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									                                                                    2011 Annual Review of the Recommendations of the External Review of the Animal Ethics Committee (May 2010)

Recommendation                                                         AEC Comment                                             implementation plan         timeframe      officer(s)    budget & workload implications                  Apr-11

                                                                       Agreed - a policy detailing Category E input to the     AEC Executive, EO and                                                                        Animal Services
2.1 Consideration should be given to co-opting one or more             committee is required, recognising that the diversity   Manager to formulate                                                                         Manager regularly
suitably experienced members of the animal care staff to the AEC       of research may require input from multiple animal      policy in conjunction with 1st quarter     Chair, EO,    Time commitment. Additional         attends AEC
as non-voting members.                                                 care lab managers                                       Lab Managers               2011            Manager       catering & printing costs           meetings

2.2 The Animal Services Manager should normally serve as the
Category E member on the AEC, but other appropriately
experienced and located animal care staff should be approved to
act as alternates to cover meetings that the Manager is unable to                                                                                                                                                           Aqua lab manager
attend or where their input may be particularly relevant to                                                                                                                                                                 to be invited to
applications being considered.                                         Per 2.1                                                 Per 2.1                     Per 2.1        Per 2.1       Per 2.1                             L'ton meeting

2.3 Steps should be taken to ensure that the published AEC
Grievance Procedures are updated at appropriate intervals as
required. Where such documents contain links to staff email
addresses, these should wherever possible be generic addresses
that are reflective of the position rather than an individual in order Agreed - Review of all policy, procedures and website Review and amendments by 1st quarter Executive
to reduce the risk of it becoming out of date too quickly.             information will be undertaken                        to commence immediately 2011         Officer               on-going, core business             updated

                                                                                                                               Agreed - will be
2.4 The Manager of Research Ethics should be referenced as the                                                                 incorporated into           by 1st quarter Executive
primary point of contact for the lodgement of any grievances.          Agreed -                                                guidelines                  2011           Officer       Nil                                 updated

3.1 The AEC must ensure that at least one meeting each year is
held on the Launceston Campus and that an inspection of facilities
by all members of the committee be part of the agenda for that                                                                 meeting calendar for 2011                  Executive                                         L'ton meeting
meeting.                                                           Agreed - noting that this already occurs                    will incorporate this                 2011 Officer       Nil                                 15.7.11

3.2 Where possible and subject to numbers, an annual Animal
Ethics Training day (similar to the one held each year in Hobart)                                                                                                                                                           To be held in L'ton
should be run on the Launceston Campus.                                N/a - Already occurs                                    n/a                         n/a            n/a           Nil                                 Research week

3.3 A policy of having the AEC Chair routinely meet with the PVC-R
at approximately six monthly intervals should be seen as an
important part of ensuring that the University hierarchy is kept       6 monthly meeting may not be possible, however                                                                   Per 3.4 -official
informed about the workload of the AEC and any potential issues        annual meeting (plus annual report to institution) will                                                          delegation/communication policy
that may arise. This would be in addition to having the AEC submit     occur with provision for extra meetings as the need                                                              for reporting/informing institution meetings =
an annual written report to Council via the office of the PVC-R.       arises (eg issue specific)                              already implemented         n/a            n/a           required - Manager REU              frequent of late!

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                                                                2011 Annual Review of the Recommendations of the External Review of the Animal Ethics Committee (May 2010)

3.4 When problems with researchers or research projects do arise,
the AEC should where appropriate, bring these to the attention of
the PVC-R to ensure that he is adequately briefed if called on to                                                             Manager & EO to research                                                                   Delegations and
make public / media comment at short notice or to potentially     Requirement for communication policy detailing              and implement new policy                  Manager &                                        communications
instigate disciplinary action if required.                        parameters of designated spokespeople                       in conjunction with PRUE mid 2011         EO           time commitment                     policy in train

3.5 The existing research database should be expanded to allow it
to support electronic submission of all AEC applications and      AEC is very keen to work with Research Services to          Manager & EO to work                                   possibility to use ROCU/WARP
associated paperwork in order to streamline the system and        ensure this is implemented. AEC considers this to be        with Director, Research                   Manager &    platform currently under-         under-
improve efficiency across the board.                              the biggest risk area to AEC development                    Services and Ian Mitchell   end 2011      EO           development to contain costs/time development

