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Quarterly WP Report contribution from GridPP


									      Quarterly WP Report contribution from GridPP

For Section 1: “Technical achievement ”

Please summarise below all work done by “GridPP” staff during this quarter. Also
describe any “ issues” which have arisen.

R. Walker:
Rod Walker has done core SAM work on the authentication of users - the mapping of
valid globus credentials to FNAL kerberos prinicples (real people). Further work on
the integration of mc_runjob into the SAM-Grid system including local BS id(s) to
global job id mapping, output file auto-storage and job submission.

D. Evans:
Design of farm control/monitoring software, including xml-rpc based TCP server and
python clients and implementation in a secure manner. Generalisation of mc_runjob
package to cross experiment workflow management tool. Implementation of
monitoring information for samgrid/jim jobs, including reporting status to JIM XML-
DB server. Expansion of mc_runjob to handle d0 data and analysis tasks at remote
grid sites

Working with JIM team to roll out SAM-grid V1 and provide feedback on installation
procedure. Lancaster site setup with client, submission, monitoring, and execution
capabilities. SAM and MC jobs have been run between UK sites
(Imperial+RAL+Lancaster) using JIM. Also, been working with Dave Evans on
Runjob development and involved with the joint DØ/CMS 'Shahkar' project.

EDG v1.4.12 Compute Element and LCFG server have been setup at Lancaster and
about to be tested. (Is this relevent?)

Phil Lewis:
 In the past quarter I have been learning about mc-runjob and SAM, and the the SAM-
GRID project. In particular I started work adapting the JIM-monitoring package to
collect and deliver information about Monte Carlo jobs. At present I am working on a
python package that automates and manages the storage of files produced by Runjob
into SAM.
For Section 2: “Status of deliverables and milestones”

If there are any deliverables for which GridPP post(s) is responsible, then describe
the status at a level of detail appropriate to closeness of delivery date. Also provide
the schedule information in the format below (as appears in the template).

          Deliverable name                     Actual               Plan         On time       Target      Actual
                                             deliverable                        (YES/NO)
3.6.1 Architecture Design and                DOC                 2002-Q2           Yes          End of 30 June 2002
Technology Review                                                                                June
3.6.3 Phase-1 SAM Development                Software            2002-Q3                Yes   30-Sep-02 October 2002
3.6.6 Prototype SAM Monte Carlo              Software            2003-Q2                No    31-Mar-03
Production system using Resource
3.6.9 Pilot SAM Grid for D0                  Software            2003-Q3                No    30-Sep-03
3.6.11 Robust SAM-based grid                 Software            2004-Q1                      31-Mar-04
service for D0
Plan= delivery date, Target=current target delivery date, actual=actual delivery date

Describe any changes in the deliverables

There have been delays in the deliverables for the roll out of the Prototype SAM
Monte Carlo Production system. Beta testing is ongoing and nearly complete, expect
roll out in the UK by mid summer. These delays have been caused by the SAM-grid
team aggressively pursuing a full SAM based grid service for DØ.

A review of the DØ Grid project has been commenced. The schedule and list of
deliverables will be reviewed over the next several months in light of possible
changes in computing requirements for the experiment.
For Section 3: “Achievements”

Describe any tangible which falls under the following headings:

Conferences/workshops organised

Conference talks

Submission of Papers
CHEP Papers

The SAMGrid Testbed: First D0 and CDF Experiences with Analysis on the Grid
Authors: I. Terekhov, G. Garzoglio, A. Baranovskii, S. Patil, A. Rana, H.
Kouteniemi, L. Lueking, R. Walker, R. StDenis, S. Stonjek, F. Wuerthwein, A.
Kreymer, F. Ratnikov, A. Sill, T. Rockwell

Grid Job and Information Management for the FNAL Run II Experiments
Authors: I. Terekhov, G. Garzoglio, A. Baranovskii, S. Patil, A. Rana, H.
Kouteniemi, L. Lueking, R. Walker, A. Roy, T. Tannebaum

Dzero Regional Analysis Center Concepts and Experience
Authors: DZero Offline Analysis Task Force (Including I Bertram G Davies)

Mc_RunJob: A High Energy Physics Workflow Planner for Grid Production
Authors: Gregory E. Graham (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) Iain Bertram
and Dave Evans (University of Lancaster

Release of Software Package/Tool

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