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Out Of The Blue
  your favorite
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          For The Drive       Almost Aces        Kikdown     Curse Icon       Citizen 18     311
   IS     Sighlo   Ipecac Lollipops   Milkweed    Mindless Self Indulgence     Eagles Of Death Metal
 ISS      The Flaming Lips       Kill Hannah        Deadsy          Flyleaf       Fatkid Dodgeball

Area Band Profiles, Concert Coverage, Exclusive Interviews, Poetry, Art
    Out Of The Blue
       P.O. Box 388
                                   WDCM Battle Of The Bands a success
    Delaware OH 43015                A Saturday of               music, ribs, and
                                   sun—what more
                                   could you ask
                                   for? Other than
        Neil Shumate
                                   air conditioning.
        Copy Editor                  On August 12th,
       John Shumate                Marion, Ohio’s
                                   97.5 WDCM held
        Josh Davis                 their first Battle
      Laelia Delaney               Of The Bands
         Jim Hutter                Rockin’ Rib Off. Rusted at WDCM’s first annual Battle Of The Bands.
      Nicholas Messer
                                     An estimated                                     Photo By Tony Rowe
          Erin Nye
        Tony Rowe                  1000 people
                                                                            There was a clause in the rules
       Neil Shumate                attended. WDCM staff said they
       Kyle Wagner                                                      stating that if a band used profan-
                                   were happy with the turnout con-
                                                                        ity outside of the music on stage,
        Columnists                 sidering the amount of time given
                                                                        the band would be automatically
          Sagabu                   to promote the event.
                                                                        disqualified. Rob told me that was
     SINthetichead3000                There were two sections of this
                                                                        included not to limit someone’s
                                   function: one was the “Rib-Off” in
     Layout and Design                                                  music, but to protect against com-
       Neil Shumate                which one could pay eight dollars,
                                                                        plaints of the show from
                                   get a card, and sample ribs.
     Publicity Contacts               Four contestants / businesses
       Neil Shumate                                                        Cold Shot played decent for the
                                   participated in the rib battle. Most
                                                                        type of music they played and
   Cover Photography               notably was the OK Café, and
                                                                        their ages, all of them being 16
   Cale– Neil Shumate              BW3’s.
                                                                        years old.
Curse Icon– Hal Schroeder             After sampling the lip smacking
   of Dv8 Photography                                                      Citizen 18 put on the most ener-
                                   ribs, citizen judges voted with the
                                                                        getic show. They played aggres-
     Back Page Design              card. At the end of the day, the OK
                                                                        sively, perfectly and kept the en-
      Mike Couburn                 Café walked away with prize for
                                                                        ergy alive in the blazing sun.
                                   the best ribs.
                                                                           Rusted did okay. Most notable,
                                     The highlight of the shindig was
                                                                        the drumming of WDCM’s “Local
 An independent                    the Battle Of The Bands. The bat-
   publication                                                          Mic” host Brian Jester.
                                   tle consisted of six bands ranging
 looking beyond                                                             Soul Cadence played an amaz-
the mainstream.—                   in genre from metal to country and
                                                                        ing show as well.
  For the fans,                    ages both of young and old.
                                                                           Rob Whalen said the judges
   by the fans                        The judging was based on sev-
                                                                        came to the same conclusion on
                                   eral categories: song interruption,
                                                                        scores and placement of the bands:
Out Of The Blue is a copyrighted   length of show (40 minutes al-
    independent publication,                                            First Place was Soul Cadence,
                                   lowed per set), stage presence and
      including all photos,                                             Runner up, Citizen 18, and third
     unless otherwise noted.       crowd participation. The judges
                                                                        place, Rusted.
                                   where chosen from over 80 appli-
      OCTOBER, 2006                                                               —Written By Tony Rowe
                                   cants by WDCM’s Rob Whalen.
BiTcHeS LoVe Mindless Self Indulgence

   “I’m gonna put all you fuckers          Before singing “Faggot,” Jimmy     their own music. With the release
 on the Hoobastank mailing list.        requested fans to film the perform-   of the “Pay for It” demo, keep an
 Oh, nevermind, you already are!”       ance by using “all the little teen-   eye out for a possible new album.
   Little Jimmy Urine pulled off        ager’s cell phones that mommy            If you haven’t checked it out
 humor and insults with a solid live    bought so they can pick you up        yet, Jimmy Urine and Righ? col-
 musical performance at Newport         after the show!” (He said he was      laborated to create Left Of Rights,
 Music Hall as part of the “Cursing     hoping to watch the performance       with an album “of fecally-
 in Braille” tour.                      later on!)                obsessed children’s music for
    Cracking jokes between every           MSI hits Columbus about two        adults and other such idiots” with
 song, the crowd cheered and egged      or three times a year, and each       40 songs and a total album run
 Jimmy on throughout Mindless           time fans are undeniably sure to be   time of 29 minuets.
 Self Indulgence’s (MSI) set.           impressed.                            -Written, Photos By Neil Shumate
    Running around stage wearing a          With MSI’s
 black overcoat with text “BACK         release of You’ll
 IN 5 MINUETS,” Urine applied           Rebel to Any-
 his wide vocal range to songs from     thing, they hit
 the band’s five albums including       the     Billboard
 self-titled, Tight, and most recent    chart for the first
 You’ll Rebel to Anything.              time ever. In
    In the past Jimmy has drank his     August “Straight
 own urine on stage, ignited his        to Video” hit
 pubic hair, and stole his fan’s beer   number 5 on
 and cigarettes. He is also said to     Billboard’s Hot
 kiss anyone who attends the show       Dance      Single
 for a buck!                            Sales, followed
    The style combines the likes of     by Madonna at
 punk, rock, rap, and electronica       number 6.
 with a defined bass beat.                  Not bad for a
    The short song lengths allow for    band that admits
 nearly the entire M.S.I. collection    to hating their
 to be performed live.                  fans as well as
  In the summer of 2002, from the ashes of a government nuclear
wasteland, a cesspool of religious bias, poverty, drugs, and an
uncaring upper-class, a dying breed of our youth formed a sonic
message for the higher powers of this world, “we won’t be held
down and ignored.” Citizen 18 was born.
   Citizen 18 is a motto for anyone who is pissed off about the
fact that the government can expect you to go die for your
country at the age of 18, but still not completely acknowledge us
as adults. The government is a shroud worn by the American
people. We are the dying breed of young people who still give a
fuck about what direction this world is going in. We didn’t back down, we won’t dance unless it is with an instrument and a
prominent middle finger in the air for anyone who tells us to give up and get a real life.
  Citizen 18 hails from Marion, Ohio. A small mid-western town of 40,000. It originally gained fame when a resident named
Warren G. Harding gained the presidency of the United States of America—a man who would later be known as one of the most
scandalous presidents in U.S. history. Marion also gained a reputation in the 1920s as a huge drug town when the mob
frequented it. It would be known as "Little Chicago" for these reasons.
  During World War II, army bases were built in Marion that would house toxic, nuclear materials that would be dumped,
burned and buried in the surrounding fields of Marion. River Valley High School, where 3 of the members of Citizen 18 went to
school , would later be built on one of these fields. During their duration in high school, many tests were run on the soil that the
high school sat on by the Army Corps of Engineers dressed in full body radiation suits. After these members graduated, these
tests would prove that cancer causing agents were prevalent enough to close down the school and use a majority of government
money to relocate to an entirely new location. Major national news broadcasters like CNN, ABC, and CBS covered the story.
  This inspired us to look more in depth into the problems that our country faces and what we can do as our country’s future to
change it. For us giving up and letting authority hold us down because we are young isn’t an option. So we took our love of
music and talent and created a way to speak our minds. Perseverance is our only option and we will do so until the day we die.
—Original Bio Published in Citizen 18 Press Kit and website.         —Photos By Tony Rowe


                                                                                 Upcoming Shows
                                                                     October 21 @ The Blue Cat in Bellefontaine
                                                                      October 27 @ The Daily Double in Akron
                                                                      October 28 @ The Hot Pepper in Marion
A beautiful day, for an Ozzfest                                                  Hatebreed was next up. Per-
                                                                              forming "To The Threshold" and
  Fluffy bunnies, pretty flowers,     end of the set, the guitarist decided   more, they pummeled the main
fine wines, elegant evening           he didn’t like his amplifiers and       stage as probably the heaviest act.
gowns...if I had to put these into    threw them face down on the                Next was Avenged Sevenfold,
one category, it would be: "Things    stage.                                  the mystery guest band. Playing
you won’t find at OZZFEST!"               Atreyu came up next, playing        their hit’s “Bat Country” and
  With bands such as Norma Jean,      all of their hits, including            “Beat and the Harlot,” a nice gui-
Unearth, Black Label Society,         "Bleeding Mascara," "Right Side         tar solo by lead guitarist Synister
Hatebreed, Disturbed and more,        of the Bed," and "Ex's and Oh's."       Gates and a few of their classics,
the only place you would see one      Maybe to your surprise, they don’t      not to mention a cover of Pantera’s
of those bunnies, flowers, fine       like hair brushes being thrown on       "Walk." Many will agree they
wines or evening gowns is in the      stage.                                  pulled it off well!
trash.                                    The final act for the second            Co-Headliner Disturbed got
   All That Remains tore up the       stage was Black Label Society!          ready for their set. Rolling out
second stage. Their hit song "The     Performing their best songs, salut-     their hits "Just Stop," "Stricken,"
Calling" was a definite crowd fa-     ing the officer who put an end to       "Prayer," and many more, all of
vorite. The powerful vocals and       the killer of Dimebag Darrel, and       which included a techno intro.
beating double bass proved this       playing an extended version of             With small speeches every few
band plenty worthy of the Ozzfest     “Star Spangled Banner” in guitar-       songs, they really pumped up the
fashion.                              solo tradition! Truly outstanding.      crowd and kept things upbeat.
   The Red Chord certainly struck         A slight intermission. A chance     They put on a spectacular show;
a chord with the crowd. They          to look around at all the black         the CD will give you a great idea
really got the crowd involved, and    clothing, crazy hair, and condom        of the live performance!
with their power and energy, they     balloons. Empty cups with the               System of a Down, the big
could back up their demands!          residue of beer. Topless girls with     band of the day: Prepared to do a
   The ever-popular Norma Jean        painted designs as T-shirts. Tat-       ninety minute set, they weren’t
came out looking like they just got   tooed sleeves and multi-pierced         about to waste any time with small
mugged. Their amps were torn and      body parts. What a fun day!             talk.
beaten, stacked at angles and care-      Off to the main stage! Dragon-           Jumping from song to song,
fully wheeled out. Don’t let the      force came out opening as the first     they played material from their
looks fool you though, these guys     main act. Known for their quick         self-titled album and their latest,
got down in your face.                riffs, technical solos and so-called    Hypnotize and Mesmerize. As they
    The next band, Bleeding           "power vocals," this band, from         danced around on stage, they
Through did their thing. As you       the four corners of the world, was      closed their set without warning,
looked back into the crowd, you       something to experience—                bringing the long day to an end.
could see it growing and getting      sounding like something you                 So whether you go for the
increasingly active.                  might hear in anime fight scenes.       bands, atmosphere or weather (if
    Unearth took the stage and            Next, the Italian metal act Lu-     you like sun burns, dehydration
jumped straight into business. Un-    cuna Coil took stage. Female vo-        and expensive refreshments) it's
satisfied with action from the        calist included, they rocked the        bound to be an exciting day.
crowd, they demanded more, and        stage. Flying hair, powerful strings    Ozzfest is a true experience you'll
the crowd gave in, unleashing         and hard hitting drums followed         have to see for yourself.
fury. The guards earned their pay     by melodic and European-style            —Written By Josh “Sixner” Davis
on this sun-beaten Friday. At the     vocals.
voted & picked by you      Curse Icon unleashes a
                          force to be reckoned with
                          The ability to capture an inde-     out over a weekend and got the
                        pendent, eclectic, resonating sound   spot.” A true commitment was
                        shared with a complete rock star      made when Se7eN and his family
                        entourage is difficult to achieve     moved from North Carolina to
                        among today’s plethora of sound-      Cleveland to pursue Curse Icon.
                        alike bands.                             Jason from Dayton, Ohio also
                          Curse Icon is everything but        responded to an ad and got the
                        that—exceeding the duplication of     spot as rhythm guitarist.
                        regurgitated, ordinary music.           The last element needed to com-
                          The band has achieved a status      plete the well-developed sound-
                        well beyond the extremities of a      scape was keyboards.
                        laid back garage band. Continued        “I was actually going to go with-
                        determination and commitment          out keyboards,” commented
                        has created this ferocious band.      Marco. “The funny thing is, I was
                           They have the effect of mesmer-    looking for a DAT machine to
                        izing attendees at live shows. Hav-   replace the live keyboard sound
                        ing a chat with the band at their     when Chris called!”
                        first Columbus, Ohio show fur-          The youngest member of the
                        thered the evidence.                  band, Chris, was a composition
                          Looking somewhat intimidating       major and developed an endowed
                        with a gripping black leather top,    talent with keyboards and classical
                        armbands, bracelets, and black        piano at a ripe age.
                        heels, lead female vocalist Kiana       Marco was pleased with Chris’
                        smiles with gracious pleasure re-     ability to learn so quickly. “He
                        vealing a charismatic set of teeth    had a past with keyboards, and we
                        that could make Medusa turn to        worked with him relentlessly. He
                        stone.                                learned a lot in a short amount of
                           “I actually got my start with      time.”
                        ballet and jazz. Early on I was         The solid line-up was set and
                        into pop and R & B. Then... I was     Curse Icon came to be, calling
                        introduced to rock! I was hooked,     Cleveland, Ohio home.
                        and never looked back!”                 As an adolescent, Marco was
                           The Floridian rock goddess         shielded from rock music by his
                        teamed with drummer Marco and         strict Italian mother. He pur-
                        Andy Youngblood during the be-        chased his first drum set when he
                        ginning stages of Curse Icon.         was 18, continuing his musician-
                          Following a rumored record deal     ship he also works as a graphic
                        in Florida and plans to move to       designer. Marco is responsible for
                        New York and L.A., Kiana and          the Curse Icon cross logo as well
                        Marco were in desperate search of     as the band’s name.
                        dedicated, committed musicians.         “We started way back trying to
                            Marco said, “We’ve always had     find a name, so we originally
                        a bigger mindset than local bands.    called ourselves (Marco uses my
                        We always aim to be national.”        notebook to draw the symbol)
                            Thus, a number of auditions       “*@#!” and that resembles a cuss
                        took place to reconstruct the line-   word, which migrated to Cuss
                        up in a period of six months.         Icon, and finally formed into
                          Guitarist/Vocalist Se7eN re-        Curse Icon.”
                        sponded to an online ad in his          Curse Icon released their raw
                        home state of North Carolina.         album paradismal in 2005. The
                          “There was nothing going on in      album displays all the prowess of
                        North Carolina, and I was looking     Curse Icon’s offerings to the world
                        for something serious, so I tried     of rock.     continued on next page

