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					PhD Alumni Reunion

  November 22-23, 2002
     Ann Arbor, MI
                    A Brief History of IOE

The University of Michigan begins conferring degrees in Engineering:

              Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical                  1895

The first Industrial Engineering titled degrees are conferred:

              BSE- Mechanical and Industrial Engineering               1926

              BSE- Chemical and Industrial Engineering                 1928

              BSE- Electrical and Industrial Engineering               1929

Industrial Engineering is cited first:

              BSE- Industrial and Mechanical Engineering               1946

Industrial Engineering stands alone:

              BSE- Industrial Engineering                              1952

              BSE- Industrial and Operations Engineering               1973
                                                       Circa 1970

                                        Walt Hancock

                Lois and Ralph Disney

                                                          Darlene Hoag
                                                          Don and Barbara Chaffin
Photos courtesy of Chet Jain
                               Circa 1990

Photos courtesy of Doug Beck
Many thanks to the alumni who sent in profiles and photos:

The 60’s
           Ralph E. Boston ‘62
           Barton R. Burkhalter ‘64
           Don B. Chaffin ‘67
           Robert Haessler ‘68
           Richard C. Jelinek ‘64
           Robert W. Metzger ‘63
           J. Michael Moore ‘67
           John A. Muckstadt ‘66
           Milton Netter ‘69
           Thomas L. Sadosky ‘68
           Robert G. Sargent ‘66
           Richard C. Wilson ‘61

The 70’s
           A. Adnan Aswad ‘72
           David M. Carlson ‘75
           Yahya Fathi ‘79
           Thom J. Hodgson ‘70
           Chittaranian Jain ‘70
           Donald L. Keefer ‘76
           Michael Moore ‘72
           Fred Preston ‘79
           Prakash T. Sathe ‘71
           Hasan Sayani ‘73
           Frederick J. Schanne ‘72
           Rodney K. Schutz ‘72
           Marlin U. Thomas ‘71
           Roger Turner ‘72

The 80’s
           Jeffrey M. Alden ‘87
           Don Bloswick ‘86
           Majid Jaraiedi ‘83
           Marilyn Maddox ‘88
           Steven F. Wiker ‘86
           Lung Chiang Wu ‘80
           M. Zafer Yakin ‘81
The 90’s
           Paul S. Adams ‘93
           Imtiaz Ali ‘93
           Douglas J. Beck ‘92
           Peter S. Benson ‘90
           Karla Bourland ‘91
           Matt Brown ‘91
           William P. Cross ‘95
           Paul Frantz ‘92
           Alfredo Garcia ‘97
           Richard E. Hughes ‘91
           Hong-Wei Hsiao ‘90
           Mark Isken ‘95
           Raj Kawlra ‘94
           Carter J. Kerk ‘92
           Zongshi Lin ‘99
           Kimberly A. Monroe ‘99
           Bryan A. Norman ‘95
           John J. Neale ‘97
           Harriet Black Nembhard ‘94
           Daniel J. Reaume ‘97
           Charles H. Rosa ‘93
           Norka M. Saldaña ‘91
           Shih-ching Albert Sang ‘96
           Durward K. Sobek II ‘97
           Sheryl Ulin ‘90
           Chi-Yueh Wang ‘95
           Xudong Zhang ‘97

The 00’s
           Scott E. Grasman ‘00
           Koichiro Inoue ‘00
           Terri Lynch-Caris ‘00
           Lisa Maillart ‘01
           Jane Meejung Chang Oh ‘00

                                             -Nancy Murray
                                        1205 Beal Avenue, 1883 IOE
                                          Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2117
                                                      734 764-5657
Ralph E. Boston ‘62

R.R. #1
Perth Road Village, Ont. KOH 2LO

Retired Management Consultant/Professional Engineer


In the mid 1940s, I was enrolled in a technical high school in Toronto, Canada.
Our machine shop practice test was by Professor Orlan W. Boston of U of M. He
and I had the same surname.

When I went to U of M in 1959 for my Ph.D., I was temporarily assigned his
office. He had retired in June of that year. We met shortly after. He was a little
heavier, a little taller, but physically the very image of my father. A year later they
met. They were stunned by their similarity.

Despite Orlan’s interest in genealogy, we cannot directly connect the two
families. We do come close. There is a common signatory, Mary Boston, on a
birth certificate on his side of the family, and on a marriage certificate on ours.
The addresses involved are within a few miles of each other in East London,

A fascinating coincidence.

Proudest accomplishment

According to a Statistics Canada survey on higher education in Canada in the
early 1960s, there was only one Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in Canada. I was
that individual, thanks to U of M.
Barton R. Burkhalter ‘64

10310 Gary Road
Potomac, MD 20854

Currently I am Director of Operations Research, Quality Assurance Project,
University Research Co., Bethesda, MD. In this post I direct applied research
activities to improve health care delivery in developing countries throughout the
world, with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Since graduation from IOE in 1964, most of my work has been in the health care
industry. From 1963-72, I was CEO of Community Systems Foundation working
mostly in hospital productivity projects in the U.S. (although we also did some
work in library systems analysis and urban planning and municipal
management). In the early 1970s I shifted my focus to field studies in nutrition
and child health in developing countries (Colombia, Chile, Thailand, etc.), and
also joined the faculty at U of M in the Urban and Regional Planning Ph.D.
Program, where I taught research methodology and other courses. Among other
efforts I started and edited a technical journal on nutrition planning through
Community Systems Foundation.

In 1978 I joined the Medical School faculty at the University of Arizona in Tucson,
and worked extensively with American Indian communities (Papago, Hopi) and
the U.S. Indian Health service on health related topics. Lots of field work and
interesting research during this period. This led to substantial consulting in
health care in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, particularly
related to maternal and child care. I served as Associate Director of Wellstart
International in San Diego, an organization devoted to improving infant feeding
practices. While residing in San Diego, I was also active in several start-up
companies involving import-export activities.

In 1988, I moved to Washington DC to become the Director of the USAID-
supported Center for International Health Information, keeping track of health
conditions and programs in developing countries and helping USAID report to
Congress. I joined the staff of the Academy for Educational Development where I
undertook various health studies with USAID, the World Bank and UNICEF, was
active working with Private Voluntary Organizations, and developed
epidemiological models to advocate for increased investment in child nutrition
and safe motherhood in developing countries. These have had some success,
and I have continued to work with them after moving to my current position nearly
three years ago.

All in all, a very non-linear career, but exciting beyond all expectations.
Don B. Chaffin ‘67

3860 Tremont Place
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

http address: Don B. Chaffin Homepage


Barbara and I returned to UM after I spent a year as an Assistant Professor of
Physical Medicine at the U. of Kansas back in 1968. Both our families are from
the area, and Barbara also earned her first degree from UM (Psychology).

My work has concentrated on developing software models to simulate manual
tasks. This software can assist an engineer or designer when analyzing the
ergonomic features of a vehicle interior or workspace. Over 3000 individual
licenses (plus two corporate cite licenses) have been granted by the University.

In the late 1970’s I served as Chair of the IOE Department, until a group of us
started the Center for Ergonomics in 1980, which was the first formally organized
academic center for ergonomics research in the country. Over the years this
Center has assisted 26 faculty and research scientists, and supported 43 PhD
dissertations. I have been honored to be director of this Center during its first 18
years (Tom Armstrong is the current director). One of the most rewarding
aspects of working in the Center has been the opportunity to advise 35 wonderful
PhD students, many of whom have continued to develop and use ergonomics to
better working conditions and product designs all over the world.

