leadership Training Opening Session
8:30 am – 10:00 am       Affiliate Leadership Training Breakout Session # 1
10:15 am – 11:45 am      Affiliate Leadership Training Breakout Session # 2
12:00 (Noon) – 1:45 pm   Lunch (plated) and Opening/Keynote Address:
                         John Mitchell “Economic Forecast.....A Shocked
2:00 pm   –   3:15 pm    Conference Breakout Session # 1
2:00 pm   –   3:15 pm    Affiliate Leadership Training “Roundtable”
3:30 pm   –   4:45 pm    Conference Breakout Session # 2
4:45 pm   –   6:30 pm    Vendor Showcase “Kickoff” Reception

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
7:00 am – 5:00 pm        Registration and Information Desk open
7:30 am – 8:15 am        Breakfast (plated)
8:00 am – 9:15 am        Visit Vendor Showcase area
9:15 am – 10:30 am       Conference Breakout Session # 3
10:30 am – 11:00am       Break in Vendor Showcase area
11:00 am – 12:15 pm      Conference Breakout Session # 4
12:30 pm – 2:00 pm       Lunch (plated) and Keynote Address:
                         Jerry Baker, C.P.M. “Best Practices & Trends in
                         Procurement and Supply Chain Management”
2:00 pm   –   2:30 pm    Dessert in the Vendor Showcase area
2:30 pm   –   3:45 pm    Conference Breakout Session # 5
3:45 pm   –   5:30 pm    Vendor Showcase Finale & prize drawings
6:00 pm   –   8:30 pm    Conference Banquet Dinner

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
7:00 am – 2:00 pm        Registration and Information Desk open
8:00 am – 9:00 am        Breakfast (plated)
9:00 am – 10:15 am       Conference Breakout Session # 6
10:30 am – 11:45 am      Conference Breakout Session # 7
12:00 (Noon) – 2:00 pm   Lunch (plated) and Closing Keynote Address:
                         Lee Buddress, PhD., C.P.M. “Gamechangers: Why
                         Tomorrow Won’t Be The Same”                          2
Conference Keynote Presentations:

Monday, October 24, 2011
                                                          We will look across the entire supply chain to
"Economic Forecast.....A Shocked Recovery"                identify detailed performance metrics and best
Speaker: John W. Mitchell                                 practices that insure superior performance by
                                                          looking at on-time delivery, cycle time reduction,
The Great Recession formally ended in mid 2009.           and cost controls, just to name a few.
Since then output has surpassed pre-recession
levels, while employment has lagged. The recovery
has been slowed by the real estate hangover,
restructuring consumers, state and local fiscal
problems and adjusting to a new credit world. The
opening months of 2011 brought another oil shock,
a major earthquake disaster in Japan, and a third
war. The shocks pose a downside risk to the upturn
which had finally begun to show up in the labor
markets. Prospects and risks facing the nation and        Wednesday, October 26, 2011
the region will be covered in the presentation.
                                                          “Gamechangers: Why Tomorrow Won’t Be The
                                                          Speaker: Lee Buddress, PhD, C.P.M.