        October 27th at Club Kameleon in Kent, Ohio
    October 31st at Hi Fi Concert Club in Lakewood, Ohio
     November 4th at The Jigsaw Saloon in Parma, Ohio
    November 17th at Sudsy Malone’s in Cincinatti, Ohio
  November 23rd at The Raven in Burlington, North Carolina
  November 24th at Soundvent in Thomasville, North Carolina
   November 25th at French Quarter in Jacksonville, Florida
        December 2nd at Crossroads in Akron, Ohio
    December 9th at The Underground in Sandusky, Ohio

   paradismal was recorded at          Kiana invited attendees on stage
Power Station Studios in Pompano       for the closing song.
Beach, FL with engineer Rob Roy.         Marco told us, “We’re on the
On the recording, Kiana used a         radar of a couple labels. The only
mic and custom-built EQ’s by           thing is, you need to be really
Toni Bongiovi when he was with         careful about the type of contract
Motown Records—this historical         you sign, so that you’re not locked
mic was used previously by Bruce       up in a bad deal.”
Springsteen, Madonna, Aretha              As far as writing, Marco con-
Franklin and many others.              structs the lyrics and writes in
  Kiana commented, “I was like,        third person to make the content
‘wow, I get to use that?! Cool!”       relate to Kiana’s experiences, “it’s
The mic brought out the full           primarily based on experiences,
forced effectiveness of Kiana’s        random thoughts, and trying to
shivering vocals.                      find a hook. You should see the
  Following the interview, Curse       mass amounts of paper when I’m
Icon prepped for their set at the      trying to write and piece it to-
Billiard Club. Seeing the band’s       gether, and then put it in third per-
live performance further proves        son!”
their national potential.                The third person approach also
  Live versions of “Falling Away”      opens the door for many interpre-
and “Down” is enough to please         tations, allowing individual fans to
any fan of dedicated musicianship.     paste together their own relation-
  The power behind Kiana’s vo-         ship to each song.
cals (not to mention her sexy salsa       Marco then takes his bandmates
moves and use of the entire stage),    and lays down song portions on
the aggressiveness of Marco’s          the computer. “It’s purely a group
drumming, Se7eN’s flawless gui-        effort.”
tar solos, Jason’s hypnotic stop-        Curse Icon continues to record
time abilities, and Chris’s precise    new material while on tour.
note-for-note, call and response          The band has set themselves up
clarity all create an unstoppable      as a determined, dedicated team;
unit that can easily hit the road as   ready to represent rock ‘n roll with
a major, national headlining act.      a unique appeal, no holding back.
  Displaying the band’s devotion           —Written By Neil Shumate
and love to their loyal fan base,          —Live Photos By Kyle Wagner
     COVER STORY                                          CALE creates astounding
voted & picked by you
                                                             musical creativity
                                                   Sitting across from me at High Street’s Blue Danube (on dollar bur-
                                                ger night) is talent, energy, and creative motivation. This list of adjec-
                                                tives, better known as a tangible noun, chats about the past, present, and
                                                   Jesse smiles while reflecting on the band that inspired him to create
                                                the electronic danceable beats that large Columbus fan bases have come
                                                to adore.
                                                   “It was Joy Electric when I was six-years-old. From there, my
                                                Grandpa got me a keyboard and I took piano lessons.”
                                                   With seven years of piano lessons under his belt, Cale was ready to
                                                record. In 5th grade he received his first recording software and began
                                                constructing the first album.
                                                   After the waitress took our hamburger orders, Cale told me that he
                                                uses a CASIO keyboard he got when he was nine, a micro korg he pur-
                                                chased in the 7th grade, analog equipment along with a drum machine,
                                                and six years of production skill to create his unique digital sounds.
                                                The use of such equipment creates a number of pleasing diversified tex-
                                                tures: a free flowing trance sound in “Once We’re In Heaven,” a happy
                                                hardcore beat in “People Like You,” and a dark industrial cover of
                                                “Snakes Are Scary.”
       When recording, moments of inspiration are transformed into club beats. “A moment comes to me and I just
   put it down. My longest song took me about 11 months to finish. [Other songs] take only two to three hours.”
   Influences include Aphex Twin, The Postal Service, M83, Glenn
   Davis, and Anna Ranger. Cale records in his basement, typically
   initiating with music, then converting some journal entries, among
   other ideas, into lyrics.
       Lyrical topics range from love to nature, with sidebars of humor.
   Cale creates a harmonic, hypnotic state with calming vocals that
   flow in unison with the style and song texture, sometimes using
   props for added distortion.
      “Snow” is powerful enough to embody the mind into transfixing
   an imaginative realist portrayal of winter.
     After taking the first bite out of our burgers, I ask Cale to explain
   how Panda bears became a symbol.
     “It’s become part of the image. Whenever people see a Panda
   now, they think of me! During a Spring Break me and my friend
   Chad hung out at Easton. We would always eat at the Panda Express
   there. Chad wrote a funny rap and I wrote one about Panda Express
   (“The Panda Rap”)! Since then, it’s stuck. Now I own at least
   twenty Pandas!”
      Cale went as far as posing with Pandas and wearing make-up,
   briefly concealing his identity as a furry Panda bear!
     The humorous “Panda Rap Remix” breaks out into a fast-paced
   dance song with Reznor-like screams of “Save, The, Pandas!” and a
   brief “Closure” sample.
     Just receiving his license a few days prior, sixteen-year-old Cale
   has not only proved his musical capabilities, but also his artistic
   creation. Cale enjoys graffiti stencils and designs all of his albums,
   t-shirts, and also collaborates with other bands.
      “I’m always playing with music. I’ve worked in a few side
   projects like I Am Mute and soon TI-83 Plus. I’ve done a few
   band re-mixes. And, for some live shows I’ll sing with other bands.”
                                                  continued on next page
                                 Cale is also getting his foot into the col-
                               lege door early by taking senior on-line            Sixner dishes
                               courses as a junior.
                                 “This Fall I’m hoping for a big break. I            out tips to
                               would love to eventually tour in the Mid-
                               west, but my biggest goal would be to do a          concert goers
                               tour in Japan!”
                                  At the age of fourteen Disney contacted      -Pre-show *Drink lots of water.
                               Cale for a possible on-air performance, but     Especially if its an outdoor show
                               he was too tall. The co-creator of MySpace      *Eat right: bathrooms at venues
                               contacted Cale about an album project, but      tend to be gross. *Dress accord-
                               he was too young.                               ing. clothes may be torn. If you’re
                                  Despite minor set backs and performing       wearing all black for the "cool"
                               over 25-30 shows and just releasing his 4th     factor, don’t!
                               more personal album Midnight And Other
Beasts (including a re-make of “Snow” collaboration with Allan / Bear and      -Dont Take *Large purses with
a re-mix of “Green Sky, Blue Grass” by his friend Max), Cale is ready for      your bathroom in it *Knives,
a breakthrough.                                                                you'll be tossed out or it'll be taken
   Finishing up our burgers, we discussed Anime and a few of Cale’s fa-        away. Chances are you won’t be
vorite movies: Suicide Club, Snatch, Battle Royale.                            using it *Large amounts of cash.
It’s almost that time of year—watch for Cale in his fashionable, colorful      Shouldn't really need more than
winter gear! Go to a show and dance, have fun! (Until then, we can only        $50, and that’s an extreme case.
hope for another hilarious online “True Cale Story of Absopure!”)
 Written, Photos By Neil Shumate — Live Show Photos Submitted By Cale          -Crowd Activities *Enter mosh
                                                                               pit at own risk. If you don’t want
                                                                               hurt, don’t get in. If you do get
                                                     hurt, it’s probably your own fault.
                                                                               Don’t complain *If you do enter,
                                                  take out all valuable objects. Have
       Coming soon:                                           a trusted friend hold them for you.
                                                                               Same goes for crowd surfing.
                                                                               *Don’t get in fights over petty
                                                                               things. Someone elbows you in the
                                                                               back, shrug it off and enjoy the
    Snakes Are Scary                                                           show. *If hardcore dancers are on
                                                                               the floor, don’t try to start a mosh
                                                                               pit. And vice versa, if you go into
                                                                               a pit kicking and punching, plan
  Snow                The Panda Rap                                            on being jumped. *If the crowd is
                                                                               thinned out, don’t try to crowd
                                                                               surf. Good chance you'll be
                                                    Green Sky,                 dropped. *Try not to crowd surf
        Electric, Electric                          Blue Grass                 too many times in one show. It
                                                                               gets annoying for the people carry-
                                                                               ing you, and they may get irritated.
                                                                               You'll notice if they do.
        BATTLE FOR THE COVER                                                   *Make friends with the people
                                                                               around you, that includes the
                                                                               guards if your at the barricades. If
           Visit OUT OF THE BLUE online at                                     someone gets water, you'll have a                                     better chance of them passing it to
       for an upcoming announcement of the next                                -Most Importantly *Use com-
         issue’s area bands picked for voting in                               mon sense *Enjoy the show!
                 the Battle For The Cover                                      —Written By Josh "Sixner" Davis
                                                                              album before, that in my opinion
Kikdown’s back and better than ever                                           was extremely good, but they are
                                                                              now working on a new CD that is
    From “Sleep,” and “Crashing,”       music” said drummer Vince             equally good.
to the prolific “Standing on the        Collins.                                 The one song I was privileged
Shoulders of Giants,” Kikdown               I asked the band how their        to hear was “Standing On The
has gone through so much in there       breakup in 2002 helped them as a      Shoulders Of Giants.”
short life span as a band.              band, and if it hurt them.               “The song is pretty much an ode
   If I told you that in around four       “The breakup mainly hurt our       to people before us. You know it’s
years Kikdown has gone through a        friendships. Friendships that had     our way of saying thanks to and
multitude of drummers, one break        been long time things were put on     acknowledging the ones who came
up, a few dozen songs, losing all       hold,” expressed Sherman.             before, because without them we
their equipment in a van fire, and          He went on to say “All though     wouldn’t be where we are in the
still remain among the best bands       it hurt us that way, we learned to                            w o r l d
in the central                                                                                        today,
Ohio       area,                                                                                      standing
would       you                                                                                       on    their
believe me?                                                                                           shoulders,
    Strangely                                                                                         explained
enough, it's                                                                                          the band.
very true.                                                                                             Kikdown
    Kikdown's                                                                                         has per-
sound is                                                                                              formed
a mix of                                                                                              with many
melodic                                                                                               local and
hardcore and                                                                                          regional
e mo tio nall y                                                                                       acts
charged fury.                                                                                         including:
   The band                Kikdown’s Vince Collins, Sherman, Jon Marquis, and Billy Wilcox.           Scene of
has had many                            be friends first and a business sec-  the Crime, Mayivurupa, Citizen
influences over the years, includ-      ond, which made us much tighter       18, Five People, One Down and
ing the Deftones and Glassjaw.          as a whole.” “Our sound is not        national acts: Propain, Nonpoint,
But all the members of the band         completely new, but it has evolved    Bobaflex and most recently, since
sight the hardcore band Underoath       to help us continue making fresh      their regrouping in September
as one of their major influences.       music. You know, music nowa-          2005, The Accident Experiment.
   “Underoath is the one band that      days doesn’t sound like music,            They continue to work hard and
truly has driven us in our music”       even five or six years ago. And we    love every second of it. Kikdown
Sherman, bass player, told me.          know that to make good music we       has a few shows coming up which
   “Underoath has helped influ-         have to grow and evolve,” said        you can check on their myspace.
ence us because over the years,         lead singer Jon Marquis.                —Written, Photo By Tony Rowe
they have evolved with their                Kikdown have done one rough