During the last decade I have realized that the present ergonomics knowledge
base is so complex, that not many engineers and designers understand how to
use it correctly. This has motivated me to form a new laboratory in the Center for
Ergonomics, which is dedicated to the proposition that many human physical
endeavors can be visualized using computerized human animations. This
relatively new laboratory is named the Human Motion Simulation laboratory, and
is supported by an industry-government consortium. It currently involves 20
faculty, research staff and students. The intent is to create computer rendered
human models in virtual environments which designers and engineers can use to
visualize how people of various sizes, ages and gender move about while
performing all types of manual tasks. We believe that such a dynamic human
graphic tool will profoundly change the design of future workspaces and vehicles,
allowing the designers to really practice human centered design in the near

Barbara and I have three grown and married children (Paul, LeAnne and Jeff),
who in the past two years have provided us with three grandsons. Two of the
three families live in Minneapolis, and one lives in Livonia, so we get to do some
babysitting with one grandson.

Barbara has been very active as a community volunteer over the years. She
served as president of Community Action on Substance Abuse, and organized
the Youth to Youth program in the Ann Arbor middle and high schools. She
enjoys cooking for the Ann Arbor Hunger Coalition, and is highly involved with
the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. Barbara trains our five-year-old Bichon Frise,
and has done very well in Obedience and Agility Trials.


Going to dog obedience and agility trials, and during the summer, spending time
on our 30 year old motor yacht on Lake Huron. When ever possible, going to
Minneapolis to visit grandchildren.

Proudest accomplishments

Marrying my best friend and having three great kids who are all very
independent, productive and married to wonderful people. Professionally, I think
writing a textbook and producing software that has apparently influenced the
development of occupational biomechanics for evaluating and designing working
conditions has been a real high. Being associated with so many creative and
hard working faculty, staff and especially graduate students here at Michigan
continues to make it a very satisfying life.
Robert Haessler ‘68

2355 Delaware
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

I retired from the University of Michigan Business School. I am still active in
software development for solving cutting and packing problems.


My wife Janet is a psychologist in Ann Arbor. Son Mike is married with one child.
Son Jeff is single and lives in Seattle. Daughter Jenna is moving from Hanoi to
Istanbul – her husband works for Ford.

Interests     Golf

Proudest accomplishment

Developed solution procedure for the corrugator combining problem.
Richard C. Jelinek ‘64

PO Box 1375
Aspen, CO 81612
After teaching at U of M for six years, I founded Medicus Systems Corporation, a
healthcare information provider. That business resulted in four publically traded
companies, the last of which, Lifemark Corporation, I sold last year to United
Health Group. I now live in Aspen, Colorado and am involved in diversified
activities, including business investing, real estate, charity, ranching and
numerous sports.

Family       Married to Debbie. Six children and two grandchildren.
             Valerie: Teaching school in Ann Arbor and has two children
             Rick: Executive with United Health Group in Minneapolis.
             Hope: Working in real estate in Chicago and Miami.
             James: Ranching in Northern California
             Jan: Works for an Oriental rug company in Chicago
             Courtney: Senior at U of M

Interests    Ranching, real estate, development, running, hiking, skiing, biking
             and tennis.

Proudest Accomplishments

             Establishing a Chair in the School of Public Health at U of M
             (currently Professor Jeffrey Alexander holds the chair)

             Running the Boston Marathon
Robert W. Metzger ‘63

25450 Winding Creek Dr.
New Boston, MI 48164

I retired from the Dow Chemical Co. as an associate business councelor in 1993.
Since then I have done some computer systems for a friend in the fuel oil


We have 4 sons, 7 grandsons, (the last one born just last month), one
granddaughter and 2 great grandsons. Three grandsons will be in college this


Square and round dancing, home improvement projects.
J. Michael Moore ‘67

6 Pheasant Way
Florham Park, NJ 07932

            BJ, Mike and Roxanne

I retired from Exxon-Mobil when they closed the New Jersey facility. I now
volunteer as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a Tax Preparer and a
local High School Band Parent (drive the truck and move the big instruments).


My wife, BJ, and I have a daughter, Roxanne, who just graduated from high
school and will be attending University of Illinois this fall majoring in Mechanical
Engineering and Music Performance. She is following in Dad’s footsteps as an
avid percussionist.


Skiing, squash, bridge, tennis, golf, travel plus all my volunteer work.

Proudest Accomplishments

       Roxanne, my daughter, as high school Valedictorian and a member of
       Bergen Cadets, a highly competitive (and mostly college) Drum and
       Bugle Corp.

       My PhD and thesis

       Surviving BJ for over 30 years.
John A. Muckstadt ‘66

6 Fiddlers Green
Lansing, NY 14882


After leaving Ann Arbor in the summer of ’66, I continued as an active duty Air
Force officer. I taught at the AF Institute of Technology graduate school followed
by a tour in the AF Logistics Command. In 1974 I joined the ORIE faculty at
Cornell. I started and directed the manufacturing program at Cornell, served
almost a decade as the director of the School of ORIE, and am currently the
holder of the Acheson-Laibe Professor of Engineering distinguished
professorship at Cornell. I retired from the AF Reserves in 1983. As part of
teaching and research responsibilities, I have authored over 100 papers and
have won 11 teaching awards given by students and the College. In addition, I
have had an active consulting practice since joining the Cornell faculty.

My wife Linda and I have four sons, Paul, Steven, John and Andy. They are all
married and collectively have 6 children. Paul lives in Maine; Steven and John
live in Ithaca (horay!); Andy and family live in Ann Arbor. All four sons are in
manufacturing careers, which makes me very happy. Linda is retired; she was
the financial director for our local hospice.

Linda and I enjoy our time with our children and grandchildren. We enjoy
classical music. I play golf. We travel a reasonable amount. We garden. Linda
is an avid quilter. Cornell hockey and Michigan football are favorites of our

Proudest accomplishments
I have had many extraordinary opportunities and have taken advantage of most
of them. Major accomplishments include: developing and implementing a
mathematical model for spare parts procurement for the AF; winning many prizes
for research and teaching at Cornell; designing manufacturing and distribution
systems for companies and being recognized in Fortune magazine for designing
one of the US elite factories; receiving a distinguished professorship at Cornell.
Milton Netter ‘69

13770 Shady Lane
Monroe, MI 48161


Professor Emeritus, College of Engineering, University of Toledo


Married to Allien for 52 years. We have three sons:

      Jeff:   BA Northwestern; MS, PhD Ohio State University; JD Emory
              University Professor of Finance, University of Georgia

      Greg: BSE University of Michigan; MBA University of Michigan
            Owns his own business

      Garry: BSE University of Michigan; MSE University of Toledo
             Engineer at Owens-Illinois

Seven Grandchildren


I walk two big German Shepherds a mile and one-half every day. I ride a horse
2-3 times a week. I haven’t used f(x) = 1/σ√επ ??? for a long time.

Proudest accomplishment

While I was at the University of Toledo as Chairman of Industrial Engineering, IE
progressed from a one and one-half faculty offering as an option in Mechanical
Engineering, to a seven faculty separate department granting undergraduate and
graduate degrees in Industrial Engineering.
Thomas L. Sadosky ‘68

1811 Murdock Rd.
Marietta, GA 30062


Ten years teaching and research at Georgia Tech. Twenty years as a consultant
for Coca-Cola. Worked in almost every country of the world. Two years retired
to canoe, hunt and fish. Served on IE Advisory board at Georgia Tech. Taught
IE graduate courses at night while working at Coke. Chairman of the Computer
Integrated Manufacturing Advisory Board at Georgia Tech.

Wife Beverly - Owner of small antique business in Marietta, Georgia
Son Paul – Completing Ph.D. in food science at the University of North Dakota
Son John – Captain and owner of sport fishing boat in Mobile, Alabama
Daughter Lindsey – Pre-veterinarian student at University of Georgia

Canoeing, hunting, and fishing

Proudest accomplishments

1970’s – Georgia Tech – Chosen by students for Outstanding Professor Award
         three consecutive years.

1980’s – Coca-Cola – Designed and installed a worldwide productivity reporting
         system for bottling operations.