                                                          There are several events and developments that are
                                                          sure to change much of what we do in Supply and
                                                          Logistics Management. These are not evolutionary
                                                          changes, but are truly game changers – taking us
                                                          into entirely new territory. China’s industrial
Tuesday, October 25, 2011                                 strategy is vastly different from ours. We need to
                                                          rethink how we support industrial growth. New
"Best Practices & Trends in Procurement and               technologies are making electric vehicles as easy to
Supply Chain Management"                                  refuel as gasoline powered vehicles. The events in
Speaker: Jerry Baker, C.P.M., CPCM                        Japan have demonstrated the vulnerability of supply
                                                          chains, especially ultra lean ones. These and other
This presentation will give supply chain managers         key developments will be addressed in this
access to tools that will enable their organizations to   presentation. While we are always stressed to
maximize productivity and enhance their ability to        complete our daily activities, it is sometimes
perform and compete.                                      worthwhile to take a moment to look ahead at
Supply chain performance is a critical factor in          events that may change our professional lives.
determining an organization's competitiveness;
leading edge organizations are meeting the
                                                          If you have any questions, please contact………..
performance challenge by using Internet tools,
build-to-order/mass customization programs,                      Sid Brown         503-682-6814
vendor managed inventory and other productivity                          
initiatives. Understanding and correctly using best
practices to achieve world-class performance is                  Ron Brown          503-632-6056
crucial to an organization seeking to improve
supply chain effectiveness.                                                                               3
Conference Keynote Speakers:
Monday Luncheon Keynote Speaker:                        numerous articles about purchasing, supply chain
                                                        management and inventory control. Mr. Baker is a
                   John W. Mitchell, Ph.D.              principle in the Global Supply Chain Institute, LLC,
                   John Mitchell received his B.A.      an organization dedicated to providing learning
                   degree from Williams College and     opportunities for Northwest supply chain
                   his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees           professionals. Mr. Baker was the Executive Vice
                   from the University of Oregon. He    President for the National Association of
                   is a fellow of the College of Arts   Purchasing Management (renamed the Institute for
                   and Sciences at the University of    Supply Management in 2001) for eighteen years,
                   Oregon and a member of Phi Beta      retiring in 1998. He earned a Bachelor of Arts
Kappa. He was a professor of economics at Boise         degree from Western Washington University and a
State University for 13 years, before joining U.S.      Master of Business Administration from the
Bancorp in July of 1983 and was Chief Economist         University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
of U.S. Bancorp until July of 1998 and served as
Economist Western Region for US Bank until July         Wednesday Luncheon Keynote Speaker:
of 2007. He wrote US. Bancorp’s regional
publications including the Update, The Business                              Lee Buddress, Ph.D., C.P.M.
Barometer, Northwest Portrait, US Territory ,                                Dr. Buddress, Ph.D., is Robert
Oregon Tidbits and was a columnist for Oregon                                G. Gleason Professor and
Business Magazine. He currently speaks to                                    Director of the Supply and
conventions and business groups around the nation                            Logistics Management
and writes Sterling Savings Bank’s economic                                  undergraduate degree program
newsletter. He was a business analysis for KPTV in                           at Portland State University. He
Portland. He has been making economic                                        is also responsible for the four-
presentations on the nation and the region for 40       course Global Supply Chain Management
years. John is a member of the Western Blue Chip        specialization within the Master of International
Forecast Panel, a Trustee of the Aquila Tax Free        Management degree. In addition to his Ph.D.
Trust of Oregon, a board member of Oregon Mutual        Degree in Supply Chain Management from
Insurance Company and Western Capital Bancorp           Michigan State University and undergraduate
in Boise, Idaho. John was Chairman of the Oregon        degree in Operations Management from the
Council of Economic Advisors from 1992 to 1998          University of California at Berkeley, he has twenty
and a member from 1984 to 1998. John was                years of supply and logistics management
Chairman of the Oregon Governor’s Technical             experience. He has received teaching awards from
Advisory Committee on Tax Review and Chairman           the School of Business Administration and the
of the Life Flight Consortium.                          School of Engineering as well as awards from
                                                        several professional associations for contributions
Tuesday Luncheon Keynote Speaker:                       to the supply management profession. Dr. Buddress
                                                        is the author of two books and several chapters in
                      Jerry Baker, C.P.M., CPCM         various supply management reference works,
                      Mr. Baker has been teaching       including the Supply Management Handbook. He
                      purchasing, supply, and other     serves on the editorial board of the Journal of
                      business administration           Business Logistics, the International Journal of
                      courses at Shoreline              Services and Operations Management and the
                      Community College since           International Journal of Integrated Supply
                      1999. Previously, he has          Management. His articles have appeared in a wide
                      taught purchasing, marketing,     variety of supply and logistics-related journals and
and production management at Elizabethtown              publications. His current research interests focus on
College, Penn State University, Edmonds                 supply chain management, forecasting, logistics and
Community College, and Arizona State University.        negotiation.
He is the author of three reference books and                                                                4
Conference Workshop Presentations:
Session: PNPC-1A 2:00pm, Monday, Oct 24th                 professionals must have competence in the expanded
“Assessing & Leveraging Partner Relationships:            supply management organization. This presentation
Strategies for Building Business”                         will review the evolution of purchasing and
Speaker: Tom W. Ayala                                     materials management to supply management
In the throes of an ever changing business                reviewing the definition and functions included in
environment we are called to diversify our business       supply management. This will include a review of
partner relationship skills now more than ever. Mr.       strategic sourcing, global sourcing, total cost of
Ayala will share important characteristics of             ownership, sustainability, supplier rationalization,
interpersonal relationships in the context of             and supplier relationship management. In summary,
organizational psychology. Some areas of discussion       supply management skills for the new millennium.
will include: self-reflection, emotional intelligence,
and developmental schema. Gaining further insight         Session: PNPC-1C 2:00pm, Monday, Oct 24th
into these relationship compulsories will allow the       "Uncrossing the Wires: The Challenges and
attendees insightful leverage in their existing and       Opportunities of Generational and Gender
future business relationships. This conversation is       Differences in the Workplace”
likely to help the attendee‘s interpersonal               Speaker: Karin Magnuson
relationships as well.                                    Are you facing challenges with intergenerational and
                                                          gender communication differences conflict in your
                                                          workplace? Attend this workshop to:
                                                               Better understand the dynamics and needs of
                                                                 the different generations and between the sexes
                                                                 in the workplace.
                                                               Learn some of the ―   invisible rules‖ each
                                                                 generational and gender culture uses to define
Session: PNPC-1B 2:00pm, Monday, Oct 24th                        appropriate workplace behavior
“Evolution of Supply Management: 2012”                         Learn practical ways to manage diverse
Speaker: Charles Noland, SPSM, C.P.M., CPIM                      working styles and improve team
Purchasing and materials management became                       communication and teamwork.
increasingly important in the last years of the
twentieth century with the concurrent rise of strategic   Session: PNPC-1D 2:00pm, Monday, Oct 24th
sourcing, quality, increasing dependence on                “Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop
outsourcing and the rise of global sourcing. Many of      Roundtable”
the functions within the organization became              Facilitators: ALTW Team
interdependent with this evolution and the concept of     Interactive roundtable review and discussion for the
an expanded supply management integrated with             Affiliate Leaders to identify key affiliate challenges
other organizational functions emerged. By the turn       today and express the problems your affiliate is
of the century the National Association of Purchasing     faced with today as well as to share your affiliate
Managers had evolved into a professional                  successes and best practice solutions to help each
organization representing more corporate functions        other survive in today‘s difficult environment.
then purchasing and the expansion of the                  Open to anyone interested in helping our affiliates
organization into supply management had evolved           survive.
and continues to evolve. Most Fortune 500 and
Global 2000 companies have implemented strategic
                                                          If you have any questions, please contact………..
sourcing. Many firms have reported 15% to 20%
                                                                  Sid Brown        503-682-6814
annual cost savings through strategic sourcing and
the boardroom is now counting on this contribution
                                                                  Ron Brown        503-632-6056
to continue. The evolution has increased the
corporate demand for value add from supply
management. Today, supply management                                                                      5
Conference Workshop Presentations:
Session: PNPC-2A 3:30pm, Monday, Oct 24th                 The contemporary workplace has an increasing
“Contract Management”                                     number of demands on the way people work and
Speaker: Darin Matthews, CPPO, C.P.M.                     lead. One of the conundrums we face is being a self-
This session will take a look at an often overlooked      reliant, self starter but also working with others,
area of purchasing and supply management. It is easy      communicating well, and sharing information. At
to feel that after a successful bid or RFP process is     this session we will look at ways of balancing these
complete, and the contract is fully executed, that the    different ends of the spectrum in a way that
hard work is done. However, the experienced supply        strengthens your leadership tool kit. You will walk
management professional realizes that the work is         away with some specific tools to help you apply the
really just beginning. This session will discuss the      concepts of interdependence and self-reliance.
importance of post award activities and the role
purchasing should play in it. Attendees will be           Session: PNPC-2D 3:30pm, Monday, Oct 24th
offered tips on how they can best position their          "Sustainable Procurement: Recent Developments
organization during contract management.                  and What It Means for Your Organization"
                                                          Speaker: Alison Hopcroft
Session: PNPC-2B 3:30pm, Monday, Oct 24th                 The sustainable purchasing landscape is evolving
“Just in Case NOT Just in Time Revisited”                 rapidly. While Wal-Mart made a splash in 2009 by
Speaker: Greg Hutchins PE, CERM                           announcing their Sustainability Index initiative, an
Supply Management assumptions and rules are               increasing number of other companies are requiring
changing. Single source partnering. Just in time. No      their suppliers to complete sustainability
buffer inventories. ISO 9000 supplier audits. Many of     performance questionnaires, using scorecards to
these conventional wisdoms are now being                  quantify product performance or taking other steps
challenged as our sourcing world becomes more             to measure and improve their supply chain
volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.               sustainability. This session will cover some of the
Greg will discuss how risk-based problem solving          latest developments in the sustainable purchasing
and risk-based decision making are now essential for      world in 2011, and what they mean for your
all supply management and purchasing professionals        business.
as the two newspaper items below reveal:
                                          Wall Street
 Journal, March 12, 2011 ―    Even relatively short       Session: PNPC-3A 9:15am, Tuesday, Oct 25th
 disruptions could further stress a supply chain           “Successful Contract Management – Aligning
 already stretched tight in spots over the past year by   Contracts to Corporate Business Strategy”
 strong demand for hot gadgets.                           Speaker: Elaine Whittington, C.P.M., CPCM
                       lobal Supply Chain‘, NY Times,     This workshop will cover the basics of contract
 March 19, 2011. ―    Modern global supply chains,        management beginning from source selection to
 experts say, mirror complex biological systems like      contract closure. The supply chain manager has a
 the human body in many ways. They can be                 responsibility to assure not only that the contract is
 remarkably resilient and self healing, yet at times      completed on time and within budget constraints.
 quite vulnerable to some specific, seemingly small       There is also a responsibility to include the firm‘s
 weakness — as if a tiny tear in a crucial artery were    business strategies in the written contract as a
 to cause someone to suffer heart failure. … Adding       contribution to their firm‘s success. With this in
 inventories and backup suppliers reduces risk by         mind this workshop will provide some ideas on how
 increasing the redundancy in a supply system.‖           best to include these items in the written contract.
                                                          The material in this workshop should be useful to all
Session: PNPC-2C 3:30pm, Monday, Oct 24th                 supply chain managers who wish to support their
"Interdependence and Self-Reliance: Leading               firm‘s goals and objectives.
Teams in the Modern Workplace”
Speaker: Joseph Bailey, M.A., CPF                                                                       6
Conference Workshop Presentations:
Session: PNPC-3B 9:15am, Tuesday, Oct 25th               on the web, punchouts, reverse auctions,
"Negotiation Basics"                                     documented cost savings by vendors, vending
Speaker: Gary Hopper, MBA, C.P.M.                        machines, and industry consolidation. Bill will share