    Blue October
                                          “ Knock your head to this”
    enthralls fans
  Blue October live at Newport for
$5. Who could pass that up?
   Apparently, not many.
   The show was sold out, and fans
packed into the venue listening to
Pink Floyd on an aggravating loop
for nearly two hours, due to open-
ing act Evan’s Blue’s cancellation.
   The anticipation mounted as
second opener’s Brille left stage.
   Lead vocalist / guitarist / pianist
Justin Furstenfeld was escorted
onto stage in a wheel chair.
   This was not part of the show—
Furstenfeld was recently injured in
a baseball accident, breaking his
   Despite the fact that Justin had
to sit throughout most of the per-         The Wailers and Peppers opened the night at the Lifestyles Community
formance, Blue October still deliv-      Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio.
ered.                                      Peppers, fresh off Lollapalooza, set the evening up for a party-like at-
   All eyes were on Justin as he         mosphere. When The Wailers took stage, head-bopping fans jammed to
sang with indisputable quality that      the former Bob Marley backing band with “Get Up, Stand Up” and “I Shot
matched the band’s gold record           the Sheriff.”
Foiled. Everything was in tune and          Omaha’s 311 never ceases to please live audiences with a hybrid of rap-
the audience loved it.                   rock, combining the vocals of Nick Hexum and SA Martinez.
   Practically all of Foiled was            The flawless performance included a traditional drum solo by Chad Sex-
performed as well as a couple            ton with his powerhouse drum
older songs from History for Sale        set followed by a snare set line
and Argue with a Tree.                   up with all 311 members.
   The new single about suicide,            The sweet reggae beats were
“Into the Ocean,” and first single       squeezed into a two-hour per-
“Hate Me” showed the true prow-          formance, including: “Down,”
ess of Justin’s live capability.         “All Mixed Up,” “Prisoner,”
  Look for Blue October to               “Don’t Tread On Me,” “Amber,”
announce a planned Fall/Winter           and a cover of The Cure’s “Love
tour soon.                               Song.”
        —Written By Neil Shumate            The show concluded with the
                                         song that asks, “Who’s Got the
                                            With 11 albums released—
 We want to feature                      from Dammit!, Music, and
    your band in                         Grassroots to the “blue album,”
 Out Of The Blue                         Transistor, and Don’t Tread On
                                         Me, as well as one live record
out_of_the_blue646@                      and a greatest hits album—311                           easily ranks among the best na-
                                         tional live acts to witness.
                                              —Written By Neil Shumate
 For The Fans,                                —Special thanks for photos
  By The Fans                                  submitted by Ryan Jacquot
                  KARIM RASHID,
                  THE PROVERBIAL
                   PLASTIC POET
        The tragedy of the design realm is it is not spearheaded by one
     designer, or even a supreme elite dream team. It is merely ipso
facto that designers are not household names—unless the name is
Tommy Hilfiger or Donna Karan.
   Fortunately for us, one designer is creating a battalion of inexpen-
sive products that are rewarding, multi-functionally as they are fash-
ionably. He’s even declared in the title of his 2001 book, “I Want to
Change the World.” And being named the “Most Famous Industrial
Designer in All the Americas” isn’t a bad start. Born in Egypt,
raised and educated in Canada and now living in New York City,
Karim Rashid knows the struggle that is ahead.
   “I have been almost alone in this country, trying to make design
become a public subject,” he says.
   But the one man army has made his dent and found his niche in
the world of polyvinyl chloride consumer products, earning him the
Time magazine nickname “The Poet of Plastic.”
   Critics thump his use of cheap plastics, saying they don’t age well
and aren’t the typical medium for creative, ingenious art. Try telling
that to North Americans, 2 million of whom throw their trash in his
receptacle and 750,000 sit in his “Oh Chair,” which some have lik-
ened to a pelvic girdle, complete with Karim’s stylish, urban signa-
   But perhaps more intriguing than his blobular, space age designs
or his individual use of synthetic materials are the ideologies that
surround his ideas.
   He lives by an “addition by subtraction” theory; that is, every time
he adds an item to his house, one is removed. It’s these kinds of
functional, space and time saving ideas that are unique to the Rashid
   Nothing is overlooked: stacking, shipping and, of course, con-
sumer use. “Every new object should replace three,” he says, so his
corrugated polypropylene perfume envelope doubles as a toiletry bag
and his children’s chair is also a toy box.
   Democratic to the proverbial "t" is the way to be, and Karim’s art
isn’t housed in some millionaire’s penthouse or uppity museum. In-
stead, it can be found stocked on the shelves at the nearest Target—
or, if you prefer, pronounce “tar-ZHAY.”
   And before you go pissing your pants with angst over corporate
America, allow me to say: if you don’t know Karim, you don’t know
    This guy isn’t about to change his style to move more product; in
fact, he’s been turned down more than a few times for his outlandish                 From top to bottom:
ways, but he’s still kicking ass and chewing gum…but apparently,             Rashid’s couch collection, DJ booth
he’s all out of gum, so he’ll just stick to design for now.               creation, shelf collection, shoe collection.
                                        —Written By Nicholas Messer          Images from

