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									           A monthly publication of The Vintage Motorcycle Club
                       Johannesburg, South Africa.

Volume 24. No 6                                              June, 2011.

              CHAIRMAN’S CHATTER
By the time you read this, the Fragram Natal Classic will be over and we
trust our VMC entrants will have done well. We gave good support with 16
of the 38 entrants being VMC members. This includes Sean Buys and
Malcolm Poley of Pretoria who have recently joined the Club and are riding
in their first classic rally. Full results next month.

Detailed results of the 2011 Cape Town Century Run are included in this
issue. They show that our old friend, Dave Sansom, gained a Platinum
Award and that there were 53 interesting machines taking part.

The DJ Remembrance Ride will take place on Sunday, 12th June, and we
hope that many of you will ride in this special event. Should you wish to
nominate a past DJ personality, or select one to ride for, please contact
Peter Hall (082 464 9629) or myself (011 802 7452).

Yours, in good riding,


                    Events Calendar
June 12th            DJ Remembrance Run                   JHMT
June 27th            VMC Club Night                  Morningside
July 2-3rd           1000 Bike Show                       CMC
August 7th           Cars in the Park, Zwartkops          POMC
August 18 – 20th     FIM Africa Magnum                    POMC
September 3 – 4th    Wheels At the Vaal                   VOWC
September 17         SAVVA AGM
September 18         National Swap meet                     PR
October 3 – 6        SAVVA National Tour                    QAC
November 12-13th     Fairest Cape Motorcycle Tour           CVMC

A Flashback to the DJ Prizegiving:

We just love this picture. Martin Davis is obviously delighted to have
this trophy in his hands and which is in addition to receiving the
Schlesinger Vase. Spottie Woodhead seems to be having second
thoughts and looks as if he wants to take it back. Gwyneth Cronje
graciously presented all the other DJ prizes.

                      April Club Night
Family Day saw a smaller than usual meeting with many members being
away for the long weekend and there also having been some confusion
about the previous Monday nevertheless there was a fair contingent in

Having tabled several apologies the Chairman ran through the list of
coming events as set out in Kickstart and in addition to the Fragram Natal
Classic, he advised that members were invited to the next VVC Club
Sunday on 29th May 2011. This would be day when the theme would be
Motorcycles and all were welcome.

Piston Ring would also be having a motorcycle theme day on the 15th May
and in particular AJS motorcycles were requested to mark the centenary of
the marque.

Les Sim was now planning for the club’s 2012 pictorial Calendar and
he has appealed to all members to find the necessary sponsorship.

The Chairman then spoke about the challenges facing possible
participation in the East African Concours to be held in Nairobi in
September. The issue was one of sponsorship which the organizers had,
to date, not been able to arrange. Without this it would be extremely difficult
to be represented there again. The major item was the return airfreight for
the motorcycles which amounted to around R 25 000 for two machines.
Anyone with ideas regarding our participation was welcome to contact Mike
and he undertook to keep members informed of any developments in this
regard. In addition to the airfreight, each participant would have to fund
their own airfare, forwarding and other expenses for which a budget of
around R 10 000 is required.

Roly Tilman then gave a very informative talk on the Precision Motorcycle
which belongs to the club and has had a rather lengthy saga of repair
following a bad accident in 1995, The process is now nearing completion
and this 1911 machine while being very daunting to ride, is nearing DJ
readiness! New tyres would have to be obtained for it and possibly a new
front rim as well but it would in all likelihood be ready for the 2012 DJ. A
significant amount of very difficult work has been done on it by Mr Piet
Maas and we are grateful to him. At this stage Brandon Madgwick is
preparing himself to ride the Precision when it is ready but any other

interested member is also welcome to have a go should they feel brave

Raffle Prizes were won by Hamish Morrison, Eddy de Ras, Jon Lewis,
Abrie Marais, Ric Lewis and Phillip Gordon. The headcount was 27.


Motorcycles at Piston Ring
The Piston Ring Open Day is always on the third Sunday of the month and
is always worth visiting. This month their meeting theme was Motorcycles
and Military Vehicles, which resulted in a large ride-in of two-wheelers.

