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									Anatomy and Physiology Honors Syllabus
Instructor: Mrs. Cappelletti

Course Description: This course examines the inner workings of the human body in
terms of structure and function along with systemic relationships focusing on the tissues,
integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous and endocrine systems. Case studies will be a
supplementary key to integrating knowledge through application. Laboratory work will
required, including anatomy dissection of rat, cat, cow eye, sheep brain, pig heart and
kidney. Students will use the Laerdal SimMan ―WALDO‖ who will be programed to
emulate a healthy patient and many pathological scenarios.

Goals and Course objectives: Upon completing the course, students should be able to:
           Discuss how organ systems are integrated within the human body;
           Demonstrate that physiological responses are dependent on this
           Explain how the modification of one system, such as during treatment,
            may have effects on other systems
           Explain how human behavior can also be responsive to changes in
            physiological integration.
           Learn to distinguish the difference between heart, lung, and bowel
            sounds by auscultation using WALDO (SimMan)

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 7th Edition
Author: Frederic H. Martini

Laerdal Human Body Simulator
SimMan Essential (WALDO) Anatomically correct genitalia for male and female

LABORATORY: Lab Fee: $40.00 (help to cover costs of consumables including
preserved cat and annual maintenance for SimMan.
1. Before you are allowed to perform laboratory experiments you must
       i. Return the syllabus/laboratory waiver signed by you and your parent(s).
       ii. Pass a pre-laboratory safety quiz.
2. Approved protective eye- wear must be worn at all times for designated laboratory
   experiments even if you are not performing experiments yourself. Protective eye
   wear maybe removed only if your teacher has stated, ―Lab is over it is OK to remove
   your protective eye wear.‖

3. All students MUST were gloves when handling WALDO. Any student who does
   not wear gloves will lose participation points.

4. Proper cleanup of your lab station and equipment prior to class dismissal is an
   integral part of your laboratory grade. 10 point deduction will be assessed for any
   station that does not meet Mrs. Cappelletti’s ―white glove test‖
5. Equipment and chemicals must only be used as directed by Mrs. Cappelletti.


Any failure to wear eye protection, or follow laboratory safety protocols will result in a
laboratory violation (see below). For eye -wear to function adequately they must cover
your eyes. Therefore, eye- wear positioned on your forehead constitute a violation.
A. Unsafe use of laboratory chemicals or equipment in a manner not directed by your
    instructor will result in a laboratory violation.
B. Improper cleanup or leaving out equipment will impact your grade.
C. A 10 point deduction for each infraction will be assessed. : (

The policy for laboratory violation is as follows:

       1) Loss of points set for that specific lab. (10 points)
       2) Habitual disregard for lab rules and regulations will constitute a conference
          with student/parent/s and teacher
       3) If conference does not improve student’s behavior the result will be the loss of
          lab privileges for the rest of the year and a special written report (1000 word
          minimum) will replace the laboratory experiment.

Participation: (4% of grade). Beginning of each quarter you have receive 211out of
200 points. The 11 extra credit points offset the -5 points lost going to the bathroom if
you did not utilize your breaks, lunchtime, or, is just an emergency. Points will also be
deducted for following infractions;

Participation points are lost for the following infractions.

      Not in your seat at the bell rings, you are tardy               -5 points
      Texting or using a cell phones during class time:             -20 points
      Talking is during lecture is not permitted:                     -5 points
      Missing books, calculators, etc. required for class             -5 points
      Trip to the bathroom other than test days                       -5 points
      Not wearing goggles on lab day                                -10 points
      Forgot something in locker                                      -5 points
      Sleeping in class (i.e. your head is on the desk)              -5 points
      Standing by door before end of class bell has rung.             -5 points
      Not wearing gloves when working with WALDO                    -20 points
      Homework not out and on your desk at the bell, when             -5 points
       Mrs. Cappelletti is checking homework assignments.

       You should strive not to miss lectures or lab sessions. Much of what is taught
       in the course is a compendium of several sources and may not be immediately
       available outside of the lecture or laboratory. Example: Once your lab
       partner has dissected an anatomical structure it cannot be put back together for
       you to re-dissect! If you anticipate any excessive absences or sudden
       situations that preclude you from attending class, please contact me.
       Excessive unexcused absences may result in a grade reduction.

Assignments & Absences:

   Written assignments must be completed on clean edged of standard size. Torn out
    spiral notebook paper is not acceptable and results in half-credit.
   PROPER HEADINGS: On the upper right corner of your paper your name, the
    date, and the assignment. You will not be given full credit without the proper
    headings. If you name is missing: – 10 point deduction : (
   Assignments are due at the beginning of class or they are late – no exceptions.
   All students are responsible for making up written class work, homework, tests, and
    quizzes if they are absent for any reason. Check with Mrs. Cappelletti to arrange
    for make-up work before your absence, if possible. Make-up work will not be
    accepted once the class has progressed to the next chapter of the text
   Students absent (excused or otherwise) for laboratory experiments generally, are not
    permitted to make-up the lab. Reason stated above in attendance.
   Students must do their OWN work. Anyone found sharing or copying homework,
    tests, or work done in class (unless it is a group assignment) will receive a ―0‖ grade
    on an assignment and be referred to the dean.