                                                                                                                         Out Of The Blue Public
           An exclusive interview with pixy, witch,
             and vampire novelist Kim Harrison
  When a writer has their first            Never in my wildest did I think      any good. The bookstore people
novel or short story published, it is   it would grow to these proportions.     are starting to recognize the books,
something to be proud of.               And I couldn't be happier.              and they have been fantastic in
  Kim Harrison has now written                                                  helping their patrons find them. I
four novels in her “The Hollows”        How did you decide on the charac-       usually find them in general fic-
series and had a short story in the     ter names?                              tion when I haunt the stores. I
series published in a recent anthol-      Some characters waltz onto the        love straight SF, which is where I
ogy: Dates From Hell.                   page with their names and person-       think I get much of my story tell-
   Her short story “Lucky Charms”       ality, others, usually the main         ing style.
eventually became the first chapter     characters, develop over time. I          But I love character develop-
in Dead Witch Walking—she had           hit the dictionary for a lot of         ment, which has gotten me a big
no idea that it would turn into a       names for them, or my old science       crossover from the romance read-
series                                  textbooks.                              ers. Horror isn't really accurate as
   After talking to Harrison, I                                                   there's too much humor in them.
requested an interview pertain-                                                   It's a hard question to answer.
ing to her experiences while
writing these incredible stories.                                                  After the initial interview, I
                                                                                 drove to Cincinnati, Ohio to
Do you put any personal                                                          meet Mrs. Harrison at a book
experiences into the characters?                                                 signing.
  I try to avoid it when I can,                                                    Following the signing, Harri-
but certainly, a lot of my ex-                                                   son and a few readers (including
periences end up in print. A lot                                                 myself) got coffee at a little shop
of what you see on the page                                                      in the mall.
comes out from nowhere, too.                                                        She had been contracted to
                                                                                 write seven novels total, four of
What do you do in your free                                                      which are already published.
time when your not writing?                                                      After meeting with Harrison, she
  I have very little what would                                                  informed me that her publisher
be called free time, so I sched-                                                 has given her a new contract to
ule it. Much of that time is                                                     write a total of nine novels!
taken by messing around on the                                                     Needless to say, I had a great
website, fixing up the house             Fiction author Kim Harrison.            time and found Kim to be as
(painting, replacing stuff) play-       —Photo Courtesy, Kim Harrison            interesting to talk to as her books
ing pool when I'm lucky. And                                                     are to read.
listening to music. Fortunately, I                                                      —Written By Kyle Wagner
can do the last when I'm doing          What obstacles do you face when
other things.                           writing?
                                            Time and the lack thereof. Let-
What is your motivation to write
about a living vampire, a witch,
                                        ting things slide that I shouldn't.
                                        It's a balancing act, and one I think                For More
and a pixy?                             I'll be struggling with for a long
   Desperation? Dead Witch Walk-        time. For example, I'm making
ing started out as a short story, and   dinner as I write this, and I think I
disgusted with what was getting         just charred the burgers. Excuse                       www.
the attention in the short story        me for a moment . . .
market, I threw together the most                                                           kimharrison.
unlikely characters, in the most
bizarre setting, all the while trying
                                        What category of writing do you
                                        think these books fall into? Horror,
to retain the girl-next-door feeling.   fantasy, etc.
What I got was the first chapter of       Oh, that's a toughie! I try not to
Dead Witch Walking.                     label them as it doesn't seem to do
  Nick’s Picks                          What would you do
          What A Book!
         by Tom T. Hall                 with a million dollars?
Country music’s storyteller works
                                                                                       In between these chapters are
on a novel inside a novel, giving
us some social, political and enter-
tainment satire. What a book
                                        J  osh and I share an odd relationship.     bold-faced print, which appear to be
                                                                                    somewhat reminisce of his journal.
                                           I wrote him into one of my songs as         With titles like “Chicken Shit for
indeed, Tom.                            the hopeless bastard that he was, and       the Soul”, “Smart People Suck” and
                                        for my birthday, he got me a case of        “I Wish I Was a Mexican,” it’s
        Miss American Pie               beer and a book.
       by Margaret Sartor                                                           pretty easy to figure out that he
                                            The beer was Michelob Ultra. The        sounds more like the sophomoric
An (almost) direct manuscript of        book? The Million Dollar Memoirs by
her 1970s teenage years diary in                                                    teenagers who he hangs with rather
                                        Blaine Dehmlow.                             than a devout guru.
Louisiana. Much of what you                 I had scoured the internet and book-
would expect from a diary, al-                                                         One favorite of mine is the irrev-
                                        stores in search of a used copy, but        erent yet sincere passage on
though set in shifting times, with      little did I know this book had been
desegregation, drugs and the rise                                                   “Assholiness”: the smug, self-
                                        printed by a small southern California      righteous syndrome that has long
of evangelical Christianity.            graphics company and had no distro;         plagued the church.
                                        in fact, there are probably only about         “When a person develops a reli-
            On Bullshit                 500-1000 copies in existence.
       by Harry Frankfurt                                                           gious devotion to having a stunning
                                            Fingering the secondhander, com-        lack of respect for other people and
More scholarly paper than book,         plete with coffee ring on the cover, a
this Princeton professor gives us                                                   their beliefs, it is a symptom of ma-
                                        swell of appreciation for my former         niacal self-interest.”
reason to chuckle at such aca-          band/roommate overcame me.
demic work on something so                                                             Preach it.
                                           “So this is pretty much a collector’s       But keep in mind what I said
lingua franca. Annotated beyond         item, right?”
what you would imagine and in-                                                      about the chapters being sporadic.
                                           “Pretty much.”                              Not all of it is snake handlin’,
credibly perceptive, it can easily         Blaine Dehmlow has balls. Big ones.
be read in one sitting, and that                                                    pulpit poundin’ fun. Some of the
                                        Ten years ago, he left his mundane,         chapters get deeper than the shal-
ain’t no piece of…well, you know.       yet financially cush job as a youth         lowest of religions, including
                                        pastor to start an organization called      Dehmlow’s own assumptions of
         The Tao of Willie              Real Life Adventures, giving stu-
 by Willie Nelson / Turk Pipkin                                                     evangelical Christianity.
                                        dents—particularly underprivileged or          The chapter on father/son rela-
OK, so I am partial to the country      troubled kids—an opportunity to go
songwriters this go round because                                                   tionships left me wanting (“The son
                                        on…well, adventures.                        has to catch the father by surprise
I’ve indulged in it this summer.            They camp, ride motorcycles and
“The Tao that can be told is not                                                    with his giftedness, and the father
                                        Land Rovers and he’s even taken a           MUST come forth with unabashed
the eternal Tao,” luckily for us,       group to run (yes, run) the Grand Can-
Willie only gives us a down-                                                        enthusiasm and approval.”) and the
                                        yon. And that’s exactly the in-your-        section on contrast could do us all
homer’s view on the things that         face, to-the-extreme “adventure and
he’s learned “in this life.”                                                        some good (“If you appreciate warm
                                        spirituality” journey that you’d expect     water, take cold showers in a creek
                                        from his writing.                           for a week.”).
          Babylon by Bus                    (Since its inception, Real Life has
 by Ray Lemoine, Jeff Neumann                                                          All in all, Blaine Dehmlow will
                                        received one million dollars in sup-        come off sounding like your father:
      and Donovan Webster               port, hence the title. But hold all
Hired by the U.S. government as                                                     straightforward and rational but with
                                        thoughts; he stresses they are still on a   the dreaming heart of a boy.
liaisons in Baghdad (after drop-        shoestring budget and barely make
ping out of college, of course),                                                       As for Josh, he seems to be a little
                                        ends meet.)                                 less bleak and a little bolder. Not
Lemoine and Neumann assisted                The book’s 25 chapters are scat-
with aid and saw first hand the                                                     sure if it has to do with Blaine
                                        tered thoughts and ramblings (or as         Dehmlow or not, but in either case,
effects of the occupation in Iraq. It   Blaine calls them, “Million Dollar
has been described as “a dude’s                                                     thanks for the book, you cheeky
                                        Lessons”) that he admits could’ve           bastard.
eye-view of our current war”.           been books, but turned out to be                   —Written By Nicholas Messer
                                        “rather one dimensional and simple.”
                                                                              video store, Dante Hicks and his
                                                                              foul-mouthed friend Randall
“i’m not even supposed to be here today”                                      Graves are working at a fictional
                                                                              burger joint, Moobyburger.
  In 1994 a not so well known film       I know some people who have             This movie has all the loveable
was being shown in a few theaters     chosen to miss quite possibly the       old characters including: Dante
around the country.                   funniest movie I have ever seen in      Hicks and Randall Graves, and of
   The picture began with a con-      my life, because, yes, Clerks 2 is      course, Jay and Silent Bob, played
venience store clerk driving up,      in color.                               by Director Kevin Smith and his
parking, and opening the store—to       But since it is a different movie     friend Jason Mewes.
find out that someone had jammed      than its prequel, I say both color         A few new companions who
gum in the lock!                      for Clerks 2 and black-and-white        provide a whole new bunch of
   Did I mention this film is in      for Clerks work for each respecta-      jokes are added to the cast.
black-and-white?                      bly.                                       Rosario Dawson plays the man-
  Many people have come to love          Clerks 2 begins with the same        ager of Moobybuger, Becky, Elias
and respect this film as a classic:   scene from Clerks: Dante Hicks,         is a Mooby employee who just
Clerks by Kevin Smith.                one of the main characters, pull-       happens to be a church-loving,
  Since then, Clerks has become a     ingin front of the famed Quik-Stop      Lord Of The Rings watching, naïve
cult classic. It has spawned a few    convenience store and opening it        teenager, who happens to be the
un-official sequels including Mall-   up only to find out when he             butt of many of the jokes in this
rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay         unlocks the doors the store is a        movie, but rightfully so!
and Silent Bob Strike Back, and       raging inferno!                           Last but not least is Dante’s
now the critically acclaimed             Up until the fire can be seen, the   soon-to-be wife Emma Bunting,
Clerks 2.                             movie is in black-and-white, per-       played by Kevin Smith’s real wife.
   The long awaited sequel to the     haps a homage to the first movie.          With all the allure of the first
first black-and-white masterpiece        At that point, the humor begins.     Clerks put behind, a great cast, a
came at a perfect time.               This movie, as the first one does,      well-written script and the insanity
  One may recall that half the        tackles the challenges of being a       of a day at Moobyburger, the
mystique of the first Clerks movie    clerk; however, instead of being a      movie is yet another masterpiece.
was that it was in black-and-white.   clerk at a convenience store and a                   continued on next page
Clerks 2 continued from previous page
   Clerks was not so much a com-        What’s shakin’ in the world of rock
edy as it was a satire, but Clerks 2
is definitely a comedy and the          Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger has been charged with impaired driving with
funniest movie I may ever see in
my life.                                a blood alcohol level over .08. Travis Barker (ex-Blink 182 drummer) recently
   There is one disclaimer on this      broke his arm after a dispute with his ex-wife and Paris Hilton and filming a
movie. Without spoiling it com-         video for his band +44’s song “When Your Heart Stops Beating.” He has been
pletely, there is a brief bit in the    advised to stop drumming for at least eight weeks. Guns and Roses eyes a
movie that may disturb some im-
mensely. It made Gene Shalit, a         U.S. Tour. Their long awaited new album (the first in years) release date is still
long time movie reviewer for            speculated! Police are investigating a fight at a recent Korn (Family Values)
NBC’s “Today Show,” walk out of         date. Andy Richardson (the victim) was pronounced dead two days after two
a press screening!                      unidentified males punched him in the head. Michael Scott Axley was later
   I don’t believe the scene is
worth that type of reaction; how-       arrested and charged with murder in Richardson’s death. Shaun Morgan, the
ever, it’s not for everyone, so be      front man of Seether, entered rehab. The band has cancelled all current and
warned! The only thing I can tell       future tour dates until further notice. My Chemical Romance will be releasing
you is: Interspecies Erotica!
                                        their new studio Album on October 24th. The band performed the new track
   If you loved any of Kevin
Smith’s other amazing films, this       “Black Parade” on the MTV Video Awards in New York City. During the
is definitely for you.                  video shoot the band sustained some injuries. Incubus will be releasing their
  I highly recommend it to anyone       5th studio album on November 20th entitled Light Grenades. Guitarist Mike
who loves comedy. Trust me, you
                                        Einzinger told “It sounds like 13 different bands playing 13 different
will not regret your time viewing
Clerks 2.                               songs.” HIM will be headlining a tour this fall entitled “No Sleep Til Hallow-
           —Written By Tony Rowe        een” starting October 18th. Along for the ride, will be Kill Hannah, Papa
                                        Roach, and Lostprophets. Dayton’s Hawthorne Heights is currently in dis-
       Movie Showings at                pute, with Victory Records, sighting that the label has ruined the reputation and
       The Wexner Center                relationship with their fans. Not to mention questionable accounting practices.
     1871 North High Street
                                        Outkast once again defended rumors that they are breaking up. The duo is still
     Columbus, Ohio 43210
                                        as tight as ever. Especially with the new album and movie entitled Idlewild
    The Hermitage Dwellers,             being released. Alice in Chains fans will be treated to 40 dates this fall with a
    exploring St. Petersburg            North American Tour alongside Hurt. William Duvall will be the front man of
      Institution survival.             the group, but no word has been given as to whether he is a permanent member
     Thursday, October 19th
                                        of the group or if he will record with the band. Panic! at The Disco have offi-
Baby Doll and Pretty Baby, con-         cially gone platinum, while Gnarls Barkley has been announced gold. Kate
    fronting sexual taboos              Hudson and Chris Robinson of The Black Crows are separated after nearly six
      from 1932 to 1990.                years of marriage. The couple married on December 31, 2000. They also have a
     Friday, October 20th               two-year-old son, Ryder Russell. The Smashing Pumpkins are currently in the
                                        studio again after a 7 year hiatus. A lineup has not been announced, but Billy
  Al Franken: God Spoke, with a
live introduction by the directors.     Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin are still the core members. Evanesence is re-
      Tuesday, October 24th             leasing their sophomore album, The Open Door. Since the mega smash debut,
                                        “Fallen,” the band has had its share of problems, including guitarist’s Terry
 The Moon Is Blue and Henry &           Balsalmo’s stroke, and the break up of front woman Amy Lee and Shaun Mor-
     June, Henry & June is
                                        gan of Seether. The band has also added a new bass player, ex member of The
   the first film to be released
 with an NC-17 rating in 1990.          Revolution Smile, Tim Mccord. Green Day is currently in the studio working
     Thursday, October 26th             on a much anticipated follow up to 5 times Platinum American Idiot.
                                        Underoath is ready to hit the road again after working through some issues
For more visit          that prevented them from functioning as a band. —Complied By Erin Nye
Free usable tips offered to aspiring musicians
                                                                                If you don’t use a mic stand, make
                                                                                sure that when you wind the cord
                                                                                around your hand, that you don’t
                                                                                kink it at the mic.
                                                                                  Try to avoid the monitors around
                                                                                the mic if possible. Do your part to
                                                                                keep the feedback at bay. Don’t
                                                                                bitch on stage about the monitors
                                                                                at a show, just go with it. You
                                                                                should be able to perform well
                                                                                under any circumstance, period.
                                                                                   Help out the rest of the band for
                                                                                pete’s sake. Just because you’re
                                                                                the singer doesn’t mean you get a
                                                                                free ride on equipment. Act like a
                                                                                Rock Star and they might believe
    After many moons of being a          Keys should blend and not domi-        you!
 musician myself, 700+ attended          nate. You have the ultimate pro-
 shows (local and large), seminars,      duction tool in your hands if used       It’s fuckin brutal out there I tell
 conversations with managements,         correctly.                             ya! A mosh pit has nothing on the
 A&R`s, promoters, etc..., I have a                                             industry.
 lot I want to share with all for        j: Vocalists: You da man/woman!                     —Written By Sagabu
 FREE!                                   You are watched closer than any-
    Though I cannot cover it all in      one. Treat every single person in           Next issue: “Part Three:
 one article, I’ll start with what I     the crowd equally. Look at all of           Label Showcase Tips.”
 feel is important. Read it, learn it,   them and convince them of what
 live it, use it.                        you are saying. You are the story

             Part Two of
                                         teller. Don’t even think about en-
                                         tertaining the band. Put them in
          Live Performance
          Issues and Cures
                                         the back of your mind. The audi-
                                         ence is number one. Make sure
                                         your words are clear.                         October 28th
 g: Guitarists/Bassists: If you break       Don’t reach for notes you can’t
 a string, you are fucked without a      hit. Don’t cup your mic. This will       The Masquerade Ball with
 backup guitar. Try to finish the        force the soundman to cut back on            Liksplit, Caption,
 song, a good roadie will be ready       the trim (incoming signal) and will          Buried By Angles,
 at the end. Practice swapping gui-      take its toll on the smoother/softer        5 Ton Tank, Poser,
 tars with your roadie/tech so it can    singing parts. If you must cup the          All Known Aspects
 be fixed quickly. Don’t panic--         mic to nail your scream/growl/                at Alrosa Villa
 they won’t dock you for this if you     puke on the mic, then you can’t do
 are well-prepared. If strings break,    it correctly.                           Lumber Jack Death Squad
 it usually happens during the first        DO NOT pull the mic from your
 few songs. Posing is fine. You’re
                                                                                 EightBodiesHigh & More
                                         face. That`s a really big NO-NO!
 a Rock Star, so act like one!                                                        at The Blue Cat
                                         Most modern cardioids polar pat-
                                         tern mics start to lose signal at         in Bellefontaine, Ohio
 h: Drummers: Keep it in the             2" (If you need the fade, use your
 pocket. Eye contact. Act like Ani-      diaphragm and cut back on the air/          Scene Of The Crime,
 mal! Try to stay as simple as you       wind). 1" is optimal. Doing this            Citizen 18, Kikdown
 can. Keep sticks local. Grunt!          major mistake will also play hell              at Hot Peppers
                                         on the soundman trying to keep                in Marion, Ohio
 i: Keyboards: Stay active and in        you at a level, and it looks like
 with the music. You could very          you’re blowing the mic.                  Age Of Rage, South Gate,
 well be the perfect one on stage to        Don’t sing into the side of the
 set a groove down that get heads
                                                                                      Blackened Dawn
                                         mic. The outer parts of the mic are
 boppin’ with your own body mo-                                                   at The Getaway Lounge
                                         meant to only pick up lower fre-
 tio ns. Do n’t o ver do it.             quencies                                     in Marion, Ohio
The Satisfied Grunt
A Shriner in a red velvet fex
is threatening my life. “ I’m going to beat
you so bad that we’ll have to raise money
by setting a jar on the counter
at Tee-Jaye’s,” he says, spittle flying.
“Your picture on it and everything!”
I cower by a gentlemanly
fellow in a black suit. He leans his face
next to my ear, his kind eyes offering
solace and the smell of licorice
on his breath: “We start each day
with a commitment,” he whispers,
and I notice the priestly collar, relieved.
“A commitment to visiting the Angel
of Death upon the heads of sinners.”
His slender hands squeeze the Bible in one
and a machete in the other.
I scramble for the door, tripping
on the foot of a gaping boy
in a White Sox cap who heads a group
of gaping men and women in athletic
t-shirts and pants with the names of fashion
designers sew to the ass cheeks. A shapely
reporter — microphone extended
with a skewer jutting out — asks, “Is it true,
sir, that you sometimes get the impulse
to leave society?” Admist murderous
Shriners, gentlemanly old men                    —Drawing by Anthony “Chaos” Proietti—
with matches, and shapely reporters
with threatening microphones
and ridiculous questions,
I find that I am most afraid
of the commercials.                              Goddamned
“Detriment gum! Now recommended
by seven out of ten masochists!”                 God damned this heartless world of ours.
A snappy jingle tune, the satisfied              So sick of seeing the news cause the puppy stories
grunt of the announcer, bare-assed               don’t over-shadow all the evil man has created.
and getting whipped, his genitals                When will the fighting stop, when will the government stop
tied-up like a Mapplethorpe model.               with the lies? Most of all, when will everybody figure out
A basketball star laces a pair                   that all this new-aged gadget shit is the very thing that is
of $200 basketball shoes                         pulling apart the fabrics of this precious life?
sewn together with the skin                      I hope I am dead and gone before I have to see anymore of
of Vietnamese workers and long, blood-           the heartless controlling mindless nonsense. If you ask me
matted strands of virginal public hair.          an ancient time is a better time. At least then it wasn't so easy
He then careens through an onslaught             to take life from another. If you ask me
of ninjas, lifts off and hangs in the air —      money was the beginning of the end.
ball outstretched in his giant hand — while
photographers snap the next day’s cover.                     —Written By Keith Ryan Sines—