Leading the DJ contingent was Ian Holmes who rode in on his AJS in
acknowledgement of the AJS anniversaries this year. It had been pointed
out that it was now 100 years since AJS started production, 80 years since
H R Davies’ famous Senior TT win on a Junior (350cc) AJS and 75 years
since Cranley Jarman won the 1936 DJ on a ten year old s/v AJS.

Also in the DJ cast were Pierre Cronje’s Norton and Ric Lewis’ three-time
DJ-winning Sunbeam. Your Chairman’s little Triumph Junior was dwarfed
by all the gleaming new Triumphs which seemed to include every model of
their current range. And a magnificent 1962 BMW R50 completely
outshone all the modern Beemers there.

A most pleasant surprise was the display by Michael Hills of his 1931 DJ-
winning Royal Enfield. We recall that at the 2009 Thousand Bike Show a
youngster from Durban came to the DJ stand and told us that it was his
grandfather, Len Taylor, who had won the 1931 DJ. We were happy to tell
him that his winning machine was still in existence and was resting safely a
few kilometers away in Michael Hills collection. We understand that the
grandson is now buying this historic machine and we hope he will get it
licenced and so that we will see it on the road.

We were also surprised to see a 1959 Berkeley sports car in the car park.
These were very pretty glassfibre bodied cars with Excelsior Talisman
engines driving the front wheels through a three speed gearbox and were
made by the Berkeley Caravan Company. They were rather fragile in the
areas bodywork and suspension and I recall being at a Brands Hatch race
meeting in 1957 when they held a 6-lap scratch race for Berkeleys. There

were ten entries (including one driven by Stirling Moss) and it is the only
motor race I have ever seen where there were NO finishers!

They also made a three wheeler again with the Talisman engine and a
couple of these are still racing in vintage events in the UK. They compete in
races with Morgans and sidecar outfits, not very successfully.


                  Handy Websites
A source of manuals for old bikes
Commemorative DJ Run     
Vintage Motorcycle Club  
Classic Motorcycle Club  
Classic Motorcycle Club of Natal za
Crankhandle Club         
Pretoria Old Motor Club  
The Piston Ring          

Martin Davis writes:
If, like me, you forgot to change your Pink Vehicle registration Documents
to the new Green format, this is how I managed to get the job done.

I followed the following process to have my motorcycle Pink Registration
Document (MVR2) updated to the latest Green Registration Document
(RC1(70(2005/02). The transaction had to be completed in Edenvale, being
my permanent residential address. Kempton Park would not assist even
though it is part of Ekurhuleni and by my place of employment.

With the following Documents to hand, the procedure was a “sit down and
wait” same day service which took approx 1 hour.

Application for Duplicate Registration – Pink form DRC(2)(2005/03) –
available from Licensing Office.

Declaration in Respect of Lost Documents – White form DCT(5)(2005/07) -
available from Licensing Office.

Original Pink Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate – Pink form MVR 2 –
which I had in my possession.

Latest License Renewal receipt - Green Form (VL1CC-S(2)(2008/02) –
which I had in my possession.

Copy of my ID. – which the Licensing Office certify.

Copy of my Drivers License – which the Licensing Office certify.

R90 cash, per vehicle.

A sense of humour and a modicum of patience helps. I had three vehicles
updated all at once, separate forms for each application.

Without the Original Pink Registration form the cost I’m told goes up to
R230 and it then takes three working days. The difficult part of this is to find
three days when they are working not to mention the R230!

Good luck!


(This is very encouraging. We thought that this Pink-to-Green conversion
had to be completed by 31st December, 2010, but Martin did the above
exercise on 26th April, 2011.)

Chairman: - Peter Hall
P. O. Box 80, Rosettenville, Jhb. 2130

                                  CHAIRMAN’S NEWS LETTER FOR APRIL
Dear Member Clubs,
I would like to start this month’s newsletter by thanking all enthusiasts / members who have
participated in the LHD Register on the SAVVA website. We have had a good response and will start
wrapping things up now to determine all the necessary statistics needed for the report to the
Department of Transport.

SAVVA has been involved in a number of issues these past few months regarding legislation and the
implementation of new legislation which to my mind has not been in consultation with role players but
rather badly conducted and processed.