Objective: Provide general understanding of              his perspective on how MRO buying has evolved,
negotiation principles and common approaches.            and where he views it is going.
Deliver value-based tools and opportunities for
hands-on practice.                                       Session: PNPC-4A 11:00am, Tuesday, Oct 25th
Target Audience: buyers and sourcing specialists         “Using Technology to Manage Contracts and
who are new to the purchasing profession;                Purchases”
experienced buyers, commodity managers and               Speaker: Mike Taylor, C.P.M
strategic sourcing managers wanting to refresh their     Making better use of available software tools to be a
knowledge and skills.                                    more effective Supply Chain Manager.
Areas of Focus:
• Assessment of Core Skills                              Session: PNPC-4B 11:00am, Tuesday, Oct 25th
• Getting To Yes: Principled Negotiation Philosophy      "Advanced Negotiations"
• Learn Effective Communication Methods                  Speaker: Gary Hopper, MBA, C.P.M.
• Learn and Practice Key Negotiation Tactics &           Objectives: Identify advanced skills for pressure-
Counter-Tactics                                          filled negotiations. Learn how-to turn your opponent
                                                         into your partner. Prepare a bullet-proof walk-away
Session: PNPC-3C 9:15am, Tuesday, Oct 25th               position.
 “Re-Shoring: Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the          Target Audience: buyers and sourcing specialists
United States”                                           who are new to the purchasing profession;
Speaker: Rick Pay                                        experienced buyers, commodity managers and
In this presentation Rick Pay addresses how a            strategic sourcing managers wanting to learn best
company‘s vision for the future can provide the          practices.
framework for a re-shoring campaign. The decision        Areas of Focus:
to keep production in the US (or to bring it back from   • Assessment of critical skills
overseas), when made with a view toward                  • Getting Past No
congruency with the overall business strategy and        • Advanced Communication Skills
operations and supply chain vision, has the power to     • Negotiation Preparation
launch a company upward on the ladder of
Continuous Improvement. Additional considerations        Session: PNPC-4C 11:00am, Tuesday, Oct 25th
in re-shoring that Mr. Pay will discuss include taking   “Forecasting Strategies”
a total cost of ownership perspective on production      Speaker: Rick Pay
and inventory, reliable delivery, quality, cost issues   Many inventory and production planners rely heavily
on resources such as fuel, exchange rates, inventory,    on a sales forecast as the foundation to their
new product development, intellectual property           inventory planning and MRP process. In fact, an
protection, and the special challenges facing small      accurate forecast is one of the three keys to MRP
companies                                                success. The only problem is that accurate forecasts
                                                         are an oxymoron at best, and at worst, sales doesn‘t
Session: PNPC-3D 9:15am, Tuesday, Oct 25th               produce one at all. So what does the planner do?
"MRO Distribution Update"                                This presentation shows you how to manage without
Speaker: Bill Derville                                   a reliable forecast, how to integrate supply chain
Bill started working for General Tool and Supply as a    planning with sales and operations planning, and
Receiving Clerk while in high school in 1961, 50         provides tips on creating flexibility throughout
years ago. He has seen everything from the arrival of    operations and supply chain for maximum efficiency
the computer age to the emergence of systems             and profitability.
contracting, integrated supply, EDI, MRO purchasing                                                     7
Conference Workshop Presentations:
Session: PNPC-4D 11:00am, Tuesday, Oct 25th                Organizations throughout the world are realizing the
"Ethics: A Survival Kit for the Purchasing                 value of including Environmental, Economic and
Professional"                                              Equity requirements in their purchasing decisions.
Speaker: Robin (Rob) J. Rickard, CPPO                      This session will examine some best practices in
This course will introduce the student to proper           sustainable procurement and look specifically at
ethical practices during the procurement process.          what leading organizations are doing today to
The course will empower the student with the ability       preserve existing resources for future generations
to make distinctions between competing choices that        while contributing to the bottom line.
face the procurement professional. Being ethical is
not always easy, but it is always important. The           Session: PNPC-5C 2:30pm, Tuesday, Oct 25th
participant will learn to focus on discernment,            “Purchasing Law - T's & C's And Intellectual
discipline and effectiveness as vital elements of          Property Issues To Include In Your Toolkit”
ethical decision-making. Both moral and business           Speaker: J. Douglas Wells, JD,MSIA/MBA,BSEE
considerations will be analyzed in this seminar.           Purchasing contract Terms and Conditions continue
This seminar is designed to offer a practical hands-on     to evolve and adapt with globalization, changes in
approach to ethical decision-making in the public          the way business is conducted, and the growing
procurement process by engaging in exercises and           importance of intellectual property developed and
case studies that reinforce presented concepts. Being      owned by the parties or used by the parties involved.
ethical isn‘t always easy. Procurement professionals        Recent case law highlights the importance of
have to make many decisions under economic,                properly handling intellectual property ownership
professional, social and political pressure. From the      issues. Leaving out or ignoring changes in the law,
basic day-to-day to the complex decisions, this will       particularly international law, can drive unintended
be a comprehensive study that will equip the public        consequences. We will review an actual unexpired
procurement professional to deal with those decisions      multi-state contract (developed by the Western
ethically.                                                 States Contracting Alliance) to discuss relevant and
                                                           important legal issues, with particular attention to
Session: PNPC-5A 2:30pm, Tuesday, Oct 25th                 how the purchasing professional can add value in
"Wrestling the Greased Pig: Logistical Risks,              their own practice and their company's bottom line.
Concerns and Best Practices"                                Differences between the UCC and CISG will be
Speaker: Lee Buddress, PhD., C.P.M.                        discussed as well as considerations for handling
Our logistical infrastructure is deteriorating faster      confidential information and intellectual property.
that it is being repaired. Congestion is increasing by
the minute. Capacity concerns are evident in all           Session: PNPC-5D 2:30pm, Tuesday, Oct 25th
modes of transportation. There if a fine line between      “CPSM Exams Overview”
lean and starving to death – as many firms discovered      Speaker: Steve Lunden, CPSM, C.P.M.
following the Japanese earthquake. What are the            This program is designed to give participants an
tools and tactics that will best enable organizations to   overview of the requirements for the CPSM
address these concerns and mitigate their impacts?         certification. We‘ll discuss the Bridge exam (for
This session will review the logistical environment,       current C.P.M. holders) and the three module exams
both domestically and internationally and examine          required for non-C.P.M.‘s. We‘ll discuss the
and evaluate strategies that will enable organizations     subjects and tasks for the various exams as well as
to maintain their competitive advantages while             potential study tips. This program is specifically
controlling costs and minimizing supply chain              designed as an overview to assist participants in their
logistical risks.                                          efforts to prepare for the various CPSM Exams. This
                                                           is intended to be an overview of all CPSM exams by
Session: PNPC-5B 2:30pm, Tuesday, Oct 25th                 subjects and tasks with selected practice questions to
"Sustainability in Procurement"                            allow participants to gain a feel for the exam.
Speaker: Jeffrey B. Baer, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M.                                                                    8
Conference Workshop Presentations:
Session: PNPC-6A 9:00am, Wednesday/Oct 26th                 their supplier network, we underscore the value of
"Practical Strategic Sourcing"                              supplier reliability and the key role that perfect
Speaker: Jerry Baker, C.P.M , CPCM                          execution plays in the performance of the global
Today‘s competitive, uncertain, and fast moving             supply chain network.
business environment requires major projects to be
aligned with corporate objectives. The discussion will      Session: PNPC-6C 9:00am, Wednesday/Oct 26th
focus on using strategic sourcing to deliver                "Optimize Your Supply Chain – Continuous
significant benefits to the organization, but such          Improvement for Small and Medium
projects require substantial effort and often result in     Enterprises”
considerable organizational change.                         Speaker: Anja Bump, M.S./Heather Deibele, P.E.
Developing and implementing a sourcing strategy is          Small and medium businesses play a critical role in
complicated by changes in organizational leadership,        the economy and its growth. They are critical to
markets, and stakeholder‗s expectations. Yet, when          many large companies and their success. But all too
designed and implemented properly, the benefits of          often, the management of these enterprises overlooks
strategic sourcing activities are compelling.               continuous improvement in their purchasing/supply
Strategy sourcing is processes, not an isolated             chain area as a tool to enhance productivity and
decision and users constantly strive to balances            lower cost. This talk will introduce systems and best
internal and external activities, services, knowledge,      practices for continuous improvement that are
align business strategies, processes and technology         commonly accepted, essential and recommended for
services.                                                   the success of growing a business.
We will discuss how to create a well-constructed
sourcing strategy that addresses the fundamental            Who Should Attend? Anybody involved with
questions:                                                  suppliers:
• Where are we? How effective and efficient are our
current capabilities?                                                  Purchasing functions of Small to Medium
• Where should/could we be? What are the                               Enterprises (SME)
opportunities?                                                         Senior level, operations management
• How can we get there? What is the path to follow?                    Quality
                                                                       Materials Management Personnel
Register for the conference by August 26th and
receive the “Early Bird” discount of $25 off of your        Session: PNPC-6D 9:00am, Wednesday/Oct 26th
registration fee. Extended to 9/30/2011                     "An Integrated Supply Chain Model for
Session: PNPC-6-B 9:00am, Wednesday, Oct 26th               Speaker: Brett Still
"Global Supply Chain Execution"                             Healthcare costs continue to rise. Technology
Speaker: Nicole DeHoratius                                  changes and aging of the population continues to put
Supplier reliability is critical to the success of global   cost pressures on healthcare providers. Government
supply chains. We discuss the importance of supplier        can no longer afford rising costs and are poised to
learning – the process by which customers predict a         reduce re-imbursements. Learn how Providence
company‘s ability to fulfill product orders in the          Health & Services - Oregon has developed an
future using information about how well the company         integrated model for delivering the lowest possible
fulfilled order in the past. We highlight two key           supply costs given the provision of quality patient
measures of supplier performance namely                     care. This presentation will provide attendees a
―consistency‖ – or the likelihood that a company will       supply chain model designed to support a health
continue to keep items in stock and meet demand and         system that includes hospitals, health plan, long-term
―recovery‖ which is the likelihood that a company           care, home services and primary care facilities.
will deliver on time in spite of past stock-outs. In
describing how several key players have managed                                                               9
Conference Workshop Presentations:
                                                          information from this session will clarify how your
                                                          projects align with the direction of your
                                                          If you are registering for the PNPC, keep in mind
                                                          that you also can attend the ALTW which will be
                                                          held Monday morning for “free”, even if you are
Session: PNPC-7A 10:30am, Wednesday, Oct 26th             not an ISM member. Also, Continuing Education
 “Writing Service Contracts”                              Hours (CEH’s) will also be offered for ALTW
Speaker: Mike Taylor, C.P.M                               workshops, too.
Contract Clauses and concepts that you have to
cover. In contract writing, one picture is indeed         Session: PNPC-7C 10:30am, Wednesday, Oct 26th
worth a thousand words. I can imagine a purchase          “Supplier Performance Management"
order for a piece of hardware that basically says:        Speaker: Anja Bump, M.S./Heather Deibele, P.E.
―Send us one of these [insert picture] and we‘ll pay      This talk focuses on supplier performance
you $1500‖. The problem, if you are trying to write a     management, and its importance in today‘s supply
service contract, is that there is no picture. Thus the   chain environment. Participants will get hands-on
desired service has to be described and more              advice for the different components, step-by-step
importantly – so do all of the other conditions of the    instructions and a good dose of the humor required
contract. A daunting task to say the least. In this       to get this all done while having a day job. This class
workshop we‘ll discuss some of the concepts and           is a more detailed break-out of the course ‗Optimize
topics that should to be covered in a service contract    your Supply Chain – Continuous Improvement for
along with useful contract language.                      Small and Medium Enterprises‘.
The PNPC Education Committee has taken great              Supplier Performance Management
time and effort to make sure we have included a                1. Why you should care about it?
great cross section of topics for this conference to           2. Building Blocks of a good supplier
make sure there is a great selection of topics and               performance management system
speakers to fit every attendees educational needs, so          3. Recommendations for Actions – how to get
matter what industry or organization they work,                  started
including the public sector as well as the private             4. Scorecards as a tool to measure
                                                          Session: PNPC-7D 10:30am, Wednesday, Oct 26th
Session: PNPC-7B 10:30am, Wednesday, Oct 26th             “Strategic Sourcing – Public versus Private Sector
“Effective Execution is more than doing projects          Approaches; Learning’s from Both”
right; it’s doing the right projects!”                    Speaker: Dianne Lancaster, MBA, J.D.
Speaker: Steve Brook                                      How have the corporate sector concepts of strategic
Once your organization understands why it is in           sourcing played out in the public sector? This
business, determines how it wants to position itself in   presentation will focus on the development and use