       —Written By Timothy West—
                                             A Brownie Vignette
   I have more brownies than is perhaps necessary. They have Pillsbury frosting of every make and model: straw-
berry, vanilla, caramel and (of course) butterscotch. And rainbow flavored party sprinkles and peanuts and cashews
inside and out. I have more brownies than is perhaps necessary. They have commandeered my kitchen. Heaps of
stacks of piles of nutty delight on every shelf, cemented in the soup and dish and pan cabinets, clogged in the burnt
maw of my Whirlpool oven. The linoleum tile has been absent for some time, covered as it is with party sprinkle
fugitives and crumb chain-gains in various stages of crustiness and decay.
      I have more brownies than is perhaps necessary. They are stacked to ponderous heights in my sink and in my
Kenmore dishwasher (where is my dishwasher my sink I miss them, truly, but brownies instead). Honestly my
kitchen is one giant brownie and I fear that my living room is next. My cats will soon be lost in this Betty Crocker
haze. My books my computer my television and all of it, just all of it lost to creamy sugar morsels.
       I have more brownies than is perhaps necessary. I drive a brownie van to brownie work. I smoke Brownie
Lights and pay my chocolate bills with brownie checks (written, as one might suspect, with a brownie pen filled
with brownie ink). I drink brownie coffee with my brownie friends who, in between their decadent melting and
flaking, bitch about the brownie President's recent concession to the pixy-stick immigrants who are stealing our
brownie jobs. And what will our brownie President do, they ask, when the pixy-sticks hijack our brownie cul-
ture? When our creamy chocolate daughters bring their pixy-stick boyfriends to dinner? When, in short, all of our
brownie tradition is flushed down the brownie toilet for the sake of cheap pixy labor? And as my brownie friends
shed their nut filling on the café floor, they mumble about their patience and understanding, when confronted with
the odd frosting flavors and excessive sprinkle habits of the counterculture, the morally questionable activities of
the young liberal brownies. But this, this pixy-stick nonsense is simply the egg that broke the batter's back. This
invasion, this pixy-stick aggression, cannot and will not stand.
     I have more brownies than is perhaps necessary. —Written By John Shumate—

Tastes Like Sin                                                        Mushroom
The sweat from his forehead                          Hidden in the forest bed, mushroom crowned in red
mingles with the tears on her                            Sunrise to sunset is a blank inside her mind
cheek baptizing her with sad-                               Prayer for her water was already said
ness and lust.                                         To walk into her midst is a blessing of the blind
His breath against her neck, her
tongue grazing the edge of his                                 —Written By Kyle Smothers—
ear; his skin smells like heaven,
tastes like sin.
His eyes show her things she
doesn't want to know,
his lips tell her what she
wants to hear.
Lies upon lies on top of lies until
nothing of the truth remains
beyond useless papers and
broken vows of years ago.

    —Written By Amy Baker—

      Out Of The Blue                   —Photo by Anna Cecil—
        P.O. Box 388
     Delaware OH 43015
With a puppet, confetti, and plastic bubbles The Flaming Lips
and Sonic Youth launch a welcomed attack on Columbus
   The media exposure of The              Once they rapped up the set, we    containing this musician.
Flaming Lips in Columbus is quite      all awaited to see the presence of       Once he returned to stage, the
excessive. This also applies to        Wayne Coyne.                          music began.
Sonic Youth who’ve been playing           When the stage was set up with        Songs from Yoshimi Battles the
on the radio consistently.             aliens, Santa Clause’s, and a giant   Pink Robots and She don’t use
   For months I awaited the arrival    projector screen, the show was        Jelly made up the night until they
of both these musical talents to our   beginning.                            wrapped it up.
local venue, Lifestyles                                                                After they walked off the
Community Pavilion.                                                                stage everyone began roar-
   Rain showers came                                                               ing a familiar tune at many
down on the outside                                                                shows, ‘Encore!’
venue, right as I arrived.                                                            Once returned to their
No one really tended to                                                            rightful place, the chords of
complain, for everyone                                                             "Do You Realize?" began.
was just waiting for the                                                              This being one of my
bands to begin.                                                                    favorite songs in the library
   As people stood in                                                              of music history, I was ec-
lines to purchase drinks                                                           static. As if this song isn’t
and t-shirts, Sonic                                                                truly amazing enough, see-
Youth began.                                                                       ing it live is a whole differ-
   While many of us                                                                ent matter.
crowded in front of the                                                               Smoke, confetti, and
stage, getting as close                                                            sprinkles of rain came pour-
as we could while still                                                            ing down on all of us in the
trying to make personal                                                            front.
space, some watched                                                                   The energetic tempo fol-
from the hill of grass in                                                          lowed Wayne’s voice as he
the back.                                                                          strained his voice to the fret
   I watched attentively                                                           of every last cord.
as Kim Gordon moved                                                                   Mid-song I realized that
to the music. She                                                                  on the projection screen was
looked very peaceful,                                                              a contrasted naked woman
singing with grace in                                                              dancing to the song.
her soft voice.                           The truancy of Wayne was soon         The fans danced, jumped, and
   Lee Ranaldo slid his fingers up     to come to a halt when the smoke      screamed along. It was perfect.
and down the fret board as fans        accumulated in thin air coming           Sum up: Attend a Flaming Lips
struggled to have their voices tow-    from the back of the venue, pro-      show.
ering his name above the chords.       jecting Wayne in a plastic bubble        —Written By Laelia Delaney
   The set list went from "Do you      just over the venue’s horizon..          —Special thanks for photos
believe in Rapture?" to                   From there he hovered over the          submitted by Garrett Shrigley
"Incinerate," both of which are        crowd as we all strained our shoul-
found on the latest album Rather       ders up to our fingertips for just
Ripped (Geffen Records, 2006).         one grasp at the plastic bubble
  Eagles Of
 Death Metal
 “Who love the devil? Who’ll sing his
song? I will love the devil and his song”
  “This band is raunchy.”
“Peace, Love, Fuckin’ Death Metal”
          -Guy in crowd-

 “Oh, sweet, they have a song called “Whorehoppin’!”
   -Photographer viewing set list prior to show- Photos by Nicholas Messer, taken at Newport
                                      frontman Elijah Blue talks labels,
                                      undercore, and Phantasmagore
   Taking leaps and bounds in         Elijah: Lots of
electronic industrial sound experi-   Indian instruments—
mentation, California’s Deadsy        hammar doll, harmo-
have created a brave follow-up to     nium, sitar. Little
their 2002 Commencement release.      spots that pronounce
   Speaking with frontman Elijah      the piano and mello-
Blue Allman about their sopho-        tron      synthesizer
more release Phantasmagore, and       sound. The thing that
current touring support with the      this album does is
Family Values Tour, exhibits the      offer up progression
wittiness and profound intellect of   with more dynamics.
Deadsy’s deserved ostentation.        We’re such fans and
                                      worshipers of music
OOTB: First off, I want to tell       that we want to take
you that Phantasmagore is truly       those risks. It’s
amazing. I never thought it would     darker high indie,
be possible to create one unique      it’s reverb. It’s a
band that could flawlessly blend      little bit more of a
the likes of Skinny Puppy, King       commercial record
Crimson, Gary Numan, and Peter        and can bring in more people that     Elijah: We do more guitar work
Murphy. There is so much going        Commencement didn’t. We’ll also       on this album and it goes well
on in every song. What instru-        be releasing more songs as a          together over my riffs. It’s more
ments did you incorporate?            re-release or on iTunes as singles.   musical and it further explores the
                                                                            musical universe and tid bits
                                                   OOTB: How long           throughout history.
                                                   did it take to record
                                                   the new album?           OOTB: You’ve mentioned Lou
                                                                            Reed and Velvet Underground as a
                                                   Elijah: We wrote         big influence on Phantasmagore.
                                                   and dealt with label     How has Reed’s style been
                                                   drama. I can’t be-       incorporated into this album?
                                                   lieve how much bull-
                                                   shit we had to deal      Elijah: It’s more of the Reed
                                                   with because of how      consciousness. The Velvet thing,
                                                   the labels were          like what they were for their time
                                                   afraid to release the    is what we want to be for our time.
                                                   music, we just           It’s art rock that is dangerous and I
                                                   wanted to challenge.     love his personality and his musi-
                                                   Now that we’ve           cal urban narrative. To me he’s an
                                                   gotten over a few        extension of what Warhol did.
                                                   things, it’s fine.       He’s a Warhol disciple and its
                                                   Even culturally more     palpable with his music, and those
                                                   people are getting it.   are the people who have created
                                                                            culture. It’s fun to teach kids
                                                   OOTB: When com-          about what’s out there other than
                                                   pared to Commence-       what’s on the radio. We are a bit
                                                   ment, what would         of a history lesson and a newness.
                                                   you say are some
                                                   key differences?                     continued on next page
“Deadsy” continued                       it’s the best thing and so powerful.    It’ll be an extended camp, an 18-
                                         Nothing is higher than what can         month thing, touring all this year
OOTB: On stage you turn into             cross that power. You can touch         and all of next year.
characters, as if in an on-stage         it, see it. It’s cryptic and I’ve al-
play using specific colors to repre-     ways had these philosophies in-         OOTB: You toured with your
sent various entities. What do you       stilled. The last album was more        mom (Cher) as a guitarist and at
hope to express with this illusion?      cosmic and I’m trying to get more       the age of 13 Gene Simmons gave
                                         mature with the cosmic attitude.        you your first guitar. Did your
Elijah: This time around we’ve                                                   childhood influenced you to pur-
made it simpler. We wear black           OOTB: Deadsy’s genre is termed          sue music as a career?
with white shit and some colors.         “Undercore.” What other bands
We are a gang in life. It’s a black      would you consider Undercore?           Elijah: Everything has influenced
mentality for this record. There’s                                               my life. I gravitate toward any-
no name for it. It’s Lou Reed,           Elijah: It’s like Sabbath on the        thing that experiences me. I was
Warhol, all black, black nails. We       turn table and slowed down to half      pushed to do that when I was
try to touch on and cross things         speed, like slow heavy music that       younger, but I did a good job.
that you don’t see crossover any-        reminds me of Frankenstein. We          Obviously it’s not a usual situa-
more. The New England gloom              don’t have as much in the new           tion, but that got me prepared for
look. Our stage show is way elec-        album, but we still have some. The      living on the road. From twelve to
tric smoke, classic generic rock         end of the album (Phantasmagore)        sixteen I was with my dad or
that never fails. I like to evoke a      is undercore. It’s an abstracted        mom, I’d jam with my dad peri-
dream feeling on stage, even dur-        arty way of playing metal that is       odically. I mean, I’d be playing in
ing the daytime we like to create        somewhat strange.                       front of arenas—not the most
some sort of dream on stage, tak-                                                credible rock-and-roll gig, but fun
ing people to a dreamscape.              OOTB: You’ve worked with a              nonetheless! I always knew I’d
                                         number of other artists like Jay        start a band, and I feel like you
OOTB: It’s been noted that the           Gordon (Orgy), Jon Davis (Korn),        need to do something different.
lyrics reference Dune, Star Wars,        and Chris Vrenna. How have they
David Lynch films among other            influenced your music?                  OOTB: What’s some quick tips
things. The track “Better than                                                   you may have to offer the numer-
You Know” totally blows my               Elijah: Verenna is a huge innova-       ous local artists out there?
mind, and I listen to it over and        tor that the black camp produced
over. What’s the song about?             for years. Davis is very talented in    Elijah: Make sure you’re doing
                                         his range of things that he can do.     something that’s very different.
Elijah: It’s a lot of Hindu philoso-     He’s done a lot already and in the      Something that nobody else is
phy. It’s about the satisfaction in      future he will prove to do way          gonna do. Be different, use your
life, not acquired from temporary        more. I believe he’s just now get-      imagination. Being different from
sensory material. Even from the          ting started in his personal career.    the next guy will push the enve-
pains of being on the road, it’s still   Gordon was going to be our origi-       lope and you gotta keep doing it.
abstract. It’s about finding satis-      nal bass player, then he started        Lots of bands bow out before there
faction in something transcenden-        Orgy. Of course Orgy is history         time comes, they already quit.
tal. It’s about something beyond         now.                                    Wait until your time.
the same material that your soul is
made of. The chorus is like a cry        OOTB: Are you still planning a            In support of their sophomore
for that. It’s strange because it’s      video shoot for “Book of Black          release Phantasmagore, Deadsy is
not all about what the songs mean        Dreams?”                                teaming up with Deftones for a
to me, but what makes sense is                                                   Fall / Winter Tour kicking off late
that they (the songs) mean some-         Elijah: We’ll probably do it for        October.
thing to someone else.                   one of the first songs off the re-
   It should be about the abstrac-       cord. Right now on the tour,            —Written, Photos By Neil Shumate
tion that resonates if you’re listen-    we’re getting a steady fan base.
ing to the song. The music tells         After this tour we’re not rushing       For more on DEADSY
you what the meaning of the song         on that (a video), we could wait to
is just as well as the lyrics--the       go on radio with a single next
notes say so much more than just         year. We’re going to tour more                deadsy
the lyrics. And if they combine,         than we did for Commencment.
           Band: Almost Aces
            Album: Pickup Lines                                        Band: Ipecac Lollipops
       Label: Mariner Recording Co.                                 Label: Dissected Angel Records
               Genre: Punk                                          Genre: Digital Death Grindcore
       Track Picks: “Ready or Not”                 Track Picks: “Broken Limbs of a Dead 12 Year Old Prostitute”
Lowdown: The four member Mt. Vernon,                            “Slit Wrist River” “God is a Nihilist”
Ohio band creates traditional sing-along         Lowdown: Sucking on an Ipecac Lollipop would eventually
punk music with the likes of NOFX, New           induce vomiting through a brain stimulus to rid your stomach of
Found Glory, and Less Than Jake (minus           that drug you just overdosed on. The Lollipops will cause a
the brass). The fast-paced danceable tunes       pleasurable sickness, a sickness that for some reason you continue
with embedded guitar solos provoke a             to ingest—never learning your lesson. Columbus, Ohio’s Dan and
powerful mix of reverb and syncopation.          Meghann create a razor sharp digital blood bath Wall Of Sound
With the absence of Blink-182, Almost            with harsh distorted vocals, noise, and pure ear-puncturing
Aces will keep the tradition alive, with a       incineration. It’s electrogorenoisehorrordeathgrind, and it’s killer!
few added twists.                                If you’re a fan of Ministry, Genghis Tron, or Type-O-Negative,
   Visit:             this album is prescribed to you—taken every four to six hours.
          Purchase:                             Visit:

                 Band: Sighlo
          Album: This Used To Hurt                                           Band: Milkweed
        Genre: Alternative Metal Rock                                        Album: Body Floss
     Track Picks: “Changing the Stars”                                 Genre: Industrial Rock Hip-Hop
           “Explode” “My Calvary”                      Track Picks: “Body Floss” “Tenchics” “One Mind” “Soap”
Lowdown: The aggressive, no holds barred            Lowdown: Milkweed combines vocals, guitar, bass, and
Columbus based Sighlo have instilled a              turntables to create an unstoppable, unmatchable sound. The
memorable EP that must be supported by any          vocal variations transform from harmonic jazz melodies to angry
fan of the local scene. Sighlo crafts together      Chester screams sidelined with smooth Durst style raps. An
piano with head banging in your face thrusts        unstoppable force to be reckoned with, using vulgarity to get their
of guitar notes and skilled Chino-like vocal        point across, this four member Cincinnati band is sure to inoculate
ranges that can easily compete with today’s         the nation with a cure from mainstream sound-alike airplay.
national recording artists. Undeniably one of                       Visit:
the best EPs any unsigned band can serve up.                          Purchase:
This is the band’s second EP. They are
currently working on a full length album.            To have your band’s album showcased in OOTB’s
                                                              “The Lowdown,” mail it out to:
                                                    Out Of The Blue, P.O. Box 388, Delaware, OH 43015
                                                          Or contact us to send MP3 media files:
         —Reviews Written By Neil Shumate—
                                                                           Thom Yorke’s
                                                                           solo debut
                                                                               Imagine for a moment the band
                                                                           Radiohead had never existed. Thom
                                                                           Yorke would’ve received his degree
                                                                           from Exeter and would be working a
                                                                           mindless job.
                                                                              Johnny Greenwood? Giving music
                                                                           lessons to snot-nosed kids in Oxford.
                                                                             Despite the fact that lots of people
                                                                           are freaked out by Radiohead, I’d
                                                                           have to say the alternative is freak-
                                                                              In either case, the question I ask
                         Band: Throw the Fight                             after hearing The Eraser is: would it
                           Album: the fire within                          be something to which I would’ve
                     Label: world record productions                       eventually listened?
                       Genre: Alternative Metal Rock                          Probably.
            Track Picks: “Endless Struggle” “These Apologies”                 When Yorke announced the arri-
Lowdown: The production of a band with adrenaline and sophisticated        val of it earlier this year, the internet
vocal talents has been captured by Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Throw The      became a virtual beehive, buzzing
Fight. The drudging bass parts, mellow core breakdowns and irresistible    with anticipation but perhaps not as
chorus sections spark a fire to burn within. Using stop-time syncopation   much as earlier Radiohead albums.
with call-and-response bounces between the guitars and drums lead the         He never wanted to draw attention
way for a heavy pop rock dance rhythm with doses of hardcore.              away from the fact that they were
Previously scoring tours with Bleed the Sky, Quietdrive, and Bowling for   touring again, and springing for its
Soup, TTF are currently touring in support of their EP release. Fans of    release on indie label XL was proba-
Papa Roach, Lost Prophets, Killswitch Engage and Trust Company will be     bly a smooth move.
blown away by the originality and offerings of Throw the Fight.               But buzz, nonetheless. After all,
                  Visit:                     this is the lead singer of the greatest
                          Purchase:                          band in the world.
                                                                              His first solo album—although he
                                                                           admits he hates the two words to
                                                                           describe it—is probably just that,
                                                                           with some slim prudence from Ra-
                                                                           diohead producer Nigel Goodrich.
                                                                              I can see him slumped over a lap-
                                                                           top, blipping and bleeping his way
                                                                           through the songs. Some have even
               Underground DIY CDR Label                                   kindly given it the moniker Kid B,
                                                                           which is ironic; I’ve heard moaners
                                                                           say that the songs on A weren’t
                 Specializing in Extreme Music                             “real,” but I’d have to think the lyr-
                                                                           ics on The Eraser might be his most
                                                                           tangible, not to mention approach-
                        Helping promote sick                               able, yet.
                                                                               The disc starts out with a title
                        Music for sick people                              track of staccato, reverberating piano
                                                                           riffs and brutal honesty ( “Please
                            excuse but I got to ask/Are you only
                                                                           being nice/Because you want some-
                                                                           thing?”)        continued on next page
                                                                                 “Thom Yorke” continued
                                                                                 and a self-assured chorus (“The
                                                                                 more you try to erase me/ The
                                                                                 more the more/The more that I
                                                                                 appear”). Let’s just call it a far cry
A sit down with Kill Hannah’s Dan Wiese                                          from “How to Disappear Com-
                                                                                 pletely” in more than one way.
   Traveling on the road to play a                                               People I’ve talked to noticed that
show, the last thing you want to                                                 Yorke’s voice remains untouched
hear is an exploding tire. On their                                              by digital effects. I don’t even
way to Newport Music Hall in                                                     think there is much reverb, if any
Columbus, Kill Hannah’s trailer                                                  at all. It is up front and, dare I say,
truck tire blew out.                                                             intimate.
   “You can always expect these                                                      “Black Swan” was the next
things to happen,” laughed Kill                                                  track to catch my attention, con-
Hannah guitarist Dan Wiese, “but                                                 taining some guitar work (albeit
at least we made it here in time to                                              barely there) and the fourteen
play the show!”                                                                  f-bombs that give it that special
   The charismatic Chicagoans                                                    little black and white label on the
recently dropped their forceful                                                  front. A lot of the songs are very
Until There’s Nothing Left of Us                                                 minimalist electronic stuff, but the
combining goth, dance, and metal.                                                lush “And it Rained All Night”
Sitting in the band’s dressing room                                              sticks out, as does the chilling
Wiese explained, “Everyone has a                                                 “Harrowdown Hill,” a politically-
core of British influences. We                                                   soaked tale told through the eyes
draw from Greg’s (bass) dance                                                    of U.N. weapons inspector David
music influences too. It’s a huge                                                Kelly, who, according to authori-
variety and sometimes there are                                                  ties, committed suicide after he
conflicts in the studio, but we                                                  spoke with a journalist on the Brit-
always compromise to create our                                                  ish government’s information on
sound.”                                                                          weapons of mass destruction in
   Working with renowned producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Three Doors               Iraq.
Down) and using the Chicago winter setting to write, Wiese said the Chi-             In short, if you’re a fan of
cago scene was a “huge attribute to the recording process” viewing               Yorke’s work, you will probably
“Chicago [as] a microcosm of our country.”                                       at least find yourself listening to
   Wiese joined Kill Hannah in 1999 after breakups in high school bands,         the album. Hopefully it will tide
and singing folk in L.A. “This is the first band I’ve really taken seriously,    you over and will likely get you
and I love every second of it with these guys.”                                  talking on the internet about the
   The origin of the band’s name was derived from lead singer / guitarist        upcoming disc from Radiohead.
Mat Devine’s college ex-girlfriend. Wiese laughed when I suggested                     —Written By Nicholas Messer
changing the name to Kill Kerry, an ex-band member who has been threat-
ening the band with lawsuits and music rights. “Yea, that would be funny,             Upcoming Album Releases
I like that!”                                                                              OCTOBER 17th
   Band longevity is an important key to Kill Hannah’s success. “It’s all
we know and we stick with it, we’ve had more than our fair share of obsta-       As I Lay Dying Shadows Are Security
cles, but we always conquer. Everything we do is an effort to get the mu-            Cradle Of Filth Thornography
sic out there.”                                                                            OCTOBER 24th
   Continuous touring has created a large national fan base. At the time of      Every Time I Die Shit Happens DVD
the interview Kill Hannah announced joining the Chicago Lollapalooza                       OCTOBER 31st
line up and expressed huge onstage gratitude toward fans for making “Lips
Like Morphine” the number one video on Fuse.                                        Deftones Saturday Night Wrist
    The powerful live show will capture fans of any listening genre. The          Type-O-Negative Profits Of Doom
band brings a bit of glam to stage by sporting eye liner and stylistic hairdos         The Clash Singles Box Set
including Devine’s Robert Smith messy style. The Placebo-esq feminine                   JUST ANNOUNCED
vocals, thrashing combo of Jesus and Mary Chain guitar riffs and the              Chimaria Resurrection Spring, 2007
danceable NIN drumming and synthesizer samples will be sure to make
Kill Hannah a soon-to-be national headlining act.                                      on the Ferret Music label
                                         —Written, Photo By Neil Shumate
                                                                               Premier live show:
O.A.R. and Jack’s Mannequin at the LC                                             Love Arcade
   Jack’s Mannequin
opened with smooth                                                               This summer Panic! At The
piano-rock sounds                                                             Disco and Fall Out Boy took the
and impressive vocal                                                          world by storm with their catchy
talent by Andrew                                                              songs and elaborate stage shows.
McMahon, who is                                                                  One of the first bands posi-
also the lead singer                                                          tioned to take their place just
and lyricist for Some-                                                        might be Detroit, Michigan’s
thing Corporate.                                                              Love Arcade.
   Twenty-four-year-                                                            To promote their debut, the boys
old McMahon was                                                               spent the summer on tour opening
also a former Ohio                                                            for New London Fire, and Redis-
resident of Bexley,                                                           cover.
where he attended                                                               The album features twelve tracks
elementary school at                                                          with a variety of musicality.
Cassingham.                                                                   “Can’t Stop" is begging to be sung
   McMahon is a                                                               in showers and cars across the
survivor of acute lymphoblast leukemia. After receiving a stem-cell trans-    nation. It even has its own built in
plant donated by his sister, he announced in July that he no longer takes     dance moves.
medication for his former illness.                                               Be careful, don’t slip!
   Since the incident, Jacks’ Mannequin have performed at a number of            The live performance is very
benefit shows to aid leukemia victims, as well as a current 19 city tour to   elating from start to finish, featur-
benefit cancer research.                                                      ing the live antics and elaborate
   O.A.R. (of a revolution) managed to pack the LC to sold-out status         stage presence of front man Chris-
dropping Dave Matthew’s style music. The environment also matched a           tian, AKA “Snow White.”
Matthews performance. O.A.R. filled the stage with five members includ-         I had the opportunity to catch
ing a keyboard player to drop reggae beats and a saxophonist to put a twist   Love Arcade live in Cleveland,
on the style adding some Less Than Jake flare.                                Ohio’s famed Agora.
   The band has always had a strong Central Ohio fan base with members          Christian explodes on stage with
being OSU graduates. With a crisp live performance, O.A.R. and Jack’s         a dramatic, well-staged entrance.
Mannequin are sure to sell out future shows.                                  With the lit banners behind him
    —Written, Photos By Neil Shumate (top OAR’s Roberge., bottom McMahon)     and the prosthetic wings on his
                                                                              back, you can’t help but stare and
                                                                              wonder if he plans on keeping
                                                                              those on the whole show.
                                                                                 It’s also very obvious that he’s
                                                                              no angel, but does it matter? Abso-
                                                                              lutely not, with a smile and an
                                                                              attitude like that, he'll cause any
                                                                              teenage girl to swoon!
                                                                                 The highlight of the perform-
                                                                              ance was the self-induced mosh pit
                                                                              with themselves and their own
                                                                                 When Love Arcade comes to
                                                                              your town be sure to catch Chris-
                                                                              tian and the band’s antics at a
                                                                              venue near you! When you do,
                                                                              don’t forget the golden rule: “Take
                                                                              a step to the right, back it up and
                                                                              drop it!” For a music sample, visit
                                                                                            —Written By Erin Nye
                                                           On the bus with Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosely

   Walking toward the purple tour          After a knock, the door opens.      Then I switched schools and I
bus, I anticipate an in person inter-      Lacey stands before me, repre-      gave up and quit!”
view with Texas natives Flyleaf.        senting everything beauty can em-         Mosely’s lyrics focus on per-
   Tour manager Scotty presents         power.                                 sonal journal entries about coping
the tour bus door.                         Lacey holds out her petit hand      with experiences of hitting rock
    As I enter and climb the stairs I   and introduces herself with a          bottom and overcoming the brutal-
see guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya       sweet dimpled smile.                   ity of negativity.
attempting an internet connection          As we seat ourselves on the            Mosely recalls writing in her
on his laptop, while a band organ-      familiar black leather couch, we       journal as an adolescent and listen-
izer watches Judge Mathis.              begin.                                 ing to major band influences Nir-
   The smell of chicken noodle             Flyleaf metamorphosed from          vana, Pantera, and Soundgarden:
soup from a microwave oven en-          previous band names Listen and            “I was sixteen and being selfish,
velopes my nasal passage.               Passerby.                              hateful, and dishonest. I realized
   I introduce myself to both              “At a Battle of the Bands we        how all the music I was listening
Sameer and the organizer as they        actually didn’t have a name for our    to was pity music and I had to get
offer me a beverage and encourage       group, and we needed a name to         rid of it.”
me to make myself at home on the        participate, so someone suggested          With natural vocal abilities, the
comfort of their leather couch.         Listen,” commented Mosely.             only lesson Mosley received was
  I’m seated directly across from           After the Battle of the Bands,     from their album producer Howard
Sameer and he inquires about Out        Listen turned into Passerby; how-      Benson (P.O.D., All American
Of The Blue and I proceed to            ever, that name was copyrighted as     Rejects, My Chemical Romance)
briefly describe the publication’s      a travel agency.                       who coached her on breathing.
content. Sameer and I continue             “So,” Mosely continues, “we            “He taught me to really mean
conversing as I wait for lead vo-       got a popcorn bowl with random         what you’re singing and how to
calist Lacey Mosely to finish prep-     words in it and pulled out two         compromise. Screaming was a big
ping in the back.                       words and put them together. I         fight. Making an album the way
   The band organizer goes back to      think the actual words were Car-       radio plays it and being an individ-
check on Lacey.                         bon Flyleaf, but we dropped it to      ual, creating something different.
   Minutes later I am escorted to-      just Flyleaf.”                         People want to hear different.”
ward the rear of the bus to meet           When performing live, and on           Finishing up the Family Values
Mosely.                                 the self-titled debut album, Mosely    Tour, Lacey recalled her most
    As I enter, I see the band’s        sings with unique passionate ag-       exciting moment while on tour.
bunks laid out toward the left and      gression.                                 “I sang a duet with Richard
right, doubling up.                        “I actually don’t know much         Patrick (Filter / Army Of One)! It
   A freshly showered smell seeps       about it [singing]. I was in choir     was so amazing. We sang a cover
under the door.                         in the seventh grade and tried out     of U2’s “In The Name of Love!”
                                        for a solo, but didn’t get the part.                continued on next page
And, in return, Korn covered Fil-     “because of the help from our
ter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot. It was      friends and family that we’re
unbelievable!”                        here.” As for advice to aspiring
   The Mosely / Patrick collabora-    musicians: “Know you have noth-
tion will be on the Family Values     ing to lose. We had to quit school,
Tour album release in December.       quit our jobs, sleep in a van with-
   Between tour stops the band        out a/c and drive in the cold with-
spends time reading, shopping,        out heat. It’s something you know
watching a movie at the city’s        you’re supposed to do. Play as
mall, visiting national parks,        many shows as possible, release
wakeboarding, and coming to-          demos and play showcases. But,
gether for meetings to express the    please, please keep a job!”
passion of God and Faith in their         The most important thing is
lives.                                spreading the message. “I want
    “Before going on stage we pray    you to get something out of this
together and express what we may      conversation. Recognition of what
have done wrong and we make           we are made to do and accomplish
everything right. We’re like a        it, trying to be what you created it
family, and we get through it to-     to be.”
gether.”                                  After the conversation, Lacey
    For live shows, Flyleaf views     and I again shake hands as I help
them as “a new opportunity with       myself out of the tour bus and pre-
new people to express the mes-        pare for their solid live perform-
sage.”                                ance.
   Mosely never hesitates to appre-       Following the Family Values
ciate the ones who made Flyleaf       Tour, Flyleaf will go home for a
happen.                               few shows, join Dir En Grey at a
   “The toughest part about touring   Japanese music festival, travel a
is leaving friends and family be-     short time to Germany with Stone
hind. Yea, they think it’s great      Sour, and later in the year tour
that they all got to see us on the    with Disturbed.
“Jimmy Kimmel show,” but it’s                   —Written, Photos
                                                 By Neil Shumate

