2011 9th Grade Syllabus by wanghonghx


									                                                                                     English 9

NAME:__________________________                               Teachers: Cybulski, Geiger, Tiffany

Please read (and re-read!) the following contract for this course with your parent/guardian, sign and

Course Outline:
This course will explore the ideas of community and journey through a variety of texts. The essential
questions for 9th Grade English are:
     How do we define “community” and “journey”?
     How does one’s journey affect his or her community?
     How do writers create and explore these concepts?
We will use works of literature to examine these questions while we expand our reading strategies,
polish our essay writing skills and learn to work and talk in groups.

For this class, you must:
 Dedicate a section in your binder to English or designate one binder for this class. The English
   section of your binder needs dividers for Classnotes & Handouts, Vocabulary, and Homework.
   Hole punch everything and keep it in your binder. Be sure to name and date all materials.
 Keep all of your returned homework/papers/etc. You might want to refer to these. This is also for
   your own protection in case of differences between our records and yours. If you cannot produce
   the graded assignment, there is no appeal.
 Write your homework in your student planner every day!

Classroom Expectations:
 Be here. As responsible adults, you are expected to come to class on time. Attendance is
   mandatory. Tardiness is unacceptable. Missing class will affect your learning and therefore your
 Millennium has a zero tolerance policy for late homework. Unless there is a family emergency or
   illness accompanied by a note, a late assignment receives no credit. However, you are
   encouraged to complete all assignments to ensure you gain the necessary skills. This effort will
   be documented and considered at the end of the quarter. Major assignments that are late result in
   a 10% deduction per day late.
 If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make up
   the work, including obtaining class notes. Make sure you have reliable classmates’ phone
   numbers or email addresses to get missed work. Assignments will also be posted on the
   Millennium website on a regular basis. However, the site may not be updated daily, so it is
   imperative that you get in touch with a classmate (insert peer’s contact info here:
   ______________________________________) or email me: melissa.cybulski@gmail.com /
 Plagiarism on any assignment is unacceptable. If you are not sure what plagiarism is, ASK.
 Respect everyone in this classroom. Be respectful of your peers, your teacher and people in
   general. We will spend a lot of time discussing different ideas and opinions. Keep in mind that a
   different perspective is neither bad nor wrong!
 Respect the classroom environment by disposing of garbage, refraining from eating or drinking
   (water bottles are okay), not chewing gum and following all other school rules (Hint: ringing cell
   phones will become teacher cell phones  ).
 Ask Questions. Be an active learner. We are here to learn!
                                                                                      English 9

Grading Policy

Major Assignments: 40% of final grade
This includes essays, projects and performances. These assignments are ways of assessing your
understanding of a unit and/or set of larger ideas we have studied. We will spend time drafting all
writing pieces, as writing is an ongoing process. Major assignment grades will be based on rubrics
and will focus on the skills you have developed during the unit.

Homework/Quizzes: 35% of final grade
Homework will be assigned and assessed daily in this course. Completing the homework is essential
to preparing you for class discussions and activities. It is expected that you will come to class
prepared. You will be assessed on both the quality of your homework and the consistency with which
you complete assignments. Homework will be graded on the following 10 point scale:

++ 10 points     Assignment is outstanding and far exceeds requirements. Writing is thoughtful and
                  has been proofread.
+     9 points   Assignment is outstanding, thoughtful and exceeds requirements.

      8 points   Assignment meets all requirements, is thoughtful and shows sufficient effort.

-     7 points   Assignment meets only basic requirements. Shows some effort.

INC               Assignment does not meet requirements and shows little/no effort. May receive
incomplete        partial credit.
N/C no credit     Assignment does not meet any requirements and/or is late. Receives a ‘0’.

Reading quizzes and short writing assignments will also be given in class and will count toward this
portion of your grade. Homework should reflect thoughtfulness and significant effort. It is important
that you always try to do an assignment, even if you are struggling. There is nothing worse than
coming to class empty handed!

Classwork/Participation: 25% of final grade
Participation includes the following: 1) Coming to class ON TIME, prepared with your text, binder,
and completed homework 2) Contributing to class discussions and activities 3) Being an active
listener (taking notes, asking questions, etc.), 4) Acting respectfully at all times. Remember, the
success of our class depends on all of our hard work!

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