the marketplace, and finally understands there are        of cooperative purchasing in the public sector as a
changes required to move forward, the daunting task       strategic sourcing method. The topic includes a
of determining ‗what to do when‘ begins. This             comparative view of the business drivers and
session will cover some useful tools and methods to       practical realities that have resulted in the use of
align the strategy, technology, process and people        different approaches between private and public
and help you understand where to focus. We will also      sectors. The presentation will use examples such as
review some tools, concepts and principals that will      the Western States Contracting Alliance and the
help keep the right projects in play. If you manage a     Oregon Cooperative Purchasing Program for
portfolio of programs and projects or you procure         illustration.
project resources for your organization, the                                                                 10
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                   Tom W. Ayala, MS, MA,                Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) is a Certified Public
                   NCC, GCDFi, LPC                      Purchasing Officer (CPPO) and a Master Instructor
                   Tom Ayala has been in the            for the National Institute of Governmental
                   business of working with people      Purchasing (NIGP). He is on the NIGP Board of
                   in the field of psychology since     Directors representing Region 12 which includes
                   the mid-90s. He is an extremely      Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana,
                   diverse professional with            Hawaii and Guam. Jeff is a founding member of the
                   expertise in trauma and crisis       Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN) which is an
management as a healthcare clinician,                   international network of buyers dedicated to
organizational consulting as an Action Research and     socially responsible and environmentally
Appreciative Inquiry interventionist, human             sustainable purchasing. He has also served on the
resource consultant managing talent and assessment      Board of the Center for New American Dream,
projects, and education as a Global Career              Advisory Board member of the Oregon Association
Development Facilitator instructor. Tom is currently    of Minority Entrepreneurs and Portland’s Small
a Trustee on the Board of the National Employment       Business Advisory Council.
Counseling Association a division of the American
Counseling Association. Tom is a member of the
American Psychological Association and is
currently pursuing a PhD in Organizational
Leadership from the Chicago School of Professional
Psychology. Tom has a Master’s degree from the
California State University in Interdisciplinary
Studies and a Master’s degree in Counseling from                               Joseph Baily, M.A., CPF
George Fox University. He received the National                                Joseph Bailey, M.A. in Whole
Pathfinder Award of Distinction for Leadership                                 Systems Design and Certified
from HDR, Inc., an Outstanding Service Award                                   Professional Facilitator, has
from the Department of Veterans Affairs, was                                   been on the faculty at Linn-
named Volunteer of the Year for 2009 and accepted                              Benton Community College for
the 2010 Community Group of the year at                                        15 years. He has been working
Lebanon’s Distinguished Service Awards event. He                               with organizational change,
is a caring and compassionate man who enjoys                                   leadership, strategic planning
engaging with people.                                   and team development for over 30 years. His
                                                        customers include the public, private, and non-profit
                                                        sectors; from micro-businesses to Fortune 50
                    Jeffrey B. Baer, CPPO, CPPB,        companies to city councils. He is a performance
                    C.P.M.                              coach for organizational leaders and managers; a
                    Jeff is the Director of Internal    trainer in leadership, supervision, and
                    Business Services for the City of   communication skills; and a facilitator of staff
                    Portland. He is responsible for     retreats and planning sessions. Joseph and his wife
                    overseeing the Fleet, Facilities,   live in the rural area of Alpine, Oregon where they
                    Risk Management, Procurement,       work hard to keep marauding turkeys and deer from
                    Printing and Distribution           eating the flowers, vegetables, and orchard fruit. He
Services for the City of Portland. Prior to this        is an avid cyclist.
position, Jeff was the Director of Procurement for      If you have any questions, please contact………..
the City of Portland and has over 25 years of                   Sid Brown        503-682-6814
government contracting experience. Jeff has played                    
key roles in developing the City’s Sustainable
Procurement Policy and Social Equity Contracting               Ron Brown          503-632-6056
requirements. Jeff holds a lifetime Certified                                                             11
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                     Steve Brook
                     Steve is the Market Leader and
                     Practice Director for Point B in      In addition to the three Keynote presentations, this
                     Portland.B is an employee-            educational conference will provide you with 28
                     owned management consulting           educational workshops from which you will be
                     firm that provides objective          able to choose the seven learning opportunities
                     leadership, deep expertise and        which you feel will most benefit you!
                     the ability to transform strategies
into reality. Prior to Point B, Steve held
management positions at Emerald Solutions, the
Nautilus Group, Fiserv, Cingular, and US Bank.
Steve received his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate
School of Management and a BS from Purdue                                           Nicole DeHoratius
University. Steve is also an adjunct Professor at                                   Nicole DeHoratius teaches
Portland State University and the Keller Graduate                                   undergraduate-, MBA-, and
School of Management. Locally, Steve serves as                                      Executive-level courses on
board member on the Portland Children’s Museum,                                     operations and supply chain
Social Venture Partners Portland and the Urban                                      management. Professor
League of Portland, and has been a past board                                       DeHoratius's research
member with the Project Management Institute.                                       focuses on the effective
                                                                                    management of retail supply
                                                           chains and the link between retail performance and
                       Anja Bump, M.S.                     operational execution. Poor execution at all stages
                       Montgomery Strategic                in the retail supply chain can result in store out-of-
                       Consulting founder Anja             stocks and, consequently, lost sales. Effective
                       Bump has over 14 years of           execution involves designing appropriate
                       successful supplier                 incentives, maintaining accurate information, and
                       management experience,              collaboration between manufacturers and retailers.
                       including quality audits (she is    Professor DeHoratius has published articles in
                       a certified lead auditor), sales,   leading journals such as California Management
marketing, and engineering. She has weathered the          Review, Cutter IT Journal, ECR Journal, Harvard
ups and downs of the semiconductor industry, as            Business Review, Management Science, and
well as the tightly regulated medical industry. As a       M&SOM. In addition, her work has been featured in
keen negotiator, quality remains number one in her         Supply Chain Management Review, Capital Ideas,
mind. Her corporate experience includes IBM, HP,           and The University of Chicago Chronicle.
Siltronic Ag (a German-owned wafer fab), Entegris,         Professor DeHoratius earned her D.B.A. in
and Biotronik (medical supplier of implantable             technology and operations management at Harvard
pacemakers and defibrillators). She has lived best         Business School and an A.B. (magna cum laude) in
practices for supply chain at large companies, and         History and Science at Harvard College. Prior to her
has implemented them at smaller ones. Best                 graduate studies, she was a researcher at RAND and
practices have made her life easier and she is             was on the Board of Directors of the MIT
currently working on spreading the joy to as many          Enterprise Forum of Washington-Baltimore, Inc.
organizations as she can. Anja holds a MS in               She is also a former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
Inorganic Chemistry from Portland State University         which enabled her to obtain her M.Sc. in technology
and a Diploma in General Chemistry from                    and innovation management from the University of
Germany. German born, she is still fluent in               Sussex in England.
German and English. She also manages to order a
good dinner in French.                                                                                       12
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                                                                             Bill Derville
                                                                             Bill received his BA from
                                                                             Principia College 1967 and his
                                                                             MBA from Portland State
                                                                             University in 1980. Bill is the
                                                                             third generation president of
                        Heather Deibele, P.E.                                General Tool and Supply, his
                        Fox Hills Consulting founder                         grandfather having started the
                        Heather Deibele has over 13                          company in 1927. After
                        years of successful cGMP        working summers in General Tool’s Receiving
                        pharmaceutical                  Department, Bill served five years in the US Air
                        manufacturing experience,       Force finishing as a Captain in Transportation. Bill
                        including product               joined General Tool as the Purchasing Manager in
                        development, technology         1972 working for his father. In 1979, Bill served as
transfer, and implementation of new technologies.       President of the Oregon affiliate of NAPM and later
She has experience working with both small and          presented several full day classes on systems
large Pharmaceutical Clinical Supply Chain              contracting in Oregon and Washington to
organizations integrating small business best           purchasing managers. He assumed presidency of
practices, engineering and operational excellence,      General Tool in 1982 with one location and total
and superior project management. Her experience         sales of $6 million. In 1996 he served as president
consists of leading the cGMP clinical                   of the Industrial Distribution Association (IDA)
manufacturing division of Bend Research, Inc as         when it had 900 member companies. He was named
President and COO of the GMP division with              distributor of the year by Industrial Distribution
expertise in spray drying. Heather oversaw the          Magazine in 1994 (second person ever to receive
transformation of this division from initial start-up   this award). Bill has been involved with IDA
to a successful clinical CMO business unit              committee work for the 12 years preceding his
manufacturing early Phase I through Phase III           presidency serving on the Financial Management,
products. She developed and perfected a highly          Operations, High Technology, and as chairman of
successful technology transfer system for incoming      the Membership committee. Much of his work had
products that achieved a 96% first time batch           been in the EDI area, serving on the executive
success rate. She managed client relationships with     steering committee and the Technical
multiple “Big Pharma” R&D and supply chain              Subcommittee of EDICA (EDI Coalition of
organizations transferring new technologies and         associations) whose purpose is to create industry
products from development into the cGMP                 standards for the implementation of EDI within the
environment. Heather has a keen ability to              MRO channel. In recent years, he has been spent
effectively work and communicate with cross             overseeing the implementation of technology
functional teams allowing her to comprehensively        including the building the website database of
pull together complex strategies and timelines that,, inventory management,
in the end saves the client both time and money.        implementing their warehouse management system
Heather holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from         used in the Portland and Seattle branches, and
Oregon State University and will graduate with a        selling and implementing systems contracts with
Masters in Business Administration at University of     customers.
Oregon in June 2012. She volunteers with the
Oregon Bioscience Association as Chair of the           Continuous Educational Hours (CEH’s) are
OBA Internal Audit Exchange Program committee           available to all conference attendees and a form
and participates on the OBA BioPro Steering             will be available in each conference packet when
                                                        you arrive at the conference.
Committee as well as PTA Treasurer at her
children’s school.
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                                                         state procurement agencies, utility companies,
                       Alison Hopcroft, GHG-IQ           numerous NW APICS Chapters, etc. Gary has
                       Alison Hopcroft is an             facilitated hundreds of supply chain and
                       Associate Manager for Fluid       procurement related workshops for his clients and
                       Market Strategies. Alison is      also provided best-practice solutions for their
                       an accomplished consultant,       business needs.
                       program manager and
                       educator. She has five years of
                       experience providing
sustainability consulting and carbon management
services to businesses, public agencies, non-profits
and educational institutions. Recent projects have
included developing specialized carbon calculators
and corporate sustainability reports, as well as
working with manufacturers to meet Wal-Mart’s
Supplier Sustainability requirements. She has also                            Greg Hutchins, PE, CERM
developed sustainable purchasing policies and                                 Mr. Hutchins is a principal
procurement trainings for private companies and                               with Quality + Engineering
public agencies. Alison has taught workshops on                               (
sustainable procurement, sustainability in public                             Mr. Hutchins has written a
infrastructure and public-private partnerships for                            number of best selling books
sustainability.                                                               on supply management and
Alison has a Masters degree in International                                  purchasing. Q+E is the
Environmental Policy with a focus in Sustainable                              developer of Certified
Business Management from the Monterey Institute          Enterprise Risk Manager® (CERM), the first risk
of International Studies                                 management certificate for operations professionals