1990’s – Coca-Cola – Designed a network optimization model for the Coca-Cola
         supply chain. The model was used for plant and warehouse location
         and capacity decisions. It was installed in 39 countries. I trained 150
         technical associates to use the model.

2000’s – Retired – Ten-point buck with bow and arrow.
Robert G. Sargent ‘66

145 Butler Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

   Signing copies of 50 Anniversary Issue of
                        Operations Research

I have been a faculty member at Syracuse University since I received my Ph.D.
in 1966. I am currently a Professor Emeritus and continue to do research and
publish research papers. My main field of research has been in the methodology
areas of simulation. Other fields of research include queueing systems and
performance evaluation. I have published numerous papers and have provided
considerable service to the simulation community.

I have an adult daughter, Tiffany, who has a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s
degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. She currently is
employed by Intel.

I enjoy being active and love skiing and tennis. I travel extensively to foreign
countries and in the United States.

Proudest accomplishment
I was honored to have an invited paper on simulation in the 50th Anniversary
Issue of Operations Research (January-February 2002). I am listed in Who’s
Who of America and have received service awards from the following
organizations: ACM, IIE, the Winter Simulation Conference Board of Directors,
and the INFORMS-College on Simulation (specifically, the College’s
Distinguished Service Award). I was selected to serve as the first Department
Editor for Simulation Modeling and Statistical Computing (Research
Contributions) of the Communications of the ACM, was coeditor of a special
issue of Operations Research on simulation (Vol. 31, No. 6), and served on the
Editorial Advisory Board of the ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer
Richard C. Wilson ‘61

805 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103


Retired, Professor Emeritus, IOE/University of Michigan, 1983


2 children, 2 grandchildren, 1 wife for 53 years!


Music, especially jazz. Currently leading a jazz trombone ensemble.

Proudest accomplishments

       Contributing to Manhattan Project 1944-46

       Obtaining University of Michigan Ph.D.

       Chairing Ph.D. committees of such stellar graduates as Jack Muckstadt

       Involved in hiring new faculty such as Jim Bean, John Birge, Yavuz Bozer,
       and others.
A. Adnan Aswad ‘72

184 Puritan
Birmingham, MI 48009


Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering of the
University of Michigan-Dearborn


Married 40 years to Dr. Barbara Aswad, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at
Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Have one son, Ron, in Colorado. We
spend our winters in Claremont (university town) in California, and summers in


Product and Process Design/Total Quality. Reading (Economics and Social
Sciences). Tennis. Community Service.

Proudest Accomplishment

Founded the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at U of M-Dearborn
and established a graduate program. Today, it is in the top 10% of IE
departments in the nation.
David M. Carlson ‘75
601 Lido Park Drive, 1E
Newport Beach, CA 92663-5567

I am presently serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
for an electronic business transaction network company called We
provide a service by which manufacturers (like Kawasaki, Toro and Indian
Motorcycle) and their distributors can do business with their dealers
electronically. These transactions include purchase orders, warrantee
registrations and claims, price and availability inquiries, etc. Our web site is


I have a daughter, Kacey, who owns and operates a retail store in Lawrence,
Kansas. She is a very active Wicca and regularly presides over religious
services on her six-acre farm near Bonner Springs. She is also a very prolific
writer and poet and has been published in more than 40 periodicals. She was an
English major at the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

I have a son, Erik, who graduated from Tufts University in 2000 and is now living
in Allston, Massachusetts. He is the creator of (please
check it out) and recently gave his first performance as a singer/songwriter. He
also does web design and development.


In addition to the position I have at E-DN, I am very active in the Unitarian
Universalist Church, am active in the regional Ferrari Club, run regularly and am
an opera enthusiast. I also am a season ticket holder for the Orange County
Performing Arts Opera Series.

Proudest accomplishments

Personal – I am particularly proud of my two children. Both are talented
sensitive, responsible and creative adults.
Professional – I am particularly proud of the huge progress that Kmart
Corporation’s technology made under my leadership as Senior Vice President
and CIO between 1985 and 1995. (The fact that executive management was
incapable of using the incredible tools that were put in place to actually
merchandize and operate successful stores against the Wal-Mart onslaught
pains me to this day!) On several occasions during this period Kmart’s efforts
were acknowledged to be ahead of equivalent initiatives at Wal-Mart, especially
in the area of the use of large massively parallel data base machines as the
basis for merchandising applications. While at Kmart I also had a significant
impact on the product offerings of Intel, AT&T, Unisys, Symbol Technologies and
IBM. Both information Week and CIO Magazine cited me as one of their top 100
CIO’s for the new millennium.

Yahya Fathi ‘79

110 Kemper Lane
Cary, NC 27511

Professor of Industrial Engineering at North Carolina State University, Raleigh,
NC 27695.

Family       Not married, no children

Interests    Travel, reading, horse back riding, playing chess.
Chittaranjan Jain ‘70

2765 Loreto Dr.
Willoughby Hills, OH 44094-9453


I have been at the Cleveland State University since my graduation in 1970.
I served for 10 years as the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering.
My current position is: Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing
Engineering and University Ombudsperson. I enjoy my work at CSU


I have been married to Nisha since 1970. We are blessed with two delightful
children. Our son, Vineet (29) obtained his MD from CWRU and is currently a
4th year resident in Radiology at Northwestern in Chicago. He has been
married for two years to Ritu, a health-care management professional. Next
year he plans to join the University of Maryland for a fellowship in
Thoracic Radiology. Our daughter, Charu (26), received her BS and MS
degrees in Industrial/systems engineering from CWRU and went on to get a JD
from UM. She is now working for an IP Law firm in Manhattan, NY. She was
married earlier this year to a UM graduate in Mech. Eng. who is working in
NY as well. Nisha is a Speech-Pathologist who has decided to work only a
few hours a week since our daughter's wedding!


After of lapse of 30 years, I have recently revived my interest in the game
of bridge. I now play competitive duplicate bridge regularly.

Proudest accomplishment

Raising two wonderful kids. Professional satisfaction in seeing my students
go on to better themselves and make a contribution to society. I will be
remiss if I fail to mention that none of the above would have been possible
without the love, affection and mentoring provided by Walt Hancock and his
very gracious wife, Charlene since the day I arrived on campus.
Beverly Slater, Chet Jain, Jim Foulke and Kerry Kilpatrick
Thom J. Hodgson ‘70

128 Perquimans Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609


Professor of Industrial Engineering at North Carolina State University

Director, Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute, N.C. State


Married to Grace Poppink Hodgson, two grown sons


Teaching, research and handball (but not in that order)

Proudest accomplishment

Two great sons
Donald L. Keefer ‘76

945 East Leeward Lane
Tempe, AZ 85283


I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Supply Chain
Management of the College of Business at Arizona State University. My
research and teaching interests center on decision analysis. I teach courses to
MBAs in decision analysis and in more general (OR/MS) decision modeling. I
have published articles in a number of leading journals including Management
Science, Operations Research, and Interfaces. Before joining ASU, I spent
fifteen years with Gulf Oil Corporation and Chevron Corporation, primarily as an
internal consultant using analytical models to help management evaluate
complex projects and allocate limited resources.


I have been married to my wife, Beverly, for 23 years. She teaches fifth grade in
a nearby elementary school. I have two daughters. Amy is a sophomore at
ASU, and Leslie is a senior in high school who plans to attend ASU next year.


I enjoy sports, entertainment, and reading, along with a little bit of theology.

Proudest accomplishments

My family.

Successfully developing and implementing models for offshore oil and gas lease
bidding and for exploration prospect evaluation at Gulf Oil Corporation.
Being elected Chair of the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS (1996-1998).
Serving in editorial capacities for Interfaces, Operations Research, and Decision
Michael Moore ‘72

6810 Turnberry Isle Ct.
Bradenton, FL 34202

I retired from Electronic Data Systems and General Motors in May 1999. Dana,
my wife, and I moved to Florida and built a new home on a golf course.
Consequently, I spend most days enjoying the great outdoors that I’ve missed
the past 30 years!


