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									Things Fall Apart
Part II
Chapters 14-19

   1. 129 Where does Okonkwo go for seven years? Which side of his family does he
      stay with?
   Mbanta, mother’s
   2. 129 What is Uchendu’s relationship to Okonkwo? Uncle

   3. 129-130 What is Okonkwo given to start his new life? Plot of ground on which to
      build compound, two or three pieces of land for farming

   4. 131 What had been Okonkwo’s great passion? Becoming lord of the clan

   5. 133 What is the first question Uchendu asks Okonkwo? Why is it that one of the
      most common names for children is Nneka or “Mother Supreme”?

   6. 134 What is the second question he asks? Why is it when a woman dies she is
      taken home to be buried with her own kinsmen?

   7. 134 What is the answer Uchendu gives for both questions? When there is sorrow
      and bitterness a man finds refuge with his mother; she protects him

   8. 138 What news does Obierika, Okonkwo’s friend from his home village, bring
      about the village of Abame? It has been wiped out

   9. 138 What did the Abame villagers do to the white man and his “iron horse”?
      What do you think the iron horse is? They killed him and tied the iron horse to a

   10. 139-140 How did other white men get their revenge on the village of Abame?
       They shot people during market day

   11. 143 When Obierika next visits Okonkwo two years later, what group of people
       have arrived in their home village of Umuofia? missionaries

   12. 143 What are efulefu? Worthless, empty men

   13. 147 What is it about Christianity that captivates Okonkwo’s son Nwoye? The
       hymns seem to answer the question of the twins crying in the bush and the death
       of Ikemefuna

   14. 148 What types of people are buried in the “evil forest”? people who died of evil
       diseases; fetishes of medicine men
15. 149 How does the “Evil Forest” tie into the missionaries? The village gives them
    part of the evil forest for their church

16. 151 What is it about the Ibo customs that causes Nneka to join the church? Twins
    are thrown away, and she had had twins, so she didn’t want her children thrown

17. 151-152 What happens between Okonkwo and Nwoye when Okonkwo hears that
    his son has been to the Christian church? Okonkwo beats him, and Nwoye leaves

18. 154-155 What happens to the three converts to Christianity who boast that the Ibo
    gods are dead? They were beaten

19. 156 What is an osu? An outcast who lives in a special area, can’t marry, buried in
    Evil Forest

20. 157 What must the osu do before joining the church? Cut their hair

21. 157 What is the most revered animal in the village of Mbanta? Royal python

22. 159 Because they think that villager Christians have killed the sacred animal,
    what does the village assembly decide to do? Ostracize the Christians

23. 160-161 What ends the conflict over the killing of the sacred animal? The accused
    Christian dies

24. 163, 165 How does Okonkwo thank the village of Mbanta for his seven-year-stay
    there? By giving a feast

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