4.1 The AEC should regularly review (at least once evelY three                                                                                                                                                           undertaken, new
years for example) the third party guidelines cited on the Animal                                                             review to commence                         executive                                       SOPs need to be
Ethics web pages.                                                   Agreed                                                    immediately & on-going                     officer
                                                                                                                                                          1st quarter 2011           on-going, core business             written

                                                                                                                                AWO to discuss
4.2 The AEC may wish to consider implementing a mechanism that                                                                  register/advertisement of
would improve the use of scavenged tissues. We would suggest                                                                    available tissue with
that projects that rely exclusively on the use of ethically scavenged Ethics application is only required if the animals are to Animal Users Group and
tissues should be rewarded by the implementation of a simplified be used for the purpose of the research. No ethics             Manager Animal Services                                                                  AWO to monitor
application process                                                   approval is required for scavenged tissue.                (Menzies)                 end 2011      AWO          Nil                                 and promote

                                                                                                                              Executive Officer to
4.3 Encourage Category B members in particular to consider          Already offered by Category B members but a formal        construct mentoring
offering some mentor style assistance to colleagues that may be     mentoring system could be established by AEC for          information and
less experienced with the AEC system and struggling to submit       junior researchers, possibly incorporating previous       disseminate to
high quality applications.                                          AEC members                                               stakeholders                mid 2011      EO           Review of ethics training/education on-going

                                                                     The AEC will consider the implications of this on        If the AEC agrees to enact
                                                                     changes to approval conditions. The RMDB                 this all application
                                                                     administrator will be consulted on the implications of   form/guidelines will need                                                                  AEC not convinced
                                                                     this on database management. Comprehensive               to be updated and                                                                          that this is useful,
4.4 Consider relaxing the strict "three year maximum" rule for       guidelines would need to be developed detailing          changes made to the                                                                        necessary or in
approvals that are tied to projects with longer term funding (albeit eligibility of extended approval and annual review       RMDB to allow for 4 or 5                               time impost RMDB Manager.           best interests of
still being subject to annual review / renewal).                     criteria                                                 year projects              mid 2011       EO           Significant time investment EO      animals

5.1 The initiative of appointing a Manager - Research Ethics with
oversight of both animal and human ethics was seen as an
insightful move which should be seen as a very positive step which                                                                                                                   Profile salary costs. Recruitment
confirms the status of Ethics within the University.               Agreed                                                     n/a                         n/a           n/a          costs (finalised by end 2010)       n/a

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                                                                  2011 Annual Review of the Recommendations of the External Review of the Animal Ethics Committee (May 2010)

                                                                     A Fish Advisory Panel (with dedicated research
                                                                     assistant)is in the process of bing created as this is                                                                                              focus has shifted
                                                                     seen as an area of risk requiring attention. A full time work with PVCR and                                     $2500 secured from OPVCR. Full      towards creation
5.2 The University should ensure that the Animal Ethics Section      EO position is essential for the proper performance of Director, Research to                    Manager,        time EO - central budget allocation of broader SOPs,
remains adequately staffed and resourced for its duties.             AE administration.                                       secure resourcing levels               Chair           required                            including fish

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       An Ethics Unit,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       including setting of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       an assignment, has
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       been presented
                                                                                                                             Manager & EO to develop                                                                   within Grad Cert
                                                                                                                             framework for embedding                                                                   Research. Delivery
                                                                                                                             ethics training across all                                                                of the Unit will
                                                                                                                             stakeholder groups ie                                                                     occur several
                                                                                                                             CALT for training of                                                                      times per year
                                                                                                                             academic staff, GRO for                                                                   across all
7.1 The Graduate Certificate programme being implemented by                                                                  registration of supervisors.                                                              campuses. Specific
the University provides an excellent opportunity to ensure that all                                                          AWO to look at technical                                                                  animal
higher degree candidates are adequately trained in ethical                                                                   training requirements, eg                               Review of training/education.     welfare/ethics
research methodology and we believe that here is a very real                                                                 specialist courses                                      Construction of unit within Grad  training will be
opportunity for the University to draw on the expertise of the                                                               required. Potential to                                  Cert - significant time/expertise delivered during
Manager - Research Ethics should be utilized to ensure that                                                                  work with other Tas AECs                Manager,        required. Possible $ return from  the Research
students receive an appropriate level of instruction in AEC         Agreed. EO, AWO & Manager to conduct review of           on delivery of training                 Chair, EO,      GRO/CALT/external AECs for        Weeks at each
principles and processes.                                           training requirements across stakeholder groups          (DPIPWE, AVA & AAD)          end 2011   AWO             composing & coordinating training campus.