                 I do not anticipate any behavior or classroom problems. 

      Behavior in the lecture and lab must not interfere with the learning of other
      students. I have the right to teach and all students in my classroom have the
      right to an environment conducive to learning! Thus,
            Conversations during lectures are not a good idea, as should any
               behavior in the laboratory that interferes with normal educational
            All cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during the lecture
               and laboratory sessions during my class. If a student’s cell phone is
               used in my class, 20 points will be deducted from participation
            Unsafe activities and actions endangering others in lectures, labs, or
                field trips will not be tolerated, and will be handled by the Dean.

               Adherence to the Academic Code is mandatory; violations will be
                dealt with as per the JSerra Student Handbook
Student Expectations
1. Students are to be seated and QUIET when the bell rings; otherwise, you are tardy
   and – 5 point deduction from participation will be issued. You may not leave the
   classroom until your instructor, Mrs. Cappelletti, not the dismissal bell has dismissed
   you. Nor are you permitted to stand at the door prior to dismissal of class.(-5
2. Students must also be respectful during class prayer and attentive during
   announcements (See handbook pages 20-22 for behavioral standards.)
3. Follow directions the first time they are given and PARTICIPATE! Students are
   expected to listen actively, ask questions, and take notes.

Consequences: Your failure to abide by these expectations will be rewarded with an after school
animal cage cleanup and/or a paper on a human body system Structure and function REPORT.
Failure to show for the clean –up or an incomplete report will result in a -10 point deduction from
your grade.

Grading occurs on a straight value system (and thus is not curved) — I want to know
what you know, and not how you measure up to each other.
I do not round up quarter grades only at the semester. The grading scale follows thus:
                  A       93% and up                    C+      77-79%
                  A-      90-92%                        C       73-76%
                  B+      87-89%                        C-      70-72%
                  B       83-86%                        D       60-69%
                  B-      80-82%                        F       59% and below

    There is no extra credit (only participation points) and late assignments DO
    Exams results will be posted within 48 hours. Homework, laboratory experiment
     results and quiz grades will be posted within 72 hours or sooner as possible.
    Your quarterly grade will be determined as follows:
             Tests                                          57%
             Quizzes/case studies                           13%
             Homework/projects/notebook                      8%
             Laboratory Experiments & Results               18%
             Participation                                   4%

Material Needed
  A) Textbook
  B) 3-ring binder for notes, lab/case studies, quizzes, tests
  C) 3x5 index cards for vocabulary
  D) #2 pencils
  E) laptop computer
  F) colored pencils

*A binder will be collected twice a quarter and is worth 100 points. A forgotten
notebook on collection day results in a 20 point penalty, no excuses.
The notebook shall contain 5 sections with the syllabus and safety contract
preceding the first section. THIS ORDER IS REQUIRED FOR FULL CREDIT.

       Syllabus/ signed safety contract
                Table of Contents
       Section 1: NOTES – Must contain sufficient material from class lectures.
       Section 2: BOOK HOMEWORK - contains homework given from textbook.
       Section 3: QUIZ - contains each quiz given in class
       Section 4: EXAMS – you get to keep your exams
       Section 5: HANDOUTS: contains useful biological terminology information and
                  in-class assignments such as review sheets/work sheets/lab reports/.
                  case studies.

Course Outline: Tentative
QUARTER 1                            Week 2/3 – Ch.14
Week 1-Ch 1                          The Brain
Introduction to Anatomy/Physiology   Quiz
Levels of Organization               Lab: Sheep Brain Dissection
Homeostatsis                         Chapter Test
Frames of Reference
Lab: Dissection of rat               Week 4 – Ch 4
Quiz                                 Tissue Level of Organization
Chapter Test                         Types of Tissue
Week 2 – Ch 2                        Membranes
The chemical level of Organization   Quiz
Atomic Structure                     Tissue Injuries/repair
Chemical Reactions                   Lab: Investigating tissue types
Inorganis/Organis Compounds          Week 5, 6, 7 – Ch 5 through 9
Quiz                                 Integumentary System
Chemicals and Cells                  Quiz
Quiz                                 Accessory Structures
Lab- Enzymes                         Response to Injur/aging
Clinical – Solute concentrations
                                     Clinical notes
Chapter Test
                                     Lab: hair/nails
Week 3 – Ch 3                        Bone Structure
Cellular Level of organization       Axial/Appendicular Skeleton
Organelles of the Cell               Articulations
Quiz                                 Quiz
Passive/Active Transport             Chapter test
The Cell Cycle                       Week 8 – Ch. 10, 11
Quiz                                 Muscle tissue
Lab: Diffusion/Osmosis               Quiz
Chapter Test
                                     Muscle System
    Quarter 2                        Quiz
                                     Lab: cat dissection
Week 1- Ch. 12                       Chapter test
Neural Tissue
Spinal Cord, nerves, reflexes
Lab: construct neuron unit
Chapter test
Week 4/5 – Ch 15, 16
Neural Integration              Week 7/8 Ch.23
Lab: Nervous System             Respiratory System
The Endocrine System            Lab: Cat Lung/heart
Quiz                            Quiz
Chapter Test                    Chapter Test