My children are successful professionals: my son, an engineer with a graduate
degree from Carnegie Mellon; my daughter, a CPA and partner in a big eight

Proudest accomplishment

My children and grandchildren. I have four grandsons ages 10, 9, 8, and 7. I
delight in the time I get to share with them.
Fred Preston ‘79

9 Glenbrook Dr.
Boonton, NJ 07005

                  At Lucent before retirement

Took early retirement from Lucent Technologies. Now teaching math at Glen
Ridge High School, Glen Ridge, NJ.


Wife Susan teaches at the Wilson School, Mountain Lakes, NJ.

Son Tim graduated from Princeton and has an MS in Computer Science from
University of North Carolina. He works for Numeric Design Limited, in the
computer gaming industry.

Daughter Janet graduated from Bucknell and is now an actuary at Buck


Running, backpacking/hiking, nature

Proudest accomplishment

Winning a contract with the Naval Research Lab to design the weapons-target
assignment module for SDI. Several papers and presentations came from this.
Hasan Sayani ‘73

1600 Huntcliff Way
Gambrills, MD 21054


I am a Professor at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC)—one
of 11 degree granting institutions within the University System of Maryland. I
also direct the graduate program in Software Engineering, leading to the Master
of Software Engineering (MSWE).

UMUC is a pioneer in the education of working adults; it all started with providing
education to our troops stationed abroad. This beginning has expanded to
serving adults who are either unable or unwilling to attend classes ”on campus”.
UMUC has one of the most-recognized distance learning programs to serve
these students. All the courses in the MSWE program are offered via distance
education mechanisms as well as conventional face-to-face mode. UMUC has
received accolades from Forbes (a Forbes favorite—the “best of the web” in
higher education) and the Sloan Foundation (won Asynchronous Learning
Network (ALN) Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide ALN Education).

Prior to joining UMUC, I co-founded an information products and services
company, located in Maryland.


Deni and I have been married since 1972 and live in the greater Annapolis area
of Maryland. She works for a financial services company in Baltimore. Our son
Adam graduated from the Business School at Maryland and is now working for
the Department of Defense, and our daughter Sarah is expecting to graduate
from the Chemistry department, also from Maryland.

I am interested in systems, in general (I have taught courses in General Systems
Theory). However, information systems have always intrigued me. A colleague
has also sensitized me to variations in human cognitive styles and I have applied
that knowledge to the development of information systems.

My hobbies are gardening (we have a greenhouse), cooking (we have belonged
to a gourmet group since 1974), and gadgets (e.g., audio/video systems –
including HDTV, PDAs, digital photography, cars).

Proudest Accomplishment

I have always enjoyed teaching. However, my proudest (professional)
accomplishment to date has been the design and development of a semantic
database management system. This system allows users to express their data
in human language terms (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and complex
sentences) as opposed to forcing data into restrictive, artificial terms such as
"tables", or "objects." This software has been used to manage Computer-Aided
Software Engineering (CASE) tools and…has never met a model/database it
didn’t like (or couldn’t handle).

Pictures from going away party that was organized by Mary Moss who was the
administrative assistant for the department:

Hasan Sayani, Mary Moss, Deni Sayani        Hasan Sayani, Dan Teichroew, Deni Sayani
Prakash T. Sathe ‘71

2709 Brady Drive
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48304

I am with ALPS Automotive Inc. as the Director of Quality Assurance. ALPS is a
global supplier of Electronics, Telematics and Electro Mechanical components to
automotive industry. It is headquartered in Furukawa, Japan. I am responsible
for Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction functions for the North and
South American customers.

We have 45 customers comprising of virtually all OEMs(worldwide) and
numerous First Tier suppliers. This complexity makes the job quite challenging
and therefore enjoyable.

I lead a team of 100 plus members. It is an international team of quality experts
in automotive electronics and telematics. The team is responsible for Quality
Assurance function dealing with product design, validation testing & launches,
production, warranty management and customer satisfaction rating.


I am married to Laura since 1973. We met in Ann Arbor where she was also a
student studying for M.S. in Social Work. At present, she works as a Social
Worker in a Dialysis center.

We have one daughter Valerie who is a senior in Ann Arbor (where else!) double
majoring in Economics and Spanish. She is a great fan of U of M football (chip off
the old block!) and volunteers for Athletic department as a “Team Blue” member
as well as for the U of M hospital.


Golf, tennis, international travel, photography, reading (about history)

Proudest accomplishment

Raising a wonderful daughter!!
Frederick J. Schanne ‘72

44477 Thornapple Lane
Northville, MI 48167


Vice President of Operations for Ajilon Consulting. With over 5600 employees,
Ajilon is the largest provider of professional information technology services in
North America. I am responsible for operations in Michigan where we have
approximately 500 employees.


Spouse:      Susan, who is a Professor of Business Administration at Eastern
             Michigan University

Children:    Kathleen, Senior, U of M LS&A, English & History
             Scott, Sophomore, U of M College of Engineering
             Joel, Junior in High School
             Andrew, Third Grade Elementary School


Family and out-of-doors activities including golf, tennis and gardening

Proudest accomplishments

Personal:    Graduating from Michigan with a Ph.D. and having a wonderful
             family of whom I am extremely proud

Professional: Growing an information technology consulting organization from 15
              people in 1982 to over 500 today.
 Rodney (Skip) Schutz ‘72

 1362 Orleans Court
 Grayson GA 30017


 Instructor, Georgia State University                                   2001 to present
               Teach PhD Statistic courses in                              Atlanta, GA
               College of Business

 Technical Manager for EE Forward Looking                                  1997 to 2001
              in EDA of Connectivity Solutions                      Avaya, Norcross GA

 System Engineer (manufacturing methods)                              1992 to 1997
              in Fiber Optic Apparatus                Lucent Technologies, Norcross

 Human Factors Engineering.                                                1978 to 1992
              in Enterprise Apparatus                           AT&T, Bell Laboratories,
   − Promoted to Technical Manager, 1990                                 Whippany, NJ
   − Awarded DMTS, 1984

 Assistant Professor                                                    1972 to 1978
   − Proficient Teaching Award, 1973,74,76           School of Industrial & Sys Engr.
                                                     Georgia Institute of Technology

Family       Married with 4 children
Mary Jo Schutz (wife of 25 years)        Operations Manager, Sandy Jackson Assoc.
Keith Schutz       (age 28)              Service Writer for Lexus, Arlington VA
Nicole Schutz      (age 24)              BS(EE) Auburn University, AL
                                         Research Associate, Auburn University
Karl Schutz         (age 21)             BA student Auburn University
Rupert Schutz       (age 18)             upcoming freshman Auburn University

Interests    Play a lot of tennis. Think a lot about dieting.

Proudest accomplishment It has all been good.
Marlin U. Thomas ‘71

7716 Abby Marle E.
West Lafayette, IN 47906


After fifteen years of department administration, five years each at Cleveland
State, Lehigh and Purdue universities, I am enjoying a life of teaching and


My wife Susan is an active volunteer ad leader of our homeowner’s association
north of West Lafayette, Indiana. We have two children. Our daughter Pamela
lives in Columbia, MO and has a son and two daughters. Our son Martin lives in
Toledo, OH and has one daughter to date.


Stochastic modeling and OR applications in reliability and contingency
operations; genealogy, reading, sports and running.

Proudest accomplishments

I am proud of my association with the military, particularly the Navy Seabees. I
retired in June with thirty-two years of total active and reserve service. I miss
being a part of the Seabees and I am still going through withdrawal.

Having four grandchildren is a nice accomplishment, though I personally had little
to do with it.
Roger Turner ‘72

15283 Marshfield Rd.
Hickory Corners, MI 49060


I am working for Pharmacia Corp. in Kalamazoo as a Senior IT architect working
in the infrastructure area. Primary responsibility is with systems and procedures
to provide data access services to mainframe and server based databases.