                    Gary Hopper, MBA, C.P.M.                                Dianne Lancaster, MBA, J.D.
                    Gary has 25+ years of                                   Diane has been the Chief
                    procurement and contract                                Procurement Officer of the
                    negotiation experience. He has                          Oregon Department of
                    worked in both public and                               Administrative Services, State
                    private sectors. He has held                            Procurement Office, since 2001.
                    leadership and senior manager                           She has 20 years of public
                    positions for his former                                procurement experience gained in
employers which include: Apple Computer, Intel           both state and local government positions. She
Corporation and The Walt Disney Company. Gary            holds B.A., M.B.A. and J.D. degrees from
earned his B.A. Degree in Economics from San Jose        Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Dianne is
State University and his MBA from Golden Gate            the immediate Past President of the National
University (emphasis in Procurement and Contracts        Association of State Procurement Officers
Management). Throughout his career Gary has              (NASPO). She is also a state director of the
served on various NAPM affiliate boards to include       Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA).
Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Sacramento and              Other memberships include the Oregon State Bar
Portland.                                                Association, National Institute of Government
Total Cost Solutions was created in 2004 and has         Purchasing and National Public Procurement
served a diverse customer base: defense contractors,     Coordination Council.
health care providers, higher education institutions,                                                      14
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                      Steve Lunden, C.P.M., CPSM                              Darin L Matthews, CPPO,
                      Steve has been with Gonzaga                             C.P.M.
                      University as Purchasing                                Darin has over 20 years of
                      Manager and Material Support                            purchasing and supply
                      Manager since 1995. In these                            management experience in state
                      positions, he has overseen                              and local government, as well as
                      Purchasing, Warehousing,                                private industry.
                      Grounds, Maintenance and                                He is currently the chief
surplus disposal for the University. Before joining                           procurement officer for Metro,
the Gonzaga, Steve spent 18+ years in the steel          the regional government of Portland, Oregon. He
industry in the Spokane area. He has worked in a         has a past president of the National
large corporate business in steel distribution as well   Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP), and
as a smaller steel fabrication business, Lunden          currently serves on the Governing Board of the
Construction Products. Steve received a Bachelor’s       Universal Public Purchasing Certification
degree in Business Administration from Eastern           Council (UPPCC). He also served as a Board
Washington University in 1984. He completed a            Member for the Public Procurement Research
MBA in 1990, completed his C.P.M. in 2001, and           Center at Florida Atlantic University. Darin speaks
his CPSM in 2010. He has worked as adjunct               throughout the world on a variety of procurement
faculty for EWU teaching the Purchasing and              topics, and his writings have been featured in
Materials Management classes as well as                  Government Procurement, The Public Manager and
Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory,          The Journal of Public Procurement. He has authored
Small Business Policy & Analysis classes at a            book chapters for NIGP’s Logistics and
variety of times. He has also done consulting work       Transportation and Warehousing and Inventory
for small and medium businesses in the Spokane           Control, as well as the Encyclopedia of Public
area in the areas of operations, inventory and           Administration and Public Policy. Darin has served
purchasing.                                              as a panelist for the Institute for Supply
                                                         Management’s (ISM) satellite seminar series, and
                                                         has been a featured speaker for many ISM affiliates.
                                                         He is the co-author or Effective Supply
                                                         Management Performance, part of ISM’s book
                                                         series in support of their new CPSM program. He
                                                         is a Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) and
                                                         a Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.). He holds
                                                         a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Political Science
                       Karin Magnuson, Ed.M.             and a Master’s Certificate in Acquisition
                       Karin Magnuson has been on        Management. Darin is an adjunct instructor for
                       the faculty of Linn-Benton        Florida Atlantic University, and has lectured at the
                       Community College for 15          University of Victoria, Rose State College, and
                       years as a work-force             Cleveland State University.
                       educator, instructional
                       designer, project manager,
                       and facilitator and has           If you are registering for the PNPC, keep in mind
worked in the training and adult education field for     that you also can attend the ALTW which will be
over 25 years. She holds a Master's Degree in            held Monday morning for “free”, even if you are
Adult Education/Training and Business                    not an ISM member. Also, Continuing Education
Development from Oregon State University (1991).         Hours (CEH’s) will also be offered for ALTW
Her passion is to provide clients and students with      workshops, too.
opportunities for ongoing learning and to develop
programs and materials to support that learning.                                                           15
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                       Charles R. Noland,               State’s Business Services Division in Salem,
                       MBA, CPSM, C.P.M.,               Oregon. Prior to accepting this position, he served
                       CPIM                             many years as Chief Procurement Officer for both
                       Charles R. Noland, MBA,          the Oregon Department of Administrative Services
                       CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM has           and the Oregon Department of Transportation, after
                       been a procurement               spending several years in private sector materials
                       professional for over 30         management position. He is a graduate of Warner
                       years, active in teaching        Pacific College and holds the designation of
                       Supply Management classes        Certified Public Purchasing Officer (CPPO) through
for the past 24 years at California State University,   the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
East Bay, St. Mary’s College and Golden Gate            (NIGP) As well as Oregon’s in-state certification,
University. Mr. Noland has provided Supply              OPBC. Rob serves as a Master Instructor for NIGP
Management executive leadership to many                 and is a regular speaker at their Annual Forums and
organizations including the University of California,   through their Webinars, as well as at chapter
Apple, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., Clorox      conferences. He developed one-day classes for
Inc., Genentech Inc. and as an international supply     NIGP on Protests and Disputes and on Procurement
management consultant. He is currently leading the      Ethics and has presented them through NIGP all
Supply Management Extension Program at                  over the US and Canada. He also provides training
California State University, East Bay and               throughout Oregon and the United States on a wide
consulting.                                             variety of procurement related topics as well as
                                                        providing training opportunities for suppliers. In
                     Rick Pay                           2000 Rob received OPPA’s Harold F. Vaughn
                     Rick Pay has recently been         Award for contributions to public purchasing. In
                     dubbed by his clients as the       2001 he was recognized as the OPPA and NIGP
                     “Sherlock Holmes of                Professional Purchasing Manager of the Year. In
                     Operations and Supply Chain        2006 Rob received NIGP’s Distinguished Service
                     Management.” Rick is president     Award. In 2008 Rob received the Oregon
                     of The R. PAY COMPANY,             Department of Administrative Services, Partners in
                     LLC, a Portland based              Public Purchasing’s Lifetime Achievement Award.
                     management consulting firm         In 2009 Rob received the Mentor of the Year award
that helps manufacturers, distributors, retail and      from OPPA. Rob has presented for a number of
service companies dramatically improve their gross      professional groups including NIGP, the Oregon
margins and cash flow through peak operational and      Public Purchasing Association, Columbia Chapter
supply chain performance. He has been involved          of NIGP, Chemeketa Community College, and the
with purchasing and inventory management                Oregon School Board Association. He is a past
improvement programs as well as world class             president of both Oregon Public Purchasing
manufacturing and lean for over 25 years as both a      Association and the Columbia Chapter of NIGP,
consultant and VP, Operations for a manufacturing       and is currently active in both chapters. Rob and
company. He appears frequently as a speaker and         his wife Betty currently reside in the small town of
his articles have been published by Industry Week       Canby, Oregon. When he is not serving the
and the Institute for Supply Management.                procurement profession, he is active with the                                     Oregon Road Runners, where he was recently
                                                        named to their Hall of Fame.
                  Rob Rickard, CPPO, OPBC
                  Rob has over 28 years of public
                  purchasing management
                  experience. Rob recently retired
                  as the Chief Procurement Officer
                  for the Oregon Secretary of                                                           16
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                        Brett Still                      owner of MLTWEB.COM and the
                        Brett Still is Regional          PURCHASING TOOLBOX. A web site of
                        Director, Supply Chain and       resources and information for purchasing
                        Clinical Engineering for         professionals. In December 2000, Mike's web site
                        Providence Health Systems –      was recognized as one of the top 25 purchasing
                        Oregon. He has been with         related web sites by iSource Magazine. Mike’s
                        Providence for 31 years. His     professional experience includes presenting
                        responsibilities include         seminars, speeches and workshops at professional
developing strategies and objectives comprised of        meetings, conferences, supplier and public forums
purchasing, warehousing, printing services, clinical     and company training programs.
engineering, distribution and inventory
management. He co-ordinates all aspects of the
supply chain to ensure quality patient care and
preserve competitive supply costs. Brett holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the
University of Oregon. He is active in national group
purchasing and has been a frequent speaker at
VHA, Inc leadership conferences.
                                                                                J. Douglas Wells, JD,
                                                                                MSIA/MBA, BSEE
The 68th PNPC…..the educational event which                                     Doug practices Intellectual
will allow you to “Add Value” to your own                                       Property Law with expertise in
educational knowledge and skills, allowing you to                               patents, trademarks, trade
add profitability to your employer!!!                                           secrets and copyrights. He
                                                                                currently splits his time
                                                                                between responsibilities as in-
                       Mike Taylor, C.P.M.                                      house general counsel for
                       Mr. Taylor has been in the        Videx, Inc. in Corvallis and his own private practice
                       Supply Chain profession since     in Beaverton. Doug was admitted to practice in the
                       1973. His career includes         state of Oregon in 2004, and the U.S. Patent and
                       purchasing responsibility for a   Trademark Office in 2002. He is a member of the
                       custom fabricator of large        Oregon State Bar, the Oregon Patent Law
                       hydraulic cylinders,              Association, the National Association of Patent
                       commercial nuclear power          Practitioners, the Institute for Supply Management,
                       plant construction and Federal    and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Government contractors. This includes 11 years as a      Engineers. Doug was with Columbia IP Law Group
first-line manager as well as many years as a team       and Chernoff, Vilhauer, McClung & Stenzel, LLP
lead. Mike has purchased and/or managed the              from 2001 through 2010. Previously he served in
procurement of a wide range of products and              supply management for NACCO Material Handling
services. Mike is presently a Supply Chain               Group, Intel, Freightliner and Ford Motor Company
Specialist for the CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation         from 1992 to 2004; and as an electrical engineer for
Company at the Department of Energy Hanford              Tektronix and the Aerospace Corporation from
Site. His team is responsible for procurement            1985 to 1990. Doug earned his JD from
policies, professional and technical training,           Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark
purchasing ADP systems, procedures and electronic        College, and he received graduate management and
records. Mike has been a leader in increased             undergraduate engineering degrees from Purdue
internet and electronic tools usage by the               University.
department since 1994. Mike is the developer and                                                          17
Conference Workshop Speakers:
                          Elaine Whittington,
                          C.P.M., CPCM, A.P.P.
                          Elaine Whittington has
                          worked in the purchasing       Looking for things to do while
                          field for over forty years.
                          She earned her degree                 in Portland???
                          from UCLA and taught
                          “Fundamentals of
                          Purchasing” at UCLA           AOL Travel - Portland
Extension. She spent twenty five years with           
Lockheed-Martin. Elaine has presented workshops         states/oregon/portland-things-to-do/?flv=1
and keynote presentations throughout the United
States as well as Australia, Mexico, Sweden,            Best Things To Do In Portland
Germany and Canada. She taught and consulted in     
both the private and public sectors of the business           56-Things-to-do-in-Portland-OR
world. Elaine served as President of the Los
Angeles Affiliate of the Institute of Supply            Free Things to Do In Portland
Management (ISM) and she also served as president   
of the National Association of Purchasing                     ment/tp/Free_Things.htm
Management. This was before they changed their
name to the Institute of Supply Management. Elaine      Moving to Portland
is a recipient of ISM’s esteemed J. Shipman Gold      
Medal Award. This medal is awarded each year to         ites.htm
one outstanding member of the profession.
Currently, she serves as the Chair of the Scholarship   Portland Entertainment
Committee and a Consulting Director for the          
National Association of Purchasing Management –
San Fernando Valley, an affiliate of the Institute of   Portland Travel Guide
Supply Management.                                   

