22nd World Scout Jamboree

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					22nd   World Scout Jamboree

         Rinkaby, Sweden
        25th July – 8th August
• Very excited to get the Jamboree today.
  Arrived on site at 2am! Had to set my tent
  up in the dark.. I was set up and in bed by
  4 am ready for a 7 am start.
• A lot of people chose different methods of
  getting to the Jamboree. The Ugandans
  went by bike! They cycled to Nairobi in
  Kenya, flew to Rome and then cycled from
  Rome to Sweden!
• A friend and I borrowed the bikes to cycle
  round the site..
• I chose the a plane as my choice of travel,
  but some people from London drove a
  Black cab to the Jamboree site!
Aerial Pictures of the site once
    everyone had arrived!
U.K Participants!
• As a member of the International Service
  Team IST, I was working to give the
  participants the same amazing experience
  that I had 4 years ago. Day 2 I met my
  patrol that I would be working with for the
  next 2 weeks…
• In my patrol there were people from
  many different countries. There were 4
  boys from Sweden, Cyprus, Manchester
  and Brazil. There were 2 other girls in
  my patrol from Italy and Holland. They
  were all very friendly. Over the two
  weeks I met people from all corners of
  the world. I went to a Lebanese party,
  there was an Italian food house where
  we listened to traditional music. I made
  many friends from all over the world who
  I hope to keep in touch with and
  potentially meet up with again!
• I managed to do some swapping while I
  was out there too!. I swapped a UK
  Jamboree Scarf for a French one, and I
  got a Ugandan scarf as well. I also
  swapped a UK soft shell Jacket with a
  bright green Brazilian coat!
             Work – ‘Dream’
• Dream involved a trail through the forest that the
  participants walked at night. The trail began at
  death and went backwards in life through to
  birth. There were 7 stages. Death – (Old)
  Senses – (Old) Wisdom – Adult – Youth – Child
  - Birth. My patrol was put on the ‘Senses’ part of
  dream where the participants had to do 3
  activities which simulated the loss of senses.
  The first was to walk across a plank of wood
  wearing goggles with tape stuck on them to test
  their sense of balance. Another activity was to
  listen to an mp3 player and work out what they
  could hear. The 3rd activity was to do a jigsaw
  puzzle only using 4 fingers.. They wore gloves
  which were taped up to make it more difficult.
• My job was to help them do the activities and
  they would come to me if they needed help. The
  whole idea of dream was to encourage
  participants to think about their life and what
  they want to do with it. ‘Adult’ was a section
  where you created a person and chose their job
  and what their life goals are. I thought it was a
  good idea as it encouraged young people to look
  to the future to see how they can make the best
  of their lives.
Dream - Senses
Dream - Adult
Dream - Birth
The Dream Team!!
Spare Time
• As dream only took
  place in the night, this
  meant I only worked
  night shifts (apart from
  setting it up and taking
  it down) so I had most
  of the days free to look
  around the site and see
  what the Jamboree had
  to offer.
• In my free time I did lots of things! I visited all the
  tents I could in the world village. Every country
  at the Jamboree had a tent where they put up
  stalls with information about their countries, with
  freebies and sometimes even food! I tried coffee
  sweets from Costa Rica, tasty biscuits from
  Malta, muesli from Switzerland, Belgian
  Chocolate and other interesting things! Made a
  nice change from the potatoes or rice in the IST
  food canteen.
• We also went to the Beach!
• One day we got the bus to the local town
  of Kristianstad
• The other highlights of my trip had to be
  the Opening and Closing ceremonies…
        Opening Ceremony
• On Thursday 28th July, there was an
  opening ceremony for all the participants
  and International Service Team (IST).
  There were 40,000 scouts who watched
  the opening to the 22nd World Scout
  Jamboree! The UK Chief Scout Bear
  Grylls even made an appearance!
Dancing to the official Jamboree
The Closing Ceremony
• Where Europe performed ‘The Final
• I had an Amazing time at the
  Jamboree and I’m really hoping I can
  go the next one in Japan 2015 and
  maybe even the World Scout Moot in
  Canada 2013 as I’m not sure I can
  wait another 4 years!
• Thank you very much for you support!

            Lucy Onyango

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