Be that as it may, I received the FIVA Strategy for the Future of Historic Vehicles which may be of
interest to a number of our members. We at SAVVA are dealing with similar concerns and issues that
will be raised for the National Assembly to make decisions on based on the future in South Africa. I have
included the Charter in this edition of the newsletter for your perusal [See annexure A].

I thought that I should bring to your attention the implementation of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act)
as this can protect some of our members WHEN PURCHASING a vehicle, but on the other hand calls for
caution when selling a vehicle.
It is important to note that when selling a vehicle, disclose all the possible problems, driving methods
and/or defects of the vehicle to the new owner/s as the old method of selling a vehicle by just stating
‘Voets Toets’ no longer has any validity. The new owner/s has what is called a cooling off period,
whereby if not satisfied can return the vehicle to you within a pre-scribed period.
I am sure that there are a number of more qualified members within the various clubs that would be in a
position to give the individuals /clubs more information if needed, however if you are a member of the
A.A. then their legal department will give you free advice related to any motoring issues.
I have included a paragraph that could be helpful when selling a vehicle as it seems more open and
transparent and places the responsibility on the purchaser.

Sale of Vehicle
The vehicle is sold (voetstoets), as it stands, without any warranties express or implied. The purchaser
is deemed to be fully acquainted with the vehicle, it nature, history, and condition and is deemed to
have made himself acquainted with all the vehicles previous faults and history. It has been purchased
with all fittings to which it is entitled and current condition. I the seller have made the purchaser fully
aware of the vehicles condition and status prior to the sale being approved.

Lastly, I apologise that the newsletter is late but our telephone lines were recently removed for a more
needy cause so we had to wait for an up-grade from Telkom, still not completely repaired but as least
we can send and receive through the 3G.

Yours in Motoring
Peter Hall

                  Cape Vintage Motorcycle Club
                       26th Fairest Cape Tour
                              11th and 12th November 2011
                                                                            P.O. Box 44241,

I have much pleasure inviting the members of your club to the 26th Fairest Cape Tour to
be held from Goudini Spar on the 11th and 12th November 2011. The route on the first day
will be approximately 300km and on the second day approximately 240km.

For those of you who have never been to the winelands and mountain passes in the
Western Cape this is a great opportunity to enjoy our excellent roads and take in some
spectacular scenery.

This year as in the past two years there will be classes for SAVVA elegible cars in addition
to the usual classes for motorcycles. We will be changing the speed groups this year to
align with other events as follows : 50kph,60kph,70kph and 80kph to assist in particular
early rigid framed machines.

On the morning of the 10th of November prior to scrutineering and documentation there
will be a short regularity run for Veteran and Early vintage Bikes and Cars and there will
be an award for the winning Veteran. Further details will be given at a later date.

Once again I welcome you to our event and look forward to seeing you in November. If
there are any queries please direct them to me at : or ( 084 ) 713 1237.

Kind regards, Chris Cutler,

Clerk of the Course.

Edgar Bradley’s Crossword No 4.
Here are the answers to Edgar’s last Crossword. The first correct entry
came from Ric Lewis and he will be getting his prize at next Club Night.

And the Personality Quiz

Jens Brehm was the first to phone in and identify Reg
Armstrong as the rider winning the 1952 TT just as his
primary chain broke off. Jens will get his prize at the next
Club Night.
About the same time, John Robbie, on his morning radio
show mentioned that, when growing up in Belfast, he
recalled the Robbies being good friends of Reg Armstrong’s
family. This was following his radio quiz question of “What
does “TT” stand for?” The winning answer was, expectedly,
“Tourist Trophy”. Officially, the race series still goes by that
old-fashioned title, but to all of us it is simply “The TT”.

And, also for the sake of accuracy, let’s remember that the
original Tourist Trophy race in 1907 was won by Charlie Collier
on a Matchless and NOT by Rem Fowler on a Peugeot-engined
Norton. Fowler was competing in a separate race for a separate
trophy. It is Collier’s name that first appears on the famous
Mercury (the God of Speed) trophy but the cup that had been
promised for the twin-cylinder race did not arrive and Rem Fowler
went unrewarded.
Another thing – the “winning” Rem Fowler Norton in the National
Museum at Beaulieu has a frame and an engine which were not
part of the machine used by Fowler in the 1907 event. The
Beaulieu machine is nevertheless a genuine Norton-Peugeot of
1907/1908 manufacture.