                                                        Things to do in Portland

                                                        Travel Portland
If you are registering for the PNPC, keep in mind
that you can also attend the Affiliate Leadership       Trip Advisor – Portland
Training Workshop (ALTW), which will be held        
Monday morning prior to the start of the                      g52024-Activities-Portland_Oregon.html
conference, for “free”, even if you are not an ISM
member. Also, Continuing Education Hours                Yahoo Travel – Portland
(CEH’s) will also be offered for ALTW workshops,    
as well as for the educational workshops at the               2738935-portland_things_to_do-i

Conference Educational Sessions at a Glance:
Monday, October 24, 2011
_# _     Educational Session                                         Speaker
12:00 (Noon):
Keynote: Economic Forecast.....A Shocked Recovery                    John W. Mitchell, Ph.D.
2:00 – 3:15pm:
1A        Assessing & Leveraging Partner Relationships: Strategies   Tom W. Ayala, MS, MA,
          for Building Business                                      NCC, GCDFi, LPC
1B       Evolution of Supply Management: 2012                        Charles Noland, MBA,
                                                                     CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM

1C       Uncrossing the Wires: The Challenges and Opportunities      Karin Magnuson, Ed.M.
         of Generational and Gender Differences in the Workplace
1D       Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Roundtable           Facilitators: ALTW
3:30 – 4:45pm:
2A        Contract Management                                        Darin Matthews, CPPO,
2B       Just in Case NOT Just in Time Revisited                     Greg Hutchins, PE,
2C       Interdependence and Self-Reliance: Leading Teams in         Joseph Bailey, MA, CPF
         the Modern Workplace
2D       Sustainable Procurement: Recent Developments and            Alison Hopcroft, GHG-IQ
         What It Means for Your Organization

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
_# _     Educational Session                                         Speaker
9:15 – 10:30am:
3A        Successful Contract Management – Aligning Contracts        Elaine Whittington,
          to Corporate Business Strategy                             C.P.M., CPCM, A.P.P.
3B       Negotiation Basics                                          Gary Hopper, MBA,
3C       Re-Shoring: Keeping Manufacturing Jobs in the United        Rick Pay
3D       MRO Distribution Update                                     Bill Derville
11:00am – 12:15pm:
4A       Using Technology to Manage Contracts and Purchases          Mike Taylor, C.P.M.
4B       Advanced Negotiations                                       Gary Hopper, MBA,
4C       Forecasting Strategies                                      Rick Pay
4D       Ethics: A Survival Kit for the Purchasing Professional      Rob Rickard, CPPO,
Conference Educational Sessions at a Glance (continued):
_#_      Educational Session                                             Speaker
Keynote: Best Practices & Trends in Procurement and Supply               Jerry Baker, C.P.M.
         Chain Management
2:30 – 3:45pm:
5A        Wrestling the Greased Pig: Logistical Risks, Concerns          Lee Buddress Ph.D.,
          and Best Practices                                             C.P.M.
5B       Sustainability in Procurement                                   Jeffrey B. Baer, CPPO,
                                                                         CPPB, C.P.M.
5C       “Purchasing Law - T's & C's And Intellectual Property           Doug Wells, J.D.,
         Issues To Include In Your Toolkit”                              MSIA/MBA, BSEE
5D       CPSM Exams Overview                                             Steve Lunden,
                                                                         CPSM, C.P.M
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
_# _     Educational Session                                             Speaker
9:00 – 10:15am:
6A        Practical Strategic Sourcing                                   Jerry Baker, C.P.M.
6B       Global Supply Chain Execution                                   Nicole DeHoratius, Ph.D.
6C       Optimize Your Supply Chain – Continuous Improvement             Anja Bump, P.E.
         for Small and Medium Enterprises                                Heather Deibele, P.E.
6D       An Integrated Supply Chain Model for Healthcare                 Brett Still
10:30 – 11:45am:
7A        Writing Service Contracts                                      Mike Taylor, C.P.M.
7B       Effective Execution is more than doing projects right;          Steve Brook
         it’s doing the right projects
7C       Supplier Performance Management                                 Anja Bump, P.E.
                                       .                                 Heather Deibele, P.E.
7D       Strategic Sourcing – Public versus Private Sector               Dianne Lancaster, J.D.
         Approaches; Learning’s from Both
12:00 (Noon):
Keynote: “Gamechangers: Why Tomorrow Won’t Be                            Lee Buddress, Ph.D.,
         The Same”                                                       C.P.M.

                        If you have any questions, please contact………..
                        Sid Brown        503-682-6814
                        Ron Brown        503-632-6056
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Presentations:
Monday, October 24, 2011                                  communicate internally with affiliate members as well
                                                          as externally with an affiliate marketing plan. This
                                                          session will also include effective ways to
ALTW Opening Session (8:00 – 8:25am)                      communicate with members (through newsletters, Web
                                                          sites, etc.) as well as how to use email, mailing lists,
Session: ALTW #1A (8:30 – 10:00am)
                                                          and other tools.
“Affiliate President, VP and Board of Directors:
The Necessities”
Speaker: Steve Lunden, C.P.M., CPSM                       Please be aware there are a limited number of hotel
In this session, we will define the responsibilities of   rooms available at the $104 (+ tax) special
the affiliate President, Vice President, and Board of     conference discounted rate, so we recommend that
Directors. Topics covered will include                    you make your hotel reservations early!!!
understanding the affiliate financial and legal
conditions, fiduciary responsibility, IRS reporting,
director and officer liability, affiliate bylaws,         Session: ALTW #1D (8:30 – 10:00am)
Articles of Incorporation, planning for a successful       “Affiliate Secretary & Treasurer: The Necessities”
year, planning board and regular meetings,                Speaker: Marlys Hagen, C.P.M.
communication and strategic planning. You will be         This session will be for new or returning Secretaries
provided with resource information and who to             and Treasurers who want the basics of the position
contact at ISM for affiliate management needs.            responsibilities. Topics covered include ISM structure
                                                          as it relates to the affiliate Secretaries & Treasurers on
                                                          how their positions influence the affiliate. Secretary
                                                          duties include working with affiliate bylaws, articles of
                                                          Incorporation, dues billing, rosters, records retention,
                                                          meeting minutes and budgets. Treasurer duties include
                                                          reports, budgeting, audits, IRS reporting, including
                                                          UBIT and employees and or contract staff, insurance
                                                          needs and investments.
Session: ALTW #1B (8:30 – 10:00am)
 “Education Committee: The Necessities”                   Session: ALTW #2A (10:15 – 11:45am)
Speaker: Ben Milam, CPPM, C.P.M.                          “Membership Committee: The Necessities”
Presentation and discussion of the responsibilities of    Speaker: Elaine Whittington, C.P.M., CPCM,
the affiliate education committee chairs and              A.P.P.
members alike. We will discuss the various                This session will examine the ABC’s of managing the
professional development needs and how to                 membership function within the affiliate. It will
organize and coordinate the activities that may be        discuss the requirements for maintaining membership
utilized in supporting the affiliate education            information, billing, recruiting, understanding the
program. Techniques and tools available to assist in      responsibilities of the membership committee in the
these efforts will also be discussed.                     affiliate, examining basic membership recruitment
                                                          programs, and examining how the membership
                                                          function interacts with and depends on other functions
Session: ALTW #1C (8:30 – 10:00am)                        in the affiliate.
 “Communications: The Necessities”
Speaker: Laurie Hitchcock, C.P.M.
                                                          If you are registering for the ALTW, keep in mind
Communications committee members will learn
                                                          that your $100 fee covers the whole day which
how to establish goals and objectives that are in line
                                                          entitles you to our PNPC luncheon, Monday Keynote
with the affiliate strategic plan and marketing plan.
                                                          Speaker and the PNPC educational workshops in the
How to delegate responsibilities; how to make
maximum use of affiliate members as resources;
and how to monitor the progress of committee
member assignments. We will discuss how to                                                                    21
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Presentations:

Session: ALTW #2B (10:15 – 11:45am)                      Session: ALTW #3D (2:00 – 3:15pm)
 “Affiliate Strategies”                                   “Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop
Speaker: Paulette Morris, C.P.M., B.S.                   Roundtable”
This session is an introduction to the affiliate         Facilitators: ALTW Team
survival skills, and will explore the process needed     Interactive roundtable review and discussion for the
to improve an organization’s current situation,          Affiliate Leaders to identify key affiliate challenges
alternatives available to the affiliate to insure        today and express the problems your affiliate is faced
longevity in the midst of national and international     with today as well as to share your affiliate successes
changes with ISM, and the effects of the national        and best practice solutions to help each other survive
economy. If you want to take the next the next step      in today’s difficult environment.
in becoming a “State of the Art” affiliate with the      Open to anyone interested in helping our affiliates
ability to survive the changes of internal and           survive.
external environmental forces, and a clear cut
advantage over less prepared affiliates than this is
the session for you.