I am married and have two daughters, both married, with one grandson.


Computer systems software and management design; sailing and woodworking.

Proudest accomplishments

Design and implementation of a standards and cost assembly system for
pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Raising two daughters, one that received a Ph.D. in pharmaceutics from the
University of Michigan and the other who has a M.S. in physical therapy from
Grand Valley State University.
Jeffrey M. Alden ‘87

2821 Beacon Hill
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


I’m the group manager for production systems research at GM R&D and
Planning. We use OR methods to develop principles, methods and tools to
support the design and operation of GM’s production systems. We work on a
wide variety of topics including throughput analysis, optimal line design, Flex-
Agile enablers, maintenance, risk analysis and worksystem principles. We have
established several collaborative labs, one at Stanford and another at UM to
name two. We are also engaged at UM’s ERC program on Reconfigurable


I have two sons (18, 15) and a daughter (20) living in the Ann Arbor area. Their
interests include drama, robotics and computer graphics.


My main hobbies are ballroom dancing, barbershop singing, sailing and home
projects. I have a general interest in the various sciences.

Proudest accomplishment

Developing the theory behind a throughput analysis method that is known and
widely used throughout General Motors. It required a wonderful use of renewal
theory, duality, matrix theory, probability, calculus, iterative solution methods,
simulation validation, a good approximation and a good guess.
Don Bloswick ‘86

5220 Emigration Canyon Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84108


My research and teaching interests involve ergonomics, occupational
biomechanics, industrial safety and rehabilitation engineering. I recently co-
directed a study of 700 jobs and 1000 workers at UAW-Ford plants throughout
the Midwest that has helped identify the basic workplace risk factors that are
most associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders. My students
and I have also developed several devices to improve mobility and enhance the
activity level of senior citizens and people with disabilities. This work has resulted
in three patents and one commercially licensed product, an exercise tricycle for
children with cerebral palsy. Ongoing studies in the Ergonomics Lab, include
measuring the validity of fingertip vibration sensitivity as a marker for carpal
tunnel syndrome and an investigation into the effect of torsional stresses in the
low-back during material handling.


We have two daughters, one son and one grandson. My wife, Carol, received her
MSW from the University of Utah and spent several years as the State of Utah
Long Term Care Ombudsman. Both of our daughters, Jessica (BS, JD) and
Jennifer (BS), received degrees from the University of Utah and work in the SLC
area in the social services area. Our son, Jeremy, is preparing fantastic meals at
a local Tex-Mex restaurant. Our grandson, Isaiah Ernesto Bloswick-Flores (try
that on for size) turned two in September and is a joy.


The move from Ann Arbor to the University of Utah and Salt Lake City had
nothing to do with skiing, hiking, camping, river rafting or fly-fishing. Since our
arrival in Utah, however, I have developed into the classic beginning-intermediate
skier (with no hopes or plans of improving), hike at least 5 miles per year, camp
almost never, have river rafted once, and know several people who fly fish. In
1994 my son and I went salmon fishing on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.
I’ve been hooked on salmon and halibut fishing ever since and you will find me
(and often Carol) in Alaska as much as work and frequent flyer miles will allow.
Other interests involve putzing around the house/yard, keeping my wild birds
happy, complaining about Utah politics, and watching my blood pressure.

Proudest Accomplishment

I’m very proud of my family (although I certainly don’t tell them often enough). It
is amazing how well they have all weathered the move from liberal Ann Arbor to
Utah, where the annual ACLU banquet is an intimate affair. In addition, our home
is located seven miles from the nearest store with no pizza delivery!

Professionally I am most proud of the accomplishments of many of the graduates
of the University of Utah Ergonomics and Safety Program and of the
rehabilitative and assist devices developed in the Ergonomics and Safety Lab.

Majid Jaraiedi ‘83

4518 Laurel Ridge Dr.
Morgantown, WV 26508

Professor, Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, West Virginia
University, Morgantown, WV

Director, NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium


Still married to Nunush. Two sons, 17 and 19 years old.

Interests    Poker!

Proudest accomplishment Nothing!
Marilyn Maddox ‘88
360 Larchlea
Birmingham, MI 48009

                Marilyn (Right)
    with sister Sharon Johnson
     (BS IOE ’84 UM) and mother
                 Wilma Johnson
I work at Ford Motor Company in Material Planning and Logistics. In my present
position I’m responsible for both evaluating opportunities to improve Ford’s
supply chain and helping others leverage data analysis techniques and decision
support tools in making robust supply chain decisions. I’ve worked at Ford for 14
years, primarily in Manufacturing, IT, and Logistics.

My husband Jim and I have two children, Anne, 11 and Robbie, 6.

Outside of work: family activities, reading, gardening, exercising, and sewing.

Proudest accomplishment
It’s hard to choose my proudest accomplishment. In general, I am proud of
where I am today – both in fulfilling my career goals and my connection with
family and friends. At work, I’ve enjoyed working on a wide variety of projects
that drew on many facets of my Operations Research training. I’m particularly
proud of two projects:
     - developing a logistics management system that enabled logistics
        engineers access to key data for logistics decision making.
     - creating an inbound logistics planning application for determining logistics
        cost estimates and synchronizing material delivery with production

        Joe Murray
   Marilyn Maddox
   Yeong Dae Kim
   December 1988
Steven F. Wiker ‘86

11 Mont Chateau Estate
Morgantown, WV 26508


Visiting Professor, Department of Industrial Management Systems Engineering,
West Virginia University. I conduct basic and applied research, consult and
teach in the fields of ergonomics/human factors and safety engineering. The
objectives of the research are to improve worker health, safety, and performance
by improving working environment, equipment, and job design. My efforts have
focused upon the identification and control of occupational performance, health,
and safety problems that arise from biomechanical, physiological, or perceptual-
motor stressors that are encountered in the industrial workplace, aboard
aerospace and marine vehicles, or when operating sophisticated hand tools such
as telemanipulators.

Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve, Washington, DC (1976-Present).
Served as Commanding, Executive, Readiness, Training, and Administrative
Officers at Port Safety and Security, Vessel Augmentation, and Search and
Rescue Units located in Toledo, OH, Honolulu, HI, Milwaukee, WI, Duluth, MN,
or Detroit, MI. Responsible for all phases of the organization, management, and
performance of the reserve unit. Directly supervising up to 11 officers and 70
enlisted personnel.


Commercial-Instrument-Rated Pilot, photography, foreign travel, sailing, reading
and community volunteer work.

Proudest Accomplishments

My children, my Coast Guard crews, my students.
Lung Chiang Wu ‘80

1303 Kings Carriage
Grand Blanc, MI 48439


I am now retired. I was Associate Professor, Department of Computer
Science/Engineering Science & Physics, University of Michigan-Flint

M. Zafer Yakin ‘81

6 Devon Court
Holmdel, NJ 07733

I am involved with telecommunications, internet etc. after spending 15 years at
AT&T. I am enjoying it, but the industry is going through tough times.


I am married and have one son. He will attend college next year.

Interests           International politics, history, and soccer.

Proudest accomplishment

Years I spent in Bell Labs (old time) and working for AT&T in Turkey developing
very good business there.
Paul S. Adams ‘93

1370 Hidden Creek N.
Saline, MI 48176


Manager, Safety Engineering & Ergonomics for EnSafe.Inc., a management and
technology consulting firm providing services in environmental, health and safety.
I also manage the Ann Arbor branch office.


Wife: Cindy – currently at home, but planning to return to workforce next year

Kids: Mark – 7 years       Krystal – 5 years


I recently took up golf. Also enjoying speaking at conferences, the kids, church,
and my job.