For the record:
2011 CVMC CENTURY RUN. The Cape Vintage Motorcycle Club.


175 Dave Sansom                   New Hudson            6A   1914


171 Stewart Cuninghame            AJS Bullet                 1929
159 Mark Shaw                     Bradbury                   1910
155 Larry & Margot Collins        AJS                        1935
153 Albert Massyn                 Ariel      NG               1936
152 Brian Wallace                 Indian     Scout           1925


147 Erich Meier                   Norton        Big 4        1934
145 Ken Mercer                    Scott Flyer                1947
145 Richard Voigt                 BSA           L29          1929
141 Harold Pitchford              Douglas       2¾            1914
136 Nick McFall                   Ariel A                     1930
132 Peter Fowle                   AJS           16M           1958
132 Norman Knight                 BMW           R69           1956
127 Bev Jacobs                    Triumph                     1935
126 Keith Acton                   BSA           Bantam        1957
125 David Biggs               MZ       BK350         1958
125 Arres Klootwyk            BSA      A10           1961
125 Arthur Newman             BSA      A10           1955


124 John Linaker              BSA A7                1960
123 Adie Hartwell             Triumph Thunderbird   1955
122 John van der Westhuizen   Triumph Tiger 100     1966
121 Graham Goetze             Norton     Model 7    1953
120 Gavin & Janet Allison     Triumph Thunderbird   1952
120 Coert Joubert             BMW R 50              1963
120 R A Wilbraham             BMW R60/2             1964
118 Wayne Bakewell            Indian     Scout      1931
118 Rudi Koch                 BSA        C11G        1954
117 Ben Utting                Triumph Thunderbird    1959
116 Jeremy Day                Triumph Bonneville     1961
116 Jim MacKenzie             Triumph T120            1969
115 John Perkins              Triumph T100            1968
114 Ray Knowles               BSA Royal Star          1969
114 Philip Taylor             Royal Enfield    S      1954
113 Roy Hayter                BSA Bantam              1971
113 Bruce Kirby               Ariel N/H               1954
111 Thinus & Sandy Coetzer    Norton     ES 2         1958
111 Neil Tweddle              BSA        A10          1959
110 Adrian Denness            BSA        B33          1954
110 Bill Hoskin               BMW R60US              1969
110 Hans Klein                BMW R 50              1960
110 Janice Linaker            Triumph T100          1948
109 Nevil Clark               Suzuki     GS450      1981
108 Adrian Gibbon             Triumph Speed Twin    1949
107 Kenn Sara                 BMW R 65              1978
106 Len & June Harrison       BSA        A65        1972
106 Jesse Roos                AJS M2 Combination    1929
105 Rodney Ford               Harley-Davidson X90   1974
103 Nigel Cutting             BSA        Rocket     1971
103 Dave Dolley               BSA        Firebird   1969
101 Don Anderson              Moto Guzzi V50        1984
101 Paul & Brenda Claasen     BMW R80GS             1982
100 Allan Cuninghame          BSA        A10        1962
100 Walter Young              BMW R100S             1979

George Eder writes from Saldanha Bay:
I desperately need a HEAD GASKET for my M20 BSA, the 10-bolt version.
It blew yesterday while riding in the veld. Unfortunately I had given my
spare one to a friend who needed it. I hope all is well there in the Transvaal

Another question: Would a Club member have any use for my 1953
Phillipines motorcycle licence-plate and a club patch for the “Phillipine
Ramblers”? I was stationed at Clark Field there after my three months in
Korea. I have been clearing out some of my many old things. If anyone
wants them, please advise me.

Sincerely, George Eder.

(Anyone who can help George is asked to contact him on 022 714 4850 or )

Roger De Troch writes:
I am taking a chance here. I wish to give away to someone who would
appreciate it, an old 1950's SW/AM RADIO that still works. I realize this
magazine is about bikes, so I will fully understand if you would refuse. But
should you consider my request favourably, kindy advertise this ancient
piece of technology in Kick Start. I will only require the interested party to
pay the transport. I am in Louis Trichardt, Limpopo Province.
I also wish to say that you can remove the advert of the Kreidler moped
since it was sold within days after the previous issue reached the readers.
Yours, Roger De Troch.