                                                                             Out Of The Blue
“Talkin’ bout my generation” from Music TV to Reality TV
  On August 1, 1981, broadcasting        like "Stairway To Heaven" and            These technical shortcomings
history was made, although few           "Aqualung" ad nauseum while           gave these videos a certain outsider
knew it at the time.                     completely ignoring meritous          art quality befitting the "do it your-
   On that day, a New York-based         newcomers like Elvis Costello and     self" ethos of most post-punk bands.
experimental cable channel went          The Clash. MTV would soon             They seemed more honest and mes-
on the air, telecasting nothing but      change all of that by giving punk     merizing than the productions of
promotional films by popular mu-         and new wave equal time with          today.
sic artists.                             heavy metal and arena rock.              By early 1983, that magic started
   Intended as a television version         As a culturally stranded mid-      to fade. I really started disliking vid-
of Top 40 radio, this new network        western teenager, MTV seemed          eos when their production became
ignited a cultural powder keg by         like a Godsend. In a world that       too slick.
transmitting a clip of The Buggles       resembled a real-life version of         With the possible exception of
lip-synching their 1979 British hit,     "Fast Times at Ridgemont High,"       "Thriller," which appeals to my love
"Video Killed the Radio Star." It        my own predilection towards new       of Psychotronic horror films, I really
was the birth of MTV.                    wave music and fashion made me        cannot stand any attempt at a "mini-
   Early MTV was an unbelievably         something of a freak among my         motion picture."
exciting experience that can never       peers.                                   I do not care for videos that try to
be duplicated. It was almost like           With MTV, that passion was         tell a story with distracting dialogue
tuning into a secret underground         finally vindicated. At last, my       and outside actors. Even though they
world of pop music that was the          skeptical classmates could see        are often attractive eye candy, cho-
exclusive territory of youth.            these bands that I had been ranting   reographed dancers are just too
   Not only did the fledgling net-       about for the past two years. For     showbiz for me. Add in perfectly-
work show promo videos by up-            the first time, my chums realized     shot 35 MM film, and the slickness
and-coming pop artists, but they         that The Jam, Squeeze, and Mad-       factor is far too much to overcome.
were hosted by hip and attractive        ness were not figments of my             That being said, personal favorite
"video jockeys." The first five          imagination.                          early videos include:
jocks were easily the best, with           The first 18 months of MTV             "You Might Think" by The Cars
each one having a distinctive on-        were truly magical. Even though I     (1984)—shot entirely on videotape
air persona.                             preferred punk and new wave,          with primitive computer animation,
   J.J. Jackson was the knowledge-       there was something highly enter-     the effect is a very amusing series of
able elder statesman; Nina Black-        taining about seeing all types of     stylized vignettes on sexual paranoia
wood, the wild older sister; Mark        pop in these strange and experi-      and stalking.
Goodman, the opinionated and             mental shorts.                           "Dumbwaiter" by The Psychedelic
boisterous hunk; Alan Hunter, the           Some were very rudimentary,        Furs (1981)—A very disturbing song
simple-minded-but-charming boy           being nothing more than films or      given an even more abrasive visual
next door. And of course, my fave        videotapes of an artist in concert.   treatment. Grainy black-and-white
was the doe-eyed and innocent            Others were more daring and           footage of The Furs playing a formal
Martha Quinn, whose shag cut,            artsy, although low budgets and       event, slow-motion, and overlaid
short skirts, and Beatles obsession      limited technology made these         with colored geometric shapes that
gave me the biggest crush on her. I      early presentations seem incredi-     echo the cover of "Talk Talk Talk." I
was not alone in these feelings.         bly primitive by today's standards.   never did hallucinogenic drugs, but
   As a cultural phenomenon, Mu-         However, that's exactly how I like    this is how I imagine the experi-
sic Television could not have            my music video.                       ence.
come at a better time. As Ameri-            In general terms, I love those        "I Got You" by Split Enz
can rock radio became increas-           early videos that were cheaply-       (1979)—Cheap videotaped heaven.
ingly restrictive in its playlists, it   made, long before anyone realized     Singer Neil Finn over-acted, wore
seemed that only established art-        that there was a market for them.     too much makeup, and pranced
ists could get any airplay. Even as         I most enjoy those simple clips    about the most cliche set imagin-
the new wave of post-punk was            of bands lip-synching in front of     able...a minimalist version of a Vic-
cresting, you would not have             an artsy backdrop, usually created    torian mansion, complete with sheer
known it from radio.                     on a budget of $6.98. I really get    curtains blowing in the breeze. Oh,
   The FM dial remained stuck in a       something out of the visual ambi-     yeah, who can forget the singing
'seventies-based comfort zone,           ance of brightly-lit videotape or     mural?
rehashing stale heavy rock classics      grainy 16 MM film.
“MTV” continued
                                         Q & A with Nye
   "Goodbye to You" by Scandal            After being
(1983)—The archetypical early          together for four
video. A simple clip of the band       years, Colum-
miming their song, shot on tape,       bus’ Fat Kid
and overlaid with 'sixties-inspired    Dodgeball       is
op art visual effects. A prime ex-     making national
ample of how many new wave             wa v e s .   T he
artists tried to turn public taste     band has re-
back to a British Invasion-era         cently obtained
"mod" aesthetic.                       a new drummer,
  "Left Of The Dial" by The Re-        and their single
placements (1985)—Grainy black-        was featured on
and-white 16 MM shot of a teen-        MTV’s “Laguna
ager crashing in his bedroom, with     Beach.”
the camera fixing on a stereo          Tell me about
speaker for the remaining 3 min-       your new drummer?
utes of the song. The perfect anti-    I played in a band called Red Wanting Blue and I played all around Ohio
video.                                 and the Midwest with those guys. I’ve been playing in bands for the last
   Kudos should also go to Mad-        six years, but just recently came back to Columbus 5 weeks ago. It’s like a
ness, whose grainy 16 MM romps         whole new scene to me again.
made every new song a truly nutty      What’s your position with MTV 2’s “On the Rise?”
and fun experience. David Bowie        It puts the power in the fan’s hands. We didn’t hear about it until late in the
almost always came up with some-       game, but once we got it going, we managed to become Number 3, and are
thing visually strange but very        currently climbing.
appealing. Also deserving of spe-      Once you break into the mainstream, who do you hope to play with?
cial mention are the likes of The      All of us have different influences, but I would be interested in playing
Pretenders, Kim Wilde, Blondie,        with Fall Out Boy. While our styles differ, our stage shows and energy are
and Missing Persons, who always        similar quotes Frank. Pott states Foo Fighters. The band would also like to
looked good on brightly-lit video-     mix with Guns N Roses or Bon Jovi. Not to mention The Simpson Sisters.
tape, regardless of minimal pro-       Where did the band name come from?
duction budget.                        That’s always the favorite question. Potts came up with a list of band
   But alas, that was 25 years ago.    names and no offense to Potts, but some of them were pretty awful. When
MTV has since grown up into            I was at OSU one of my roommates hooked up with this girl and he was
something that no longer resem-        leaving to go to work and we were all kind of hung over and hanging out
bles its wild and exciting youth.      when he swung his head around the door and said, “If she wakes up, tell
   Music video is only a small part    her I’m out like a Fat Kid in Dodgeball."
of the programming day, with the       Is there an album out currently or plans for one?
majority of air time being filled by   We’re sitting on an album right now. It’s on hold with the departure of our
reality shows, documentaries, and      drummer. We plan to go to the studio and re-record some stuff and hope to
other cultural fluff. Too bad.         put out something this winter.
   We will never again see any-        Do you have any thoughts/advice for bands trying to achieve success?
thing as magical and original as       The only thing I can say is just stick with it. It’s hard to keep a band happy
the early days of MTV, and those       and together. Let alone be on the road, write and play the songs. It’s a mat-
who remember it will cherish it        ter of just wanting it more than anything. After all, a bad day with a band
always.                                is better than spending it in an office—its better than doing anything else.
           —Written By Jim Hutter      Being in a band is like being married to three people all at once and you
                                       really have to sacrifice yourself to make it work.
     Out Of The Blue                   What’s the craziest thing that’s happened so far?
                                       We did a show in Dayton in December and at about 1:30AM, without
    podcasts on iTunes!                sleeping, we drove straight in the night to New York and we got a flat tire
                                       in Pennsylvania and were really cutting it for time. We finally got to New
       Keep updated on                 York, and an hour before we were scheduled to play, our lead singer lost                 his voice completely. It was like the domino effect, but we pulled it off!
      out_of_the_blue646               Unfortunately, we don’t have any Guns ’N Roses groupie stories yet!
                                       —Written By Erin Nye
Coheed and Cambria live The singer has a nice range of                                                    Show
 at lifestyles pavilion vocals, the drummer crazy beats
                        and fills, the bass player smooth                                               Schedule
  Following a long wait in line and    grooves, and the two guitarists
another long wait inside, the first    technical math-metal style licks.                 Hosted by Jester
band finally took stage.                  The singer almost took out the        every Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm
   They are called 3. Plain and        entire light bar when he decided to        on Marion, Ohio’s WDCM 97.5
simple, yet rather odd.                take a cymbal stand and swing it
   This five piece band proved         around stage, jumping on top of                      November 1st
itself worthy. With a Coheed-          amps and smashing the cymbal                          Mayavirupa
esque sound they were amazing.         onto the ground. The raw energy
   Their set included a drum-off       this band puts on stage makes your
between the drummer and percus-        money worth while.                                   November 8th
sionist. The lead singer also played      A brief intermission. The secu-                   Hitting Rupert
guitar with a unique style: for any-   rity guards at the barricades began
one familiar with slap bass, imag-     to spray down the crowd, perhaps                    November 15th
ine that on guitar, with a twist.      enjoying their jobs a little too
                                                                                             3 El Ninos
  He did an acoustic guitar solo,
and in the final song, he broke 2         Coheed and Cambria took stage
strings and began to swing his         opening up with their first single,                 November 22nd
guitar around.                         "Devil in Jersey City."                               Kikdown
  I spoke with the singer after the        After playing through a few
show, in which he explained the        songs, Claudio Sanchez [lead vo-
                                       cals] addressed to the crowd that
                                                                                          November 29th
band name, 3: "It's like the entire
universe is put into groups of 3.      Josh and Travis [Bassist and                       Vicious Whiskey
3rd planet from the sun, the human     Drummer] had personal issues to
being is 3D such as Soul, Body         deal with and were being filled in         contact
and Spirit, among many other           by two close friends.
things."                                   With wild hair and warm vo-   
   Next, Chiodos came on stage,        cals, Claudio jumped around stage
and they seem to have a rather         with Travis [guitar], playing
                                       "Blood Red Summer," "The Crow-
                                                                             Shidoshi on All Known Aspect’s
large Columbus fan base. Before
the band even took stage, the kids     ing," "The Suffering," and others.         “Smoke & Mirrors”
were elbowing their ways up front         They left the stage and the
                                                                             "One of the most rewarding aspects about
and making room for the pit.           crowd chanted for an encore. Sure
                                                                             writing and performing primarily instrumen-
   When they walked out, the floor     enough, they came back for two
                                                                             tal music is that everyone's personal interpre-
erupted. No one really seems to        songs.
                                                                             tation of the track is something unique and
know how to describe this band,           The latest hit, "Welcome Home"
                                                                             special. We've been asked if this song in
except for saying they're strange,     made the Lifestyles Community
                                                                             particular has some sort of drug reference
yet awesome.                           Pavilion shake from the crowd’s
                                                                             because of the title - 'Smoke & Mirrors'. It's
  Experimental in the hardcore         intensity. They ended their set
                                                                             an interesting concept to consider, but in
riffs, vocals that range from emo-     with "Willing Well IV: The Final
                                                                             reality, this track was - like the majority of
sounding whines to hardcore            Cut," extending the song with in-
                                                                             our material - just an experiment to see just
screams. They put on a fairly ac-      strumental moments, guitar shred-
                                                                             how well all three of us meshed together and
tive live show.                        ding, talk box "wow"s, behind-the-
                                                                             has become one of our personal favorites.
  The Dillinger Escape Plan            head playing, and just overall good
                                                                             This is also the last track we wrote with our
(DEP) showed up next. This band        time jams.
                                                                             guitarist ~ and friend ~ Dave Hobbs and, in
was one of the best live acts I’ve        The show was full of experi-
                                                                             my opinion, is one of the best examples of
seen.                                  mental sounds and talented musi-
                                                                             his skills that we were fortunate enough to
   One guitarist looked more like a    cians. The line up showed talents
                                                                             have contributed to the AKA sound.
gymnast on stage than a musician,      of all kinds—from nimble wall-
                                                                             Dave has committed to recording with us in
jumping onto one amp, then             jumping guitarists to stage driving
                                                                             the studio for the full length album, and were
bouncing off another and running       singers. All the bands can be
                                                                             excited to release those tracks soon."
back up front and stomping on top      found through a simple engine
of a lit up box.                       search—you should look them up.
                                                  —Written By Josh Davis
  For The Drive, Kobrakhai break ups and additions
   It is often said that when a door closes, someone always opens a win-
dow. Two major announcements that were made in the Columbus music
scene recently did just that!
   Following their well reviewed show at the All-Biz Music Conference
this summer, J. Michael Taylor announced his decision to leave the popu-
lar Columbus band Forthedrive.
   Forthedrive was founded in 2003 with members Chadd Conkle on vo-
cals, Eddy Hindes, on drums, Micah Dorward, on bass, and J. Michael
Taylor and Rob Smialkowski on guitar.
   Just last year, the founding bassist left the band and was replaced with
Nathan Ploesser. Since its foundation, the band has played over 100 shows
both locally and regionally with the highlight being its very own CD re-
lease party in early 2005—selling out CBR for the first time in the club’s
   After the shock of Taylor’s departure set in, the band sought a replace-
ment. However, at the risk of compromising what was already a built and
established franchise, the band opted to shift its own Nathan Ploesser to
lead guitar. However, that still left the bass position open.
   The band approached a good friend of the band Dustin Rinehart, who
quickly accepted the position.
  Rinehart has been known on the scene since 2001 as the front man of
popular band Me Times Ten.
   Me Times Ten called it quits in 2003, and Rinehart left the scene for a
brief period of time. After about a year, Rinehart joined Koga which then
changed its name to Kobrakhai.
   Kobrakhai’s lineup featured Alan Mauger, on guitar/ vocals and Chris
Beal on drums. Rinehart was the bass player as well as vocalist. Kobrakhai     F
also had a very close and tight knit fan base.                                 A
   They even had their own cheerleading squad. At larger venues, they
would show the crowd who had 9,423,045 lbs of rock in a ten pound bag.         M   Deftones
With Dustin’s departure, the band is on hiatus, and their recordings are
shelved, but there is a strong possibility they could return in the future.
                                                                               I   Walls Of
   Granted any line up changes may never be as strong as these three were,     L
but the fans will be here and will embrace what they bring!
   This summer, Kobrakhai played its last show at Victory’s. The vibe was      Y   Bullets
somber, yet bittersweet for the trio as the crowd cheered with admiration           And
and respect.                                                                       Octane
  The tried and true were up in front and were thrown the guitar picks, the    V   Dir En
drum sticks, buttons and t-shirts to remind them of what will be missed.
   The final song was “The Last” with altered lyrics to fit the atmosphere.    A    Grey
  For now, it may be the last time that they sing to us, but this separation   L    Stone
being as amicable as it was, it may be safe to say that we may see them
again even if only for one night!                                              U    Sour
   Many fans tried hard to hold back tears, while for others, it was next to
impossible! Since the final show, Alan Mauger has taken up residence
                                                                               E   10 Years
once again with Wolfgang Parker, and Chris Beal will be part of a cur-         S
rently undisclosed project. Regardless, we all wish them the best of luck!
   September 3, Forthedrive played their first show with the new lineup in
Hiram Ohio. Change may be hard to adapt to, but this is one change that
fans of this band will truly enjoy.
                                                                               2     Neil
   The energy is more focused to the middle of the stage. The prospect of      0   Shumate
backup vocals will be amazing. Best of all though is that nothing was
compromised in the switch.                                                     0
   The songs remain the same and the members, both new and old, are            6
growing a stronger bond than ever before. Most of all, fans and industry
execs alike will love the new look, the new sound, and the forthcoming
album, Fight With Honor!        —Written By Erin Nye
                                                                                       Special thanks to
                                                                                        the following
                                                                                       local businesses
SintheticEDITS                                                                           for allowing
                                                                                        distribution of
     I tell ya life itself is proba-
  bly the most interesting por-                                                        Out Of The Blue
  tion of existence since after
  all, existence is indeed the
  very essence of what life is,                                                         In Marion, Ohio
  put simply its just the ac-                                                        Intenze Color Tattoos
  knowledgement of "being."
    Life has its ups and downs,                                                     Jumpin’ Juice and Java
  highs, lows, smiles and cries,                                                     Mr. Ego’s Game Café
  and of course its beauty and
                                                                                        Pop’s Carry Out
     Many people seem to ex-                                                             Shirts ‘N Stuff
  perience one side of the dual
  spectrum more often than the
  other one. Could this mean                                                          In Delaware, Ohio
  that life (or all of existence itself) is unbalanced?                                    Ink Spot
     Of course it does. Being a part of the world is pretty much like being a
  part of a project with tons of pieces out of place. Sort of like an unfinished
                                                                                       The Mean Bean
  or faulty jungle gym, playground or whatever.                                          Pat’s Records
     It can be fun sometimes, but other times you can fuck yourself up if           Revolution Skate Shop
  indeed you're not careful.
    I examine this situation from time to time and I can't help but see what I             Studio 24
  wish other people could see. The world's incomprehensible amount of
  catastrophies and disasters are the result of mankind's deviation from uni-          If your business would
  versal, earthy, or put simply...the laws of nature.                                      like to distribute
     There will always be good and evil, light and dark, and countless other
  opposing forces in the world. Life cannot be without them.
                                                                                          Out Of The Blue,
    Opposing forces are the very seeds that nourished the galaxy with activ-              please contact us.
  ity, conception, birth, growth, and of course life itself. Everything around
  us acts according to its own natural cycle. That even goes for us as well.
     We follow a pattern just like everything else, but the only difference
  is...we're not balanced. Therefore, we cause the world around us to be the              We value
  same. Some people believe in the end of the world, some people believe                your feedback
  in the return of Christ. Me personally…I believe that this very planet fol-
  lows a cycle of opposing forces just like everything else in existence.
     You look at the world today and you see extremes on every single level
                                                                                     Leave us comments
  imaginable and really, .it's natures way of balancing everything out.               and suggestions
    We've all heard the phrase "The Calm before the Storm," but if you want
  some insight as to where the world is when it comes to its cycle, then look
  at it as being “The Storm before the Calm.”                                       out_of_the_blue646
    Mankind was never meant to perish, we're just following a course that
  will bring us back into balance with all that's around us.                        For Upcoming Local
     The world will indeed get worse before it gets better, but if you think        and National Shows
  about has to be done.
    The vermin of our world who are so bent upon greed and control and             www.outoftheblue646.
  creating their own laws will eventually cause the undoing of everything    
  they have created. Those who lust for power will eventually destroy them-
  selves, and when that happens.......the meek shall inherit the earth.
                                                                                       NEXT ISSUE PREVIEW
    A world brought back into balance can very well be described as Heaven         Interviews with Every Time I Die,
  itself. Respect your fellow man and try harnessing your inner sense of           Mushroomhead, Jihad Jerry & More
  compassion.                                                                          Alternative Sports returns
                  Till next time, SINthetichead3000 (Zac Tennar)                   with the exploration of Suspension
                                                                                    More area band profiles, reviews,
                                                                                     and independent art and poetry

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