Session: ALTW #2C (10:15 – 11:45am)
 “Effective Meetings: Planning and Chairing”
Speaker: Mike Taylor, C.P.M.
You said “Yes” to chairing a committee. Now              Our conference hotel is just minutes from Downtown
what? After this session, you’ll walk away with a        Portland and a number of thrilling Portland
fistful of tools to ensure that your committee will be   attractions, such as:
successful, produce results, and maintain dedicated       * Cascade Station
committee members.                                        * Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway
                                                          * Mt Hood
                                                          * Mt St Helens
You will need to make sure you take advantage of
                                                          * Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
the opportunity to enjoy and participate in our
                                                          * Portland Center for the Performing Arts
Vendor Showcase (trade show). We will be hosting
                                                          * Portland Art Museum
a Vendor Showcase Opening Reception at 4:45pm
                                                          * Washington Park Zoo
on Monday and this trade show will be open all
day Tuesday with prize drawings for the
participating conference attendees at 4:15pm on          When available, the hotel shuttle will provide
Tuesday in the Vendor Showcase area.                     transportation for hotel guests to the local MAX
                                                         station for light rail transportation to downtown
Session: ALTW #2D (10:15 – 11:45am)                      Portland and other parts of the metro area.
Speaker: Jon McGarrigan                                  The hotel shuttle will also transport hotel guests
This session covers the basic components of              when available to Cascade Station with 800,000 sq.
Teambuilding within your affiliate. Topics include       feet of retail shops and restaurants. Shopping
how to form a productive team, the importance of         includes( IKEA, Staples, Best Buy, Homegoods,
team meetings, team decision making and problem          Sports Authority, Golfsmiths, Marshalls, DSW,
solving, code of conduct, problems of fear and           Dressbarn, Ross, Verizon, Kay Jewlers, Famous
control and evaluating and rewarding team                Footwear, T-Mobile, Bath & Body Works.
performance. Also includes video training of “John       Restaurants include Starbucks, Panda Express,
C. Maxwell, Learning the 17 Indisputable Laws of         Jamba Juice, Taco Del Mar, Quiznos, Red Robin,
Teamwork” Embrace them and empower your                  Hot Pot & Sushi.
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Speakers:
                    Marlys Hagen, C.P.M.                as a Sales Coordinator where she served customers
                    Marlys has over 25 years of         such as Intel, Motorola, and Texas Instruments.
                    public procurement experience       Laurie joined the City of Spokane Purchasing
                    working for the State of Alaska.    Department in 1990 in a Buyer position and in 1996
                    She has supported major             was promoted to Director of Purchasing, retiring in
                    construction projects such as the   2004. Laurie currently contracts with the Spokane
                    Bradley Lake Hydroelectric          Transit Authority Purchasing Department.
                    Project, and large
                                                                            Jon E. McGarrigan
telecommunications and Information Technology                               Jon has 21 years of Purchasing
projects such as the Alaska Land Mobile Radio                               and Supply Management at
project, and is currently the Procurement Director                          Cadwell Industries, Inc., plus
responsible for the Department of Natural                                   three years Cargo Specialist in
Resources. In this position she is responsible for                          the U.S. Army, Ft. Bragg, NC.
procurement of major equipment, emergency                                   Jon is past President of ISM’s
procurement of services to support State Fire                               NAPM-Columbia Basin affiliate
fighting efforts and major contracts in support of      in Tri-Cities, WA. He was also Chairman of the
Alaska oil and mineral development. She has an          65th Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference held
Associate of Arts degree and she holds a Lifetime       in 2008 in Kennewick, WA. Jon is currently Vice
C.P.M. designation. She has been a member of            Chair of the NPEC Board and has been involved
NAPM-Alaska since 1997 where she has served on          with NAPM-CB for the past 6 years volunteering
the Board of Directors in various capacities,           for many positions and helping to promote
including Communications Chair, Secretary, Vice         education to all their members.
President, President, and is currently serving as the
Past President. During her tenure on the Board, she
                                                                              Steve Lunden, C.P.M., CPSM
participated in the creation of a policy and                                  Steve has been with Gonzaga
procedure manual for the affiliate. She has also                              University as Purchasing
served on the Board of Directors of the Northwest                             Manager and Material Support
Purchasing Education Council (NPEC) as Alaska’s                               Manager since 1995. In these
voting representative, and as Secretary.                                      positions, he has overseen
                                                                              Purchasing, Warehousing,
                   Laurie Hitchcock, C.P.M.                                   Grounds, Maintenance and
                   An ISM member since 1991,            surplus disposal for the University. Before joining
                   Laurie Hitchcock, C.P.M., has        the Gonzaga, Steve spent 18+ years in the steel
                   been active on the NAPM-             industry in the Spokane area. He has worked in a
                   Spokane Board of Directors           large corporate business in steel distribution as well
                   since that time, serving as          as a smaller steel fabrication business, Lunden
                   President, DNA, Trustee, and for     Construction Products. Steve received a Bachelor’s
                   the last 10 years as                 degree in Business Administration from Eastern
Communications Chair. Laurie represents NAPM-           Washington University in 1984. He completed a
Spokane on the Northwest Purchasing Education           MBA in 1990, completed his C.P.M. in 2001, and
Council. She served as Chair of the NPEC in 2005        his CPSM in 2010. He has worked as adjunct
and 2006 and now serves as Treasurer. She also          faculty for EWU teaching the Purchasing and
chaired the host committees for the 2006 and 2010       Materials Management classes as well as
Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conferences held in        Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory,
Spokane. Laurie was born and raised in Spokane          Small Business Policy & Analysis classes at a
and received her Bachelors Degree in Business           variety of times. He has also done consulting work
Administration from Eastern Washington                  for small and medium businesses in the Spokane
University. She worked for 11 years at Cominco          area in the areas of operations, inventory and
Electronic Materials in Spokane, a high purity          purchasing.
metals manufacturer for the semiconductor industry,                                                        23
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Speakers:
                       Ben Milam, CPPM, C.P.M.         Secretary and President, and as Membership
                       Ben Milam spent his early       Director of the APICS Northeast WI Chapter. She
                       years as a construction         is currently a member of the National Association
                       contractor, holding several     of Contract Management (NCMA) and holds a
                       government contracts in the     board position as VP of Marketing & Publics
                       process. Ben started his        Relations. Paulette enjoys continued learning and
                       procurement and logistics       holds a Bachelors Degree in Organization
                       career in the private sector,   Communication, Associates Degree in Supply
                       moved to the public sector      Chain Management, and Certificates in Pulp &
where he received formal procurement training and      Paper Technology, Transportation, Commercial
managed procurement and contracting section in the     Contract Management, and is a Certified Purchasing
Army and later spent 17 years as a State of Alaska     Manager with ISM. She contributes many of her
Contracting Officer. In 2008 he returned to the        supply chain management successes & career
private sector as a Senior Contract Specialist with    advancements to the fact that she took the
the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. He is      opportunity to participate in these wonderful
a Past President, Past Director of National Affairs    professional organizations and the outstanding
and current Director of Education for the National     events they offer.
Association of Purchasing Management-Alaska. He
holds professional certifications as a Certified
Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM) from the                              Mike Taylor, C.P.M.
American Purchasing Society and a Certified                                  Mike has been in the Supply
Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) from the Institute of                            Chain profession since 1973.
Supply Management. He holds a Bachelors degree                               His career includes purchasing
in Business Administration from the University of                            responsibility for a custom
Albuquerque and a Masters degree in Global                                   fabricator of large hydraulic
Supply Chain Management from the University of                               cylinders, commercial nuclear
Alaska.                                                                      power plant construction and
                                                                             Federal Government
                                                       contractors. This includes 11 years as a first-line
                    Paulette Morris, C.P.M., B.S.      manager as well as many years as a team lead. Mike
                    Paulette has enjoyed her career    has purchased and/or managed the procurement of a
                    within the purchasing & supply     wide range of products and services. Mike is
                    chain management field for the     presently a Supply Chain Specialist for the CH2M
                    past 13 years. She has purchased   Hill Plateau Remediation Company at the
                    MRO items, paper & chemical        Department of Energy Hanford Site. His team is
                    commodities, freight services,     responsible for procurement policies, professional
                    and provided service contract      and technical training, purchasing ADP systems,
                    management in the flexible         procedures and electronic records. Mike has been a
packing, and pulp & paper industries. Paulette         leader in increased internet and electronic tools
worked in the restaurant business and the banking      usage by the department since 1994. Mike is the
industry prior to her manufacturing career. She has    developer and owner of MLTWEB.COM and the
been actively involved with The National               PURCHASING TOOLBOX. A web site of
Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) &          resources and information for purchasing
Institute for Supply Management, Inc. (ISM) for 11     professionals. In December 2000, Mike's web site
years, holding various board positions in marketing,   was recognized as one of the top 25 purchasing
membership, & education for the ISM Northeast          related web sites by iSource Magazine. Mike’s
WI, Inc and Northwest Supply Management                professional experience includes presenting
Association affiliates. Paulette also was a member     seminars, speeches and workshops at professional
of the American Production & Inventory Control         meetings, conferences, supplier and public forums
Society (APICS) for five years, and served on the      and company training programs
Northeast WI Technical College Student Board as                                                            24
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Speakers:
                      Elaine Whittington, C.P.M.,
                      CPCM, A.P.P.
                      Elaine Whittington has
                      worked in the purchasing field
                      for over forty years. She
                      earned her degree from UCLA
                      and taught “Fundamentals of
                      Purchasing” at UCLA
Extension. She spent twenty five years with
Lockheed-Martin. Elaine has presented workshops
and keynote presentations throughout the United
States as well as Australia, Mexico, Sweden,
Germany and Canada. She taught and consulted in
both the private and public sectors of the business
world. Elaine served as President of the Los
Angeles Affiliate of the Institute of Supply                  Embassy Suites Hotel (Portland Airport)
Management (ISM) and she also served as president
of the National Association of Purchasing
Management. This was before they changed their
name to the Institute of Supply Management. Elaine
is a recipient of ISM’s esteemed J. Shipman Gold
Medal Award. This medal is awarded each year to
one outstanding member of the profession.
Currently, she serves as the Chair of the Scholarship
Committee and a Consulting Director for the
National Association of Purchasing Management –
San Fernando Valley, an affiliate of the Institute of
Supply Management.