Proudest accomplishments

Completing my PhD and finishing off my basement.
Imtiaz Ali ‘93

24 Wood Sorrel
Littleton, CO 80127

I work at the Baan Company, a major ERP & CRM software vendor. I am the
Director of Software Engineering at this company, and I am responsible for large
systems integrations with Baan, SAP and external systems.


I have a wife who is also a Michigan Alumni. Her name is Janet. I have two
young daughters, Javeria Ali (7 ½) and Maria Ali (4 ½).


Hiking, watching U of M Football

Proudest accomplishments

   •   Put Realtime Flight Scheduling/Airline Systems at American Airlines

   •   Director of Software Engineering at Baan Company

   •   Mentoring young Michigan IOE grads
Peter S. Benson ‘90

1707 Shadford Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48104


I’ve been with RiskMetrics Group since the company was formed in 1998. We
are based on Wall Street, and started as a company of 25, spun off from
JPMorgan. We now have 170 people. I’ve led the analytics development for our
institutional market risk and credit risk products. In June 2000, we opened a
development office in Ann Arbor. We now have 9 developers here building credit
portfolio software.

My wife Heidi and I have 3 children: Anna (10), Max (8), and Freya (4 months).
Heidi is an epidemiologist with the Michigan Health Department, in HIV/AIDS
surveillance. Anna and Max are into Suzuki piano, swim team, and Freya. Freya
is the goddess of Spring, and we don’t ask much of her.

We have lived mostly in Ann Arbor, returning in 2000 from a 6-year stint in
Stamford, CT.

Finance: Efficient methods for estimating the distribution of returns on a portfolio.

Software development: Techniques for minimizing the amount of source code
needed to deliver required functionality. “Minimum entropy software.”

Personal: Playing with my collection of 3 self-programming machines. The
ultimate software development project.

Proudest accomplishment
My technical and organizational contributions to the growth of RiskMetrics Group,
especially the success of our Ann Arbor office.
Douglas J. Beck ‘92

2645 Vidalia Terrace
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

                                   Doug & Sheila

My title is "Senior Usability Engineer" at Agilent Technologies (a spin off of
Hewlett-Packard). My main job is to design better products for Agilent's Logic
Analyzer and Oscilloscope Division. This involves lots of research of varies kinds.
I do Contextual Inquiry, Usability Testing, Focus Groups, Customer Research
Groups, On-Line Surveys, Sales Database Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, etc.
Since most products for Engineers have had very little Human Factors work over
the years, there's been lots of room for improvement. Two of the products I have
worked on have won the "Test & Measurement Product of the Year. The two
products are the LogicWave logic analyzer and the 1680A series logic analyzer.

A number of IOE Alumni will remember my wife, Sheila, who I married while still
a student. We now have two children, Michelle and Peter. Michelle is in the 2nd
grade at Colorado Springs Christian School and Peter is 2 years old. Michelle
has the distinction of being born on her father's birthday (which is also Professor
Chaffin's, birthday, April 17). The whole family enjoys being in the shadow of the
Rockies. Our house is located only a few hundred yards from the Pike National
Forest and there are lots of opportunities for hiking and enjoying the outdoors.
Our neighborhood has a trail to the top of 10,000-foot high Blodgett Peak.

The whole family has been involved at Mesa Hills Bible Church since we moved
to the area in 1996. Doug serves on the board as Treasurer. He and Sheila are
both involved in children's ministries through AWANA Clubs International. For
exercise, Doug enjoys riding his bike, playing softball and basketball. He also has
been working on creating an on-line database of family pictures (over 6000 to

Proudest accomplishments
The accomplishment I'm most proud of is being a father to Michelle and Peter,
but professionally I have four patents with another ten pending.
Doug with Professor Yili Liu and his father, Professor
Jim Beck of MSU after his final defense in 1992.

Enjoying the traditional post-defense meal with Maury Nussbaum, Steve Goldstein,
Rich Bigelow, Rich Gong, Sheryl Ulin and Doug’s Mom, Barb Beck.

Doug Beck and Sue Palmiter demonstrate
EMGs for IOE Brochure
Karla Bourland ‘91

102 Brook Hollow
Hanover, NH 03755
(only if the other fails).

                             Karla & Keegan

I was on the faculty of The Tuck School for nine years. I left as an Associate
Professor to do, rather than talk about, business. I became the Executive VP of
Fechheimer Brothers, a Berkshire Hathaway company engaged in the
manufacture and sale of public safety attire (primary) and gear. From there I
became the COO of, a start-up (sort of) internet retail
organization that recently went public. I was President there for a year and a half
and left about 6 months before they went public. During my time there we grew
from $17,000 per month to over $10 million in one month (Christmas, of course).
I am now semi-retired, serve on a couple of boards, do some consulting with
Legg Mason Merchant Bank, and am generally re-inventing myself (again).


I am divorced and have ½ custody of the most wonderful 14-year old boy that
every lived.


Renaissance-style fencing. Religious history. Psychoanalytic theory, the brain,
and cultural development. Weight lifting. Vegetarian cooking.

Proudest accomplishments
My son.
Surviving my first 25 years and then coming back to life 20 years later.
Getting out of the fast lane before it was too late.
Matt Brown ‘91
1366 S. Parkside Drive
Palatine, IL 60067

I’m back at United Airlines in Chicago leading a team of Industrial Engineers and
Software Developers building customer service and airport display systems for
United’s airports worldwide.


       Wife – Tina
       Children – Isabelle, age 3, and Nicholas, age 1


       Home improvement, traveling (as time permits!), and software
       development best practices

Proudest accomplishment

       Being a husband and dad
William B. Cross ‘95

281 Arbor Dr.
Carmel, IN 46032

                             Bill & Steffani

Research Actuary (Insurance Mathematician)


      Engaged to Steffani L. Scrogham


      RTS & FRP computer games

Proudest accomplishments

      Silver award in International Math Olympiad, 1986

      Putnam Fellow, 1989
Paul Frantz ‘92

3100 Pittsview Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

I started a consulting firm with Tim Rhoades, another IOE Alum, in 1994. We
employ approximately 15 people and perform a wide variety of services related to
product and occupational safety and human factors/ergonomics. We specialize
in issues related to hazard communication. I’ve served as an adjunct professor
at U of M since 1993.


Married to Ronda. We have a 10-year-old son, a 4-year-old daughter and a
black Labrador.


Fishing, amateur filmmaking (i.e. souped up home movies ☺), playing with and
teaching kids.

Proudest accomplishment

Contributing to the development and growth of Applied Safety and Ergonomics, a
company that has been involved in a number of significant projects and issues
and has been an enjoyable, pleasant place for many young professionals to
Alfredo Garcia ‘97

2504-D Stadium Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903


Assistant Professor, Systems and Information Engineering Department,
University of Virginia


My wife Carmen and I have three children Ignacio (8) Amalia (6) and Sara (4)


      Theoretical problems in dynamic programming and dynamic games

      The economic regulation of network industries (electricity, gas, telecom)

      The analysis of decentralized algorithms for complex network optimization

Proudest accomplishments

      I served as Commissioner with the Colombian Government (Energy and
      Gas Regulatory Commission CREG) in a number of very critical public
      policy issues regarding the deregulation of electricity & natural gas
Richard E. Hughes ‘91

2500 Brockman Blvd
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


I conduct research in shoulder biomechanics. I am an Assistant Professor in the
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Michigan. My research
is focused on the prevention of shoulder overuse injuries, such as rotator cuff
pathology. Most of my research involves developing computational models of
the shoulder and arm that are based on mathematical programming and Monte
Carlo simulation. I also conduct in vivo and cadaver research in shoulder
mechanics. Overall, my research spans occupational ergonomics and
orthopaedics. I also use magnetic resonance imaging to study rotator cuff injury.
I collaborate extensively with orthopaedic surgeons.


      I am married to Nancy Nelson, M.P.H., Ph.D., who is an occupational
      epidemiologist. We have two boys, Eric (1 yr) and Owen (4 yrs).


