Check Request Form

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					                                    [Company Name]
                                 CHECK REQUEST FORM



Please Issue check payable to:

NAME                                          DATE NEEDED


ADDRESS                                       AMOUNT                    $

CITY                                          MAIL TO PAYEE
                                              Return to Requestor
STATE                                             Regular Mail
                                                  Second day
ZIP                                                Overnight
                                              *For Second day or Overnight delivery - you are responsible
                                              for preparing the label and envelope. Completed label and
FED ID #                                      envelope must be to Admin by XX:XX AM/PM.


Requestor's Signature:                                          Date:

Manager's Signature:                                            Date:

Upper Mngmt Signature:                                          Date:

Accounting Purposes Only:
Code to Acct #                                Code to Acct #
Job Name                                      Job Name
Amount                 $                      Amount                    $


Description: This Check Request Form is a spreadsheet that should be used by companies to allow employees or customers to request that the company issue a check. As drafted, the form requires signatures from the requestor, manager, and upper management. This template form is designed to record basic information, but it can be modified to best fit the specific needs of any company. Companies should use this form to have a standardized method for requesting payment by company check.