                                                                    Embassy Suites (PDX) Atrium

                                                                       Embassy Suites Hotel
                                                        Located at the entrance to the Portland International Airport
     ATTENTION AFFILIATE LEADERS:                       7900 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97220
                                                        Tel: 1-503-460-3000
                                                          * Hotel offers 251 spacious two-room suites, with separate
Let’s help each other to be successful……..              living and sleeping areas
Bring your Affiliate Leadership problems and              * Complimentary Cooked-to-Order Breakfast
concerns, as well as your successes and best              * Nightly Manager's Reception in hotel atrium
practices, to the Affiliate Leadership Training           * Free Self Parking
Workshop Roundtable at 2:00pm Monday                      * Complimentary on demand airport shuttle
                                                          * Many hotel guest amenities

There is no better place to network with other          Directions: From I-205, take the Portland International
Affiliate Leaders than this ALTW Roundtable!!!          Airport, exit #24, make a left at the intersection of 82nd Ave
                                                        and Airport Way, make your first left at hotel entrance.
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop at a Glance:
Monday, October 24, 2011
Number     Breakout Session                                      Speaker

8:00 – 8:25am:

Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Opening General Session   Ben Milam, C.P.M.
                                                                 Jon McGarrigan

8:30 – 10:00am

# 1A       Affiliate President, VP and Board of Directors: The   Steve Lunden, CPSM,
           Necessities                                           C.P.M.

# 1B       Education Committee: The Necessities                  Ben Milam, C.P.M.

# 1C       Communications: The Necessities                       Laurie Hitchcock, C.P.M.

# 1D       Affiliate Secretary & Treasurer: The Necessities      Marlys Hagen, C.P.M.

10:15 – 11:45am:

# 2A       Membership Committee: The Necessities                 Elaine Whittington, C.P.M.

# 2B       Affiliate Strategies                                  Paulette Morris, C.P.M., B.S.

# 2C       Effective Meetings: Planning and Chairing             Mike Taylor, C.P.M.

# 2D       Teambuilding                                          Jon McGarrigan

2:00 – 3:15pm:

# 3A       Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Roundtable     Facilitators: ALTW Team

Registration & Hotel Information:
Early Conference Registration                            Conference Headquarters
                                                         The official Conference headquarters is The
The early registration discount applies to
                                                         Embassy Suites (@ PDX); 7900 NE 82nd Avenue;
registrations received on or before August 26, 2011.
                                                         Portland, OR 97220. All educational sessions will
Payment method must be indicated on your
                                                         take place at this hotel. The block of rooms
registration form. Early registration for
                                                         available at this hotel has been exceeded and an
members/spouses/guests cannot be processed unless
                                                         alternate hotel has been secured for those
they are accompanied by payment.
                                                         individuals still needing room accommodations.
Regular Conference Registration                          Alternate Hotel Information

Full Registration fees will apply to all registrations   HOTEL RESERVATIONS ARE THE
received after August 26, 2011. Payment method           RESPONSIBILITY OF THE REGISTRANT.
must be indicated on your registration form.             Since the rooms blocked at the Conference hotel are
Registration for members/spouses/guests cannot be        sold out, additional rooms have been secured at:
processed unless they are accompanied by payment.        Holiday Inn - Portland Airport
                                                         8439 NE Columbia Boulevard
Session Selection                                        Portland, Oregon 97220
Please fill in all of your session selections on the     To book a room, call 503-256-5000 and ask for the
registration form as that helps the Conference           “Pacific NW Purchasing Conference” or, if you
Committee assign meeting room space for each             prefer to book on line, click: Pacific NW
educational session. Session seating is on a first-      Purchasing – Holiday Inn. When making hotel
come first-served basis. If you change your mind         reservations, please identify as being with the
and decide to attend a different session, seating        “Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference” to
availability is not guaranteed.                          receive special room rate. All hotel reservations
                                                         must be guaranteed with a credit card or advanced
Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s)                       payment. “Free shuttle” will be provided between
                                                         the Holiday Inn and the Embassy Suites hotels, as
To earn Continuing Education Hours for the               well as, both hotels and PDX.
conference, you must attend sessions and complete        Room Rates until October 21, 2011
the documentation form provided in your packet.
                                                         Holiday Inn rooms are available @ $89/night + tax,
Speakers                                                 including breakfast.
                                                         Special Needs
Should a speaker be unable to attend the
conference, all efforts will be made to replace the      If you require special dietary entrees, or require any
speaker and topics with one of equal merit.              special services or auxiliary aids in accordance with
                                                         the Americans with Disability Act, please be sure to
Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop                   check the appropriate box on the conference
                                                         registration form. You will be contacted by a
The Monday morning ALTW will be “free” to any            conference representative to address your needs.
attendee registered for the full conference.             Food for Thought
However, anyone just attending the ALTW will
have to pay the one-day $100 registration fee for        Your Conference registration includes a lunch and a
Monday.                                                  Vendor Showcase reception with hors d’oeuvres
Continuous Education Hours (CEH’s) will also be          after Monday’s educational sessions; breakfast,
awarded for the ALTW.                                    lunch, and dinner (banquet) on Tuesday; and
                                                         breakfast and lunch on Wednesday.               27
My Notes……

    Conference & Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop Registration
                             “Adding Value”
                                       2011 Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference
                                          & Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop
                                                                         October 24 – 26, 2011

First Name________________________________ M.I._______ Last Name__________________________________________Accreditation_________________

Nickname (for badge)____________________________________________Spouse/Guest Nickname_________________________________________________

Title______________________________________________________Employer Name____________________________________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________City_________________________________State________Zip Code______________

Phone _______________________________ Fax _____________________________ Email _______________________________________________________

Affiliate/Chapter_______________________Member ID#                                     Position ____________________ Special services/dietary needs? Check here_____

                                     Affiliate Leadership Training Workshop (ALTW) Session Selection
                                                (Please indicate the session’s number/letter code, i.e. “ALTW #1A”)
      ALTW Opening Session                                ALTW Session 1                                 ALTW Session 2                         ALTW Session 3 (ALTW #3D)
       Monday, October 24                                Monday, October 24                             Monday, October 24                         Monday, October 24
         8:00 – 8:30 am                                   8:30 – 10:00 am                                10:15 – 11:45 am                            2:00 – 3:15 pm

YES______ NO _______

                                                      Conference Workshop (PNPC) Session Selection
                                                        (Please indicate the session’s number/letter code, i.e. “PNPC-3A”)
PNPC Session 1            PNPC Session 2              PNPC Session 3           PNPC Session 4               PNPC Session 5           PNPC Session 6               PNPC Session 7
Monday, Oct. 24           Monday, Oct. 24             Tuesday, Oct. 25         Tuesday, Oct. 25             Tuesday, Oct. 25        Wednesday, Oct. 26          Wednesday, Oct. 26
 2:00 – 3:15 pm            3:30 – 4:45 pm             9:15 – 10:30 am           11:00 – 12:15                2:30 – 3:45 pm          9:00 – 10:15 am           10:30 – 10:45 am

                                                                      Meals You Plan to Attend

 Monday Lunch           Monday Reception                Tuesday Breakfast        Tuesday Lunch              Tuesday Dinner          Wednesday Breakfast           Wednesday Lunch
Yes____ N o____         Yes____ N o____                 Yes____ N o____          Yes____ N o____            Yes____ N o___          Yes____ N o____               Yes____ N o____

                                                                                  Guest Meals
 Monday Lunch           Monday Reception               Tuesday Breakfast           Tuesday Lunch             Tuesday Dinner         Wednesday Breakfast          Wednesday Lunch
 ___Ticket x $25          ___Ticket x $20                ___Ticket x $20           ___Ticket x $25            ___Ticket x $40         ___Ticket x $20             ___Ticket x $25

                                                             Method of Payment (U.S. Funds Only)

   By Check                  Check Here                         By Credit Card                   Check Here                    Registration Totals

   Enclosed is a personal or organizational check,              If you have a PayPal account, you can make
                                                                                                                               Early Bird Full Registration
                                                                payment* to
   Number____________________                                                                                                   Member - $325
                                                                A receipt will follow after payment is received.
                                                                                                                                Non Member $350                        $
   Amount of check: $________________*                          If you do not have a PayPal account, Email your
                                                                completed registration form* to:                               After September 30th, 2011
   Make check payable to” NW Purchasing                                                           Member $350
   Education Council” (“NPEC”) and mail                         Upon receipt, an invoice will be emailed to you for             Non Member - $375                      $
   completed registration with check to:                        credit card payment through PayPal. (No fees).
                                                                * Note: Early Bird discount deadline has been                  One-Day Registration
   Pacific NW Purchasing Conference                             extended to September 30th.                                    ____Monday, Oct. 24 (Con/ALTW) - $100
   PO Box 3282                                                                                                                 ____Tuesday, Oct. 25 - $200
   Wilsonville, OR 97070-3282                                   GOT QUESTIONS??? Please contact:                               ____Wednesday, Oct. 26 - $100         $
                                                                Sid Brown 503-682-6814
   A receipt will follow after payment is received.                                                                            Guest Meals Total                       $
   * Note: Early Bird discount deadline has been                         
   extended to September 30th, 2011.                                                                                           Total Amount Enclosed                   $
                                                                Ron Brown 503-632-6056

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