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					Sponsorship and Sponsorship Opportunities with the North Wales
Business Club.

The Club's Committee have decided to support both St. David's Hospice in Llandudno and
Ty Gobaith Cymru by way of offering placement of publicity at certain dinner meetings and
assisting to raise the profile of the charities whenever appropriate opportunities arise.
The Club will also continue to be receptive of approaches for support from other
It is considered preferable that any support should be given to a charity or project that is
North Wales based and where the benefits would accrue to the North Wales area. We
hope that the linkage to the Club would enable the Charity to benefit from increased profile
and financial support.
Any proposals/applications should be directed to the Club's e mail address, or to the Club's Address at P.O. Box 41, North Wales, LL24 0ZF

Business Opportunities for Sponsorship with the North Wales Business Club

The Management Committee has reviewed the opportunities for sponsorship and are
delighted to offer the following: -

        Existing Menu sponsorship will continue for 3 consecutive dinners. Flexibility will be allowed
         with the size of adverts. i.e. possible to have two A6 size adverts per page rather than one
         A5 size.

£495.00 for an A5 (inside back cover) adverts for three dinners plus artwork if required and
£550.00 for outside back cover.
£260.00 for an A6 advert for three dinners plus artwork if required.
In addition the following sponsorship allowed entirely at the discretion of the Management
Committee on an individual basis: -

        Place setting gift of value - £50.00 per dinner.
         Gift must be approved by Management Committee prior to event.
        Display panel in reception and/or dining room (may include a leaflet dispenser)
         - £100.00 per location per dinner.
        Tickets - two lines of text on each ticket £75.00 per dinner plus artwork.
      Full Sponsorship of a dinner to include all of the above and provision of an
       acceptable speaker - by negotiation with the Management Committee.
      Provision of speaker - sponsorship cost to depend upon whether speaker is a
       representative of the sponsoring company or completely remote from the sponsor. All
       speakers subject to approval of the Management Committee.

For further information please contact the Club Secretary.

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