Adjectives and adverbs Adjectives by wanghonghx


									Adjectives: describe nouns, modify them, tell what type,
which one, how many
    Ex: The brown house is over there.
    Ex: She is smart and silly.
    Ex: They are interesting people.

    *Unexpected adjectives: the, this, these, those, that, a,
    an, some, one, two, three (numbers), more, his, her
    (possessives), all, colors, their, our, etc.

    Ex: The paper is sitting on the desk.
    Ex: I can’t believe that these cats are for sale.
    Ex: Do you want to play with those darts on this board or
    Ex: Will you buy the red car or the blue?

    *Sometimes you will have multiple adjectives all in a
    Ex: The dirty team players need showers.
    Ex: The student sometimes goes to the expensive
    shopping mall and buys some sports equipment.
    Ex: I want to buy two blue shirts.
    Ex: I will buy one Pepsi. / I will buy one.
    Ex: The boy wants those and he likes these.
    Ex: Sally likes that boy. She likes him.
    Ex: The bird likes his house. The bird likes his.
Adverbs: describe/modify verbs, answer these questions:
when, why, how, how often, how much, where

    *Not all adverbs start end w/ “-ly” AND not all “-ly”
    ending words are adverbs.
    Ex: She is a lovely girl. (lovely = adj)
    Ex: She silently slept. (silently = adv.)
    Ex: He took his dog on a quiet run through the park. (no
    adverbs here, just adj.)

P-place          He parked the car there.
M-manner         He parked it slowly.
F-frequency      He parked it everyday.
T-time           He parked it Sunday.
R-reason         He parked it to avoid a ticket. (adv phrase)
I-intensity      He parked it very slowly.

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