8.1 The secondment of a reasonably senior member of the STEPS                                                                                                        AWO, MRI &
animal care staff to the Menzies Research Facility Animal Holding                                                            Work with Menzies                       Animal
Area as a full time position would significantly increase the level of                                                       Director and Manager of                 Services
animal health and welfare monitoring possible in this facility.        Pendng response from Menzies Research Institute       Animal Services             mid 2011    Manager    n/a                                      Implemented

8.2 The implementation of a monitoring system that relies on
having hard copy monitoring records for animals undergoing
treatments that may reasonably result in some level of pain,         A new system for monitoring animals that have           AEC to monitor progress
distress or morbidity should be implemented in a way that allows     undergone treatments at MRI1 is in the process of       and review new system                   AEC, AWO,
researchers, animal care staff and the AWO ready access to this      being implemented by the AWO, the Animal Users          during inspection of                    MRI (animal
information.                                                         Group & Animal Services Manager                         animal facilities           end 2010    services staff) Nil                                 Implemented

8.3 Greater thought should be given to the enrichment of the rat's                                                           AEC to monitor progress
environment, including a reassessment of the need for isolation                                                              and review during                       AEC, AWO,
housing so that it is only employed where it is essential for the                                                            inspection of animal                    MRI (animal
welfare of the rats.                                               Supported by AEC. Pending response from MRI               facilities                  mid 2011    services staff) costs to be borne by MRI            Implemented

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                                                                   2011 Annual Review of the Recommendations of the External Review of the Animal Ethics Committee (May 2010)
                                                                                                                        NB 2002 Review of the
                                                                                                                        School of Aquaculture
                                                                                                                        stated 'To consolidate its
                                                                                                                        position in Launceston to
                                                                                                                        compete nationally and to
                                                                                                                        meet strategic needs of
                                                                                                                        future shifts in research
                                                                                                                        emphasis, their is a clear
                                                                                                                        need to upgrade the
                                                                                                                        Aquatic centre as a matter
                                                                                                                        of urgency .' The AEC is
                                                                      Strongly supported by the AEC and communicated to concerned that the
                                                                      Prof Palmer during his review of the NCMCRS. The  University has been made      Action/upgra   PVCR, AEC,
                                                                      NCMCRS has prepared a submission, including       aware of this as a pressing   de plan        AWO,                                             Chair will follow up
9.1 Funds need to be set aside to offset the cost of eventual         associated costs, for senior management           issue for many years, yet     required by    NCMCRS         Significant capital expenditure-  on progress with
equipment failure at the Launceston aquaculture facility.             consideration                                     has not set aside any         mid 2011       Director       UTAS Central/Infrastructure funds PVCR and AMC

9.2 The AEC must be fully consulted at appropriate stages during                                                          AEC to remind all HOS of
the design and construction of the new Animal Breeding and                                                                this requirement (per                      EO, AWO &
Holding Facility at Cambridge (consistent with the requirements of Already in progress. The AWO is being consulted        Code of Practice) via                      MRI staff (or
The Code) to ensure that they will be able to approve its use once regularly throughout the planning stage and is         Facility Registration                      other Schools
completed.                                                         updating the AEC on progress                           correspondence              on-going       as necessary) Nil                                 ongoing

                                                                                                                                                                     EO, AWO &
9.3 The AEC, animal care staff and researchers must all be fully      Already in progress. The AWO is being consulted                                                MRI staff &
consulted if / when the existing Menzies Institute animal holding     regularly throughout. The plans were presented at   AEC to monitor progress                    animal users
facility is redeveloped.                                              the November AEC meeting.                           with these developments on-going           group          Nil                                ongoing

9.4 Instaliation of some form of lighting along the walls behind the
mouse holding racks in the Menzies Research institute holding                                                                                                        AEC, AWO,
facility would help to ensure that all mice are exposed to the       Supported by AEC. Pendng response from Menzies       AEC to monitor progress                    MRI (animal                                       AWO to monitor
planncd 12 hour light: dark cycle.                                   Research Institute                                   with these developments mid 2011           services staff) costs to be borne by MRI          progress

9.5 Funding should be allocated to allow for the purchase of                                                                                                         AEC, AWO,
additional cages to overcome difficulties that are inherent with      Supported by AEC. Pendng response from Menzies      AEC to monitor progress                    MRI (animal                                       AWO to monitor
some currently in use.                                                Research Institute                                  with these developments mid 2011           services staff) MRI                               progress

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