Week 6 – Ch.17                  Week 9 – Ch. 24
The Special Senses              Fluid, Electrolyte, acid/base balance
Quiz                            Lab: acid/base pH
Eye dissection                  Quiz/Chapter Test
Chapter Test
Quarter 2                       Quarter 4

Week 7/8 – Ch. 18               Week 1 Ch.25
The Endocrine System            Digestive System
Lab: Hormones                   Lab: Cat
Quiz                            Quiz
Chapter Test                    Chapter Test

Week 9 – Exam Week              Week 2,3 – Ch 26
Review for 1st semester Final   Metabolism/energetics
                                Lab: Enzymes
Quarter 3                       Chapter Test
Week 1 Ch. 19
The Blood                       Week 4/5 Ch. 27
Lab: ABO/Rh Blood Typing        Urinary System
Quiz                            Lab: Pig Kidney, Cat, WALDO
Chapter Test                    Nephron Unit
Week 2 – Ch.20                  Chapter Test
The Heart
Lab: Pig’s heart, cat, WALDO    Week 6/7 – Ch. 28
Quiz                            Reproduction System
Chapter Test                    Lab: cat/DVD
                                Chapter Test
Week 3/4 – Ch. 21
Blood vessels/Circulation       Week 8 – Ch.29
Lab: Blood Pressure/pulse       Development/inheritance
Quiz                            Lab: Cat
Chapter Test                    Quiz
                                Chapter Test
Weeks 5/6 Ch.22
Lymphatic System                Week 9 – Exam
Quiz                            Review for 2nd Semester Final
Chapter Test                    DVD Body Worlds
* Handwritten class notes as well as handwritten notes prepared by the student outside of
class are permitted on some Chapter Exams. Typed or any form of computer generated
notes are not permitted. It is important that you keep all class notes and assignments,
until the semester has been completed.

**Mrs. Cappelletti does not keep extra textbooks in the classroom. Therefore, unless
otherwise instructed, textbooks must be brought to class everyday. This will be entered
into Edline as an assignment worth 10 points.

Personal Note: My goal as a teacher:
               This Anatomy and Physiology Honors course is designed so you, the
               student, will not only have enjoyed taking the class, but will be inspired
               to continue to explore the human body in some area of the medical
               profession after finishing your high school academic career.
               The medical field is a fascinating, rewarding, and challenging vocation
               needing bright, compassionate people like you!

                Mrs. Cappelletti 

   Parent/s and student please sign, date, and return the syllabus and
   Safety contract by Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Student/Parent Syllabus and Lab Safety Sheet Acknowledgement
                              2011 - 2012
          Mrs. Cappelletti –Anatomy and Physiology Honors
Student's Name _____________________________ Date: ___________________

       This paper acknowledges that the student and parent have been provided in this
syllabus information on:

      a.   Student assessment and participation point deductions
      b.   Student expectations in the classroom and laboratory,
      c.   Consequences of inappropriate behavior in the laboratory.
      d.   The showing of the DVD “ Body Worlds” and Pre-natal Development
      e.   Actual Medical Case Studies
      f.   Use of WALDO including male and female anatomy
      g.   Make-up Test policy*see below”
      h.   Lab Fee: $40.00; Handed in to the cashier in building One

                         TEST ABSENCE POLICY
If a student is absent on the day of an exam, they will have 1 week to make-up the
exam. Make-up exams will be given on Monday afternoons or Thursday mornings.
(the athletic department is aware of this policy). If a student fails to make-up the
missed exam within the 1 week time period, they will receive a zero.

This information in this syllabus is continuously available on Mrs. Cappelletti JSerra
Teacher Website. I can be contacted by e-mail at I will respond
within 24 hours. Please e-mail me to arrange a phone conservation or conference.

I have read and understand this Syllabus including the
STANDARDS OF CONDUCT in the LABORATORY __________________________
                                                       (Sign and date)

                              PARENT OF STUDENT:

I have reviewed this Syllabus including the
Student Expectations in the LABORATORY __________________________________
                                                       (Sign and date)

      NOTE: This acknowledgement form properly signed by parent and student
                 must be returned prior to participating in any laboratory activities.
      Due Date: Thursday September 1, 2011
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