Appearance and Dress Code Policy


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									This document sets forth a company's policy of appearance and dress code. Having
these types of company policies in writing is important, and should be distributed to all
new employees and included in the company handbook. This document contains
standard language but can be customized to meet the needs and policy goals of any
company. An appearance and dress code policy can help maintain a professional
environment and decorum and improve customer perception of the business.
                                   Appearance and Dress Code

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Personal appearance is an important part of the way employees represent Company to the public.
Customers form an opinion of Company from the employee’s appearance and attitude. Neat and
conservative attire creates a favorable impression. Employees should refrain from eating,
smoking, or chewing gum in the presence of customers. Such actions may be offensive to
customers and portray an unacceptable image.

A neat professional appearance is a requirement at Company. It is expected that all employees
will exercise good judgment and dress appropriately for the job. The following factors should be

          1. Maintaining the highest standards relating to personal hygiene, including regular
             bathing and use of deodorant, brushing of teeth and using mouthwash as necessary,
             maintaining clean hands and fingernails at all times and the moderate use of

          2. The nature of the work.

          3. Safety considerations, such as necessary precautions when working near machinery.

          4. The nature of the employee's public contact, if any, and the normal expectations of
             outside parties with whom the employee will work.

          5. The prevailing practices of other workers in similar jobs.

          6. The requirement of Company's management that all employees are expected to
             exercise good judgment and dress appropriately for their jobs.

          7. Any bandage worn must be kept clean and changed as often as necessary or
             appropriate. An employee with an open sore or wound is not permitted to handle
             any food products and may be restricted from other activities, especially in the
             health care area.

In-House Dress Code Guidelines

As representatives of Company, all employees should be neat, well-groomed and dressed in job-
appropriate attire, which reflects Company's interest in projecting a comfortable, yet business-

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like image. Employees should use common sense regarding work attire and refrain from
wearing sloppy or overly provocative clothing to the office.

Specifically prohibited are:

        Ripped, torn or faded clothing.

        Clothing designed specifically for sporting, recreation and/or leisure activities (such as
         sweats, shorts, hats, beachwear, tennis outfits, flip-flops, etc.)

        Sleepwear (such as pajama bottoms)

        Clothing that reveals the midriff, cleavage or chest hair.

        Clothing more appropriate for evening (such as excessively short miniskirts, low-cut tank
         or halter tops, backless dresses, sheer clothing, etc.).

Tattoos and piercings, other than ear piercings, should be covered at all times.

Note that dress code may vary from department to department, and from day to day. Consult
with your department Manager to determine the appropriate dress code for your area.

If at any time you are unsure whether your garment is appropriate for work, ask before wearing.

Any employee who reports to work dressed in inappropriate attire will be sent home to change,
with wages deducted for the time away from work.

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