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									Retail Digital Signage Hardware

Retail digital signage – finding the hardware.
Retail advertising is not a new concept, however retail digital signage is, as this is the use of high
definition images, videos coupled with sound to create a jaw dropping, attention grabbing ad that
entertains and builds brand awareness for a product.

Many large corporate retailers will already know what to look for to create the perfect retail digital
signage solution, so for those not that privileged we will try and guide you through the hardware to
create a retail digital signage installation.

Retail digital signage.
Firstly you will need a commercial screen, why a commercial screen? They last must longer than
domestic TVs, they work in the portrait positions (domestic TVs do not allow this) and made for 24
hour operation.

Secondly, you need to consider the location where these units will be located, if not you have to
consider a mobile solution, rather than a fixed location based solution.

Thirdly, once the location has been decided on, you need to run both power and depending on how
the content is going to be updated you may want to run a data cable to the same location for updates
using the Internet.

Fourthly, you need to decide on the media player, this will depend on the application and how you
as a retailer will need to update content, either on a daily basis? Or a weekly basis?

Now you have the basics what to consider, now let us look at how they can all be located in a neat
aesthetically pleasing solution. You could use a digital signage totem, this is a floor standing digital
housing that will accommodate a commercial screen in numerous sizes, with a media player based
in the lower section of the indoor advertising totem.

The benefit of an indoor advertising totem is that they can be branded, as the rear and front panels
can be printed with your corporate business image, making your product instantly recognisable to
all consumers. It is a standalone solution that can be moved to a different location if needed, but if
you move location and you are using a network enabled media player you can fit a wireless adapter
and update the content using a wireless connection.

                                         Retail digital signage

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