      Spending time with my family and running.

Proudest accomplishment

      I am very happy to have two healthy sons and a great spouse.

      On the professional side, I am happiest that Nancy and I have been
      named to the international scientific advisory board of the Scandinavian
      Journal of Work, Environment and Health. I am also grateful to have had
      the opportunity to work with some outstanding people, including Don
      Chaffin, Barbara Silverstein, Kai-Nan An, and Steve Goldstein.
Hong-Wei Hsiao ‘90

207 Rivercrest Dr.
Morgantown, WV 26508

As the chief of the Protective Technology Branch for the Division of Safety
Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, I currently
supervise thirty-two research and technical staff and manage seven laboratories
(virtual reality, human factors, high-bay, safety engineering, anthropometry
research, human modeling, and protective system). I also serve as an Adjunct
Professor at West Virginia University, teaching occupational injury prevention.

Michelle is a full-time mom and the vice president of the Association of
Taiwanese-American Professionals in West Virginia. She will assume the
President position in October 2003. James is a sophomore at Morgantown High
School. He likes science and music. He plays saxophone and piano. Clemens
is a 6th grader in Suncrest Middle School. He likes to draw comics. He is a
swimmer and cello player.

Interests     Biking, reading, music

Proudest Accomplishment
I am proud to be in the field of safety research endeavoring to improve the quality
of the work environment and to prevent the loss of workers’ lives. I helped
NIOSH expand its Human Factors and Safety Engineering program with 7
laboratories in Morgantown, West Virginia. The most exciting thing in my career
is seeing the development of new or improved engineering controls for reducing
workers’ hazard exposures. Several research efforts under my supervision have
yielded practical injury prevention technologies: farm tractor roll-over protection
structures for preventing tractor roll-over related fatalities, visual reference bar at
height for improving roofers’ balance control, a sensing device to prevent caught-
in injuries associated with wood-chippers, just to name a few. In addition, my
recent research on sizing and design of fall protection harnesses to improve their
fit to construction workers received the 2002 International Ergonomics
Association (IEA) Liberty Mutual Prize in Occupational Safety and Ergonomics.
In September 2002, I was interviewed for a CDC (Center for Disease Control and
Prevention) story on public health practice; I said that my graduate education at
the University of Michigan in the `80s helped me see the light for injury
prevention research.
Mark Isken ‘95

692 Sparten
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

         Mark, Nancy & Samuel

I’m an assistant professor in the School of business Administration at Oakland
University in Rochester, Michigan. I’ve been there 3 years after spending 7
years in the healthcare industry. I teach classes in information systems,
operations management, and a spreadsheet based management
science/decision support systems course. I still do primarily healthcare
operations research.


Wife: Nancy (BSIOE, UM Ann Arbor) 1991, MSIE (UM-Dearborn) 1996

Son: Samuel (5)


Running, reading

Proudest accomplishment

My family
Raj Kawlra ‘94

1080 Country Dr.
Troy, MI 48098

I am an Executive at DaimlerChrysler, with responsibility for defining,
implementing, and managing the Black Belt program for all manufacturing
operations. I have Regional Master Black Belts that support structured,
disciplined problem solving using statistical techniques in all plants. Over the last
18 months, we have made major strides in improving the quality of our products,
along with substantial savings in warranty, scrap, and repair/rework costs.


I have a beautiful wife (married 18 years) and two sons (ages 17 and almost 3
years). With the coming of the young one, my age dropped at least 5 years (if
not 10) – I feel younger.


Traveling, camping, playing bridge

Proudest Accomplishment

Having come back to school after 10 years in the industry to do my Ph.D.
Carter J. Kerk ‘92

4805 Deer Valley Ct.
Rapid City, SD 57702

Carter, Josie, Janna
   Steven &Colleen

Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering Program, South Dakota School of
Mines and Technology, 501 E. St. Joseph St., Rapid City, SC 57701-3995 (605-
394-6067). We have a small IE program with about 100 undergraduates. I’m
mostly teaching, with a small bit of research and consulting. I work with
American Indian students interested in math/science during the summer.


Colleen and I have been married 15 years. Josie is 13, Steven is 11 and Janna
is 6. We just got a two-month-old Portuguese Water Dog – Olive.


Fly-fishing, running, Scouts.

Proudest accomplishment

1997 Most Valuable Professor, Industrial Engineering Department, Texas A&M

2002 Bernard Ennenga Award for Excellence in Teaching and Motivating
     Students, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Zongzhi Lin ‘99

6830 Mountain Drive
Troy, MI 48098

I work as a project engineer at General Motors. My main job is to develop
models, algorithms and computer systems to solve business process problems
within GM's vehicle development group.

My Family

Emma Chang and I are married for eight years since 1994. Recently, she is
learning Chinese painting and playing keyboard. We have no children yet.


Practice Falun Gong
Play volleyball
Play guitar

Proudest accomplishment

Helping many people realize that the self-immolation event on 1/23/2002 at
TienAnMen Square in China was a delicately staged play to lead the world to
hold negative views about Falun Gong.
Kimberly A. Monroe ‘99

P.O. Box 4920
Boulder, CO 80306

I’m an independent ergonomics consultant specializing in Industrial ergonomics.

Family        I’m single. I’m a new aunt to Maxwell Lynch – 7 months.

Interests     Travel, hiking, cycling

Proudest accomplishment

Starting my own business and staying in business during this economic downturn!

Completion of Ph.D. in 1999

Bryan A Norman ‘95

408 Ashton Dr.
Cheswick, PA 15024

Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Family        My wife Melissa and I have 3 boys – Alexander, Jacob and Elliot

Interests     Chess, basketball, volleyball

Proudest accomplishment                 Getting tenure!
John J. Neale ‘97

76 Pope Road
Acton, MA 01720

I am Director of Research at Optiant, Inc., a supply chain software start-up in
Burlington MA. I am also co-editing a supply chain book. At Optiant, I work with
Katherine Pryor Wellman (IOE PhD ’98).


I am married to Holly Shanaman Neale, who I met at Michigan (MSW ’97). We
have an 18-month-old boy named Devin and a dog named Dakota.


Sports, music, travel, friends and family.
Harriet Black Nembhard ‘94


Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison. My main
fields of interest are applied statistics and quality engineering (including statistical
control, process monitoring, design of experiments, and response surface analysis) and
engineering economics and financial engineering (including economic decision making
and real options). My research mission is to investigate the design and implementation
of concepts and methods of quality, productivity, and system improvement for
organizations during periods of change and transition. I examine ways to combine these
methods with economic cost, risk, and capital measurements to advance the
understanding of dynamic systems and improve decision making. Much of this work has
been motivated by involvement in manufacturing industry.


      Married to David Nembhard (IOE Ph.D. ’94).

      Two daughters, Olivia (age 5) and Naomi (age 1).


       Jazz music, martial arts

Proudest accomplishments

      My main professional accomplishments are summarized on my web site.
Daniel J. Reaume ‘97

30900 Rayburn St.
Livonia, MI 48154 (personal) (business)


Staff Research Engineer, Enterprise Systems Laboratory, General Motors R&D
and Planning. I perform research in the areas of production and work systems.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, IOE Department, U of M.


Married to Michelle LaLonde-Reaume

No kids, no pets. (Starting with six houseplants and working up to higher forms
of dependent life!)


Travel, computers, gardening, woodworking

Proudest accomplishment

Along with Jeff Alden, developed a new software package and modeling
methodology that is quickly spreading throughput General Motors to impact the
way decisions are made. Jeff and I were recognized with a General Motors
McCuen award in recognition of the impact our research had on GM's operations.
Charles H. Rosa ‘93

1674 Fair Oak
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

I work at the GM R&D Center as a Staff Research Engineer. I am developing a
research project to look at the question of how revenue management and
pricing/promotions optimizations can be used within GM to increase
revenues/profits from automobile sales.