AJS 1962 650cc Sports Twin “CSR”. A really handsome bike. SAVVA dated R 50 000.
Contact MIKE LANG on 011 849 5859 or 082 821 1826.

AJS 1963 AJS 350 Licenced. Please call MANFRED on 083 631 5440

AJS FREE: Front part of AJS FRAME 1935; AJS OILTANKS Mid 1930s – 1950;
Call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

ALFA ROMEO. 1983 2l Spider (Squareback) LHD. Very original and in exceptional
condition. Licenced. R 55 000.
Contact ANDREW ROBERTSON on 082 461 3413.

ARIEL 1958 1000cc Square Four Mk II (four piper). A stunning example. SAVVA dated.
R 110 000. Contact MIKE LANG on 011 849 5859 or 082 821 1826.

BSA 1965 BSA 650 Thunderbolt. Engine and clutch completely rebuild by Vic Sawyer
head redone for unleaded fuel, 12volt electronic ignition / charging system. Bike is in
Somerset West with Brian Wallace. Call BOB ORCHARD on or tel
082 780 7799.

BSA BSA GEARS & SHAFTS Mid 30s, R20 ea, bring a sample or drawing. Plus two
BSA GEARBOX CASINGS (350?) Call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

DJ DVDs. The two-disc set of the full 2011 DJ is available at R250/set.
Please contact RENÉ or CLIFFORD on 011 452 2528 or 082 470 5224.

EXIDE REPLICA BATTERY BOXES - will take 12v gel battery that is used in burglar
alarms. Dimensions are 90 X 115 X 170 high. The same as the original Exide battery
with the only difference being that the thickness of the lid has been increased by
+- 10mm to accommodate the 12v gel battery so, if one wants to fit a 6v gel battery,
the height of the lid can be reduced. R150 each.
Call JILL ALBERDA of CMC Natal on 031-2629953.

HONDA GOLDWING 1200cc COMBINATION, red, as new, 75 000 km. Being sold in
aid of a charity. With two helmets, R 50 000 o.n.c.o. Jim Williamson on 033 239 2169
has more details. Offers to ROZ on 033 330 3036 or 083 326 9947.

MOTO GUZZI. V50 MKII (1980). Is in excellent condition, with RWC, R15000 ono.
Please call IAN STORER on 072 727 7382.

NORTON. A Norton PRIMARY CHAINCASE (complete) R100.
Please call COLIN ANDERTON on 076 914 3694.

ROYAL ENFIELD1956 700cc Super Meteor in “café racer” trim. Licenced and on the
road and looks very purposeful. R 50 000. Contact MIKE LANG on 011 849 5859
or 082 821 1826.

ROYAL ENFIELD PARTS For 350 ohv models 1939-1943. Complete crankcase,
buffed. Two cylinderheads, one powdercoated. Two barrels. Crank, conrod and piston
complete. Spare piston. Offers on R600 to HARRY SHUTLER on 011 678 2162.

TRITON 1961 TRITON (pre-unit BONNEVILLE motor in slimline Norton featherbed
frame). Probably the best Triton around. R 95 000. Contact MIKE LANG on 011 849
5859 or 082 821 1826.

TYRES SPECIAL OFFER FOR APRIL: Dunlop 19” X 350 K70 Rear Tyres @ R495 ea.
Less 10% for buying two and 19” X 325 Rib Front Tyres @ R395 ea.
Call MIKE LANG on 011 849 5859 or 082 821 1826.

VELOCETTE 1952 MAC 350cc. This is a nearly finished project with very little left to
complete the rebuild. R25 000.00 or nearest offer. For more information and to view the
bike please call GUS GREGORY on 072 184 2189 or KEVIN SOLOMON 082 463 4183.

AJS BATTERY/TOOLBOX COVER (LHS) wanted for 1964 AJS Model 18.
Please call GAVIN LUMLEY on 079 556 7615 or (B) 012 666 3614.

BMW. BING CARBURETOR, LHS, to suit BMW R50/2. The larger type, 24mm, from
the 190s.
Please call ROLY TILMAN on 011 803 1462 or 082 377 4303.

