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									     we are Louisiana Tech universiTy

     state of

     louisiana                                                               Motto	- Union, justice and confidence
                                                                             Nickname	- Sportsman’s Paradise
                                                                             State	Capital	- Baton Rouge
                                                                             State	Colors	- Gold, white and blue
                                                                             State	Bird	- Brown Pelican
                                                                             State	Dog	- Catahoula Leopard Dog
                                                                             State	Tree	- Bald Cyprus
                                                                             State	Flower	- Magnolia
                                                                             State	Song	- “You are My Sunshine”
                                                                             State	Drink	- Milk

      did you know:
      Louisiana is home to
      Mardi Gras, one
      of the largest Carnival
      celebrations in the
      world. Held each
      February in New
      Orleans, the two-week
      party draws millions
      of tourists from around
      the world.


     Louisiana is the crawfish capital of the world, supporting a multimillion dollar-a-year industry.
     With speckled trout and large and small-mouth bass action that is unrivaled in the country, with clouds of
     ducks filling the skies most winters, with deer, rabbit and squirrels running wild, Louisiana is rightly named
     Sportsman’s Paradise. It’s a fisherman and hunter’s dream-come-true.

                                          2007 Louisiana Tech FooTbaLL Media Guide
                                                                               weLcome To The famiLy

city of


driving disTance
from rusTon
Dallas - 3 ½ hours
Houston - 4 ½ hours
Baton	Rouge - 3 ½ hours
New	Orleans - 4 ½ hours
Jackson - 2 hrs
Mobile - 5 hours
Birmingham - 5 hours
Memphis - 5 hours
Little	Rock - 2 ½ hours
Lafayette	- 3 hours

did you know:
Lincoln Parish is home to three state parks, numerous lakes and ponds for
fishing, boating and water-skiing, a world-renowned mountain bike trail, the                           17
annual Peach Festival and one of the top golf courses in the country in
Squire Creek Country Club.

Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University are located
within four miles of one another as the two colleges share a unique bond,
including operating an Interinstitutional Cooperative Program making it
possible for undergraduate and graduate students to enroll for classes at
both schools concurrently.

                                   2007 Louisiana Tech FooTbaLL Media Guide
     we are Louisiana Tech universiTy

      what the pros are saying about

     Derek Dooley
      youngest Division i heaD coaches
      Pat	Fitzgerald	    Northwestern	                32	
      Mario	Cristobal	   Florida	International	       36	
      Bret	Bielema	      Wisconsin	                   37	
      Ron	Prince	        Kansas	State	                37	
      Al	Golden	         Temple	                      38	
      Derek	Dooley	      Louisiana	Tech	              39

                                            Joseph addai
                                            RB,	Indianapolis	Colts	
                                            “He’s the kind of coach that’s got a lot of energy, and he’s somebody that
                                            you can relate to on a personal level. He’s great at giving advice while being
                                            upbeat at the same time. There aren’t many coaches that will let you have
                                            fun while getting the job done at the same time. He has the ability to get
                                            that out of you.

                                            randy mcmichaeL
                                            TE,	St.	Louis	Rams	
                                            “Coach Dooley is such a bright person. He’s made me a better person on
                                            and off the field. He’s made me focus every day on every aspect of the
                                            game. As a coach, he makes you the best player you can possibly be. He’ll
                                            coach you like you’ve never been coached, and he’ll push you to your
                                            maximum potential. He is a phenomenal teacher.   ”

                                            scoTT Linehan
                                            Head	Coach,	St.	Louis	Rams	
                                            “Derek was born to be a football coach, but not just because he is the
                                            son of a former head coach and grew up around it. He understands the
18                                          commitment it takes to be a winner at all levels. Guys like him just need this
                                            opportunity, and now it’s official, so watch out. He’ll have a lot of success.

                                                  2007 Louisiana Tech FooTbaLL Media Guide
                                                      weLcome To The famiLy

national championship experience…
          nfl experience…
      a leaDer with a vision.
integrity, selflessness, passion, Discipline, class

    nick saBan
    Head	Coach,	Alabama	Crimson	Tide	
    “I think Derek has an excellent presence about himself. He’s a very
    articulate, bright guy. He’s very well organized and very smart. He’s a
    good coach and a hard-working guy. He was always a very good recruiter
    when he was in college, which I think is paramount if you’re going to have
    success as a college coach. I think he’s got all the right stuff and ingredients
    to be successful as a head coach. ”

    roBerT royaL
    TE,	Buffalo	Bills
    “I really admire and look up to him. Not only is he a great coach, but he is
    a great man. He comes from a background of winning, and he represents
    what you expect in a coach. You can believe and fully trust him. He is a
    high-character man and a player’s coach. ”

    andrew whiTworTh
    OL,	Cincinnati	Bengals	
    “Coach Dooley is a great guy and certainly someone I look up to. He has an
    extreme knowledge of the game of football, and I’m very excited to see him
    get an opportunity to be a head coach.
                                         ”                                             19

      2007 Louisiana Tech FooTbaLL Media Guide

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