I have been married for 15 years to Cindy Rosa. We have two children. The
first, Krisia, is our 4-year-old girl. The second, Paul, is our 2-year-old boy.

Cindy is a medical illustrator who earned her M.F.A. at the University of Michigan
in 1993.


My wife and I just purchased our first home. My main interest in the coming
months will be several renovation projects that my wife and I are considering.
Norka M. Saldaña ‘91

245 Lake Village Drive Apt. 201
(temporary) Ann Arbor, MI 48103

I have been working with Johnson and Johnson for 9 years. Currently I have
split responsibilities as a Safety & Industrial Hygiene Franchise Director and
Process Excellence Director. I spend 50% of the time working as one of 5 S&IH
Franchise Directors supporting all J&J Franchises in the US. In this role I provide
leadership in the areas of Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics to DePuy (4
sites), HCS (4 sites) and J&J Corporate Campus with a team of S&IH
professionals that provide direct technical support to these companies. I work in
partnership with company’s Vice Presidents of Operations and Senior
Management at the sites in creating a safer workplace through preventive
programs and shared accountability. The remaining 50% of the time I am
involved in leading the Process Excellence Initiative for our global Safety &
Industrial Hygiene Organization. In that capacity I provide leadership to our
global staff and coaching to belt candidates in the areas of Six Sigma and Design
Excellence. I am a Johnson and Johnson certified Green Belt and a Black Belt
candidate. My job demands approximately 60% travel and I have my office at

• My business interests are in the areas Six Sigma, Safety, Ergonomics,
   Industrial Hygiene and the impact of global initiatives and cultural differences
   in achieving business results.
• My personal interests involve quite time at home reading, watching videos
   and spending time with my husband and daughters.

Proudest accomplishments
• My fast growth and development as a Corporate Executive in Johnson and
• Being selected in J&J for the role of Corporate Process Excellence Examiner
   in 2002
• Achieving Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Johnson & Johnson in 2000
   (among the first 5 in the Corporate Administration Division)
• Receiving the Johnson & Johnson Safety & Industrial Hygiene OPAL
   (Outstanding Performance, Accomplishments and Leadership) Award in 2001
• Supporting the education and awareness of Ergonomics in Latin America in
   partnership with the Inter American Safety Council by providing annual
   training in Costa Rica (1998-2002)
• My two daughters, Katina and Kristina, Katina already attending U of M!
Shih-ching Albert Sang ‘96

2841 Chaseway Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105


Manager, Logistics System Development, Procurement and Supply, Daimler
Chrysler Corporation. Responsible for optimizing inbound and outbound logistics
network for Chrysler Group’s North American operations.


My wife, Phoebe, works for University of Michigan in the IT department. My son,
5-year-old Orion, attends U of M Children Center for Working Families.


Travel, exercise, reading

Proudest accomplishments

      Developed and supervised the completion of a total cost optimization
      model for vehicle distribution network at Daimler Chrysler

      Completed my Ph.D. study at University of Michigan IOE

                                             Phoebe and Orian
Durward K. Sobek II ‘97

1013 E. Olive St.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Assistant Professor of Industrial and Management Engineering at Montana State
University since 1997

Current Chair of Grad Studies Committee

NSF CAREER Award recipient on student engineering design projects


Sarah and I have 4 children: Durward II (6), Elizabeth (4), Katherine (2), Ivan (10

Proudest accomplishment

Four kids in 5 years 2 months!
Sheryl Ulin ‘90

10101 Hadley Rd.
Chelsea, MI 48118

                   Sheryl, Julia & Lynn

I have been on the research staff at the University of Michigan, Center for
Ergonomics since I completed my Ph.D. I primarily work on sponsored research
projects, assist with project administration, provide lectures for continuing
education programs, and provide guidance to graduate students while they are
working on research projects. My primary research interests include ergonomic
job analysis, upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders, epidemiology,
implementing and integrating ergonomics programs within companies, and
psychophysics. In the past, I coordinated a multi-year grant from the State of
Michigan that provided ergonomics job analysis and training to small and
medium sized Michigan businesses. This project provided us access to many
companies within Michigan, contacts for potential research study sites, and the
opportunity to provide service to these companies.


My husband, Lynn Schachinger, is a gastroenterologist and has his own medical
practice in Jackson, MI. He is been extremely busy and recently hired another
physician to work with him.

Our daughter, Julia, is 1.5 years old. She is energetic, friendly, inquisitive and is
already working on her music and engineering skills (building and destroying).
After Julia was born, I decreased my appointment at the Center for Ergonomics
and am regularly in the office two days per week. My parents take care of Julia
on Tuesdays, and Lynn takes care of her on Fridays since he cut back his
schedule, too. She is lucky to have such devoted caregivers.

Before Julia was born, my husband and I built a nice home on North Lake in
Chelsea. While home, we enjoy water-skiing, other lake activities and
landscaping the yard. After Julia was born, we purchased a pontoon boat so we
had a “floating playpen” in addition to the ski boat.

Interests     Playing the piano, scuba diving, water-skiing, kayaking

Proudest accomplishment                    My family
Chi-Yueh Wang ‘95

3F No. 9 Lande 539 Hsiu-Chun Road
Kaohsiung 811, Taiwan

I am now working at an electronic company located in Taiwan and China. I
handle a business unit from marketing, RD and production.


My wife Monica and I have one 8-year-old boy and now are expecting another

Interests    Swimming & tennis

Old days at IOE with professor Hancock (Left: Cliff Wang)
Xudong Zhang ‘97

1701-103 Gentry Square Lane
Champaign, IL 01824


Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Director, Biomechanics and
Ergonomics Laboratory.


Significant other Nicole (met at Michigan) just finished her specialty in
endodontics at Michigan Dental School after her Ph.D. in Oral Health Science
two years ago.


Music, travel, Chinese calligraphy and painting

Proudest accomplishment

Development of my own research program at UIUC.
Scott E. Grasman ‘00

593 Sycamore Drive
Rolla, MD 65401

Assistant Professor of Engineering Management, University of Missouri at Rolla


Married 3+ years to Kellie; son, Henry, 10 months

Proudest accomplishment

Finishing my first graduate student
Koichiro Inoue ‘00

Grandvan Ikebukuro-Nishi #201
1-1-11 Chihaya Toshima-ku
Tokyo 170-0044 Japan

I am a Commerce Engineer at IT Frontier Corporation. My job is to establish an
IT vision based on the client’s business environment and adopt the solutions best
suited to that environment. I do IT consulting as well as strategic management


My father is the vice president of All Japan University Judo Federation. He
supports every activity for both domestics and international Judo. My mother
supports our daily life as the housewife.

Interests    Football

Proudest accomplishment

Finishing my Ph.D. work with Professor Chick.
Terri Lynch-Caris ‘00

1493 Shoreline Drive
Hartland, MI 48353

I am a faculty member of the Industrial Engineering Department at Kettering
University (formerly GMI Engineering and Management Institute) in Flint, MI.


      Husband – John Caris

      Three sons – Matthew (9), Philip (6) and Andrew (4)


      Professional – Ergonomics, Statistics and Simulation

      Personal – Kids events, water-skiing and reading

Lisa Maillart ‘00

2707 Lancashire Rd. #12
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106

Assistant Professor of Operations, Weatherhead School of Management,
Case Western Reserve University.
Jane Meejung Chang Oh ‘00

5410 White Hall Circle
West Bloomfield MI 48323


I’m an Assistant Professor at Wayne State University. My research areas include
information technology and information systems in manufacturing and service
industry. I was formerly with Ford and GM/EDS.


I have two daughters, a freshman at Michigan and a freshman at Groves High.
My husband works for Ford.


Music and Dance

Proudest accomplishments

Completed Ph.D. degree at UM with the support of my loving family.

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