BMW Can anyone help me with the following parts for a BMW R50/2: Toolbox lid,
Set of usable carb bodies, Rear mudguard, Toolbox lid to fit a BMW R26 or 27 tank.
Please call CRAIG PATTERSON on 076 760 3090.

BSA VALVE ROCKER CARRIER BOX wanted for 1928 Sloper 500 ohv.
Please call GAVIN LUMLEY on 079 556 7615 or (B) 012 666 3614.

BSA A65 Licenced Runner, If you have one sitting and would like to move it on to a
deserving Home, please contact JOHN BOOTH in Durban, on home: 031 762 2229 or
cell: 073 341 8211

Please call IAN STORER on 0727277382

DJ BIKE Late model DJ Bike wanted.
Please call RIKKI MAIZEY on 082 653 9946.

DJ BIKE A DJ Bike wanted, 500cc or more. Need not be DJ-ready.
Please call GERHARD VERMAAK on 082 552 7602.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Wanted: GEARBOX or gearbox parts for 1916-1920 Harley and
GEARBOX or gearbox parts for 1941-1942 5/7 Harley-Davidson.
Please contact Eugene van Dalen on 082 681 0859.

SUNBEAM Wanted for my 1935 Sunbeam model 9 - bits lost on 2011 DJ:
Removable section of rear mudguard; Number plate holder and tail light; Mudguard
support stays; Catch for bike stand. A bike stand would also be welcome as mine has
been worn down about 10mm and needs to be reshaped which will shorten it further.
Please phone/ e-mail IVOR CARLSON on 033 239 44577 or

TRAILER MOTORCYCLE TRAILER urgently needed. (One- or two-bike), must be
licenced. Please call TONY BESWICK on 083 271 4337.

TRIUMPH PRIMARY CHAIN COVER wanted for Triumph Model P.
Please call LES SIM on 082 552 4072.

TRIUMPH FRONT MUDGUARD for Triumph T120 or T140 wanted.
Please call ANDY STEAD on 082 553 4492.

VELOCETTE Pre-1936 Velo wanted. Must be complete and ready to ride.
Please phone DES on 083 229 8050.

VESPA Spares wanted for 1979 Vespa 3-wheeler P401: Beadings, badges, etc.
Please call TOKKIE on 084 700 1013.

LLOYD DU BOIS makes ornate period BRASS SPARK-PLUG NUTS and
CONNECTORS for the high tension leads for veteran and vintage bikes.(Non
suppressed). They have fine attention to detail, for any concours restoration. He also
hand makes stainless steel/aluminium LICENCE DISC HOLDERS, CORKS for the
“Enots” push-pull type fuel taps, and light alloy TYRE VALVE CAPS. Call LLOYD on
033 396 6471.


RUBBER COMPONENTS                             Bill Speight
We recommend you email Bill for a Price List of the big range of rubber components he
has available.

                  P O Box 782835 SANDTON 2146 South Africa

Michael Milner-Smyth Chairman, SAVVA/FIM Delegate,
  Magazine Editor. (H&B) 011 802 7452. .
Brandon Madgwick Vice Chairman
  B 011 519 3005                       C 083 400 4955
Ian Storer            Secretary  
                      H 011 888 4680 C 072 727 7382
Adrian Hollis         Treasurer  
  B 011 258 5301                       C 082 497 3420
Ian Holmes            Committee Member
  B 011 244 0351      H 011 793 7304 C 083 646 3089
Rob Pattison-Emms Committee Member avonrod@mweb/
  B 011 460 1901      H 011 460 1901 C 082 891 8399
Les Sim               Committee Member
  B 011 827 8954      H 011 673 1865 C 082 552 4072
Roly Tilman           Committee Member
  Librarian           H 011 803 1462 C 082 377 4303
Steve Trehair         Committee Member
  B 011 886 0494      H 011 469 5900 C 083 461 2751

Mike Lester            Club Dating Officer     H 011 453 4216

Elizabeth Addison      Magazine Distribution    C 082 746 2816

Club Bank Acc No. 1970259841 at Nedbank. Sandton Branch 197-005.

Club Meetings are held every fourth Monday of the month (except
December) at Morningside Country Club, De La Rey Rd, Rivonia, at

The opinions expressed in KICKSTART are not necessarily those of the
Committee or the Editor.


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